Flatlining Bites

Today’s 7-3 loss to the Orioles was devoid of any life – at least on the Yankees’ side. They looked as tired as they probably were after all the rain delays last night. They seemed punchless following the playoff atmosphere that accompanied the Jeter thing. They were facing a very promising rookie for the first time (always a high wire act for them). And their starter gave up a six-spot in the second inning. Not a good recipe for success.
AJ wasn’t The Good AJ, and he worries me as the Yanks head into October.
I love his stuff. I love his personality. I even love his tattoos.
(OK, no I don’t love the tattoos.)
I just want to see him pitch with more consistency. Do I need to have a private chat with him? With his wife? With his shrink?
Normally, I’d feel confident that the potent Yankees offense would pick him up and score some runs, but today was a sluggish one for the bats. The problem is the postseason, should the Yankees go on to win the division. (I take nothing for granted, remember.) Giving up six runs in a playoff game could spell disaster.
So, AJ, promise me you’ll think about today’s outing. I don’t want you to brood about it, but I do want you to figure out how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And then maybe go and do a little dancing with your friends?


  1. southernbelle

    Jane: This loss made me worry. 6 runs in 1 inning? Come on, A.J.! You are better than this, we all know that! It’s the inconsistency that bothers me. If he just stunk throughout the whole game, it would make more sense. But stinking for 1 innings and then pitching well? It makes no sense! A.J., please! Don’t do this in October. Maybe you should have a talk with him, Jane. He needs words of wisdom from the She-Fan!

  2. Jane Heller

    AJ is definitely better than he’s shown, Virginia. He’s just so inconsistent and it drives me mad. I may just have to sit him down and explain the facts of being a Yankee.

    I remember that voodoo doll, Sue, and I appreciate the offer. But hasn’t Lidge been “relieved” of his closing duties? I can’t afford to have AJ relieved of his starter duties, so I’ll have to pass!

  3. JQuist

    *Burnett went a little overboard with the zodiac signs on his body – and today, he went WAY overboard with the earned runs he let up! I don’t know what’s going on with him… His inconsistancy is nailing us at precisely the WRONG time. We need to get it together tomarrow, for the sake of not letting first completely slip out of our grasp. A clinched playoff spot helps me sleep at night…


  4. lenn23

    I don’t know if I should be worried or not yet. To this point this has been one of the more relaxing Septembers in recent years. Pitching for the playoffs has me a bit worried. Also, I looked at the matchups for the beginning of this week and they weren’t favorable: Chad v. Weaver and Joba v. Halladay. I guess I am starting to get worried. I think they need a win today to make me feel better.

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    AJ needs to show up for the whole game, and not let Gomer pitch part of it.
    Maybe he and Joba should pitch batting practice before the game to get their bad innings out of the way. ; – )
    Let’s see what happens the rest of the week. If they bounce back, the bats come alive, and we get good pitching, I’ll feel better.

  6. TribeTed


    You have reason to worry.

    With the offense not picking up, and with the lack of playoff pitching (CC, and Joba) that “could” spell disaster.

    AJ is your “big” hope in this whole mix.

    He is a great playoff pitcher.

    But if he were to “not” perform well,

    the Yanks “could” get knocked out.

    But I am sure the offense will pick up and everything will be normal again cuz

    heck, your the Yankees!! =)

    –Ted “TTW/T”


  7. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    There was little of a positive nature to take from that loss. Maybe the fact that A.J. didn’t self-destruct after that bad inning and was able to settle down and pitch well. It looked like we might come back in the bottom of the 9th but it was not to be. We cannot get swept at home against the Orioles. We need to start another nice 6 or 7 game winning streak.

    I had to laugh when I saw the cookie jar — I have the same one. If I had a dollar for every item we own that has a Yankee insignia on it, I could probably buy the Yankees.

  8. crzblue2

    A.J. sounds like our Chad Billingsley. Inconsitent. We don’t know what Chad will show up, the good Chad or the bad Chad. He can be going along in the game and then bang! starts to lose it. Maybe A.J. needs to skip a start? Maybe getting tired? I don’t know.
    Wow! if Detroit was in the NL West, they’d be in fourth place.
    Well, I am on page 202 of “To Grind an Ex.” I was showing it to a friend on the train and she went to a few pages before the end and started reading. I don’t understand people that do that.

  9. Jane Heller

    JQuist, don’t lose sleep. We have CC going today and he’ll restore order. (Bold prediction – lol). I really do think the team was distracted by all the Jeter hoopla – and rightfully so – but now it’s time to knuckle down and play good baseball.

    I’m worried all right, Paul, but I also expect AJ to turn around and pitch a brilliant game in the playoffs. He’s inconsistent but capable of a no-hitter.

    I think we’ll all feel better with a win today, Len. The Yankees need to get their swagger back! But you’re right. We’ve had a very relaxing few months. We can’t complain about a couple of losses. (Don’t I sound convincing?)

    I’m wondering if AJ is tired, Melissa. He looks sharp, then loses focus/command, then is sharp again. Maybe he should skip a start?

    AJ has never pitched in a playoff game, Ted, but he has the potential to be a great playoff pitcher. He just can’t have that one bad inning that can sink a team in a playoff game.

    I had the same thought, Diane. AJ’s bad inning was basically a bunch of hits and the grand slam. And instead of unraveling, he went on to retire one batter after another for a few more innings. I guess that was a good sign. If the bats had been working, we could have come back from six runs down.

    Yay, Sergio and Chad, Jeff. What would the Yankees do without them? Actually, it’ll be interesting to see which of them makes the postseason roster. I doubt it’ll be both.

    Funny about your friend on the train, Emma. I’m with you. I’ve never understood people who skip ahead into a book – especially people who read the last page first! Anyhow, I hope you’re enjoying it and it passes the time while you’re commuting.

    September is such a weird time, Jenn. If a team has a comfortable lead, they have to find a way to stay motivated – especially against last place teams!

  10. Buz

    I have to agree with Erin.. at least they have that cushion. But, that doesn’t detract from the perplexing AJ issue. All that talent.. all the nasty stuff.. and nothing. Time for a mental coach… a little meditation with the right positive images. He’s got it in him. When will it show?

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  11. Jane Heller

    I don’t know, Buz. I guess he’s been up and down his whole career, except for the contract year in ’08. A mental coach is a good idea though.

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