Andy, I’m So Glad You’re A Yankee (Plus Weird Melky  Video)

What would the Yankees have done if they hadn’t signed Pettitte during the off-season? If memory serves, the negotiations went right down to the wire, with spring training just around the corner, before he and the Yanks finally said, “Done deal.” I admit it: I wavered.
One day, I’d say, “Why is he asking for more money?”
The next day, I’d say, “Why won’t the Yankees just pay him what he’s asking for?”
He was The Forgotten Man, given all the attention going to CC, A.J. and Joba, and he must have felt pretty crappy about it – especially because he’d told anybody who’d listen how much he wanted to pitch in the new stadium.
Funny how things work out. Now The Forgotten Man could be pitching Game Two in the ALDS. 
The Yankees’ 6-4 victory over the Blue Jays today was also Andy’s fourth straight win. While he wasn’t nearly as sharp as in his almost-perfecto against the O’s, he kept the Yanks in the game. His five walks were a surprise and his defense made some “interesting” plays behind him, but he battled. I hope Joba and the other young pitchers were taking notes. They could have learned a lot about grinding it out when you don’t have your best stuff.
Meanwhile, the red hot bats picked up where they left off, pre-Halladay. When the score was tied 2-2 in the fifth? No biggie. Tex to the rescue. When the Yankees needed insurance runs at 3-2 in the sixth? Problem solved. A-Rod, who has added the single-up-the-middle to his arsenal, came through with an RBI hit, as did Posada. Cano went deep. Melky had a nice day at the plate too.
Oh, speaking of Melky…
He does provide comic relief. A few weeks ago he fouled a ball off a sensitive area of his anatomy, and the guys in the dugout broke out laughing at his reaction. Today he was hit on the leg by a pitch in the fourth and screamed “Aaaaaah!” before the ball even touched him.
But nothing is funnier/weirder/more bizarro than this video of him in a hotel room eating peanuts. Let’s just say the She-Fan Cam would have been a better gig for him.


  1. 2yankeeboy

    I’ve seen that video before! I thought it was weird the first time I saw it too, but that’s just melky for ya he’s a silly guy. And after seeing Pettitte lately I’m also so happy that he stayed in pintstripes hopefully he can keep it up into October!

  2. ibleedpinstripes

    I don’t even know what to make of that video… laugh? cry? scratch my head incessantly? What he’s doing in a hotel room with a pornstar from Celebrity Rehab/Sober House is beyond me… okay maybe not that far beyond me but, you get the idea. That’s pretty weird, I can’t lie.

    ANYwho, Andy got through today without too much damage. Luckily Tex and Robbie and Melky were there to back him up with some big hits. Hopefully the offense continues with Serg on the mound tomorrow. (Just in case!)

    – Lisa

  3. Jane Heller

    I had never seen the video, 2yankeeboy, and now I’m wondering what in the world Melky was thinking! Yes, let’s hope Andy stays healthy down the stretch. He’s been such a rock for the Yanks.

    That’s the question, Lisa. Why would Melky let her turn the camera on? Oh well. He’ll learn. Loved the offense today. They came up with hits just when we needed them. Wouldn’t it be great if Mitre gave us an outing like his last one?

  4. levelboss

    Jane, you should take all the funny Yankee highlights of this year (Melky’s close encounter with Kurt Suzuki, the foul ball off of his ‘sensitive area’, the pies in the face, ARod’s encounter with that female police officer on the field) and put the Benny Hill soundtrack to it

  5. lenn23

    Having seen a few other productions with Mary Carey and with Melky having his shirt off I was kind of concerned with where this video might be headed. Guess I’m happy it didn’t go there! Okay, now 8 and a half games ahead of the Sox! I’m starting to think we have this division in the bag at this point. I hope Sergio pitches another good game later today. Maybe he could work his way into contention for that fourth spot in the playoffs. Hey, we once had Shawn Chacon win a game from that position before so anything is possible.


    Wow, I thought Melky was finally coming out of the closet with Cano. Just kidding. Thrilled that Andy got a win out of that game – they said the team has the best win-loss ratio when he starts a game this season than any of their other starters. He hasn’t always gotten the W unfortunately but he seems to care more about the team win. I wasn’t thrilled with our defensive play overall in this game although most of the misplays were not actual errors.

    I haven’t been a big fan of “video review” in baseball because it has has a detrimental effect on football – this call went our way this time but overall we didn’t need it thanks to Phil Hughes. Pitching, whether starting or in relief, is obviously at least 75% mental and he has the right attitude. We’re now in good shape to take yet another series on the road, or at least leave with a tie. And Girardi was obviously thrilled with this win – he has no problem with the occasional loss but does not want to lose two or more in a row. Boston lost yesterday so now we’re at 8 1/2 games over. Yeah!!!

  7. southernbelle

    Jane: I’m glad that video didn’t go where I thought it was going. That would have upset me. I love Melky. I wonder what they DIDN’T film….yeah….Melky is mine! Lay off of him, you stupid WH—.
    Melky is hilarious. This team needs him. Haha. You remembered when the ball hit him…down there…I was screaming when that happened…poor baby….Why is it funny when Melky gets hurt?
    Mitre pitches today….mmmm…. and if Cervelli is catching….my eyes will have a feast today! -Virginia

  8. Jane Heller

    You’re right, levelboss. In fact, I’m trying to sell a book of highlights, but publishers want to see if the Yankees go all the way before buying it. So frustrating!

    I wouldn’t have posted a video if it was headed in that direction, Len. And I was glad it didn’t! I do remember that Chacon filled that role you mentioned and it would be fantastic if Mitre could too. He’s about to throw his first pitch in today’s game right now. Fingers crossed.

    I know what happens next, Erin. Melky eats more peanuts. LOL!

    Those defensive lapses were a little disturbing, Diane, but the pitching and offense overcame them. Hughes is just so impressive in relief. Uh-oh. Hang on a sec. Hairston just made an error in today’s game. Jays up 1-0.

    Absolutely, Babu. Pettitte will end up better off with that incentives-laden contract he signed. Good for him – and for the Yanks.

    Sorry to say Cervelli isn’t catching today, Virginia. I thought he might, but Molina is in. Maybe he’ll pinch hit later in the game? The bad news is it’s 2-0 Jays as I’m typing this. Things aren’t going well so far. Grrrr.

  9. kozmo

    Melky needs to stay out of weird, random videos considering his drinking exploits last year with Cano in Washington Heights in early mornings. He also needs to avoid the “Fans Gone Wild” style videos. He is a major-league ball player with the greatest franchise in sports and, now for the second time, comes across as some Nuke LaLooshian character. Stick to baseball, Melky. Oh, and lose the love handles.

    Jason from The Heartland

  10. Jane Heller

    Thanks for stopping by, 23gonzo. I’ll be sure to check out your blog too!

    “Lose the love handles!” LOL, Jason. I think his off the field antics will calm down as he matures. Or maybe not, who knows. But once Brett Gardner comes back, the competition for CF will start up again and he’ll have to get serious or else!

  11. heartruss

    Boy Jane, that was a strange video of Melky. It was just weird. Why did he have his shirt off in a hotel room with a porn star? Even if nothing happened , remember those pictures of that boxer wearing fish net hose? I’m not naming the boxer cuz why add to the rumoor.

  12. Jane Heller

    I don’t remember the boxer, Cat, but your description was good enough! Poor Melky. He was just in a collision with Damon in today’s game but seems to be OK.

  13. Jane Heller

    Melky is so not ripped, Jeff. And he needs to lay off those peanuts, among other things.

    The video definitely falls into the “odd” category, diamondgirl. No other way to describe it.

  14. Jane Heller

    Yes, he has a son, Jessica! I think the boy’s name is Melky too. LOL. I have no clue about that woman in the room except that she sounded drunk!

  15. mrsswisher10

    that’s um…interesting…to say the least. o.O i’ve never heard Melky speak english before so that was cute lol & i didn’t know he had a son! wow…

    couldn’t he have been in a hotel room with a better looking chick? jeeze. -.-


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