All Hail Sergio Mitre!
I know I’ve been hard on Sergio. Let’s face it: he’s been mediocre since getting called up to the Bronx. But today I come not to bury him…
…but to praise him.
He one-hit the White Sox over six-plus and would have finished the seventh if not for that nasty comebacker to his right forearm. Yep, a contusion.
His sinker was sinking and his stuff was dancing, and he was throwing strikes. After he was lifted, Chad Gaudin took over and pitched more scoreless baseball, which resulted in the Yankees’ 10-0 blanking of the White Sox. Ozzie was not amused, and I don’t blame him.
Yes, our guys were on fire today, but his White Sox looked like a team on the skids.
No pitching, no offense and no defense (three errors). No wonder he told the media after the game that he was embarrassed. Maybe a massage from Jose Canseco would make it all better?
Or maybe he should tell his team to “lose like a Mexican.”
Speaking of being on fire, could Derek Jeter get any hotter? He had three hits, stole a base, laid down a perfect sac bunt and made enough sparkling plays at short for a highlights reel. Could he win the MVP for the first time in his already illustrious career?
Cano, last night’s hero, had three hits too, and Hairston and Damon contributed big-time doubles. And just when I thought the game would actually be homer-less, A-Rod, after saving a run on a great stop/throw in the fifth, went deep in the eighth.
Bottom line, as Jeter likes to say, the Yankees are now 33 games over .500 with an 81-48 record. Keep it up, boys. You can’t fail me now. Not when I’m dreaming of this.


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    I certainly had my shocked face on the whole entire game tonight. Mitre + Gaudin + shutout = Almost too good to be true. Fortunately, it was true. A one-hit shutout. I couldn’t believe it at first. Maybe Mitre should pitch with more rest more often?! The offense was wide awake today too. That was good to see, of course. I just hope they didn’t use it all up before tomorrow’s game!

    – Lisa

  2. kozmo

    Right there with you, Jane. I’ve been all over Mitre like white on rice, but the guy was magnificent today–all on 73 pitches into the 7th. Amazing, and I missed today’s game. I was checking via cell phone, and was more than a little surprised to see he had set down the first 12 and the Yanks were up 4-0 in the 4th.

    I never thought I’d say this about hoping he makes another start, but I hope he’s healthy enough to make his next one.

    Great offense today too. I think that, combined with last night’s dramatic loss, the early runs and Mitre’s efficient work may have taken the heart out of a reeling Chicago.

    Jason from The Heartland

  3. Inside the Thought Bubble

    Impressed only skims the surface, him and Gaudin really stepped up today. I can’t even think of what else to say besides the fact that today, they really proved that they have what it takes. I think Ozzie said it best “When you have more errors than hits, you better look yourself in the mirror.” The offense was fantastic, the pitching was even better, this is the life, Jane.

  4. crzblue2

    I went from watching the Yankees White Sox game to the Dodgers Reds game! Mitre was dealing! Your Yankees won, my Dodgers won and Jeff Weaver recorded his career win #99 when he took over the knuckleballer in the 3rd inning. Ok, now I am ready to go to a party and celebrate!


    Though I’ve had severe doubts about Mitre, I kept thinking that Girardi knows pitchers after all those years as a catcher. If he believed in him and thought he’d be able to do it, then I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Obviously Joe saw something there that I was missing! Let’s hope this is the start of something good.
    And the bottom line is that the Yanks are 5-2 in the games he is on the mound.

  6. Jane Heller

    Haha! He did bring his AGAME today, Austin, and it surprised me too. Supposedly, he had a decent sinker before his Tommy John surgery and it’s been a matter of strengthening his arm post-rehab.

    I was thinking the same thing, Lisa. Don’t use up all those runs! But they capitalized on Chicago’s mistakes and pounced. As for Mitre/Gaudin, all I know is that they’re the new dynamic duo in the Bronx and who would have predicted it.

    Jason, I kept wondering if Mitre would actually throw a perfect game the way he was going early on. If not for that bad-hop hot shot at Tex, he might have. But it was a smooth performance and I hope his arm is good to go the next time around. (Never thought I’d say that either.)

    This is the life, R – writing a recap about a game where everything went right for the Yankees. There were some who thought Jeter shouldn’t have bunted in the second inning, but it all worked out. No complaints from me.

    Congrats on the Dodgers’ win, Emma. Sounds like Weaver is having a much better time in LA than he did in NY. Good for him. Enjoy your celebrating.

    Good point, Melissa. Girardi seemed to have faith in Mitre when we didn’t, and he was rewarded today with a terrific outing. Now maybe Joba will surprise us tomorrow in the finale. A sweep would be a lovely way to cap off the weekend.

  7. peggy3

    Hi Jane …

    I was at the game today and can’t believe I missed seeing a no-no by ONE hit. I have been close to a few no-no’s but never saw one. Even had a double no-no against Tampa Bay when Clemens was pitching for us. I can’t remember the Tampa pitcher but it went 7 innings with both tossing a no hitter. We finally won the game in 10 innings 2-1 ..neither starter getting the win naturally.

    As far as Mitre ..what we all keep forgetting is that he just came back from TJ surgery …actually faster than most pitchers. He didn’t pitch bad his last start either ..I believe only 1 run in five innings. Of course when he relieved in the Boston game on that Friday night it wasn’t pretty. Let’s give him a few more shots before we tear him apart again.
    I admit I wasn’t that thrilled that Mitre was pitching today until I found out it was against Contraras (sp?)..that gave me hope he just might pull it out. He didn’t just pull it out he was TERRIFIC !!!! Gaudin pitched well too.

    As far as great plays ..the best today was by Robbie. He went so far to his right for the ball then made a great throw. Unfortunately the ball Thome hit got past Tex who usually makes those crazy plays but in truth that ball was a rocket. He tried …just couldn’t do it. At least the no-no was broken up by a hard shot not just a blooper. I nice relaxing blowout today after last night’s thriller…just what the baseball doctor ordered. Let’s hope the “good” Joba shows up tomorrow and not the “evil” twin… :o).

    I am off to see the SWB Yankees tomorrow …Pete Abe’s blog trip. I’m happy Nova is pitching ..he’s high on the radar for the Yanks. Should be a fun day for all …

    Go SWB Yanks !!! Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  8. raysrenegade

    So are the Yankee faithful liking my buddy Cajun Chad Gaudin yet?
    The kid will spill his blood for his teammates, just ask nay of his ex-Rays friends on the team.
    Glad he has gone from the Lou P. stress pot, the the shaky ground at Petco Park to the NY Penthouse and served you guys right.
    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear the exact words spilling out of Ozzie’s mouth.
    1-hitter this time of year is incredibly critical to a team’s psyche.
    But blasting them right after that game might make a few guys give up on the season.
    Watch for that tomorrow during the game.

    Rays Renegade

  9. Jane Heller

    Lucky you being at that game today, Peggy. You’re right about that play Cano made. It was sensational. Everybody looked good, both in the field and at the plate, and it was fun to watch. As for tomorrow, I, too, hope the “good Joba” shows up, now that he’s being used on regular rest. Enjoy Pete Abe’s outing to SWB. I’m sure I’ll read about it on his blog!

    I can’t speak for the Yankee Faithful, Renegade, but I felt good about Gaudin today. Before that, I was down on him. He just wasn’t getting it done. Maybe today’s two-plus innings were a turning point for him. We really could use a long man/spot starter, so I hope he works out.

  10. JQuist

    *That was a huge win yesterday… I don’t think anybody saw a great game like that coming from Mitre anytime soon – but it’s about time! If nothing else, he’s shown us that he’s capable of such a job – and stepping it up couldn’t of come at a better time. With Wang long gone, (sounds like a Japanese name, right? Wang-Long-Gone…) – we absolutely need him to be as solid as CC and AJ.

  11. lenn23

    It’s good that these other guys are stepping up now. Depth is a very important for a playoff team. I was getting concerned with the Sox picking up Wagner and the Angels Kazmir so this is a good sign.

  12. Tucker Elliot

    You ask about Jeter, “Could he win the MVP for the first time in his already illustrious career?” My opinion is absolutely yes — you need to start an online campaign Jane, Jeter for MVP. He could follow in Munson’s footsteps as ROY, team captain, and league MVP.

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: COULD YOU BELIEVE MY BABY?!!! HE PITCHED SOOO WELL!!! HAHAHA I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO BELIEVED IN HIM!! I felt so bad when he had to come out. I want to kiss his boo-boo. Make it all better so he can pitch soon. haha. I love that man, did you know that? -Virginia

  14. Erin Kathleen

    Yesterday’s game was, and I am not exaggerating here, the greatest in Yankee history. Ever. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. And sorry, Jane, but the Twins don’t play the Angels or the Red Sox or anyone else of interest to the Yanks down the stretch. Unless whatever the Blue Jays do is somehow of interest to the Yanks.-Erin


    Sergio did great and the team played so solidly behind him. Boston continues to win so we have to keep it together. I would not be unhappy if either Jeter or Tex got the MVP nod but according to our local newspaper Mauer with the Twins is going to take the trophy. Obviously its going to come down to the end of the season.

    Speaking of the end of the season, we are about to see August close. I hope our guys can keep things going in September. I also hope A-Rod has his first solid September and helps to lead us into the post-season and to #27!!!

    The roster opens up shortly & I hope they bring Cervelli up – we could definitely use another catcher right now. Obviously Molina is doing his job but he can’t run to save his life and he’s going to get tired too.

  16. Jane Heller

    Wang is long gone, JQuist, and there are times when, admittedly, I totally forget about him. Amazing, isn’t it? The guy won 19 games for us – twice – and yet he’s a distant memory. I hope he comes back healthy next year. Meanwhile, yes, I was dumbstruck by Mitre’s performance. We need him, so I hope his arm is OK for his next start.

    Depth is SO important, Len. I, too, have been watching other teams pick up good players and said, “What about us? Why aren’t we getting Kazmir?” I just hope Cashman knows what he’s doing and we’re deep enough for the long run.

    I’m happy with the way the Yankees are playing, Cat. No question. With a month to go, we’re six games up in the division. It’s a comfortable lead but by no means insurmountable, so I’m not ready to celebrate anything yet!

    Congrats to Marte, TribeTed – especially since you blogged about him the other day!

    The campaign for Jeter as MVP is already underway, David. I heard the chants from the crowd yesterday. If he continues to put up the numbers and play great defense, I think he could surpass Tex and Mauer in the voting. We shall see.

    Your “baby” pitched really well, Virginia, and I’m so happy your faith in him was rewarded. I can just picture you rushing to your TV when he got hit in the arm and kissing the screen!!!!

    Yeah, 2yankeefanboy. Maybe Virginia can work her magic on Mitre from here on out!

    Erin, the Blue Jays aren’t any help at all! Can you get the Twins to change their schedule? LOL.

  17. scofid

    It was a great pitching performance by the duo of Mitre-Gaudin, but I am not a believer yet. The ‘glass is half empty’ approach tells me that once the Yanks’ opportunity to go out and land a potential #5 starter has passed, Mitre will revert back to his mediocre ways. I hope I am wrong but I just don’t trust the guy…yet. The pressure has been turned up a notch with the Angels’ acquisition of Scott Kazmir. The Yanks couldn’t beat the Angels before, and now another nemesis is at the back end of the rotation? That’s sick. It probably wasn’t fun to be in the White Sox clubhouse with Ozzie after the game yesterday, huh? I have to admit that I have gained an appreciation of Joe Girardi this season. He wasn’t my choice, and I was calling for his head early in the season. But he stayed calm through the highs and lows, and consistently shows that he has a plan. I am glad that we don’t have to deal with the Ozzie-like emotional outbursts…


  18. PAUL

    The pic of the championship trophy reminded me that MLB should find a sturdier championship prize with a better aesthetic. Like the Stanley Cup. And they should parade it around the field handing it off after winning it. Y’know, Selig standing there with his perpetual bewildered look on his face saying, “(Derek Jeter, Jason Varitek, David Wright, Jimmy Rollins or whoever the recognized team leader is) come get the championship trophy!” I think it’d be cool.

  19. Jane Heller

    I’d like to see Cervelli get called up and soon, Diane. Molina is great behind the plate and the pitchers seem to like throwing to him, but the way he lumbers around the bases (if he gets on at all) gives me pause down the stretch. And I agree about September: the Yanks can’t let down! Anything can happen in the final month of the season. I want us to finish up strong and healthy.

    The Angels’ acquisition of Kazmir gave me a stomach ache, Scott. How they landed him for two prospects and a PTBNL is downright weird. But it’s the implication for us that worries me. We have enough trouble with that team and now Kaz too? Grrrr. I haven’t decided if I’ll go to Anaheim when the Yanks are out here. The last time I went, we lost. So I’ll probably stay home and not jinx them!

    I do love the Stanley Cup and the way it gets skated around the ice, Paul. That’s such a great moment. But right now all I want to do is watch the Yankees win the trophy, whatever it looks like!

  20. scofid

    Today it should be all hail Aceves! And Tex! And Jeter! And Joba! It’s a good thing the Yanks keep winning since the Red Sox has pretty much refused to lose since playing the Yankees. I stil hope that Brian Cashman secures insurance for the stretch run tomorrow, but I am not optimistic. I wish I felt better about our chances in October with the current cast of 25, but admittedly, I feel that we are a player or two short. Especially, when we make the trip to Anaheim…


  21. Jane Heller

    Scott, great minds think alike. I just finished my post for tonight and I wrote how I wished Cashman would get us another starter! I’m still fuming about the Angels and Kazmir and, given the Joba Rules nonsense, I think we’re an arm short.

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