Turning The Tables On The Angels

The Yankees played small ball tonight, beating the invaders from Los Angeles of Anaheim by the score of 5-3. Actually, the Yanks played small ball, big ball and everything-in-between ball, juggling all elements of the game perfectly.
It was a pleasure to watch the Angels go down to defeat for a change – from Torii losing his shoe on a failed catch…
…to Scioscia having to pull Weaver, who pitched well but not well enough.
Aside from the homer he allowed to Guerrero in the first, Joba was very effective over his four innings, not walking a batter – hopefully a confidence boost for him. Aceves was his usual workmanlike self. Coke ended the seventh on Izturis‘ grounder to Jeter, whose brilliant play only added to his highlights reel for ’09. Hughes loaded the bases in the eighth – I guess he’s human after all – but got Morales to ground into a DP and limited the damage to one run.
Speaking of Morales, my Extra Innings package wouldn’t give me the YES feed, so I was stuck with the Angels announcers. I had to laugh when Gubicza said, “Kendry has made the Angels forget all about Mark Teixeira.”
Excuse me? Morales was 1-4 in tonight’s game and grounded into that DP I mentioned. Here’s what Teixeira did: he went 3-for-4 with two RBIs and was sparkling on defense. Nice try, Gubie.
Nick Swisher played big ball, going deep in the third. But it was Girardi’s small ball move in the bottom of the eighth that raised eyebrows.
After Tex doubled, he sent Gardner to pinch run for him. At first, I thought the move was really screwy.
“Hey,” I said to my husband. “What if this game goes into extras and we need Tex’s bat?”
“Speed kills,” he said. “Gardner will steal and score the go-ahead run, and Mo will close it out.”
Which is exactly what happened. Gardner stole and came home on Napoli’s errant pickoff attempt, and Mo notched his 40th save to reduce the Yankees’ magic number to 12. I’ve decided that Joe is a genius and my husband is psychic.
I asked him to predict how the Yankees will do on Tuesday night when Mitre takes on Halladay.
“Doc shut us out last time,” I said. “Will he do it again?”
“Tell me!” I begged.
“Sorry, but I charge by the hour,” he said. “No money up front? No prediction.”
Well, that hardly seemed fair. So I came back with:
“No prediction? No dinner.”
That got his attention.
“The Yankees will win,” he said, taking the safe route.
You heard it here first.


  1. levelboss

    once again, another she-larious entry! that eyebrow pic is a little off-putting though 😦

    Jane, did you see the interference call on Melky? he ran into Chone Figgins on his way to third; in the video you see Figgins’ glove crash into Melky’s danger zone, and then Melky walks away holding his crotch; i just thought it was another Melky Moment – like the Ride Em Cowboy incident with Kurt Suzuki and the Falling Flat incident when rounding a base

  2. lenn23

    I missed Joba’s innings pitched for this game. Looks like he finally pitched good, maybe there’s hope for him for the playoffs. A win against the Angels, home or away, is always a great thing. They are a group of tough sob’s! Pitching matchups against the Jays don’t look too favorable though. Halladay against either Chad or Sergio could be irksome to say the least.

  3. TribeTed


    Sometimes its good for a team like the Angels to get their own medicine.

    I am glad the yanks “owned” them yesterday night, as I am sure the Angels “own” enough ppl themselves.

    I hate getting other announcers during games, especially when the Indians are on ESPN, and have Joe Morgan and friend.

    *gag *gag. Luckily we have STO Sports Time Ohio, and the announcers are terrrific!=)

    I approve myself haha.

    And love the line at the end

    “no prediction, no dinner.”

    Loved it!!

    Ted’s Take originally Tribe Talk With Ted


  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    You said all the things I was thinking…good start by Jobs, small ball and good decision makings by The Skipper. I was very encouraged by this win over the team we said was in the Yankees heads. I know we won’t have all these extra players in the post season but this is a good time for Girardi to determine who he will be taking into October; in the post game he pretty much guaranteed Gardner would be there.

    Jane, may your husband’s prediction be correct…I don’t care how we beat Halladay, or even if we do — just want to win the game, even if we have to hit their relievers to do so.

  5. ooaooa

    Meaningful win last night. You wouldn’t happen to have any of that cake left from the week before last? I can’t get it out of my mind and like a good mind, good cake is a shame to waste. Just booked long weekend in Maine in October. It will be during ALCS and I would really love it if Yanks and Sox are playing. Wife and I will pack Yankee gear and frequent any place with Sox signs or banners. We are up for the challange in the den of the lions. You should join us. Maybe you could get material for a new book. It could be called “A Yankee Fan in New England”!

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Nice win! And there were some good signs in this game:
    Cano can hit with men in scoring position.
    Huuuuuuughs can pitch himself out of jam without too much damage.

    And Teixiera can hit even when his bat hits the catcher’s mitt.
    But I ask you, how does Guerrero hit? He looks so awkward, like he has no idea how to even stand at the plate! He’s pretty amazing.
    Jane, I’m not sure which is more frightening: the photo of the eyebrows or the fact that you were able to find it.

  7. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, that interference play on Melky and his getting hit in the you-know-where absolutely reminded me of his other exploits. What is it about him? I’m always sorry when he’s hurt but he just cracks me up for some reason.

    Joba was much better, Len. Yes, he gave up the homer, but he worked quickly, threw strikes, didn’t walk anybody and was much more efficient. Progress, I hope. As for the matchup with the Jays, I think the Yanks are on a roll and having to face Halladay will be a nice challenge for them. I think we’ll be fine.

    Yes, I’m trying to become a hypnotist, Paul. You’re getting sleepy. Ve-ry slee-py.

    That’s the one problem with the Extra Innings package on cable, Ted. I’m at the whim of their deals with broadcasters. Sometimes I get the YES Network for Yankees games. Sometimes I don’t. It’s better than nothing.

    I was encouraged by the win too, Diane. Now the bigger challenge will be to beat the Angels at their place, where we’ve had very little success. I like that we used all the tools last night – pitching, defense, power, speed. It’s hard to lose when you’ve got all that going. Now let’s carry it over into tonight!

    No cake, John. Sorry. But I do commend your bravery for venturing into enemy territory during prime playoff season. Actually, I did a proposal for a book along the lines of the one you mentioned and had an offer from a publisher. But I decided I didn’t really want to spend a season up there. I’ll let you be my surrogate!

    Cano’s hit with RISP was huge, Melissa. I’d been screaming at him beforehand because he’d been so inept whenever there was a scoring chance. So frustrating! And while I kept wishing Mo could come in to clean up Hughes’ mess, I was wrong; it was good for him to stay out there and finish the job, which he did. What can I say about Vlad except that he’s a free swinger who can hit the ball wherever it’s pitched? Just amazing. I see the eyebrows pic has people creeped out. They’re false eyelashes, btw. Weird, for sure.

    Morales is having a great year, Jeff. There was a really nice article about him in today’s NY Times, talking about how he was the best player in Cuba. I agree on that Jeter-Tex play. Wow is right.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    “At Last”…cue the Etta James music…or, more likely, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while…” SO glad to hand those suckers at least ONE defeat!! Take ’em any old way, but glad to see Joba the Hut pitch four whole innings…maybe by October he can be a Big Boy and pitch, what, six, or even 7?! Glad we still got Ah-Save-Us, and the usual fab D of Jeet and Tex…and That Nut we got from the blind squirrel named Swish…Jane, let’s hope your hubby is truly Cy Kick…’cause Doc versus Meat-Tray on paper (or the hill) don’t look so good…let’s hope we still have a decent working lead by the time we survive Seattle again and go back into the Valley of the Rally Monkey…’cause you know what Yogi said, and I’m too much of a worrier not to agree!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Ah-Save-Us only gave up a run and did his usual caddying for Joba, Dave. I don’t know what we’d do without him this year. The trouble is, if Mitre can’t give us seven tonight, it’ll be left to the call ups to finish the job with Dave Robertson ailing. Still, Michael said we’d win, so I’m going with his prediction. As for the west coast trip? We will survive, as Gloria Gaynor would say!

  10. southernbelle

    Jane: I hope your hubby is right. Mitre needs a win tonight. I love him. (old news!) Mitre vs. Halladay. That looks ugly for the Yanks on paper. But many times, the games play out differently than how paper shows it. So I believe that sexy-Sergio will have a great night on the rubber. And I am not just saying that 🙂

  11. Jane Heller

    I hope he’s right too, Virginia. If not, no dinner tonight. HAHA. Sometimes the matchups do look ugly on paper and turn out completely differently from what we expect. Mitre hasn’t pitched in awhile, so maybe the rest has done him good. I just hope he gives us innings!

  12. Jane Heller

    Bartering is what marriage is all about, Buz. LOL!

    Thanks, Cat. I loved that the Yanks turned the tables on the Angels. It was sweet revenge – at least for one game. And we’ll see if my husband is psychic tonight!

  13. ladyjane303

    Busy day here, but I just saw that the Yankee 2010 season opens and closes in Fenway. Isn’t there a law against that? On the other hand, we’ll be in Dodger Stadium June 25-27. Like I’ve said before – I see a ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    If he’s psychic, Erin, I’ll start putting money on games AND put him to work on his own 800 number!

    I didn’t know the Yankees will close the season at Fenway as well as open it there, ladyjane. Who came up with that idea? As for the LA series, I’m so excited you’ll be coming out for it. We will definitely have ourselves a good time.

  15. TribeTed


    You never cease to amaze me with all of your hilarious posts.

    I love it here,

    and will make it regular to come back and comment every day.

    YOur quality of posts is just so funny,

    sometimes I burst out crying.

    Like that lady with the long eye brows.

    Where do you even find these pics on the internet?

    Wherever it is, keep it up Love it!

    New post up.

    Ted’s Take


  16. Jane Heller

    I’m so glad the Yanks are coming out here, Emma. I went to one game a few years ago when they were here, but this time I’m doing the whole series. Very excited.

  17. Jane Heller

    Laughing is good, Ted. But crying? Please no!

    Hey, if you have to root for the Angels, 09indians, it’s your call. What can I say?

  18. merrylees

    hey, ny transplant living in los angeles. ihave some tickets right on the rail for game 3 on monday, any clever ideas for a poster sign?

    i was thinking of something of a play on Andy’s name….

    A.PETTITE for Angel Destruction!

    tell me what you think and if you have any good ones!


    go yanks!!


  19. Jane Heller

    Hey, cramos. I live in Santa Barbara, not LA, but close enough. So you’re going to the game tomorrow? Lucky you. I’m not very good at coming up with snappy ideas for signs, but here’s what I’d write: “Yankees Rule the Universe!”

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