Yankees Take Labor Day Twin Bill

The Yanks won both games of the Labor Day doubleheader against the Rays, which was impressive considering how they had spazzed out on Sunday in Toronto. Back at home in the Bronx, they looked – dare I say it? – invincible, almost like comic book heroes.
The first game was a pitcher’s duel: CC versus Garza. The score was knotted at 1-1 until the eighth when the Yankees played small ball. (Yes, they can do other things besides go deep.) They took walks! They got singles! (A-Rod had three.) They hit sac flies! By the end of the inning they led 4-1. And that’s where it stayed, thanks to another brilliant performance by Huuuuuughes, who notched the “W,” and Mo, who got the save. Speaking of Mo, it was great to have him back. I hope his groin is feeling fine now. It certainly looked fine, although I’m not exactly a groin expert.
groin adductor.jpg
CC was superb yet again, pitching one-run ball over seven innings with 10 Ks – the Yankees’ true ace, despite the no-decision. Brett Gardner, fresh off the DL, made a great diving catch in the fifth, and Posada threw out Crawford trying to steal in the eighth. What a difference good defense makes. There was one sour note, however.
Carlos Pena broke two fingers as he tried to check his swing on a ball that came inside in the first inning.
He’ll be out for the remainder of the season. He’s a good guy and a good player, so I’m sorry for him and his fans.
Game Two of the twin bill featured a terrific bounce back outing by A.J. and it was a huge relief, given how he’s been knocked around lately.
After allowing a run in the first, he settled right down and threw six scoreless innings. By the time he departed, the offense had blown the game open. Tex went wild, hitting two bombs:
a three-run homer in the third, to make it 5-1 Yanks….
and a solo shot in the sixth for 8-1.
The offense piled on, and the final score was 11-1. Oh, there was another sour note.
Jeter, the man of the hour as he tries to break Lou Gehrig‘s record, didn’t get a hit all day/night. He went 0-for-8. He didn’t seem to mind though. When the Yankees win, he wins.
Did I spend every waking minute in front of the TV watching baseball this Labor Day holiday? Almost. I did take a break between games and went over to a friend’s pool, where there was entertainment of a different sort. My husband Michael, who was on his high school and college swimming teams back in a previous century, tried to climb into one of those floating pool chairs – and couldn’t. Poor guy. Little did he know I had the She-Fan Cam with me.


  1. mikeeff

    HEY– those things ain’t so easy to get onto as they look! :O

    great day of baseball–and with SO few worries for a change. that + the angels losing made the day perfect really.

    i keep forgetting to tell you-that video of melky creeped me out. literally.

  2. lenn23

    The two best things about these games is CC and A.J. pitching lights out. They’re going to need this big one-two to go up against Verlander and Jackson in the first round. Just hope Jeter doesn’t break this record on Saturday. I hate the Fox Saturday afternoon blackout!

  3. lenn23

    Love Melky in that video! Three things I learned is that he likes the baseball, the peanuts, and the women. Can’t argue with that.

  4. JQuist

    *It was a shame that Pena broke his fingers… I don’t wish that upon anybody in the majors. It seemed like an accident though, so hopefully him and CC clear up the misunderstanding in the future. (Pena went on to say that Sabathia “ripped out his heart” or something along those lines…) I kid you not. The double header was everything we hoped for on the mound, but unfortunantly – Jeter’s march toward history is still on hold. He’ll get ’em tomarrow!


  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Great games, for all the reasons you brought up, Jane. We’ve been very spoiled by C.C. of late so we expected a good outing from him but seeing A.J. perform in such a solid manner; that was huge. Posada getting Crawford attempting to steal second was a real turning point in the game. I thought he was safe but the instant replay was amazing.

    Jeter’s parents were pretty funny on instant replay when Jeter reached on a fielder’s choice.

    We got to see just about all of the first game but missed just the beginning of the second game – there was a barbeque at C.W. Post University welcoming the returning and new students. My husband works there and our daughter is starting her freshman year today so we really enjoyed this party…AND the Yanks taking both ends of the doubleheader. Boston lost one yesterday so we are a full 9 games ahead. GO YANKEES!!!!

  6. scofid

    I hated to see Carlos Pena’s season end like that. It definitely shows you how quickly things can change for you…the unfortunate side of baseball. But I am sure that Chris Richard was excited when he got the call to join the Rays in New York. I am sure that was a very hurried trip. It was exciting to see the Yanks’ sweep yesterday, and to see A.J. back on track. But the excitement is tempered by today’s scheduled starter (Chad Gaudin). Oh well, can’t win ’em all…


  7. jmf414@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    First of all, Michael is a good sport, after the Bad News Bears display on Sunday, yesterday was amazing, Burnett was back to form and the bats took over……even Sluggo aka Molina had a few hits…….I am hoping that Texas can take Boston for the wild card………Jane

  8. ooaooa

    We survived our day (and night) long “Journey” yesterday. Stayed through the 7th inning of game one. It was too bad about Pena. We heard him yell out in left field stands when he got hit. Car wouldn’t start when we left game. A nice garage attendent had cables and jumped battery for me. I had to insist he take a token of appreciation from us. We continue to be amazed and pleased at how friendly and helpful Stadium employees continue to be. Most are young people and being friendly and respectful at work will surely translate to building better personel lives as well. We made it from the Stadium to Mohegan Sun in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Amazingly good time (150 miles) on a holiday considering second game traffic was arriving as we left first game. Journey concert was fantastic. Arnel has more energy then any performer I have ever seen and his voice is so close to Steve Perry its unbeliveable. Dispite your husbands difficulty with the pool chair at least he always knew what time it was!
    Whats with the watch in the pool?

  9. PAUL

    It seems the world is spinning correctly on its axis when things return to normal and the Yankees are brutalizing the Rays.
    Was there anyone anywhere who said the Rays were going to have a major fallback this year? Hmmmmm. Let’s see. Oh yeah.
    It was MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Mike, when I realized we’d tied last year’s win total I was stunned. I knew this team was much better than last year’s, but still! Quite an accomplishment! As Joe would say, “There’s still a lot of work to be done.” Or maybe it’s Jeter who says that?

    Len, that would be awful if Jeter broke the record on Saturday blackout day. I’d go nuts. It would make me write an article about divorcing Fox, only I’d make them pay me alimony!

    It was such a shame that Pena broke his fingers, JQuist. I hope he doesn’t blame CC, but it has to be tough to be told your season is over. On to tonight’s game and possibly a good game for Jeter.

    First of all, good luck to your daughter on her first day of college, Diane. Very big milestone for her. The two games were really fun to watch – each in a different way. I was glad to see CC and Posada work well together, as there’s been discussion about that. And I was thrilled that A.J. found his form. I guess Jeter’s parents will just have to hang around NY until he breaks the record – however long that takes!

    Oh, Scott. You had to remind me that Gaudin is starting tonight. And I was on such a high. LOL. Maybe he was taking notes during CC and AJ’s performances and learned something. Or am I reaching?

    Jeter really does care more about the team winning than his individual accomplishments, Cat. That said, I bet he really wants to break this record. He downplays his own stats, but this one is big – the most hits in Yankees history. He seems to be pressing when he comes up to bat, just like A-Rod did when he was going for his 500th HR.

    I’ll tell Michael you said so, Jane. He is a good sport. When I showed him the video before posting it, he said, “Sure. Why not?” And you’re right to point out that Molina did have a good day at the plate. He even played a decent first base!

    Sounds like you had a great day/night, John. Glad the game experience and the concert were fun (minus hearing Pena scream out in pain – so sorry for him). Michael’s watch is waterproof and he never takes it off. He wasn’t checking the time. 🙂

    No, I haven’t seen that video, Jeff. I think I’m glad I haven’t! The Yanks have been on a roll, but I won’t celebrate until they’re mathematically declared the division winners. THEN I’ll dance around the house and act insane.

    You did call it, Paul. You also predicted the Yankees would win the World Series. Are you sticking with that?

  11. crzblue2

    //My husband Michael, who was on his high school and college swimming teams back in a previous century, tried to climb into one of those floating pool chairs – and couldn’t. Poor guy. Little did he know I had the She-Fan Cam with me.
    I get to the part where you said “Little did he know…” and I am thinking OMG! you did not! LOL. Not sure if you have seen the blog about 30 ballparks and a baby, I had written about it when I ran into them at Dodger Stadium. Well, they will be at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday. they are looking forward to the game and seeing Jetter in maybe a historic game. That will be their #27 of 30 ballparks.
    I remember attending double headers at Dodger Stadium. fun fun with double the pleasure.

  12. Jane Heller

    Yes, I did, Emma! LOL. But he didn’t mind. Honest. Very cool that the family with the baby will be in the Bronx tomorrow. They picked a good time to be there with Jeter going for the record. History could be made in front of their eyes!

  13. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Life is good…it’s good to be king…at least in our little corner of the beisbol world! What a fine day…except for that unfortunate thing with Pena…know I’d be P.O.’d if I was a Rays fan, but when it rains, well, it seems to pour…didn’t think they could SWEEP, but didn’t know about Pena ’til later…Gaudin is risky tonite, but hey, now’s the time to try Staff on the mound, and find the right mix for October, whatever it may be…tell Michael that we fellow follicle-challenged white whales can REALLY relate, esp. us who can barely swim a lap…and Diane, Congrats on getting your daughter “Posted,” so to speak…we’ve still got two at home who NEED to Go Somewhere…meanwhile, Good Luck Jeet, and let the hits fall where they may (early & often works for me)!!

  14. ibleedpinstripes

    Finally, AJ is working his way back to normal. CC was, as always, fantastic. Love that guy. All in all a great two games to spend the Labor Day holiday watching. I was in such a good mood yesterday despite having a bad cough – that’s when you know you’re in a really good mood. Hopefully tonight will allow me to continue being in that mood!

    – Lisa

  15. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Dave. This is the time to experiment with “staff” and see who works and who doesn’t. So we’ll trot out Gaudin and see if he can find a role for himself. I’ll tell Michael you can relate to his follicle-challenged world. LOL.

    Such a relief to see AJ pitch well, Lisa. And I can’t say enough about CC and his consistency. Sorry about your cough though. Summer colds are no fun at all, so I hope you feel better and can cheer on our boys without hacking!

  16. devilabrit

    Double delight against the poor Rays… and in the middle of it, you managed to capture a moment that all men at some point will endure, trying to do something they wish was as easy as it looks, when a camera is rolling…:-) So looks like the Yankees could be heading for 100 wins this season….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  17. southernbelle

    Jane: Darn these school computers. I can’t watch that video. I’ll do it when I get home.
    CC was good as he usually is, thank God. But A.J. was a friggin beast!!! During the 1st, I was like, “Oh, no. Here we go again…” but he pulled himself together and was great. This could be the perfect time for him to get hot!!! Speaking of hot, I was glad to see Cervelli at the end if the game. But I was annoyed that he didn’t start one….
    I’ll post something when I get home…

  18. Buz

    Chuckles on the video of your husband… : )

    On a sad note… : ( losing Pena is such a devastating blow to the Rays.. they may not recover from that one.

    A little bit of a bummer on DJ as well. Would have been quite “Iron”-ic had he been able to eclipse Lou on Labor Day.

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  19. Jane Heller

    It does look like the Yanks are on a pace for 100 wins, Peter – a very different story than last season. And yes, getting into that pool chair wasn’t easy. Michael described it as “a greased pig.”

    I’m not worried about Jeter, taleoftwoleagues. Whenever guys go for these records, they say it’s not a big deal but you can see them pressing. He’ll get his hits. And the Yanks will roll in the meantime.

    Virginia, I thought of you when Cervelli came in briefly. I bet you’ll see much more of him down the stretch as Molina will get rested. Not to worry! Hope school is going well too.

    It was definitely a bummer for the Rays to lose Pena, Buz. I can only imagine how I’d feel if something like that happened to one of the key Yankees. It was hard enough having Gardner out with a broken thumb. And yes, it would have been “Iron”-ic about Jeter. Good one!

  20. ladyjane303

    I was at the afternoon game yesterday (what fun – Gardner’s catch was amazing, tho we held our collective breaths until we saw his thumb was not re-injured), and once I realized that I wasn’t going to see Jeter make history I called my prediction: he breaks the record on Wednesday, which is 09/09/09 and will have some kind of mystical mojo……

  21. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Jeter has always seemed to me to get hits when hits are really needed by the team. He seems to do his best hitting in those situations. Beating Lou G’s record is not one of those times. His stats will never show how valuable he is.
    When they showed him on the sidelines after he’d been taken out of the game, all I could think of was what a nice person he seems like.

  22. Jane Heller

    I love that prediction, ladyjane! Very mystical. And it makes sense, if you figure he’ll get a hit or two in tonight’s game, then break the record on Wednesday. I’m guessing you’ll be there?

  23. Jane Heller

    I’ve heard nothing but great stories about what a good guy Jeter is, Melissa. When I interviewed the beat writers for my book, they all told me about the kindnesses he regularly shows people. I hope trying to break the record is fun for him, not a burden.

  24. TribeTed

    Rays = terminated.

    Red Sox = playoff run

    Yankees = ???? 110 wins?

    Dang are they good!!

    Whooping on the Rays just to make a statement (and a strong one)

    Was a big thing to do.

    You got some winner’s on that team.

    Starting with Melky.

    he doesn’t get recognized but is a true player.

    i would take him over here anyday.

    By the way how big is CC’s head?

    Could we get a measuring tape out?

    Sorry… just sayin. 🙂 hehe.

    –Ted “TTW/T” —


  25. Jane Heller

    Melky is streaky, Ted, but he’s come up big for the Yankees this season hitting in the clutch. And he’s been a workhorse in CF with Brett Gardner on the DL. I think I’ll keep him. 🙂

  26. raysrenegade

    Thank goodness we did not have to wear those RED caps.
    But, got to admit, after the Pena injury the wind went right out of our sails.
    But the Yankees kept plugging away while the Rays sulked a bit. Longo did his damage, but his bat was not equal to Mark Teixeira’s in both games yesterday.
    First game was a classic game by the starters before the Bullpens also put their fingerprints on the game.
    The second game the Yankees had the emotional high, while the Rays were still thinking of life without ‘Los (Pena) for the rest of the year.
    Doubt and uncertainty did the Rays in even before the first pitch of the second game.
    But not discounting the Yankees drive to the AL East title, they did what they had to do last night.
    Hats off to the pinstripes last night for not losing focus and taking two

    Rays Renegade


  27. Jane Heller

    I felt so awful about Pena, Renegade. It must have been a killer to lose him. As for the games themselves, the first one was a nail biter for awhile. Garza’s tough. But Phil Hughes has been amazing in relief and Mo is Mo. Right now I’m watching and wondering how this one will go tonight. Price knows what he’s doing out there.

  28. Jane Heller

    Thanks, 23gonzo. Jeter had another hitless night tonight. So unlike him, but he must really be pressing to get this record over with!

    Glad the video gave you a chuckle, Cat. For him to have payback, he’d have to find my She-Fan Cam and I’m keeping it tucked away in a safe hiding place!

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