CC Is A Grinder

No, I didn’t mean that kind, although he did look hungry during the Yankees’ 13-3 route of the Orioles.
What I loved about his outing was that while he didn’t have his dominating stuff, he never unraveled. Instead, he hung around through seven innings, allowing only three runs (one of them not his fault). What a luxury to have a guy like him fronting the staff, and congrats to him on his AL-leading 17th “W.”
The game itself was very eventful for a blowout. We had Damon’s brain cramp in the fourth, resulting in the not-CC’s-fault run. (“You mean that ball I caught and was about to throw into the stands wasn’t the third out and there’s a player scampering home while I’m out here having fun?”)
There was the called third strike on A-Rod in the bottom of the frame. He wasn’t happy with the ump and expressed his displeasure in the next inning – and got tossed. Girardi charged out of the dugout and was as mad as I’ve ever seen him, resulting in his departure too.
That’s when I knew the Yanks would break the game open; they always win when Joe throws a hissy. Thanks to Matsui’s five RBIs and Melky’s four (plus another three-hit game for Jeter), their run total just kept mounting. Good job, boys.
Now onto Monday night’s make up game against the (throat closes up here) Angels. Joba will take the mound against Jered Weaver – two kids with oddly spelled first names and a tendency to show emotion.
The Yankees have had well documented challenges beating the Angels, particularly in Anaheim. Sure, the Angels are a good team, but they completely befuddle the Yanks and it’s just plain weird. I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of it, however. The problem lies with the oddly spelled first names I mentioned above. How can the Yanks beat players whose names they can’t spell? In addition to Jered, there’s Maicer
And, of course, Vladimir.
Why couldn’t the Angels have someone named Bob on the team? Oh, wait. They do.
Never mind.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    hey Jane, well, I haven’t been able to watch most games here because my family hugs on to all the tvs in the house watching the same stuff.. weird? yes, I know. but oh well, I’m up to date thanks to you and to Pete… it sucks I didn’t watch today to see the expulsions.


    Jane .. Please pray with me that our pitching holds up ! I don’t like the angels. They always seem to have our number. I want the angels to lose our number. Who gave it to them anyway. I didn’t, you didn’t. We need to show them we mean to go all the way this year.

    Jane . . .
    pray with me

    – Your Yankee Fan friend in angel country,

    – Brendan

  3. ibleedpinstripes

    LOL, the Angels are quite an oddly-named team, save for “Bobby” of course. But we’ll cross that bridge tomorrow evening. Today’s win was big – because CC was on the mound and because we were facing a sweep. Thankfully we didn’t have to worry about the latter happening. I’m glad our boys made my first New Yankee Stadium adventure a good one! =)

    – Lisa

  4. Jane Heller

    It was totally bizarre, Holly. But at this time of the year, I guess the players lose focus. It’s been a long season. Posada had a game where he lost track of the balls and strikes counts – twice.

    So sorry you haven’t been able to see the games, latinyankeerebel. I wish I could beam the TV feeds to you directly and give you my personal play-by-play. LOL. You need to get an iPhone and at least listen to John & Suzyn do the radio broadcast.

    I’m praying with you, Brendan. I’m more worried about the trip to Anaheim, but it would be nice if we beat the Angels at home first. I don’t know how they got our number. I didn’t give it to them, I swear!

    So you were there today, Lisa? So glad you got to see a win your first time at the new stadium! CC was great – precisely because he didn’t have his best stuff. I really enjoyed watching him work/labor and keep the team in the game. And, of course, I loved all the offense. We really beat up on the O’s relievers today.

  5. lenn23

    I don’t like the Angels either. At least with the Red Sox there’s a long shared history and it’s a little more back and forth. The Angels just seem to enjoy beating the Yankees. I can see it in their faces and it makes me angry! Whenever I turn on an Angels game I find myself inevitably getting into it and rooting for them to lose. Really hope we don’t have to face them in the playoffs! As far as this game is concerned, CC is a true horse and Bruney must be embarrassed being taken out with a ten run lead and two outs in the inning. Guess he’s not making the playoff roster.

  6. JQuist

    *We all despise the Angel’s because they’re actually VERY GOOD! I think we have what it takes to smoke ’em this time around, (or at the very least… WIN by any means neccessary.) Joba needs to provide a solid 3 innings considering his appearances aren’t asking very much of his arm now. We’ll see what happens…

  7. TribeTed

    The Angels are actually “in the same boat as the Yankees.”


    I can’t believe how good the Angels actually are, might be better than the 07 season where they won 97 games.

    They could be shooting for 100?

    I am rooting for them all the way.

    But in the playoffs probably the… Red Sox.

    Sorry Jane. =)

    Good luck to CC and everyone else,

    as I am sure they like meatballs!!

    Ted “TTW/T”


    I’m nervous about the west coast. The Angels are such a tough obstacle for us but we have to take that series – its so likely that we will see them in the post season and they can’t be “in our heads”. I read some time ago that all the starting line up was hitting 300 or better – is this still true? That’s not good.

    Even though Boston trounced the Rays this weekend they are still 7 games out – I’m sure I have said this before but it’s vital that we come into that final series against them with no chance of giving up first place. GO YANKEES!!!


    Strange Days (cue some spooky Doors music)…I was really REALLY worried about an Orioles sweep, combined with the expected Hosehead sweep of the Rays, and losing 3 games of our lead in 3 days…instead, it was “only” 2…the Haters in my family (wife & Son #1) are as cynical as can be (“oh, you wanna win by 10 GAMES? Boo hoo”), and the whole tribe is CONSUMED with the NFL this weekend, so all I can do is shut up, sneak a peek (died with Damon’s brain-f**t, loved Godzilla’s tater, thanks), and told them for the “nth” time “You asked me if I’m excited about the NFL season? Here’s my answer…NO!!” Well, THAT’s because you have the YANKEES…yup, that would be it. And you know I want today’s game in a big way…but wantin’ ain’t gettin’, so go get it…!

  10. Jane Heller

    Len, that was awful when Pena came in to take Bruney out of the game. Talk about sending a message. He must have been so pissed with the walks, given that big lead. The Angels are a good team, no doubt. But the Yankees are too, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t beat them with consistency. I’m picking us for tonight!

    It would be sweet if Joba could pitch three solid innings, JQuist. It would give him confidence and allow the offense to put some runs on the board. I know we can do this!

    Ted, the Yankees have won 92 games and are on pace to win 100+.

    The Angels are “in our heads” for sure, Diane. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all their hitters had .300+ averages. What’s really incredible is how many of them were on the DL at one point, and yet they kept winning. So we’ll have our hands full on that road trip. Which is why beating them tonight at home would be awfully nice.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jeff. But I think we’ll turn the tide tonight!

    We’ll need it, Peter!

  11. Jane Heller

    Poor you, Dave, surrounded by all that anti-Yankeeness! I’m not into football, but I did enjoy all the tennis. Big win for Clisters last night and, of course, Federer earlier in the day. (I’m rooting for him in today’s final). Back to baseball, tonight will be interesting. All I can say is GO YANKS!

  12. Buz

    Joe must know when to push the buttons.. his expulsion led to a Yankee explosion.. I like that combination! Your hands will be wringing vs the Angels Jane.. the team is loaded and the kid that spells his name funny.. he’s been dealing. Best of Luck.

    Buz –

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: CC is amazing. I think he deserves the Cy Young (and there is no Yankee bias there!) What he has done for this team is amazing. And he is only getting better as the year goes on. Maybe A.J. can learn something from him….
    I hate the Angels. They kill the Yanks. And none of their players are cute. It was hard when I did the cutie post for the Angels! Abreu is cute, though. (no Yankee bias there either!) I miss him.
    When is Mitre going to pitch? It seems like it has been too long….although it is always too long for me….Do you think he will be on the postseason roster? What pitchers are they going to bring?
    I might post something when I get home.

  14. crzblue2

    if that is what it takes to beat the Anaheim Angels., let Joe throw a hissy every night.
    I hate you Jane. haha. that is what I was saying last night..I mean early this morning because I wanted to finish the book which I did. I really, really liked it! BTW, who is playing Leah and Evan?

  15. Jane Heller

    My hands are wringing already, Buz. I know the Yanks are in for a tough game. But at least they’ll be playing at home and not at the home of the rally monkey. Maybe the stadium magic will help the cause.

    I look for any edge I can think of, Kaybee. If the Yankees can figure out how to spell the names of the opposition, maybe they’ll find a way to beat them.

    CC is amazing, Virginia. I love that he takes the mound after a loss and gives us stability. He’s just so reliable and fights deep into every game. I’d vote for him for the CY award but I doubt he’ll get it. Maybe Mitre will pitch tonight. Joe usually brings in Aceves after Joba’s done, but Sergio needs some work! I’m guessing he will make the postseason roster, but Gaudin had a good outing last time, so who knows!

    Sorry I kept you up, Emma!!!! But I’m glad you finished the book and enjoyed it. Leah will be an interesting character to cast. I don’t know how the movie will approach her – as a villain or as someone who genuinely helped to turn Dan’s life around. I would guess Evan’s part will be downgraded, as the plan for the movie is to bring Melanie and Dan back together. (I think!)

  16. Erin Kathleen

    Damon must be suffering from Milton Bradley disease. Looks like he just has a mild case of it, though, which makes you do dumb things like forget how many outs there are in an inning. Full-blown cases seem to suffer from insanity, and patients will sometimes accuse all their critics of being racist and threaten to beat up opposing broadcasters. As for the Angels, they do seem to have a thing for guys who spell their names funny. I seem to remember they had some guy named Tieixieiria or something playing first base last year. I think the extra “i” is for “intangibles”.-Erin

  17. Jane Heller

    At least Damon’s “mental lapse” was benign, Erin. He’s the opposite of Milton Bradley. You never see him get angry. But he should have been assessed some sort of error. Ah, yes, The Angels and their funny names. They did have Tex, but now he’s ours. Maybe he’ll be the one to turn things around for the Yanks.

    This is only a one-game “series,” Cat, but the Yanks will travel to Anaheim next week for three games and it would be fantastic to sweep. But at this rate I’ll be happy to take two of three – just to break their hold on the Yanks!

  18. raysrenegade

    Wonder if Bobby is going to get lost trying to find the Visitor’s lockerroom?
    This should be a great test to let you know how this team can match up against a team they could meet in the playoffs.
    Bummer is that the Angels will not have Scott Kazmir to hit the mound, which might be a blessing for the Yankees.
    But, this is still a team that is biting at the bit to get back into the playoffs………..Oh, I am referring to both teams.
    Should be an interesting series to say the least.

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    Any music that gets the players pumped up is great for me, matt. I’ll have to check out that song. Thanks.

    So far it’s a very close contest tonight, Renegade. We’re in the 6th and it’s 3-2 Yankees. The Angels are playing small ball and the Yankees are playing medium-sized ball! How will it end? No clue!

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