Now This Was My Kind Of Game

Pitcher’s duels are too nerve-wracking.

Blowouts can get boring.
But tonight’s 9-2 Yankees victory over the Rangers was just perfect.
Pettitte was great, as was the defense that turned double play after double play.
Posada’s three-run dinger set the tone early.
And Jeter’s two-run single, Swisher’s RBI double and Tex’s single to the wall put the game away.
I loved this one, even though I couldn’t finish watching the replay until after midnight. I had people over at my house for dinner – people who don’t follow baseball – and I actually had to concentrate on cooking the meal.
After I finished cooking, I played hostess and sat around the table talking about things other than baseball.
My guests were very nice and said, “This chicken is delicious. You’re a really good cook, She-Fan.” But the truth is I forgot to add the salt and pepper, and the chicken tasted really bland – like one of these.
Good thing I made a salad and garlic bread, and had brownies and lemon bars for dessert. Nobody left hungry. But here’s the thing: While I had fun with my friends, I was missing the Yankees too. Which made me wonder….With less than six weeks to go in the regular season, how on earth will I get along without my Yanks when it’s all over? I’ll be so….lonely.


  1. levelboss

    “..I forgot to add the salt and pepper, and the chicken tasted really bland..”

    if you were on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsay would’ve yelled at you..
    Jane, i noticed something today.. it seems the Yankees are good at ousting pitchers; John Smoltz’s last game in a Red Sox uniform was after having pitched to the Yankees in the 4 game sweep; and today i read that Brad Penny got released – his last game was against the Yankees in that 20-11 game last week

  2. ooaooa

    As the great Rogers Horsnby once said ” When there is no more baseball I stare out my window and look for spring”. This year we will be in the “October/November Classic” so the wait time till spring training will be shorter. (Already scouting out reservations for Tampa) The way to aviod missing a game because friends are over for dinner and are not baseball people is to choose friends more carefully by screening them before liking them! Went to a political “Pasta Dinner” fundraiser last night. Ate up pasta and a few Sox fans and made it home in time for first pitch. Pasta went down great but Sox fans are starting to give me heartburn.

  3. cheshirecat9

    Don’t worry about after the season, live in the present and enjoy this run! Let’s go AJ! Let’s go Yanks!!!

  4. peggy3

    I was at the game last night and Andy really did look dandy ….he did his thing and the Yankees keep rolling along. No AJ/Posada today since it’s a day after night game …at least that’s what they say is the reason… besides the fact that Po is listed day to day with that bruised finger. I know it must hurt especially since he can’t let it heal properly. I really think you have to be a little touched in the head to be a catcher …ouch !!!. The tools of ignorance….definitely !!!!

    Soooooooo….the rumor mill in NY (or should I say the NY Post) is that Jeter and Minka are going to tie the knot right after the season ends. Supposedly he has told players to mark down a certain date for the nuptials. Of course this was in the Post so who knows ???? I can just hear all the hearts across America breaking … lol. She’s definitely a cutie and they are an adorable couple.

    Afternoon game today but I’m using the good old DVR so I can watch tonight…wouldn’t want to miss any exciting plays by My Yanks …at least I’m hoping WE make the exciting plays. GOOOOOOO AJ….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!


    I realized that I’m going to have that same problem, as I usually do, of what to do without baseball. I realized it last Thursday when they had the day off, and had nothing to look forward to. Well, at least the YES network has Yankees classics, and I can just pretend I haven’t seen all of the 50 times already. It’s still pinstripes.

  6. ibleedpinstripes

    I think we’ll all be our own brand of lonely, Jane. I feel like I never remember what I do during the off-season, but then the month of November reminds me of college basketball. A decent substitute, but not quite up to par…

    As far as the game, it really was perfect. Andy was incredible. If he pitched like that all season he’d have at least 15 wins! LOL. If he can manage to pitch like that more often than not, I definitely want him back next season. But, let’s focus on today – hopefully AJ has recovered from whatever deal happened the other day and can give us a solid outing on the mound, ultimately ending in a win!

    – Lisa

  7. junojen

    I usually serve lots of wine with my dinners. People never notice the missing ingredients when they are tipsy.

    I cannot stand to think about the off season. The quote about staring out the window looking for spring… oh yeah. That will be me.



    Day game. No problem boss is out of the office for the day.
    Just tune in the radio and log in to Yankees and watch the plays on screen. Refreshes after 30 seconds and I am happy. Yep, great game last night.

  9. peggy3

    Like you Jane …I do not follow any other sports so when the baseball season ends there is a big void in my life till Spring Training once again. I go into Yankee withdrawal without my daily Yankee fix. Luckily since I’m getting older time is flying by so I guess it won’t seem as long with each passing year. I was always told the older you get the faster time flies and unfortunately I’m finding that to be very true .. boo hoo. So …the only good thing about time flying is that it makes for a seemingly shorter off season each year …

    Hopefully our season won’t end till the beginning of November when we win it ALL !!! World Series is running into November this year which will seem very weird but even makes the off season shorter … :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!


    Hi, Jane…
    Well, I’m back from my travels (travails?)…anyway, nice to post on the day after a W…oh, how I can relate to your dinner “sans baseball”…my parents AND my sister could’ve cared less, and while my family today is total sports junkie-ville, there are those nites where it’s a Big No-No (the wife’s friends, of course)…another reason why reading your blog is such fun, to get A She-Fan take on all that…and what of the off-season?…well, no such thing in our house, but I remember when Baseball was All…happy to turn over every month-page on the calendar…we’ll keep ya company on this blog regardless, but time flies a whole lot faster with a trophy in hand, don’t it?!?

  11. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, I noticed that about Smoltz and Penny – almost as if the Yankees were “the last straw” – but that kid Holland was pretty good last night, give or take a few mistakes, and we’ve been seeing some young pitchers who could be around for awhile. Let’s hope our own “kids” have a future too.

    Funny you mention how you screen friends, John. The couple who came over for dinner were at the book party for my Yankees book back in February. I thought maybe they were baseball fans, but it turned out they were just supporting me and my literary efforts! They’re nice people so I wanted to return the favor. A good time was had by all, despite my bland chicken.

    Good advice, cheshirecat. I’ll live in the present and cheer on the Yanks as they finish up with the Rangers today. First pitch is in about 30 minutes.

    Jeff, I’ve tried to like football, but I just can’t. It must have something to do with the fact that the players are all covered up and I can’t see them!

    You got to see a great game last night, Peggy. Andy looked really sharp. I was sorry to see Posada get dinged up again though. His bat has been lively lately so I’d hate for him to miss playing time. I was holding my breath when he was taken out of the game so fast. As for Jeter and Minka, I guess that’s why he’s building the big house in Tampa – for all those kiddies they’ll be having. Awww.

    You’re lucky you get YES, cdriscol. I won’t be able to watch all those Yankees Classics in the off season. Well, I have some of the great DVD collections and could watch those. But nothing beats the excitement of the real thing, and once the season is over I’ll be counting the days until pitchers and catchers report to Tampa.

    Right. Let’s focus on today, Lisa. Going by the Power of Positive Thinking, AJ will step out onto the mound and pitch a brilliant finale to the series against the Rangers, and his dismal performance at Fenway will be a distant memory. How’s that?

    I did serve wine, Jen, and tried to get them tipsy. But I noticed that they kept reaching for the salt shaker. LOL. Oh well. Next time it’ll be burgers on the bbq.

    Koala, I work at home so I’m the boss and I’ll definitely have the game on! I’m hoping for a series win and a brilliant performance by AJ. Oh, and I’d really like it if Cano wouldn’t make an error.

    I agree with you 100% about time flying by, Peggy. I was talking about that with a friend the other day. How did it get to be the end of August? Where did summer go? I’m lucky here in CA in the sense that I don’t have to anticipate snow and cold weather. But there’s the same sense of everything rushing by. So let’s pray we extend the season into November!

  12. Jane Heller

    Glad you’re back safe and sound, Dave, and hope the trip went well. Diane’s been asking for more of your songs, so you’d better get cracking. And you’re so right: the off-season would be so much sweeter with a trophy. But I can’t let myself think that far ahead. We have to win today…and the day after that…..

  13. 2yankeeboy

    I can’t get over how great Pettitte has been since the all star break! He’s been our ace for the most part. But I still hold my breathe when I see that he’s pitching because I’m not sure if that next start will be his last good one. Until that day I am loving Andy!

  14. Jane Heller

    He’s been extremely consistent, 2yankeeboy. When I think that the Yankees almost didn’t sign him, I shudder. The difference this year has been his health. He’s feeling no pain and that’s great for us!

  15. JQuist

    *I actually feel bad for those of you who only follow baseball. The solution to the end of the season has always been easy for me: watch football! Don’t get me wrong though, I like baseball a thousand-times more, and it’s definetly a bummer when the season comes to an end every year. (There’s no way I could write about football or basketball everyday…) As for the game – Jorge and Andy came up huge for us last night. The 3-run shot and Pettitte going deep was more then enough to get the job done. We’ll see what’s left in the tank tonight with Burnett on the hill.

  16. Jane Heller

    I feel sorry for me too, JQuist. I wish I felt the same way about other sports. On the other hand, I get a lot more work done when baseball’s over! I’m watching today’s game right now and (no jinx) AJ is looking unhittable.

  17. rrrt

    But Jane, I seem to recall one of your posts where you said you liked blowouts (as long as your team is on the winning end, of course). At this time of year, I don’t really care how they get the win, as long as it’s a win. Blowout, 1-0, anywhere in between is fine. Offseason, though, I definitely am NOT looking forward to. Will be counting the days till next spring! Football’s OK, but they only play once a week – too many days with nothing to watch. I guess that’s why they make highlight DVDs!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  18. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Sue. I did say that I like blowouts. But after watching that 20-11 game in Boston, last night’s 9-2 score was just perfect – a nice, comfortable lead but with a tiny bit of suspense. I’ll just take any wins I can get! And that’s another reason football isn’t for me: they only play once a week. Good point!

  19. southernbelle

    Jane: I missed today’s game. Even though I picked a good one to miss, when the season is over, I will feel lost. What am I going to do when I get home from school? What am I going to blog about? Do you blog a lot in the offseason? -Virginia

  20. crzblue2

    I went to my Pilates class at noon with my headphones so I was listening “2-2 pitch to Helton” “Breathe-in, breathe-out” “….She is gone!.. ::me smiling::, “reach over with your …. (did she say left or right?) ::me copying whatever the next person was doing:: I left right after the class ended just in case she or anyone would ask me what I was listening to.
    What do I do in the offseason? Follow the hot stove closely. This offseason I am planning on taking some golf lessons. I start in November.

  21. Jane Heller

    Pitcher’s duels are exciting, mattpeas, and it kills me to lose them by a run. But it’s still great when a pitcher goes out with his best stuff and dazzles.

    Yes, I blogged every day during the off-season, Virginia, and I bet you will too. With the Yankees there’s never a shortage of material!

    Golf lessons, Emma? Maybe I should try that. I took a lesson and was great for that one day. Then I went out on the course and couldn’t hit a ball to save my life. Very frustrating game!

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