Swisher Gets a Pie and I Get a Movie Deal!

Yes, the subjects are unrelated, but I’m killing two birds with one stone in this post.


First, the Yankees. Their thrilling 3-2 victory over the Rays was yet another example of the 2009 team’s “comeback-y-ness.” I mean, Nick Swisher hitting a walkoff homer in the bottom of the ninth – his second dinger of the night? This from a guy who couldn’t buy a home run in the Bronx? Crazy but true.
And Chad Gaudin going toe-to-toe with David Price in a pitcher’s duel for six innings? Also crazy but true.
Gaudin was great and made me eat crow because I kept saying how bad he is.
With the Yanks up 2-0, he ran out of gas in the seventh, allowing a homer to Longoria. I kept wishing Girardi hadn’t brought him back out for the inning, but he found himself in a jam, and it took Marte, Bruney and Coke to get him off the hook.
Then came Huuuuuuughes in the eighth. Mr. I-Haven’t-Given-Up-a-Run-in-12-Outings surrenders a home run to Bartlett to tie things up at 2-2? Yet again, crazy but true.
Which brings us to the ninth. Mo did what he does best: shut down the opposition. And then Swisher did his thing – from the other side of the plate this time. Having so many switch hitters on the team is a such an advantage. 
The other news I wanted to share is that 20th Century Fox has bought the movie rights to my 2005 novel “An Ex to Grind,” a romantic comedy about a high-powered Manhattan financial planner who has to pay alimony to her slacker ex-husband, a former wide receiver for the NY Giants. Fed up, she hatches a devious plan to get her ex out of her life for good – only to decide she wants him back. 
You can read about the novel here and watch me talking about the story here. To be produced by Laura Bickford, who produced such films as “Traffic,” “Che” and the recent “Duplicity”…
and Julie Yorn, who produced “Bride Wars” co-starring A-Rod’s squeeze Kate Hudson…
the movie already has two stars “attached,” which means that if they approve the script they’ll sign on for the film. Playing my heroine would be Cameron Diaz.
And in the part of the ex? Benecio Del Toro.
A funny note on all this. Apparently, Benecio wasn’t comfortable playing a pro football player because he’s not a big guy, so he asked the producers, “Would it be OK with the author if we made the ex-husband a baseball player instead?” A baseball player? Uh, yeah. I think so.
I’ve had eight books optioned for films over the years, and none of them ever made it to the screen. But I have a really good feeling about this one. And if it does happen? I hope everybody will go see it!


  1. PAUL

    That’s awesome!!!
    I know you’re pretty well “wait-and-see” about the movie industry, but the good thing about this story is that there’s no Brad Pitt playing Billy Beane!!!!!
    Benicio Del Toro is 6’2″. That’s plenty big enough to be a wide receiver. Jerry Rice wasn’t big. Marvin Harrison was 175 lbs and listed at 6’0″ (which, in sports-speak is 5’9″). Tell ‘im to stop whining and not to change your story.


  2. levelboss

    congratulations, Jane! that’s awesome!
    if you decide to make the ex a baseball player, make sure that his team is the YANKEES – that way, you could have cameos from A-Rod, Jeter, and other Yankees

  3. crzblue2

    Ahhh…I love it that it gets changed to a baseball player! Excellent!! I had read some of your twitts (is that a word?) so I knew part of what you were going to say. A Big congratulations Jane! One of my brother Vic favorite actresses is Cameron Diaz. He says she is beautiful.
    Cogratulations on another victory for the Yankees.
    Yucky on the crow! eww.

  4. latinyankeerebel

    OMG Jane!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I would scream, but it’s 130am and I do not want to wake up my niece or my mom… LOL.. anywho!!! WOW!!! I feel so happy for you!!! Benicio del Toro??? WOW!!! I loooooooove him!

    I’m so excited for you, it made my day.. this is big stuff, just as Swishalicious making that walk-off homer… loved the pie!

    I defnitely needed a something to smile about!

    Congrats once again Jane! :0)

  5. lenn23

    Congratulations Jane! I like Benicio. He seems to put an interesting twist to each of his roles. He’s very method actory which I think is a good thing. Though it wouldn’t be a good thing if he mumbles his lines for this like in “Usual Suspects”! As for this game, Chad wasn’t bad and Derek seems to be pressing. Maybe a day off would help. I remember it took Arod a week to get his 500th homer.

  6. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Awesome, Jane. I hope the movie happens. maybe this just is THE YEAR!!! Our team is doing great, so why not a super movie? I agree with others -a few cameos by our favorite boys in pinstripes would be a nice touch. Good luck.

  7. yankeefanwj

    Congrats on the movie deal! That is pretty sweet:) I love Del Toro! Swisher’s walk off – is it bad that as I watch the game I now expect it? Ok, bottom of the 9th, we need a walk off and bam! we have it. Yankees win – and pie!

  8. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Jane, I’m so excited. “An Ex” is my favorite of all your novels. Del Toro seems too old to me…I don’t know. But this such a great story and there is so much fun and funny dialogue I think its going to be HUGE. I know we have to be patient but please keep us posted.

    Yankees game was a big positive as well. Great start, good defense, amazing use of the bullpen and focus in the end until we pulled out the win. In the 9th inning, to keep us 9 games ahead of Boston, to get our 90th win of the season…and its now 9/9/09 — leading us to W.S. #27 — and what is 2 plus 7??? Okay, I’ll stop now.

  9. mlbmom

    Jane –
    Congratulations on the movie gig….now I have to read the book…always read the book before the movie….
    And Swish?? Whodathunk?? TWO?? In the Bronx?? I’d have bet against that, but thats why I dont bet!!!
    A good day all around….
    Texas won both games in their double header…I’m pulling for the Rangers for the Wild Card (Sorry Boston fans)…I’d like to see the Yankees play in Arlington in October…I’ve been to dozens of Yankee games, but never post-season…



  10. scofid

    Congrats on the movie deal! Very exciting stuff! But if it is a baseball player, instead of a football player, with relationship issues, wouldn’t that be an ex-Met? Surely it wouldn’t be about any of us saintly Yankees fans! 😉 The game last night was a lot of fun. I guess Swish figured out how to homer in the Bronx. It’s tough seeing DJ struggle at this point. Hopefully, he’ll get a couple of hits tonight to take some of the edge off and let him get back to being who he is.


  11. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Congrats on the movie deal! Hope it all goes through and we see you on the red carpet at the premiere.
    Great game last night! If Jeter is going to have a mini-slump, I’m glad it’s now. He’ll break Gehrig’s record before the end of the season, and then hopefully be a hitting machine in the post season.
    Loved how AJ tenderly explained to Swish that it was shaving cream, not whipped cream, so don’t eat it, as he massaged it into his scalp.
    We need Steve, your P.I., back to investigate who stole the whipped cream! I watched the game, but listened to the post game on the radio. They said when they went to get the whipped cream, it was gone. They also replay the important moments and your bud John Sterling may have come close to a record “the” in “theeeeeeeeee Yankeees win!”

  12. junojen

    That is great news, Jane! I loved “An Ex to Grind” — I read it when it first came out. I think Cameron Diaz is perfectly cast as Melanie but not sure about Benecio. He does seems a little too old and brooding for the part of Dan. I picture someone like Matthew McConaughey for that role whether he plays football or baseball. But whatever… if it is actually made into a movie, I’ll buy a ticket. Congrats!


  13. ladyjane303

    Jane – Mazel tov on the movie deal!!! It’s long overdue for one of your books to make it to the screen. And while we’re talking long overdue: How about that! Swish hitting 2 HRs at home! Another exciting game, and Chad not bad at all. I have hope of the 09/09/09 magic happening for Jeter tonight.

  14. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Wow…Oh, What A Night, esp. 4U!! That is so GREAT about your movie deal, esp. right now…sometimes, good things do seem to happen in bunches, don’t they? Just rented “Duplicity” last weekend — cool movie — and if they make the Main Man a beisbol player, how cool is THAT?!? But no matter…agree with yankeefanwj that when it gets late in the game, I’m sorta “expecting” that Big Hit now, and feeling this strange Guilty Pleasure about it before it even happens…and today, The Beatles are back, too, Diane (Number 9…Number 9…Number 9)…so again, Congrats and Good Luck with EVERY thing — as we all know, you sure have worked hard enough to deserve it!!!

  15. cheshirecat9

    Congrats Jane!!! I hope it works out. I would love to see your name on the big screen.

    What a game last night! Exciting all the way to the end. I am looking forward to a sweep tonight! (I agree, the crow is gross).

  16. adirondackgal46

    Congrats Jane!! I am reading all your books, haven’t got to that one yet but will read it next now! I have enjoyed all of them alot!
    Lets hope Jeter gets at least one hit tonight, I agree with the other poster that said its better he goes through his slump now and gets over it by the playoffs. It seems to take our guys awhile to get to that milestone, makes it all the sweeter when they do.
    I was wondering what AJ was saying to Nick last night, thanks for the info on that from another poster.

  17. Jane Heller

    Paul, I knew you’d think of Moneyball! This one won’t have a huge Brad Pitt budget, and the subject is a lot more commercial. So I have reason to hope.

    I wish I had such decision making powers, levelboss, but I’m “just” the author. I can offer suggestions, but that’s about it.

    I did write a few Tweets about the movie deal, Emma. So you were right on top of the news. The Yankees’ victory was so exciting. Winning in walkoff fashion never gets old.

    I’m glad you didn’t wake everybody up, latinyankeerebel! Hope things are going well in Panama and you’re settling in. Swish is hitting homers for you, so not to worry about the Yanks.

    I like Benecio as an actor, len. He doesn’t play the same part over and over. I think it’ll be fun to see him do a sexy romantic comedy. Ah, Jeter. I, too, remember how long it took A-Rod to get to #500 as I was following the team on the road in ’07. There’s pressure, no question, and he’d be crazy not to feel it. But he’ll get there. We all know it.

    Thanks, Ellen. I wish I could get some Yanks into the movie, but I don’t have that kind of power. 🙂 Still, you never know what the screenwriter and producers will come up with.

    Yankeefanwj, I’m getting to the point where, like you, I just assume the Yankees will get it done with a walkoff when they need one. It’s crazy! But the good news is that they believe it too and are playing with such confidence.

    So glad you liked the book, Diane. If you remember, Dan, the hero, was older than the heroine. He helped her get started in business and mentored her in his own way. I think Benecio could be very funny as the aging athlete. But hey, I’ll just be happy if they make the movie! I love your #9 thing. I never rule out mystical influences!

    Wendy, it would be great for you if the Rangers played the Yankees. You’d get to see them both in the playoffs. I feel the same way about the Yanks playing the Dodgers in the WS (please let them get that far). I’d be able to drive down to LA and see a game, which would be heaven.

    An ex-Met with relationship issues, Scott. LOL! I agree that it’s tough watching Jeter struggle. I want to sit him down and say, “Look, it doesn’t matter. Just lighten up and enjoy yourself.” But hopefully he’ll work with Kevin Long and concentrate on his swing and nothing else. The record is wonderful, but I’d hate for him to lose his groove!

    You missed the end of a great game, John. But I’m sure you’ve gotten the flavor of it by reading all the recaps. It’s such fun to watch the hero of the night getting creamed!

    Did John go crazy with his signature win warble, Melissa? Wish I’d heard that. I was watching the Tampa feed on TV, since the game was on My9 in New York. And very funny stuff about the whipped cream/shaving cream incident. Swisher looked like a creature from a Reddi-Whip factory after that celebration. I’ll definitely get Steve, the P.I., to get busy on the case.

    Jen, it’s funny you mention Matthew McConaughey for the part of Dan. He was sent the book a few years ago after he made “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” with Kate Hudson, but he turned it down. His loss. The truth is, I’ve gotten tired of him in that same part. I think it’ll be more interesting to have a new face in a romantic comedy. We shall see if it even gets that far. I’m hopeful.

    Thanks, ladyjane. I think I’m overdue too! Chad was such a nice surprise last night, and I was happy for him when he got that nice ovation from the crowd. So you’re going with the #9 magic for DJ tonight like Diane? I have goose bumps just thinking about it. Isn’t there a full moon too? Or did that happen already?

    Dave, I’m with you on the expectations. When the games get into those late innings and the Yanks are tied or behind, I’m still on the edge of my seat, gnawing on my nails, but I’m also pretty confident that they’ll get the big hit. It’s been that kind of season.

    Hey, Sue. Thanks. I’ll be sure to keep everybody updated if there are any developments in the movie, but it’s a LONG process. They don’t call it “development hell” for nothing. Still, I’m hoping this one will make it through.

    Thanks, Jeff. He’s a good character actor and could lend a bit of needed grit/cragginess to the often too-sappy romantic hero role. I’m psyched. And Swish. How I lampooned him when he came over. “He was a .211 hitter in Chicago!” Guess the change of scenery has been a tonic for him. More crow for me.

    I guess it’s unanimous, cheshirecat: The crow is gross! But the game was anything but, and I was impressed with every part of it (except for Hughes turning out to be human – bummer). And if my name gets to the big screen, I’ll be sure to post THAT!

  18. PAUL

    No matter how the script is adapted, nothing could be more ridiculous than the playa/wheeler-dealer/corporate raider than the Moneyball script portrayed Beane.
    Are they letting the actual author write the script or is that too much to ask from the lunacy that is Hollywood?

  19. Jane Heller

    I’m glad you’re having fun with my novels, adirondackgal, and I hope that “An Ex to Grind” doesn’t disappoint. I would love to see Jeter get a hit tonight – just one – to snap his slump and allow him to relax a little. Maybe he should try to bunt for a base hit?

    I wasn’t hired to adapt the book, Paul. I’ve done it for one of my novels and it was great fun. But they’re want a big name screenwriter for this one. So far I like the direction they’re taking with the story.

  20. peggy3

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!!!

    Jane …that is so exciting and I’m going online to order the book right after I type this comment. I actually have your auto when you signed at Stan’s for me ….sooooooo….now when you are BIG TIME on the BIG SCREEN I’m that much ahead of the game. I love the idea of making him a baseball player …a YANKEE with Yankee cameo appearances (just hint to the producer how many more people would go see it with the Yankees playing roles…there are millions of Yankee fans..lol)
    Make sure you keep your loyal blog followers updated step by step and I hope we all get invited to the premiere.. :o). I may not comment everyday but I certainly do read it each day. BTW …that husband of yours really is a good sport …loved the pool clip.

    As for the Yankees …I’m STILL going to games waiting for the big hits by DJ. I’ll be there tonight, Friday and Sunday so he better NOT do it on Saturday !!! I just hope he can
    finally relax and get it done. He even dodged the reporters last night and that’s not like DJ…so ..it must be getting to him. How could you not love the way Swish enjoyed that pie in the eye. He looked so funny and had me cracking up. Just as I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face with the blog …I can always count on Swish too. What a terrific pick up for the Yankees especially with that zany personality. Can this team be any more fun ?? Ok….I guess winning the WS would be the most fun of all …but…win or lose I’ll always LOVE MY YANKS !!!

    GOOOOOOOOO Yankees 2009 !!!

  21. peggy3

    I had one other thought about Georgie ….I remember people saying how when he gets the pie in the face he wasn’t going to like it. Has anybody seen Georgie the past few months?? He’s laughing harder than anyone with the pies, he is in the group always trying to catch the helmet after the walk offs, he is having a blast along with all the guys. I have never seen Georgie smile as much in the past years as he has this year. As I said ..this team is just so much fun to watch. I love the post game interviews afterwards too. I love the passing of the wrestling belt and how the guys love getting it. This is a new Yankee team not just focused on the prize of the WS but having fun while going for it. I JUST LOVE THIS TEAM !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  22. crzblue2

    Well I better buy the book before I watch the movie. And jane you just love that picture of that lady laughing ha? I love it too! Can I buy that book at Barnes & Noble or Borders? There is no game tomorrow so I can go there.
    Congratulations again and happy 09/09/09!!! My new post is about Sandy Koufax’s pefect game 44 years ago today with transcript included!

  23. Jane Heller

    Peggy, you’re such a loyal reader and I really appreciate your congrats. If you do order the novel, I hope you get a kick out of it. I’ll certainly post movie updates if there are any. Please bring DJ luck when you go to the games! Just yell out to him to relax and enjoy the ride. Or tell him to start hitting those inside out Jeterian hits of his. I got worried when I read he skipped out on the media last night, but I’m sure the whole thing is getting on his nerves, since he hates to be “the story.” And yes, Jorge does look like he’s having more fun these days. He actually smiles and laughs! It’s great to see. Have a great time in the Bronx.

    Swisher was meant for the whole pie thing, Babu. He has that kind of personality. I’m glad he got the monkey off his back regarding not being able to hit homers at home. He sure proved his could do it last night.

    I do love the laughing lady, Emma. She’s kind of my shorthand for LOL. You can try the bookstore chains to see if they’ve got the paperback of “An Ex to Grind.” They should, but if not they can order it. Or you can go the amazon route. Happy #9 to you too. I’ll be sure to check out your post about Koufax.

  24. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Buz. So you passed up Swisher as Yesterday’s Hitter? I’ll have to check out which player you chose instead.

    Hey, Bern. No red carpet for me just yet. LOL. First they have to make the movie. That’s the big challenge!

  25. ibleedpinstripes

    Congrats again on the movie deal, Jane! My thoughts are with you in hopes that this one comes through! =)

    Last night’s ending was fantastic. I loves me some Swish! 😉 It’s about time he hit a couple at home! Such a great win – especially for Gaudin. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather given how he was pitching! Never would’ve guessed that. Let’s just hope Joba gets his ish together before tonight… I don’t things to be harder than they should be!

    – Lisa

  26. Kylie

    You know how much I loved An Ex to Grind. I am SO EXCITED for you… and for me because it’s gonna be awesome to watch this unfold! Good for you! And an ex-baseball player? WHOOOOOOOOO!!!
    ♥ Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  27. cdriscol@twcny.rr.com

    Congratulations! I’ve read that one, and it would make a good movie. I hope it all works out well, and I guarantee you will have the support of she fans everywhere!

  28. raysrenegade

    They can always make Del Toro a KICKER, they never hit the scale at over 180 pounds wet.
    Congrats on the movie deal. It has a great premise to it, and should be on film.
    Funny thing here, when I got divorced in 1985, the judge asked me if I wanted alimony since she was a corporate lawyer. I laughed at the time, but I can see the furry in a woman if I said “Yes”.
    Not sure what has happened to my boys, but the well is growing deeper and full of water as we speak.
    Tonight is the end of it all before we hit Boston for a weekend series.
    Congrats again on everything that has made you smile today and yesterday. Hopefully the same smile will be just as bright tomorrow.

    Rays Renegade


  29. Jane Heller

    Thanks again, Lisa. You and me both about Gaudin: total surprise. Do we think there’s a chance Joba has been taking notes as he was watching Andy, CC, AJ and Chad lately? Sure hope so.

    KYLIEEEEEEEEEE! I do remember that you loved the book, so think really, really hard about it becoming a movie and it will happen. All the pieces are in place. We just need you to move things along!

    Thanks so much, Kaybee. It’s fun having a day to celebrate good news.

    It’s really heartening to hear that you liked the book, cdriscol, and think it’ll make a good movie. I also love the part about having the support of she-fans. So cool!

    The whole alimony thing has become a hot button issue for women, Renegade. As they become the breadwinners or higher earners, it’s more common for them to have to pony up. What’s universal is that nobody likes writing the checks – no matter what gender! Your boys have hit a rough patch, but they’re full of talent. There’s no reason for them to hang their heads. The Yankees have been on a roll. Looking forward to tonight’s finale.

  30. TribeTed

    Jane thanks for commenting.

    Congrats on the movie.\\

    I don’t know this Benicio guy but the ladies are loving him.

    You oughta be siked to work with him!!

    Tell me and keep me updated on your schedule and your movie.\\

    I wanna go see it.

    I hope it sells well!!

    Good luck and keep moving forward in your career.

    C O N G R A T S ! ! ! !

    –Ted “TTW/T”


  31. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA, Jenn. That’s what I thought when I was posting his photo. He can play anything he wants!

    Thanks very much, Ted. Yes, I’m “siked.” LOL!

  32. heartruss

    I am excited about your movie prospect. I think Cameron Diaz is funny and brings a lot to any movie. She went to my high school Long Beach Polytechnic and was a Polyette. Other alumni are James McDonald of the Dodgers and Snoop Dog. You are a talented writer and you deserve to have a movie made from one of your novels. I think there should be a movie based on your She Fan book.
    Your Yankees are headed for the playoffs. How could they not be?

  33. Jane Heller

    I wish you were in charge of a Hollywood studio, Cat. I like the way you think! I’m hoping the news about my novel will generate more movie interest in the She-Fan book. Sometimes one deal triggers another. And yes, the Yankees are rolling, although we’re down by two to the Rays at the moment.

  34. nycbren64@mac.com

    GOTTA LOVE SWISHER ! ConGrats Jane On the Deal ! If you are ever on the Fox Lot in Century city, look me up. I am the On set Dresser on the Show House M.D.

  35. diamonddiva

    Wow, Jane…I came here to congratulate you on your #1 ranking on the August 2009 Latest Leaders list, but that pales in comparison to the movie deal. CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK with the movie! I will definitely go see it if it happens. Oh yeah, and ya gotta love Nick Swisher! 🙂

  36. Jane Heller

    Hey, Brendan! I’ll definitely look you up if I’m at Fox. “House” is a cool show and it must be fun to work on it. As for Swish, he’s turning into a terrific Yankee.

    Thanks so much, Mike. I’m enjoying it already!

    Shelley, I appreciate your kind words. If the movie does happen, I’ll be yelling it from the rooftops so you’ll know all about it. The Yanks have been amazing, haven’t they?

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