Top Ten Reasons Why CC Won # 16

The Yankees didn’t just beat the Orioles 10-2 tonight. They swept the O’s, just like they swept the White Sox in the previous series. They also got another tremendous start from CC, who notched his 16th win of the season – the best in the AL. Congrats, dude.
So how did he do it? Why was he able to limit the O’s to one run over seven innings? What made him so dominant? Here are my Top Ten reasons.
#1. He made adjustments during the game instead of imploding.
After a shaky first couple of innings, he cut out the hearts of the O’s before they could even dream of a victory.
#2. His team scored a whole lot of runs.
Hinske got things rolling with a homer, Damon was 4-for-5, Swish was 2-for-4, Cano and Melky had two hits each, and A-Rod had four RBIs, including career hit #2,500.
#3. The defense was sparkling.

Cano made the play of the game on that DP by Roberts in the seventh.
#4. Hughes came on in relief and got the save.

Striking out the side in the ninth? Nasty.
#5. CC followed A.J. Burnett in the rotation.
A.J.’s bad outing the night before allowed CC to be the stopper.
(Brief intermission)
And now the Really Important Reasons.

#6. The Orioles are a terrible team.
I think I could have pitched tonight and beaten them.
#7. CC is a large man.
It says in his bio that he weighs 290 pounds. Right. His appetite just plain scares the opposition.
#8. He wears his cap at an odd angle.
It must be a superstitious thing. I bet he has one of these too.
#9. He’s a lefty.
He keeps people guessing with his hard-to-read scrawly writing.
#10. My tarot card reader said he would be the ace of the staff.
…and that he would lead the Yankees to a World Series trophy. I believed every word.



    Wow! This is the first time I’ve signed on and no one else has commented first.

    I was a bit scared after the first inning but when C.C. got out of the bases loaded second I knew we were going to be okay if we could score some runs. Well, we did that for sure. No hits for Jeter — when does THAT ever happen? But A-Rod came through in the clutch again and that is a VERY good thing.

    Maybe its because I’m getting older but I can’t remember the last time the Yankees lost (lol). And Tampa Bay beat Boston last night so we’re up 7 1/2 games — we should widen that margin a bit more before The Sux come into town again. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. scofid

    I think we should just go with your tarot card reader and leave it at that! 🙂 It was a very satisfying win, particularly in combination with losses by the Angels and Red Sox. I am not crazy about Chad Gaudin pitching today, but hopefully he’ll pitch well enough to put the Yanks in position to win. Hughes is incredible…is this the same guy who used to struggle as a starter? I don’t know what the future holds, but right now, I am glad he’s in the pen!


  3. peggy3

    Hey Jane…

    I hope the Yankees packed up the broom and took it with them to Toronto. It’s going to be interesting with Gaudin, Joba and Mitre pitching the three games. If they pull out these wins there will be no stopping them.

    I was suppose to go to Toronto this weekend but the plans
    were changed but I’ll be at the DH on Monday. I think AJ is starting one of the games and most likely Andy the other …hoping for two wins that day too. I guess I just want the Yankees to win them ALL !!! I’m greedy but why shouldn’t I be ??? lol I guess you can say that the team is really starting to spoil me with their great winning ways….in all different ways which makes it so much fun.

    If things work out the way your tarot card lady predicted I just might become a believer …. :o)….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  4. cheshirecat9

    I love the way this team is playing! I was at a concert last night so I didn’t get to watch the game, but I checked the score at one point. I think it was 1 – 1 in the 5th and I had no coubt the Yanks were goign to win. I checked back later and saw we won 10 – 2. I love having this kind of confidence.
    I suggest everyone go to and see the picture of Gaudin they have up there. It is not a flattering shot.


    Funny how you could just sit there last night waiting for the hits to start. You just knew the bats would come alive at some point.
    It was nice to see Hairston make that running catch in right. And Cano’s double play was a beauty. It’s hard to remember when his fielding was getting blasted and people were saying he should be moved to the outfield.
    And it was good to see ARod just getting nice, solid singles for RBIs, instead of trying to get an extra base hit.
    And Diane, Jeter did a get a hit last night!

  6. redstatebluestate

    As a lefty, I gotta say, we do keep everyone guessin. Gotta be it… that or the fact that he followed AJ. Haha. I caught bits of this game. The key moment was that strikeout with the bases loaded. See, it’s the Orioles, they’re supposed to get clobbered by the Yanks. Scary team… how ’bout a STL/NYY WS, Jane? Ah, I can envision the vitriolic back-and-forth-blogging now….

  7. Jane Heller

    Diane, I felt the same way about CC early on. When he gave up the run and couldn’t seem to keep the ball down, I figured it would just be one of those nights. But the difference between him and A.J. right now is that he makes adjustments, settles down, doesn’t let the wheels come off. I really admire that. As for Jeter, the box score shows he did get a hit.

    I’m crazy about this new, more aggressive Hughes, Scott. I really do wonder if Joba watches him and goes, “I wish I could be back in the pen doing that.” Sigh. Gaudin scares me too. I hope the bullpen is ready for action! Not good news about Mo and his strained groin. Those injuries can be minor or they can be nagging and tough to shake. I’m glad they’re resting him.

    Peggy, you’re so lucky to be going to that doubleheader! I hope you get to see the good A.J.. Maybe you could have a little chat with him while you’re there and tell him we’re counting on him to pitch well? No pressure or anything.:) The series against Toronto could be tough, given our rotation and the fact that Joe will be resting people. But I’d love to see us continue the winning ways – forever!

    I just went to, cheshirecat, and the pic of Gaudin is pretty funny. The photographer was not kind to him. LOL. It’s like he’s grunting in mid-pitch or something. Anyhow, the beginning of last night’s game was a little tense but then the Yanks broke it open and we could all relax – my kind of game.

    That running catch by Hairston was a key play, Melissa. I kept wondering if Hinske would have gotten to it. And I love how A-Rod is taking the ball up the middle for RBI singles instead of trying to do too much. The strategy is really paying off. Cano is having a great season, especially now that he’s finally hitting with RISP!

    I’d love to see CC win another Cy Young award, Erin. If he keeps pitching the way he did last night and piles on more wins, he’ll be tough to beat. Greinke is having a great season though.

    You lefties do keep people guessing, Jeff. And you’re right: that bases-loaded strikeout was huge – a game changer. I can envision a Yankees-Cards WS but it terrifies me to even think about having to face Albert. Shudder.

  8. ibleedpinstripes

    All very good reasons, Jane. You can’t knock CC – he’s our ace, he’s always been our ace. We’ll see if Gaudin and Joba can get their jobs done in Toronto. That would be pretty awesome, I can’t lie. I think the way the Jays have been playing will be to our advantage. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

    – Lisa

  9. Jane Heller

    CC has definitely been our ace, Lisa. I wish we could clone him, especially for the series in Toronto. But if the Yanks have their bats working and play clean defense, we should be OK.

  10. Buz

    You know Jane, the O’s really are not a bad team. They have solid hitters up and down the lineup. It’s just that there is something missing from the teams that have talent and those that have a winning record. Pitching is certainly one of them. As stated, CC was “creme de le creme”, but teams like the O’s just don’t have the boys on the bump. AND, they are missing something in the managing of the game and the swagger of the club. The Yanks don’t have any of those problems ; )

    Buz –

  11. Jane Heller

    They do have solid hitters, Buz. I’d take Markakis on my team any day of the week, for offense and defense. But this is an organization that’s been in last place in the division for years now. Their fans deserve better – especially considering their proud history.

  12. Jane Heller

    It would be great to see CC get 20 wins, Babu. Mostly, I just hope he performs well in the playoffs. As you point out, he hasn’t been so hot, although I remember him beating the Yanks in the ’07 ALDS.

  13. kozmo

    Cano’s DP in the 7th was just outstanding, Jane. I was so impressed that he took it himself, instead of shuffling it to Jeter. His release is just so fast that he made what was really a tough DP–on a slow roller–with a fast runner in Roberts look routine, and it wasn’t.

    I can’t say enough about Carsten Charles. The guy is flat-out money, a genuine ace. In ten starts after the break, he has gone at least seven innings in eight of them, and 6 2/3 in a ninth. 72 K in 71 IP, and he still works efficiently–105 pitches in 7 IP last night. Plus, his personality is tremendous. He and Teixeira are excellent, mature players. The Yanks made great pick-ups this off-season, solidifying the staff, lineup, defense, and locker room demeanor.

    Jason from The Heartland

  14. Jane Heller

    I agree with every word, Jason. With CC, it’s been such a pleasure to have him anchor the staff and yet be “one of the guys.” I really enjoy watching him settle himself down after a shaky inning or two and make the necessary adjustments. He never unravels and you just don’t see every pitcher handle situations with that sort of maturity. And Tex.. Well, don’t get me started. He’s made everybody better.

  15. heartruss

    Jane, you just keep me laughing…first I thought thiis entry was going to be very serious but then it turned on me. I wish CC could show Billingsley how to make adjustments instead of imploding. Funny, I wrote about implosions before I read your blog. We must be on the same wave length. Scary.

  16. 2yankeeboy

    CC was a beast last night plain and simple. The Yankees offense was also great by its not as great as it would have been if they played a team like i don’t know. . . the Red Sox!!! But speaking of the Red Sox they also lost last night and that is ALWAYS GOOD!

  17. crzblue2

    I missed reading your blog last night but I was so tired when I got home and I had to pack as I am kitty sitting about five minutes away from the stadium. Your posts are very entertainments. would you believe that there was a fire just outside the main entrance of Dodger Stadium in those bushes as you exit the main entrance. They were directing traffic away from the Sunset exit.
    Wow! CC wtih win #16! Congratulations CC! I don’t know why I was remembering guys like Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson that did not survive the Yankees.

  18. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Cat. I fooled you with my top ten list. I couldn’t come up with ten serious reasons, so I had to use a little comedy to fill out the list. Of course we’re on the same wave length. No surprise there!

    The Yanks will have another test starting tonight, 2yankeeboy. Without CC in this series, it’ll be interesting to see if the other pitchers can pick it up and take care of business.

    What? That burger doesn’t make you want to take a bite, Kaybee?

    That fire at Dodger Stadium must have created chaos, Emma. I had trouble finding the Sunset gate even without a fire! Ugh. Kevin Brown. Now there’s a guy who did not fare well in NY. Punching your fist into a wall doesn’t endear you to the fans or your teammates.

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