Walkoff #12 Beats White Sox, and I Disturb the Peace

I really should buy myself one of these T-shirts. They come in navy blue and white, which would be ideal for a Yankee fan, and they tell the story of the feisty 2009 team. Just when you think they’re cooked, fried, roasted, done, they mount a miraculous comeback and win the game in walkoff style. Tonight’s 5-2 victory over the White Sox was a perfect example. I mean, Cano? Hello? The guy who’s been struggling with runners in scoring position? He was the hero?
Yeah, he was, after he hit a three-run homer in the tenth. Naturally, he received the Reddi–Wip treatment.
It was all so exciting it made me want to shoot some of the stuff at myself.
It also made me erupt in a ridiculously loud scream that scared my neighbors to death.
But Cano wasn’t the only hero. It takes a whole team to win games. CC was superb, shutting out the White Sox through six. He got into trouble in the seventh, letting the Sox tie it up at 2-2, but it could have been much worse if not for a great throw home by Swisher. Yes, Swisher. Does anybody know what’s up with Wilson Betemit these days?
I didn’t think so.
A-Rod made a couple of impressive defensive plays too, and the relief pitching was about as good as it gets. Phil Hughes emerged from the remote cave where Girardi has been holding him captive.
He struck out the side in the eighth. I have no idea why he wasn’t brought back out for the ninth with the score still knotted at 2-2, but Mo was perfecto. That made the tenth a hairy proposition.
I wasn’t thrilled to see Bruney on the mound, but he pitched a 1-2-3 inning. Up stepped Cano in the bottom of the frame after Matsui and Swisher had walked, and that was that.
I don’t know what the Yankees will do for an encore on Saturday, weather permitting, but I bet it’ll be worth watching.


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Great walk-off win. I LOVE them! I’m also glad it was Robbie, with a runner on second, no less. Too bad he lost some good chances earlier tonight, huh? =X Nah, we don’t need to think about that right now. LOL. CC was awesome, as usual. I’m not liking this rain though. In fact I’m sick of it. Since when did the rainforest move to NYC? Beats me…

    – Lisa

  2. levelboss

    Jane, i just wanted you to know that i almost did a spit-take with the Sunkist soda i was drinking when i saw the picture of the hairy man – it was close

  3. Jane Heller

    Couldn’t help you tonight, Greg. The Yankees were in walkoff mode, and it was fun to watch. I still think it’ll be a race to the finish line. Lots of baseball left.

    I love walkoffs too, Lisa. They’re just so tense right down to the end and I get a little crazy! The Yankees haven’t been doing much with runners in scoring position, so I had my doubts. But Cano came through. Sorry about all the rain. We’re dying for some out here. Couldn’t you package it up and send it to CA?

    HAHA, levelboss. You should have seen the “hairy man” pics I rejected because I didn’t want to scare people!

  4. lenn23

    That was a great win with all the elements that Yankee fans have come to expect this year. I guess some aura has been transferred to the new stadium. Finally Hughes makes an appearance! You know I think he can pitch more than one inning once a week. Had to watch this game with the mute button on, those White Sox announcers suck! I don’t think Saturday’s game is shaping up as any sort of pitching duel. Two pitchers with above 5 era’s. Bombs away!

  5. crzblue2

    I just can’t believe all these walk-offs the Yankees are having and the season is not over. You should really get that t-shirt. I was sporting my Andre Ethier t-shirt. I noticed in the last homestand that they started carrying it in Women’s sizes. You know Andre has 5 walk-offs this year. If only some of the other players could stop having a mediocre season. Well, congratulations on another walk-offs. Yankees just got to be leading the league in walk-offs.
    You know Jane, the fires here are pretty bad from the time I got on freeway in Monrovia I could see the Azusa ones and then the ones close to La Canada look pretty bad. On my way home I saw five firetrucks from up north heading to La Canada Flintridge to help out.

  6. raysrenegade

    Cano wishes it was whipped cream.
    Got to tell you a friend of mine on the Rays told me the worst shaving cream pies are the ones that use the lime smelling foam. It stings even hours after the pie is removed.
    Walk-off # 12 is nothing to sneeze at, that is so impressive of a feat.
    also impressive was that little action to the side of the plate where Jeter and a few “vets” went high for the batting helmet like a woman going for that bridal floral arrangement.
    That was a made for TV moment there.

    Rays Renegade


  7. devilabrit

    Another nail bitter for the Yankees, I wonder if this is some new method to generate more revenue some how… anymore of these walk off’s and they’ll have to come up with a fancy 2009 team name to add to a t-shirt for additional revenue, now you’ve given them the suggestion of Walk Off on a t-shirt…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. JQuist

    *Walk-off #12, and another pie for our guys… Things become dangerous heading into extras, (even when you have last at-bats,) but we’ve handled it this season unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. When the entire lineup is capable of making those clutch hit happens, suggesting it’s a ‘fluke’ is nothing short of an insult. We’re playing like champions!


  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Oh Jane – that was a tough last 4 innings to watch but all’s well that ends well. We were at a club where one of our friend’s band was doing a Woodstock tribute but naturally the game was on and we didn’t miss a pitch or catch. They were just finishing their second set at the exact moment Cano hit the walk off and the band thought the screams around the bar were for them. It was pretty funny.

    Thornton was so lights out for two innings that I was shaking. I was holding the stem of my wine glass so tightly that I thought it was going to snap in two. As you said, our relievers were lights out but I freaked when Girardi sent in Bruney instead of using Hughes for a second. But it was a good call, obviously.

    So when you get to the bottom of the 10th and you see Tex, A-Rod and Matsui as the first up you have to figure its done. Who could predict it would come down to Cano? I bought Cano’s rookie card in his first season because I truly believed he would be the team’s next “Mantle” — while he hasn’t really hit that level (yet) he still comes through in some pretty important moments and you have to love this win. GO YANKEES!!

  10. southernbelle

    Jane: A.J. looks so furious whenever he pies someone. I don’t get that.
    The Drama Club returned! What a win. I didn’t think they were going to, but hey, this team is full of surprises. Pies fly in NY!!! If they play today, I hope Mitre is good….he always looks good…..but I want his STUFF to look good….that sounds wrong….oh, jeez….I should really shut up now…
    CC was good..heheh….he is worth every penny!! -Virginia

  11. Jane Heller

    Len, I was watching the Chicago feed too and going nuts listening to Hawk Harrelson. Is he the worst or what? He kept talking about CC’s large body and how it was the reason hitters can’t pick up the ball. So I guess all pitchers should weigh 300 pounds?

    The walkoffs have been a pleasant surprise this season, Emma. I don’t love that the offense waits until the last inning to win the game, but it sure is exciting when they do. And yes, the fires are disturbing. The heat and dryness right now are a bad combo. My fingers are crossed every day.

    Shaving cream, Renegade? No wonder they look pained when they get it in the face. I, too, loved that moment when the guys went up for the helmet. You described it perfectly – like bridesmaids going for the bouquet. Good one!

    Interesting theory, Peter: the walkoffs are a plot by the Yankees to get people to stay until the end of the game and buy more food! Why didn’t I think of that?

    We are definitely playing like champions, JQuist. My only concern is that I’d like to see more offense earlier in the game. These walkoffs are giving me panic attacks!

    HAHA, Jen. But your guys had a pretty exciting comeback of their own last night. Neither side seems to be giving in (what else is new).

    I hope Tex hits some walkoffs for you, David. I wouldn’t mind that one bit.

    Diane, you have the most interesting social life of anyone on this blog! You’re out every night while the rest of us sit here watching TV. LOL. Thornton was lights out, and I didn’t know how we’d break the tie. I didn’t pick Cano for the hero, that’s for sure. And Bruney made me so nervous. But he got the job done and maybe it’ll boost his confidence for future appearances. Now it’s Mitre time. (Holding my breath)

    We’ll see about the pitching, TribeTed. I’ll take CC, AJ and Pettitte any day.

    Another game, another walkoff, Dillon. It’s been a great run and really fun to watch, hasn’t it?

  12. Jane Heller

    Virginia, AJ does look intense when he does his pie thing. LOL. I guess he’s just a serious prankster. If you do want one of those T-shirts, do a search in Google images for “walkoff” and it’ll come up. That’s how I found it.

    Congrats on King Albert’s heroics, Jeff. I did see the clip and thought of you. Your bromance must be in full bloom, so to speak. 🙂

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