Matsuino Is The New Bambino

Babe Ruth-thumb.jpg
OK, that’s stretching it. But Hideki, who is very likely finishing up his final season in pinstripes, has been belting homers lately. He hit two in Seattle on Thursday night, two in Boston on Friday night and two in Boston tonight. Not too shabby for a guy whose knees are so bad he has to keep having them drained.
His wife must be very proud (if she really exists).
He wasn’t the only Bomber to hit bombs off Beckett in the Yankees’ 8-4 series win at Fenway.
Jeter in the first: Boom!
Cano in the fourth: Boom!
A-Rod in the fifth: Boom!
It was that sort of night. And CC provided the power from the mound. Wouldn’t you be scared to hit against a guy that looked like this?
He went six-plus, didn’t walk a batter and threw 118 pitches, giving up four runs, three earned, and staying focused even when his defense let him down. He was a beast, plain and simple. Watch him roar.
(Here, kitty kitty. That lion has seriously scary teeth. CC, on the other hand, can afford a good dentist.)
Hughes and Mo came in to finish the Sox off, and the Yankees left town with a 7.5 game lead in the division.
But all was not perfect tonight. Cano made two errors. (Maybe he needs a few days off, Joe.) And Damon did one of his flying Wallenda acts in left field.
Still, it was a spectacular road trip that Yankee fans have to feel pumped about. Sure, there’s over a month to go, and if I were Brian Cashman I’d try to pick up better pitching insurance than Mitre or Gaudin. I wouldn’t mind another glove in the outfield, either. But I’m as optimistic about the postseason as a pessimist can be. I’m seeing the glass half full.
P.S. I’m passing along a photo that was sent to me the other day. A Yankee she-fan from Texas read my book while she was on vacation in Hawaii and wanted me to see the proof. Thanks, Mary. Very thoughtful of you.


  1. JQuist

    *LoL – “His wife must be proud… if she exists.” I found it a little strange myself that Matsui’s wife has been discussed on numerous occasions, and the only picture we’ve seen is from a 10th grade art-class contest winner… *BUT* – all jokes aside, he’s been great for us lately. It was awesome to see us win again tonight, and even better to snag 6 of the last 7 from the team we love the most.

  2. ibleedpinstripes

    Love the glass half-full mentality; I’ve taught you well! LOL. Hideki’s having a pretty decent season for a DH. I might just miss him if he goes after this season… Ah, well. Que sera sera. Decent game today, thank God. I was just looking for a win after yesterday’s debacle. Good thing we got it, otherwise I’d be in a padded cell with a straitjacket on.

    Speaking of Hideki’s wife, didn’t she just have a kid that Hideki was surprised with? Imagine if neither of them actually existed. That’d be a bit awkward… Hmmm…

    – Lisa

    P.S.: That knee picture is icky. =| LOL.

  3. Jane Heller

    He has been great lately, JQuist. I’d pretty much written him off earlier in the season when he was taking such weak hacks at the plate. But he’s come on strong and I think Girardi was smart to rest him a lot and use him exclusively as the DH. Taking this series was great, especially after the pounding we took yesterday.

    I’m doing the Positive Thinking thing, Lisa! Of course, it’s easier to do after a nice win. 🙂 As for Matsui, I thought it was Wang’s wife who had a baby. Did I miss something?

  4. levelboss

    “His wife must be very proud (if she really exists).”

    LOL! that picture of Matsui and a drawing – A DRAWING! – of his ‘wife’ is so friggin’ hilarious! “My wife couldn’t be here, so i drew a picture of her.” LOL!!!!

    i think back to that bet Matsui had last year with Jeter and Bobby Abreu over who would get married first; i wonder if Amber Sabathia, Karen Burnett, and Leigh Teixeira will sit with Matsui’s drawing at a game (does the drawing need an interpreter too?)


    My prediction wasn’t too far off, Jane. I thought it would be 6-2 and it ended up 8-4. I was a little scared after Jeter and Matsui sent their first pitches over the wall that everyone would come up swinging for the fences and mostly strike out. I was wrong. Although we did hit a few more homers the batters swung wisely for the most part. The fielding was not stellar but Cano’s second error was more of a slight misplay. I still agree though, he could use a rest. Maybe Jeter and Tex as well. Finally, of all the photo’s you’ve provided of Yankees lookalikes, I think you nailed it 100% when you showed C.C. and the king of the jungle. He is amazing. Just what we needed.


    Laura Posada wanted to carry that drawing of Matsui’s wife around with her during the reality show but she couldn’t arrange it.

  7. ooaooa

    Your book was read in Hawaii and Rhode Island last week. Wow, talk about spanning the globe! Its hard to contain myself with this great run. There is so much I want to say to Sox fans but from me silence does more damage. Had a disaster in my Yankee room Saturday. Shelf with over 125 autographed balls from spring training fell off the wall. Many cases shattered. Matching balls to names will be real challange. Balls go back 10 or more years.

  8. southernbelle

    Jane: I think I remember this correctly: Matsui and Abreu made a bet to see which one of them would get married first. And before Abreu knew it, Matsui was married! I think it was the same week they made the bet! But we’ve only seen that sketch. I wonder…..
    Whatever. The guy can hit. It’s going to be sad to see him go. If the Yankees don’t sign him, I think he might retire. Any thoughts? -Virginia

  9. cheshirecat9

    That was a crazy series. I am glad we came up on top. I was visiting my sister this weekend who lives up in MA. I don’t think I could live up there surrounded by so many Red Sox caps and t-shirts! I’d need to see a therapist 3 times a week to deal with all my anger issues. I don’t think this team is going to melt in the post-season. I think A-Rod is going to finally come through and we are going to see the birth of a new dynasty.

  10. Jane Heller

    Now that would be hilarious, levelboss – if Matsui’s drawing sat in the wives’ section. HAHAHA.

    Diane, I had the same feeling early in the game. I said to my husband, “Oh, they’ll have a couple of solo shots off Beckett but won’t be able to string any hits together.” So glad to be wrong. And CC was the beast that roared. He wasn’t perfect but he came up big in a big situation.

    Matsuino is an RBI machine, TribeTed. And he seems to love Fenway, where he hits really well. Seattle too.

    I did sound like Sterling, didn’t I, Steve. Just realized that! I doubt the Yankees would re-sign Matsui, given how they let Abreu go. He has such a limited role as DH, and Girardi has said he wants to rotate Posada and others in that spot as they get older and more feeble!

    Really, Bern? That’s too funny!

    Buzz kill, Jeff. A-Rod’s last three homers were against Boston. He’s been clutch this year.

    Oh, John. What a mess with all those autographed balls coming crashing down. I’m sure it will be quite a task to put them back in their places, but at least they weren’t destroyed.

    I remember that bet, Virginia, and it was awfully weird how Matsui suddenly came up with his “wife.” But I think the media tracked her down in Japan and she does exist! I’m not sure if he’d retire if the Yanks don’t sign him. I seem to remember there was interest from the Giants at one point. Maybe he’d play another year or two in CA. It depends on his knees, I guess.

    Therapy three times a week, cheshirecat? You’re better off in NY. LOL. I like your prediction for the postseason, but given that I’m so superstitious, I can’t even go there. I’ll start gearing up for the postseason once they actually clinch getting in!

  11. peggy3

    Hi Jane & fellow bloggers:

    Well ..I’m happy I went to the game at Fenway on Friday and not on Saturday. What a game and no negative comments were directed at us …I guess when you are 6 1/2 games up and slaughtering the home team…what can they say? Actually I met some very helpful Sox fans much to my surprise.

    I can’t say much about Fenway…I have no clue why everyone thinks there is a “charm” to it. The seating was horrific small …no room at all. Seats are tight ..knees hit against the seat in front of you. If you have anyone overweight sitting next to you chances are their body is all over yours. Quite gross !!! The park looks like a minor league park ….except the minor league parks I have been to are much nicer. The humidity didn’t help in the least with everyone sitting right on top of each other couldn’t move in your seat without banging into the person on either side of you. The scoreboard…which was so small …kept announcing “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark”….keep dreaming … lol. The Green Monster is a joke ..just about every player hits off of it and they have the nerve to talk about Yankee Stadium playing small. I’ve been to 20 different ballparks but none come close to being as uncomfortable as Fenway…not even Wrigley which is an older park too. Actually I think Wrigley is very charming ..especially the Ivy Wall. I knew the night was going to be a good one for the Yanks because it started out horribly for Boston when the singer of the Anthem totally messed up the wording. Great embarrassment for the woman and the Sox organization. The biggest embarrassment of all tho’ was the 20-11 win by the Yankees… :o). By the end of the game it was so uncomfortable and late I was rooting for the Yankees make outs …haha.

    As much as I dislike the Sox and Fenway …I love the city of Boston. So much history and great food. The problem was the weather …never rained but the humidity was a killer the whole time I was there. We did the Duck tour on Friday afternoon and had a lot of fun while keeping cool. Saturday we did a trolley tour of Salem which was fascinating and I plan to go back in the fall when walking and exploring will be much more enjoyable in the cooler weather. Also went to Rockport ..great artist colony and terrific seafood. All in all a good time…the only blip was the loss on Saturday.

    As Meatloaf (the singer not the sang …2 out of 3 ain’t bad especially when it’s against the Sox. 7 1/2 game lead which I hope grows even larger and leads the Yankees all the way to the promised land …Championship 27 !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the report, Peggy. You did pick the right game to go to. You would have been mighty unhappy being at Saturday’s blowout. I love the city of Boston too and New England itself is so beautiful. My husband and I used to take vacations in Block Island, Rhode Island, and his family always spent the summer in the Camden, Maine area. Back to baseball, I hope our lead grows too and there’s no letdown, although I’m sure Joe will start to rest the players. Fingers crossed for the promised land!

  13. redsoxmelissa

    Fenway is a place for Red Sox fans, not Yankees. Fenway, in my eyes, is one the best and coolest places to be. I grew up going there, going with my family on a Saturday and Sunday evenings, cheering on my favorite team. I love the atmosphere, the fans are the best.

    I think the reason you didn’t like it was, frankly, because it was the home base for your rival.

    You probably sat in the 1912 seats in the grandstands, but only the grandstands have those old seats. Next time you go, try to sit in the Loge Boxes. Much nicer and better view.

    Yankee Stadium is one of the easier ballparks to hit home runs at. Even little Dustin Pedroia hit a opposite home run there.

    You said we didn’t complain about you being a Yankees fan at Fenway, so please don’t trash our stadium.


  14. Jane Heller

    Can’t speak for Peggy, Melissa. I’ll just say I can understand your love for Fenway. It’s your special place where you grew up loving your team.

    I agree about CC, R. I’d love to see him become Mr. October as well as Mr. August!

    It’s tough to think of Matsui not in pinstripes, Dillon, but I can’t picture the Yankees bringing him back for all the reasons you mentioned.

  15. Inside the Thought Bubble

    Matsui has definitely been on a roll lately, and after the Yankees are hitting this many homeruns on a road trip I can’t wait to see how they do in that very welcoming stadium of theirs. Sabathia has been lights out in August as usual, let’s hope he can keep it going through October! *knock on wood*

  16. thatbaseballguy

    IT’s been great for us lately to have Matsui belt homers a lot. But it will be hard to see him leave. But it will probably work out for the best. We have to many outfielders and Matsui’s leg problems are keeping him from playing in the field. He can’t always DH.

  17. peggy3

    Melissa …

    I sat in the red field box seats just past 1st base..Sec. 10, Box 97…it wasn’t because you are a rival team that I didn’t like the place so please don’t speak for me. I just didn’t like it .. period. I know other Yankee fans who did tho’ It’s just my opinion. I am allowed to have my opinion of the place just like the Sox fans who constantly called Yankee Stadium a dump or a toilet. As far as the view …that was great. I have plenty of comparisons as I have been to 20 different parks in the past 6 years. Wrigley is old too but I found it much more pleasing to the eye and comfortable. Camden is an outstanding park and the prototype for many of the newer ones and a favorite of mine.

    I understand your feelings for Fenway as a Red Sox fan just as I had for the “old” Yankee Stadium. I grew up in that ballpark and I still miss it but I must say that the new Stadium is beautiful too and little by little I will call it home. Thankfully they built it with a lot of the old Stadium characteristics. I feel Yankee Stadium is the “coolest” place with the greatest fans just as you feel for yours. To each his own …right ?

    Lastly … I have been to Boston many times in the past and had some very nasty things said to me just walking around as I wore a Yankee shirt..that’s why I was surprised nothing was said at Fenway. I guess the fans didn’t have a word to say to me because we were killing the Sox at that game …what could they say? Many were running for the exits. I’m just happy I wasn’t there Saturday because I think it would have been a very different story…

    Sorry if I offended you but I have a right to my opinion and I didn’t care for Fenway in the least to see a game. It had nothing to do with the rivalry…I was judging the building. In the end …we all have passion for our own teams which makes for very interesting conversations, opinions and points of view. When all is said and done …there is NOTHING better than the Yankee/Sox rivalry and on this I think we can definitely agree. Sooooooooo…may the best team win ….NATURALLY…I’m hoping it’s the Yankees !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  18. Jane Heller

    That’s what I kept thinking as I watched that lion roar, Erin: Please don’t eat me. I can’t imagine being close enough to that animal with a wide angle lens. Too scary.

    OMG, Cat, if you took a picture of Matt or Andre holding the book I’d post it for sure. I’d also mount it on my wall!

  19. Jane Heller

    I’m not worried about CC, Peter. But first the Yankees have to get to October. I’m taking it one step at a time.

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