The Yankees Sometimes Make Me Cry

No, not because they lose a lot, although I did shed plenty of tears when they got bounced from the playoffs in ’07. I’m talking about the times when they make me so happy I just can’t contain myself. Like tonight, for instance.
Niemann, the Rays’ starter, was fantastic, shutting the Yankees offense down until the eighth. Jeter had three hits and tied Gehrig‘s record (more on that in a sec), but the score remained at 2-0 for what seemed like an eternity. Then, as they have on so many occasions this season, the Yanks came roaring back.
A tag team of relievers followed Niemann and here’s what happened:
A-Rod: single
Matsui: single
Swisher: fielder’s choice/error
Posada: pinch-hit three-run jack.
Bruney and Coke retired the Rays in the ninth, and the Yankees notched a 4-2 come-from-behind victory for a four-game sweep – the kind of win that Yankee fans have come to expect from this team. Just overwhelming.
Sure, I could have cried about Joba and his rocky first inning.
But he settled down after Jeter went to the mound and gave him some sort of a pep talk-tongue lashing combo. And how could I not be impressed with Aceves and the three innings he pitched? No crying there.
But then came The Moment. In the seventh, Jeter stepped to the plate after having bunted for a base hit and doubled, and banged one of his patented, Jeterian, inside out singles to right for hit #2721 – tying Gehrig for the most hits in Yankees history. When he doffed his cap, acknowledging the fans, his teammates, his parents and the classy Rays bench who applauded from the top step of the dugout, I couldn’t take it.
And so, of course, I cried like a big stupid drama queen.
I’m well aware that the world is filled with Yankees haters, but I honestly wish everyone, regardless of their partisanship, could have the privilege of watching Jeter play, day in and day out. His is a career worth savoring.
In fact, I stopped crying long enough to record a special video message for him. I hope he’ll respond soon, so I can start planning….Well, you’ll see.


  1. crzblue2

    Congratulations to Jeter on tying Gehrig with 2,721!
    In this day and age is an amazing feat to do it with one team for this long.
    He is a great hitter and a seems to be such a nice guy.
    Let’s hope he accepts your invite Jane!
    Ok, now I am not going to dwell on the Dodger loss. I am just going to read a little before going to bed. I picked up An Ex to Grind.

  2. Jane Heller

    Yaz was quite a player too, Mike. I have great respect for him and have known people who’ve met him and say wonderful things about him. But Jeet is The Man tonight!


    It’s so great to be crying tears of joy! I love your videos;I made one for my first day of school last week. Hope the party is great; would love to come, but I think it’s a bit far (although at this point I’d travel anywhere for these guys!)

  4. ladybomber212

    I loved the post and without a doubt Captain is THE MAN on this special night. I’m looking forward to seeing the game on Friday as he hopefully supasses the record. Loved the message….he’d be crazy not to accept. LOL =)

  5. latinyankeerebel

    I’m still laughing at your video! Girl, I hope I get an invite too! :0P No love for A-Rod? come on, Kate looks like she is fun! You HAVE to invite them! hahahahahaha

  6. TribeTed

    What a great feat to accomplish.

    Jeter and his inside-out swing always make me laugh.

    He is such a classy guy and is a crowd pleaser.

    You are lucky to have him!!

    and nice video.

    It kinda made me laugh when it said A-rod is :

    “loosy goosy.” Hhaha doubt it!!

    He is always tight. =)

    GOod luck with having the Yanks over to your house!!

    and if they don’t come,…

    YOu can make a cake for me!

    –Ted “TTW/T”

  7. juliasrants

    Doesn’t it make Yankee fans sad to know that no one ever saw everything that Lou Gehrig was capable of? We will never know how many hits he could have made – we know it would have been a lot more. (Maybe he would have been closer to Yaz’s number. Yaz ended with career with 700 more hits.) How many HRs? (It would have been over 500 he was SO close!) Another triple crown? Another 120 RBI season? There was a reason that Mr. Gehrig received the most votes from the fans for the MLB All- Century Team – Lou Gehrig transcended baseball. He wasn’t just a Yankees’ player – he was a baseball player and all fans loved him. I don’t think we will ever see the likes of Lou Gehrig again and baseball is poorer because of it.


  8. ooaooa

    In Jeters rookie season my son and I were lucky enough to score front row tickets near first base on Old Timers Day. Jeter was doing his stretching in front of us before the game and I told my son to yell to him and ask him to come over. He did and signed an autograph for my son. I told my son that day this was a special player who will be one of the best Yankees ever. As much as I love Derek, I am a Mr. and Mrs. Jeter fan as well. They are obviously talented parents. They have raised 2 super children. I would like to volunteer to be the waiter at your dinner party!

  9. scofid

    I definitely never thought that Jeter would stand with the Legends when I first heard his name as a skinny, 18-year old shortstop out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is a great accomplishment for him, and it is fun to watch two sure-fire Hall of Famers continue to play at such a high level (DJ and Mo). Joba, of course, concerns me. Regardless of whether he is a starter or a reliever once the play-offs start, he needs to get his head in the game from the start. I know he settled down, but 31 pitches in the first inning was obviously too much. I am definitely enjoying these late inning comebacks. It’s fun to know when your team is trailing in the late innings, they have a better than average chance of pulling out the victory. This is a great Yankees team, and hopefully, they’ll leave their mark at the end.



    I also cried last night because Jeter has so much class and I was so happy for him. In the middle of a monumental moment for him, he still thought of the respect of the game and the respect for the other team.
    When he drew a walk in his final at bat, I laughed out loud. All the tension and drama and Jeter manages to do his job and get on base without breaking the record. How perfect baseball is!
    I’m sort of glad he has a few days to savor being in a tie with Gehrig and will have a different game to break it. And think about it, every time he hits from now until the end of his career, he’ll be setting a new record.


    Jane, you are the best!! My husband woke up “grumpy” this morning, I showed him your video, and now he’s in a happy state of mind, (thanks). I followed you on twitter last night while watching the game. It was like we had a friend here with us going through all the ups and outs of every play. The fact that we won was the icing on our cake. Speaking of cake, take lot’s of photos at your dinner party!!

  12. ladyjane303

    A few tears and lots of cheers in my living room last night, too. On the post-game, it almost looked like Posada was close to choked up. Jeter is such a class act and how lucky we are to have him in pinstripes. After he got the 3rd hit, I just thought how great it would be if this was the night he got the walk-off – though I’m glad we were spared that tension. Can’t wait for Friday night. Loved your video – I’d go shopping with you and Mrs. J in a NY minute!


    Once again — to the tune of “Sweets For My Sweet”…
    “Treats for our Jeet…
    Pure and smooth as honey…
    His hit total…
    Thrills us so…
    Sweets for ya, Jeet…
    Fieldin’ smooth as honey…
    We’ll never ever let you go…”
    Enough, enough. Thrills indeed. Bouncing back & forth between Yanks-Rays and O’s-Bosox (on local TV), it sure didn’t look good from the opening at-bat. But what a group these ’09 Bombers seem to be. Right before Hor-hay’s moment, the ESPN announcers were blathering on about how the 8th inning was playing out like a “microcosm of the entire Yankee season”… and then BOOM. I didn’t cry, but I did have chills. Again…

    Hey, one more thing today. I don’t normally refer to any other website or blog or stuff, but TODAY on, they invite you to VOTE for who you think is The Greatest Yankee Ever…you get 20 choices…they tease you by asking, “Is Jeet in your Top Five?”…well, of course, I ranked all twenty, and I invite all True-Blue Yankee bloggers to do the same (you too, Jane! come on, Diane!! and Peggy 3!!! Ooaooa too…and latinyankeerebel, c’mon!). Okay, lemme sign off now…whether ya do or ya don’t…BTW, my Top Five was the same, just in different order…backatcha later with MY pix…let’s compare notes!!

  14. Jane Heller

    Jeter does seem to be a nice guy, Emma. I’ve never heard otherwise, not even from the folks that cover him on a daily basis. And how cool that you found “An Ex to Grind.” Hope you enjoy it! Sorry about the Dodgers’ loss. Good idea to lose yourself in the book, if possible.

    Will definitely check out your post, Mike!

    Yep, etoubman, it’s great to be crying in a good way. 🙂 I wish you could come out for the Jeter party. Maybe I could host them all over the country – like Tupperware parties. Haha.

    I’m right with you, ladybomber. Tomorrow night will be the night when he breaks the record – even if he has to bunt to do it! And I agree: he’d be crazy not to accept my invite.

    I think that’s a great idea, Paul. Jeter should mentor Reyes. And I bet he’d do it. Should I hire Steve, the private investigator, to find Jose?

    Well, I would certainly invite A-Rod, latinyankeerebel, but since it’s Jeter’s party I wanted him to feel comfortable. (I really do live in a fantasy world, don’t I? LOL) Maybe I’ll have a separate party for A-Rod the next night, so he won’t feel bad.

    Glad your summer ended on a high note, jobajr. Nothing worse than trudging into fall feeling bummed out. But last night was definitely a dramatic one.

    You’re right, Ted. Maybe I’ll just bake the cake and serve it to anybody who shows up. LOL!

    How nice of Jeter to sign an autograph for your son all those years ago, John. And what an autograph to have in your collection. I agree about the Jeters. They seem to have raised a son who’s not only talented and has a tremendous work ethic but who also treats people with respect. And yes, of course you can be a waiter at the dinner party!

    I can’t claim that I spotted Jeter way back when and knew he’d be a legend either, Scott. I guess it’s a good thing we’re not scouts. LOL. But a legend he’s become and I couldn’t have been happier for him – and for the Yankees – last night. Joba? Sigh. I’d love to know what Jeter said to him on the mound during that little conference. Jeter was quite animated (for him), and Joba seemed to respond. But what it means for the long run is anybody’s guess. All I can say is thank God for Aceves!

    You’re so right, Melissa. That walk Jeter drew changed the mood completely and gave the crowd a breather. Now everyone will have another chance to cheer again when DJ does break the record. So it’s like a celebration in two parts! And with every hit, he’ll be setting a new record, as you say, probably never to be broken, but who knows?

    Glad to put a smile on your husband’s face, nparlin! I must say I enjoy watching the game with other Yankee fans and tweeting away. It’s like being in a big living room with lot of different personalities and one common goal: to see the Yankees win.

    I’m sure Posada was touched by the occasion, ladyjane. He’s been there through it all. How perfect that he was the one to hit the game-winning homer? And you bet you’re coming shopping with me and Mrs. Jeter. You think I’m going with her alone? No way.

    Al’s in love with Jeter and you’re in love with Albert, Jeff. That’s a lot of bromancing going on over at RSBS. I’d better come see what’s going on.

    Interesting contest at, Dave. The greatest Yankee ever? It would probably take me all day to think about it and come up with my votes. I’ll be interested to see which players you chose. Mickey, Whitey, Yogi, Jeter, Mo. Yikes, I’m up to five already.

    At least your Indians made it into the second round that year, 09indians! That’s something to be proud of. You almost got there.

  15. crazy19canuck

    Jane…congrats on the sweep. Wonder how long it will take before you clinch that division title? BIG, big…Congrats to Jeter! That was awesome. Geez…i remember watching him play in Triple A back in the 90’s. This is a stellar year for him. Yankees Universe should be beaming with pride. 🙂


    Okaay…backatcha with The Results of espn’s poll. Well, just The Top Five, so those who really wanna play can do so…remember, these are the FANS’ votes totals…
    #1, not even close, The Babe (almost feel like smacking my pate and saying, ‘well, duh!’)…
    #2, also by a wide margin, The Iron Horse (I put him as #4, his uni number, which was probably too low)…
    #3, Joe D (I had him as #2, not because I love him, far from it, what a paranoid cheapo…but he was TRULY great)…
    #4, The Mick (he was #3 for me, #1 in my heart, and I don’t even need to ever ask you, Miz J)…and finally…
    #5…Sweet Mr. Jeet (on that, we all agreed)!

  17. Jane Heller

    Tough series for your guys, Ginny. Niemann was really lights out though. What a fighter. He just kept throwing strikes and the Yankees had no answers. As for Jeter, I can’t speak for the entire Yankees Universe (well, I can try), but I’m beaming with pride. I’ve enjoyed watching Jeet for so many years. He’s brought nothing but pleasure.

  18. Buz

    Jane, that was one of the most memorable baseball moments for me. It was patented DJ from the very first inning. His bunt.. his leadership conference with Joba.. his booming double to the Monument where his plaque will stand.. and oh, that sweet inside out stroke that gave him #2721. Fabulous stuff.

    Buz –

  19. Jane Heller

    The list makes sense, Dave. I can’t argue with the order, although Yogi and Whitey have to be up there somewhere!

    It will be exciting, Kaybee – another cause for celebration. Can’t wait to see the reaction of the crowd.

  20. Jane Heller

    You’re absolutely spot on, Buz. Everything about last night’s game was “Jeteresque” – from the bunt to the conference on the mound to the hits. Great, concise summary by you!

    Glad you popped in, Erin. Thanks for the congrats. May this movie happen!!! And Jeter? I pay no attention to buzz killers. He tied the record. He’ll break the record. Lou Gehrig was a legend. Nothing will change that. Let the partying continue!

  21. ibleedpinstripes

    Absolutely incredible. I wish I was home for the entire game, but I did catch the tying hit on the radio on my way home from work and saw the replay later on. There aren’t words to describe that kind of feeling. Elation? Overjoyed? I don’t think they’re enough. I’m so looking forward to Friday. I hope he breaks it then!

    – Lisa

  22. Jane Heller

    Elated and overjoyed are good, Lisa! And sometimes it’s more fun to listen on the radio when something exciting happens. I remember that from when I was a kid bringing my transistor to school and hiding it in my desk!

  23. southernbelle

    Jane: It was an amazing moment. I almost cried. I just, I don’t know. I mean, Jeter has always been there. I’ve taken his skills for granted. But he is arguably the best in the game. Ever. His parents told him to soak up the moment, and I soaked up the moment, too. Think about it. Jeter tied Gehrig. That is amazing.
    I wonder what Arod thinks of Jeet’r hot girlfriend….don’t leave him alone with her, lol….

  24. Jane Heller

    I can totally understand how you would take Jeter for granted, Virginia. He’s been around ever since you can remember, right? I remember life before him when the Yanks went through a “lean” period. So to me, he stands for all the success we’ve had since then. I think Minka looks pretty devoted to him, sitting up in the box with his parents, so A-Rod wouldn’t have a chance!

    I’m glad you’re excited about Jeter’s accomplishment, diamondgirl. I know the Yankees aren’t your fave team, but you can spot a great player when you see one! HAHA.

  25. raysrenegade

    The Boys from the Bronx did what it took to get the “W’s” the last three nights.
    Plain and simple, they fought to the last at bat, and caused the Rays to make valuable mistakes that cost them the ballgame.
    From Nick Swisher’s shot, to Jorge Posada’s shot heard around the Subway, the guys took the Rays Bullpen totally to the woodshed.
    During this series, in three of those games, the Rays starters did everything possible to get a win for the team. But the Yankees used their smarts to get pitches from the Rays relievers and politely deposited them in the stands for the fans.
    One team on the way up, another trying to avoid a pit if despair. But in the end, the better team won the series…period.

    Rays Renegade

  26. TribeTed


    the Yanks are unbeatable.

    and with DJ reaching the feat… what now?

    i don’t get how they can’t lose?

    hello 100 wins, bye last year!!

    Good luck to them in the playoffs.

    and may the best yankee win.

    I am sure A-Rod will be stiff. =) but could be loosy goosy like you said!! hehe.

    –Ted “TTW/T”

  27. 1njyankee

    Yup, I cried too last night. Another proud moment as a Yankee Fan. I loved your video (I agree Swish is crazy, but a new fav for me!) hope you can get the party started 🙂

  28. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Renegade. The series was all about the bullpens. As I noted in the post, Niemann was spectacular and it must have been heartbreaking for him to lose that game. But I see him having a great season next year, so that has to be a plus. Crawford and Longoria are just so talented. It’s a pleasure to watch them.

    The Yankees aren’t unbeatable, Ted, but they’re certainly acting like it! It’s a fun time to be a Yankee fan.

  29. Jane Heller

    Another crier, 1nyankee? Haha. I think we had good reason last night. There were some really emotional moments there. Glad you liked the video. Swish has proven himself to me, and I was a skeptic at first. Let’s hope he keeps up the great hitting.

  30. Jane Heller

    Oh, Babu. It will be wild! That joint will be jumping like it’s never seen – the perfect way to break in the new stadium.

    I love the helmet throwing too, Melissa. I saw that link earlier today on Pete’s blog and laughed so hard right with you. Hilarious. And you’re right about Swish’s zaniness. He’s lightened things up considerably.

  31. peggy3

    Hey Jane and fellow bloggers …

    What can I say but WOW !!!!! I was at the game and that place was rocking…with each of DJ’s at bats the place got louder and louder and finally exploded when he tied the record. We were all going crazy and then Georgie with the three run homer to make the night REALLY great for DJ because we know if he didn’t win it would have put a big damper on tying the record for him. I watched all the post game interviews when I got home (thank God for DVR). He is such a good person …humble but so confident in his ability. His parents certainly raised him right and I loved seeing them interviewed too. You can see where he gets it from. The respect from so many players around the league and the Tampa Rays says a great deal about Mr. Jeter. BTW…Minka looked really cute too …a good looking couple no doubt.

    I’ll be at the game tomorrow night …I just hope he breaks it and I’ll pray the Stadium can withstand the craziness if he does. Thanks DJ for giving us one of the great new memories in the new place. It’s only fitting that it was you who did it.

    With all the sweeps I’m wondering if the Yankees should invest in a few new brooms … :o). May they continue on till they sweep the division clean and make sure they bring those brooms with them to the playoffs.

    Dave…my list would be

    1) The Babe just because he is the BABE and the biggest
    name ever in baseball.

    2) Lou Gehrig who was always overshadowed by the Babe
    but was just as good a player …maybe even better …just not larger than life like the Babe.

    3) The Mick…my personal all time favorite and if he didn’t get hurt and party so much …God only knows he might have broken all the records. Billy Crystal once said…if God wanted to draw up the perfect baseball player ..he would just get a picture of Mickey Mantle and I definitely agree !!!

    4) Joe D…many say he was the greatest all around player ever. Thankfully I’m not THAT old to say I saw him play but
    I’m sure he would have lived up to the hype…

    5) Tie between Yogi and DJ …two greats past …one present with DJ only adding on as the next years go by…how fortunate I was to be able to see him from a rookie and hopefully to the end of his fabulous career …

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  32. Jane Heller

    Hey, Peggy. I was hoping you’d chime in since I knew you were there last night. Sounds like it was quite an experience! I love that new memories are piling up at the new cathedral. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow night (and hoping the weather holds) as I watch the game. I can hear the roar already if Jeter gets a hit. As for Dave’s list, as long as Mickey’s up there I’m good. 🙂

  33. wetfeet

    I know your fealing about the end of the season. Why don’t you start a campane to tel. winter ball. I would start the campane but I am just a RANGER fan and no one would pay any attention to me. Great blog!!

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