Andy Talks About His Near Perfecto

It was a great night to be watching the Yankees take on the Orioles at Camden Yards. Andy Pettitte was sensational.
For all I know, he would have pitched a perfect game if not for a Bill Buckner-esque move by Jerry Hairston, Jr., who looked so sheepish afterwards, poor guy.
Meanwhile, the offense was rolling yet again, Mo collected another save, and life continued to be good for the Yanks, who are six-and-a-half up in the division with a month to go.
I caught up with Pettitte outside his hotel in downtown Baltimore after the game and asked how it felt to pitch so well. Here’s what he had to say.


  1. JQuist

    *Trust me Jane, I’m still in disbelief. Maybe I jumped the gun, but I was on the edge of my couch hoping to witness history lol. That’s what makes the perfecto’s so unique… The tiniest mishap can ruin a hard day’s work. Atleast Pettitte had a fantastic day for us – might as well look on the brightside. Swisher did great as well – but the problem I have with Swish is his consistancy. Swisher has this weird problem, where he plays excellent on the days that nobody else does – and does awful on the days that everybody else destroys. I can’t complain about putting up the only runs in the beginning, but we need that out of Swish a few times a week!


    Wow! We should all feel so special, having Andy mention us all by name. I’m a little teary-eyed, I can’t lie. It was a great game all around; I thought it was adorable that the team and Girardi comforted Hairston in the dugout after the unfortunate error. Do we think A-Rod was thinking “just glad it wasn’t me”? It’s human nature – I’m sure Andy was disappointed and frustrated — what are the odds he’ll ever come that close to a perfect game again?

    We gained a half game on the idle Red Sox – always a good thing. I don’t want to be selfish but I’d like to sweep this road trip — Go Yankees!!!!!

  3. ooaooa

    Nice to hear from Andy. Maybe you can recruit him as a regular contributor. He appeared a bit “stiff” after his great effort last night. Resting up for big day on Labor Day. Going to the day game at the Stadium and then directly to Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville CT. for Journey concert at 7:30pm. Hope the traffic gods are favorable.

  4. TribeTed

    Jane —

    wonderful video:

    I loved how the car crash happened and he was like – “looks like its a night of crashes.”

    Hey: at least we all experienced one perfect game this year-

    two would just be out of this world.

    Cliff Lee took a no-no into the eighth for the Indians

    and the first batter he faced lined a double off the wall.

    So crap happens:

    and that is why a perfect game is such a hard feat — ya have to be perfect!

    Everyone does in fact: which requires outstanding defense that the NYY just didn’t have last night.

    hey at least they won!


  5. southernbelle

    Jane: I really almost cried for Jerry. I can’t even imagine how he felt. Do you think Arod would’ve made that play? Maybe. But would Arod have made the Wieter’s grounder play before? Maybe not. I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen.
    It’s funny how Andy likes all the fans of you. lol. He mentioned me, that’s cool. I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I also sent Joba, Melky, Brett, and a bunch of Hudson Valley Renegades requests. Some of the Gades said yes! I chatted with one. He was cute.
    I can’t wait to see Cervelli again!!!!

  6. junojen

    I tried creating one of those videos myself, and I have newfound respect for you, Jane. Wow – camera angles and gestures to boot. I love that you picked the character with a nice 5 o’clock shadow for Andy. Very appropo. I’m a little frightened by his hand salute and southern drawl at the end though.

    Notice I’m not talking baseball???


  7. Jane Heller

    JQuist, I was on the edge of my seat too, even though there were still many outs to go. Andy just looked too good not to hope. I’m not worried about Swisher’s inconsistency. When you think that he was traded for Wilson Betemit and was only supposed to be a bench player, because Nady would have been in left, he’s been more than I expected.

    Diane, I LOVED when Girardi gave Hairston that little squeeze on the chin to say, “Chin up.” It was so sweet. And when they showed a shot of A-Rod talking to Hinske in the dugout right after Hairston made the error, I was thinking A-Rod was probably saying, “I could have made that play.” LOL!

    Andy did seem a bit “stiff,” John. But he had that cute southern drawl I can’t resist. I hope Journey sings “Who’s Crying Now” when you go to the concert. Love that song.

    I hear you, Paul, but I assume Andy will be #3. Honestly, if I were the manager I don’t know what I’d do. But maybe September will bring the answer.

    I don’t know if Pettitte was destined for a perfecto, TribeTed. He’s never come close in his long career, which is why this was so exciting. The defense was great except for Hairston’s bad hop error, and he was only playing so A-Rod could have the night off. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    Virginia, you will be seeing Cervelli! I told you! I think he’ll get some real playing time too, so Jorge’s thumb can continue to heal. And yes, I do think A-Rod would have made that play but Hairston’s been a great pickup for us, so I certainly don’t fault him.

    I really like Hairston, Jeff. He can play virtually every position and it’s great to be able to give the players a night off here and there. But is he a Gold Glove? No.

    It WAS realism, Greg! Cinema Verite. LOL. That sound you heard was a man breaking into a car on that main drag in the Innerharbor area where the Yankees stay!

    Thanks, David. I’m looking forward to the Yankees getting to October. Once the playoffs start, I’ll be a nervous wreck.

    Aren’t those videos fun to make, Jen? They don’t give you a lot of choices for the characters, so you’re kind of stuck. But it’s fun to put words in their mouths, even if they do sound like computers!

  8. ladyjane303

    Great video, Jane, and I was honored to be given a shout-out from Andy. Last night may not have been perfecto, but it was a lesson in class all the way from the Manager to every player and coach in the clubhouse. Hairston was so apologetic in the post-game – he’s been a great pick-up for the team, and I felt bad for him. People are overlooking that great play he made to save an infield hit the inning before. Looking forward to the rosters expanding – I need me some Cervelli and Pena! Gardner rehabbing this week, so maybe I’ll get to see him in person on Labor Day.

  9. Jane Heller

    I felt so sorry for Hairston, ladyjane. He seems like such a team player and you could tell he was down. But I loved how Andy and the others picked him up. And here come the rookies! I’ll be glad to see them too. I hope Gardner’s rehab goes well and you can see him in person!

  10. peggy3

    Awwww Jane….I could be having a terrible day but when I read your blog it never fails to make me laugh out loud and bring a big smile to my face.

    I just want to thank “Andy” for the shout out (and you too of course). I love your “special” talks with the players and they usually do good when you give them the pep talks so keep up the great work.

    As much as my heart sank for Andy losing the perfecto….I really felt bad for Junior (as Girardi likes to call him). He just looked so crestfallen that I wished I could have given him a great big hug myself. The team was terrific in their support of him when he came to the dugout and none more gracious than Andy. As they say …things happen but as Andy said …most importantly we got the win. I just LOVE this team !!!! It’s a new freshness that the Yankees haven’t had for a long time and I hope it only increases as time goes by. It’s so much fun and exciting to be a Yankee fan this year. I hope they Yankees brought the broom with them to sweep the Birds and the Jays too.

    I want to thank the good Lord for making people like Jane
    a Yankee fan … :o),

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Andy talks about you all the time, Peggy. Didn’t you know that? 🙂 This team makes watching the games so much fun. You never know how they’re going to pull off a win, but somehow they usually do. I try never to think about the broom in advance (too superstitious), so I’ll just say I really, really hope AJ has his stuff together tonight.


    More great stuff, Miz J (& Andy too)…!
    I’m stuck at home again today with rotten computers…my Better Half just underwent a colonoscopy this morning (some kinda fun!), so it’s been a long day for “my” Andy, but like “our” Andy, everything worked out well at the end, so to speak…since I’m using this stone-age PC, I can barely hear the audio on Mr. P.’s video, but what I heard sounded jus’ fine…hope that YOU are still fine with all those fires raging all over LA and SoCal…maybe it’s not in Santa B, but too close 4 comfort…I’ll try not to think about what Mr. Paul L said…think happy stuff, like Diane & Peggy…let’s hope that AJ doesn’t pitch like HE needs a colonoscopy (again?)…and since you sorta like Journey, well, “Don’t Stop Believin’…!”

  13. Jane Heller

    I hope your wife is OK, Dave. Sending good thoughts her way. The fires are awful – they say it’ll take a long time to get the big one under control – but so far Santa Barbara is all clear. It’s very hot and dry, but maybe the hurricane coming up from Mexico will dump some rain us (please!). And yes, let’s hope AJ was watching Andy last night and that some of the sparkle will rub off.


    I thought that this would be the perfect game for Andy! Why does A-rod need a day off with all the money he gets?!?! I finally went to a game at the new stadium on Sunday! The stadium is divine!! Especially since they won!! I wish they would keep the old stadium though – it should be a landmark. Jane, I was thinking of you because I heard about the fires in CA. I’m glad that it hasn’t effected you – I will pray for rain.


    If Hairston was an everyday player, I might possibly have been upset. But how many different positions has he been in lately? And how many times has he actually player third? The hot corner is tough.
    He, and the entire team, handled it with class. I’m liking these Yankees a lot!
    And I always feel for Bill Buckner (even if he was on the Red Sox) whose name always comes up when a play like this happens.

  16. Jane Heller

    Jihnyyanks, glad you had a good time at the new digs. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Thanks for thinking me of with the fires. I feel very lucky at the moment, since I know what it must be like for all those evacuating right now. Scary stuff out here. Pray for rain!

    Good point, Melissa. Hairston has been a jack of all trades since coming over, so it must be hard for him to get comfortable at any one position. I think he was more upset than anybody else, certainly more than Andy himself. It’s funny about Buckner. Right after I used the reference to him, I felt guilty about it. The man has suffered enough! My bad!

  17. ibleedpinstripes

    OMG! Did I really just shout out from Andy Pettitte?! *faints* … [time ticks by] Okay, I’m better now. Hahaha. (Love his 5 o’clock shadow, btw) Thanks for that, Jane! =D Andy was awesome last night – it was so close! I really feel for Hairston though… he was so bummed that it made me bummed too. He was (and probably still is) in desperate need of a hug. Poor guy. It’s alright though. The win was all we needed. Sure it would’ve been nice, but you can’t predict baseball.

    – Lisa

  18. Jane Heller

    I bet Hairston has had more hugs by now than he ever had playing baseball, Lisa! He’s a pro and I’m sure he’s turned the page by now. We need him for his versatility. I see Hinske’s getting a start in right tonight. That could be an adventure.

    The fires must be close to Dodger Stadium, Cat, and I’m sure the soot and ash are awful. I just read that today’s humidity and lack of wind helped the firefighters, so maybe they’ll get things under control sooner than we thought.

    It does feel like a great roll, Ellen, and it makes us forget how crummy it is to lose. I’ve been waking up happier too! I say let’s keep it going tonight, Yankees!

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