Derek Did The Deed

With yet another Jeterian hit to right field, DJ broke Gehrig’s record in the third inning of the Yankees’ 10-4 loss to the Orioles. It may have been a soggy night in the Bronx, but he was feeling the love from the crowd.
And from his teammates.
What a season this has been for him – and for the Yanks. Clearly, the new stadium is the scene for memorable moments, just like the old place was. I enjoyed watching his family and friends high-fiving each other in their box. I can only imagine how proud his parents and sister must be. 
I wonder if the Jeters had even an inkling that their boy would grow up to be the Yankees’ all-time hits leader?
Seriously. This little kid?
The one who dressed up for Halloween like Dracula when he was nine?
The one who was as skinny in junior high school as Edwar Ramirez is now?
Congratulations to him and here’s to more milestones. 
Meanwhile, how about that weather in New York? It was fine for ducks but not for baseball.
The night was all about Jeter, but the Yankees did lose the game to the Orioles, despite A-Rod’s three-run blast in the first. The offense couldn’t get much else going against Tilman, and Pettitte had a rare mediocre performance, followed by a rough inning by Marte. The rain delays made this one a laugher at the end, and I gave up trying to figure out which call up had gone in to play for which position player.
Now that “the record” has been achieved, I hope the Yanks will go back to their winning ways. The magic number may be down to 14, but there’s still plenty of baseball to play – with a series in Anaheim looming. Maybe Jeter can dress up as Dracula again and scare the Angels silly.


  1. crzblue2

    haha Jane. Yeah Jetter go to the angels and scare them and take their blood while you are at it! Remember what Tommy Lasorda says “The only Angels are the Dodgers that are in Heaven.” 🙂
    Congratulations to the great Jetter!
    Btw, I am enjoying your book. No matter how tired I am reading before going to bed relaxes me but sometimes I can’t show restraints and I stay up too late reading or blogging.

  2. PAUL

    And just think that kid in 1996 was on thin ice before the season even started, homered and made that great over-the-shoulder catch against the Indians and was off and running.
    One thing, after the way this year’s gone, I don’t think anything can scare the Angels.


    I couldn’t be prouder of Jeet if he was a member of my own family, which he will be if my daughter has ANYTHING to say about it. I spoke with so many people yesterday, mostly Yankees fans, about Jeter breaking the record on 9/11 and they all had a very positive spin on it — so there you go. Thank you, Derek, for giving New Yorkers something to smile about when we think of September 11th.

    I went to bed when they put the cover back on the field but I thought I’d wake up to another come from behind win – at least for Jeter’s sake. Oh well. At least we got the game in so we just have to get through a normal weekend. Boston has to play two on Sunday.

    BTW, Jane. I have one more question about a potential 365 day baseball season — how does that change The Joba Rules. LOL.

    I think the Yankees magic # is now 14 – sounds like a lot but they are in good form, even after a dismal outing. Go Yankees!!!


    Ah Jeter, Yes we are all proud. I love those old photos -he was adorable of course, but who’d have thought? Well, anyway, I’m supposed to go to the game tomorrow. I’d like the rain to stop! -Ellen


    Hi Jane,
    Great pictures of the Jeter family, I was a bit verklempt when he broke the record……. as for the game, Girardi left Andy in too long so he could get the win and then Marte was not good, I hope Gardner can work on his bunts, such a vital part of his game, anyway, no more whining, hope today is better…….Jane

  6. Erin Kathleen

    Congratulations to Jeter! Was he drafted right out of middle school? I remember his rookie card looked pretty much like that bottom pic, except he had some sort of mullet thing going on. Thank goodness the Yankees have a policy against doofy haircuts.-Erin


    Great accomplishment for Jeter and it was touching to see his teammates come out to congratulate him. Their camaraderie reminds me of the ’98 Yanks.
    It was also touching to see Gerald Williams up in the Jeter’s box. Two careers with such different paths, but they’re still friends.
    Lousy, lousy weather for baseball though!

  8. TribeTed

    Jeter is a great player Jane, and I even honored him on my video segment from xtranormal.

    Jeter is a class act and a great guy.

    I wish I could’ve met him.

    I hope he continues his streak and reaches 3,000.

    I hope he goes down into the history books.

    –Ted “TTW/T”

  9. scofid

    His girlfriend was in attendance so rumor has it that he did the deed twice in one night! Hahaha! That was nice tribute to DJ. Aren’t their photos of him around 9 or 10 wearing a Yankee hat? It seems like I’ve seen that before. I think it is great that DJ was a Yankee fan growing up, and has become part of the Legend fabric in the franchise’s storied history. He should become the first Yankee player with 3,000 hits, so that will be a very memorable day. The Yanks need to do what’s right and lock up Jeter for the remainder of his career. The only place that #2 is going is to the Hall of Fame…


  10. ibleedpinstripes

    I’m so glad Jeets got it done last night, even though it was a crappy ending. I can’t imagine how good it must’ve felt. It was awesome to hear the Stadium show so much love for the guy. I was really, really close to bawling. Seeing a moment like that from a guy that I’ve been watching ever since I could understand what baseball was was so moving. I hope he’s got another 2,000 hits in him!

    – Lisa

  11. Jane Heller

    That’s right, Emma. Derek will go as Dracula to Anaheim and take the blood from the Angels. I like it! Glad you’re enjoying the book, although I hope it’s not putting you to sleep! HAHA.

    You don’t think anything can scare the Angels, Paul? They’re a very good team but I bet the Yankees will figure out a way to do some damage out there this time.

    Hm. Diane, you raise an interesting question about the Joba Rules should the Yankees play 365 days a year. Easy. He would pitch once a month! Great night for the Jeet (except for losing the game, of course).

    I really hope the rain stops for you, Ellen. I’d hate for you to get stuck sitting there in the rain, eating those Lobel steak sandwiches. LOL. I give a lot of credit to those hearty souls who toughed it out during the long delays last night.

    Jane, I didn’t exactly get why Girardi let Marte pitch an entire inning. Yes, Damaso has been very effective since he came back from the DL, but I thought he was a lefty specialist. Did he really need that much work? It was clear he didn’t have it last night. Grrr.

    The Yankees don’t have a policy against doofy haircuts, Erin, or we wouldn’t have been treated to Swisher’s whatever. And apparently, the players can color, perm and otherwise torture their hair. They just can’t have any on their chins!

    Melissa, you are so right about Gerald Williams. I remember him well from his playing days, but had no idea he and Jeter had remained so close over the years. Really, really nice to see. Later, in the press conference, I heard Posada say how great it was that Jeter hasn’t changed since he came up – same friends from high school, the minors, etc.

    Jeter has already gone down in the history books, Ted! That’s the beauty of breaking the record.

    The pictures of Jeter as a forlorn kid didn’t come from my personal collection, Jeff. LOL! You could have access to them too. It’s called the internet.

    Ooh, Scott. You’re so naughty this morning! I was thinking about Jeter’s contract too and wondering if Cashman was sitting there watching the action and going, “Oy. How much is this gonna cost me?” They’ll have to figure something out, because Jeter IS the Yankees.

    I hope Jeter can stay healthy, Lisa. That’ll be the key to whether he can add to his stats and continue to contribute. He works hard to stay in shape, but it’s his longevity and consistency that are unmatched on the Yanks. I hope he plays forever!

    That’s very cool, Elizabeth. I know he’s not your fave (and his team sure isn’t), so your cheering for him has extra meaning. I think he’s popular with players on opposing teams because he tries to show everyone respect.

  12. Jane Heller

    I wish he’d had another Jeterian hit in the bottom of the ninth today, Buz! Maybe I’d still be watching the game instead of trying to blog about the Yankees’ loss. Oh, well.

  13. TribeTed


    Jeter is such a beast.

    He is like a magician with a bat,

    a bird with weighless wings.

    May he fly away down into the HOF if you know what I mean? =-)

    Love the Yankees, while hating them.

    Its kind of a tough thing to do,

    but I have to say in all honesty – who hates DJ?

    Name one person honestly.

    By the way, new post up on being the “centerpiece” of all trades and prospects,

    –Ted “TTW/T”

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