Yankees-Red Sox Game 1: My Cup Runneth Over

I think it was in the second inning. The Yankees had scored six runs off Brad Penny, who, despite a generous strike zone by Joe West, was having trouble getting people out. I said to my husband, “I’d really like it if the Yankees scored twenty runs tonight.”

He rolled his eyes, as if I’d asked for the impossible, and made a crazy face at me.
I said, “The Yankees can do it,” and made a crazy face right back at him.
After A-Rod’s almost-homer in the fifth, Penny was pulled for Bowden, a call-up, and Matsui promptly went deep for 9-1. Posada, Cano, Melky, Jeter, Hinske and Tex all got on base, and it was 12-1 by the time the inning was over. I kind of felt sorry for the kid because he was back on the mound for the sixth, gave up three more runs and was clearly taking one for the team. 
Meanwhile, Andy Pettitte was pitching a decent (if inefficient) game. He benefitted from Jeter’s amazing throw-out of Pedroia at third but was victimized by that lame play when Hinske and Melky couldn’t figure out which of them was supposed to catch the ball. Andy came out and Brian Bruney came in, and the Red Sox started to come back.
“I’m telling you, the Yankees need twenty runs to win this game,” I said with greater urgency after Bruney walked two and hit a batter.
“That’s ridiculous,” he scoffed. “You’re just saying that because you love blowouts.”
No, I’m saying it because no lead is safe at Fenway.
My wish was granted when Ramirez relieved in the top of the ninth. Matsui homered again (seven RBIs!) and Swisher doubled home Cano. The score: 20-7. I was in heaven. “Who’s crazy now?” I said. “We did get twenty.
I’m sorry I doubted you,” said my husband.
We made up and watched the bottom of the ninth. Mitre was pitching.
I wonder if he’ll be any good out of the pen,” I said.
I got my answer quickly. Varitek? Homer. Kotchman? Single. Ortiz? Double. Lowell? Homer. Baldelli? Hit by pitch. The score was 20-11 with two outs, but Mitre, who would be shipped to Tazmania if it were up to me, retired Gonzalez to end the nearly four-hour contest.
Feel better now?” asked my husband.
Much,” I said. “But I’m already worrying about tomorrow. I hope Johnny will be OK after fouling that pitch off his knee.”


“They said he’s day to day.”

“And I hope the Yankees didn’t use up all their offense.”

“They can’t ‘use up’ their offense. It doesn’t work that way.”

“Then how does it ‘work?'”

“Baseball is all about pitching,” said my husband. “If AJ is on tomorrow, everything should be fine.
Right. But twenty runs would still be good.


  1. cheshirecat9

    So much for my career as a psychic! That game was crazy. If we get some better pitching I will be content with 15 runs this afternoon.

  2. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    I also hope they didn’t use up all their offense. We both said that last week, and that is exactly what happened. That being said, they’ve managed a great road trip. I like my chances w/ AJ and the kid who gave up the winning hit in the 15inning eggstravaganza. I like our chances for the WS – period.

  3. lenn23

    I really don’t know what to feel after a game like this. It was a pretty sloppy game overall. A 20 run game should be an unmitigated good. But, that pitching stunk. I feel sorry for that kid. You shouldn’t let a prospect like that “take one for the team”. It should be somebody like a Tomko or Mitre. Well, a win is a win and that’s all that counts. One more and I think that should put them in great shape for the rest of the season.

  4. JQuist

    *Definently more then I bargained for. I can’t believe the Yankees put up 20 runs, but then again – nothing surprises me at this point… We’ve seen 412 walk-off, so why is putting up 20 runs on one of the best teams in the league a big deal? Can’t wait for game 2…


  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Well, my prediction was a little off but a W is a W. We were out seeing our friends’ band performing but we saw the game through the 5th inning and then the club had the game on so we kept track of the insanity. I am thrilled that Andy was finally able to get a win – now how about the Red Sux fans that got married at the game…will they have happy or sad memories of their wedding day? Probably a little bit of both. We have a good shot at taking this series, sweep or not, but you know with baseball you can never predict what will happen. GO YANKEES!!!

  6. jmf414@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    What a game, other than Mitre and Bruney and crazy Melky’s inability to take charge in center, a thing of beauty…..that kid Bowden went to school with my kids and is a great young man, unfortunately a poor performance and was left out there to take it for the team, Jeter another fabulous night, MVP in my eyes, ok, yes I love him, hope Burnett is strong and has his control, no balks or balls in the dirt, isn’t it time for Joe West to retire!!! Jane

  7. southernbelle

    Jane: I also was thinking that even though the Yankees had like a 9 run lead, that the win was not guaranteed. Since I believe that the Red Sox cheat at Fenway by stealing signs (just my theory!) I thought they might be able to come back. Thank God they didn’t.
    Aren’t you being a little hard on Mitre? Or maybe I’m just being too easy on him. I don’t know. They had a huge lead when Mitre was put in, so I don’t blame him for going after the Red Sox hitters. It they hit it out, they hit it out. It’s better that if he walked a bunch (ahem Brian Bruney.). And besides, Mitre looked so damn sexy last night. It was hot and he was sweaty, and I just can’t take it. He is so frikin hot. I love him. -Virginia

  8. Jane Heller

    Yeah, your prediction didn’t exactly come true, cheshirecat. LOL. But you did predict the win, so you’re still a psychic in my opinion. I still say we’ll need 20 runs today. Tazawa throws more off-speed stuff than Penny did, so the offense needs to be ready.

    I like our chances with AJ too, ibrenne, but see the above about Tazawa. The Yankees don’t like junk pitchers. Hopefully now that they’ve faced him before, they’ll adapt.

    Thanks, tsdmdk! Glad you liked it.

    It was a sloppy game, Len, and I was thinking about posting a picture of a Sloppy Joe and going with another food theme. But the Yankees did feast on the Red Sox pitching and those 20 runs trumped everything else for me. With Damon out, probably for a few games, I’d rather see Hairston in left than Hinske. Maybe he and Melky can figure out who should catch the ball!

    This team has done some amazing things, JQuist. The walkoffs have been great. So have the blowouts. It makes you wonder how they managed to look so bad in Anaheim and Chicago (and Boston early on).

    Diane, I must have missed the Sox fans getting married. I was watching the NESN feed (my Extra Innings package didn’t give me YES last night) and didn’t see them. Anyhow, a win is a win and I loved it. It’s ironic that Andy finally got a win even though this game wasn’t nearly as good as his last three outings when he didn’t get a decision.

    It wasn’t a good night for you, I know, Steve. But as you read here, I never counted the Sox out until Gonzalez was retired in the ninth. They scored 11 runs! Nothing wrong with their offense. The pitching today should be interesting. On paper it looks like a mismatch. But who knows? Not me.

    Lori, I wish I could have swooped into Fenway and said, “Don’t give away all your offensive power! Save some of it for Saturday and Sunday!” Nobody would have listened. Sigh.

    Love your “no comment,” FBC. Better left unsaid, right? I feel your pain, honestly I do. Whenever the Yankees get beaten up I want to crawl in a hole. But as I just wrote to Steve, your guys scored 11 runs! Their bats are just fine, which is what terrifies me, especially at Fenway.

    Interesting that your kids when to school with Bowden, Jane. He was probably told he was doing a great thing for the team and didn’t feel as bad as I did watching him. Please tell me Bruney didn’t walk two and hit a batter in that inning with the kind of lead he was handed. It was just so unacceptable.

  9. Jane Heller

    Virginia, you crack me up. I know you love Sergio (won’t Cervelli be jealous?), but he just doesn’t inspire confidence in me. His sinker wasn’t sinking in that second inning he pitched. Yes, he’s supposed to throw strikes but he’s not supposed to leave them hanging in the zone! Still, for your sake I will retract my statement that he should be shipped out. I hope he stays with the team but gets a whole lot better!

  10. southernbelle

    Jane: Thank you. I feel bad. I love Cervelli, too. What do I do? I haven’t seen Cervelli in so long, and it hurts to think about him in triple A. And now I am focusing my attention on Mitre. What do I do when (if, no when) Cervelli comes back? Is it ok to love both?
    Matsui sure was amazing, and I felt SO bad for Johnny. He is such a class act. He gave Hinske all the credit, he said Hinske did a great job of replacing him, which is so true. I love Johhny. The Yankees HAVE to sign him again!
    I get nervous for Mitre when he pitches. I know he wants to do well, and it must pain him when he fails, and it pains me to see him in pain. I think the Yanks should keep him, though. He is coming back from Tommy John, and his stuff is good. He just needs to command it. Maybe they can work with him. And they better keep him cuz if they don’t, this little lady will be mad at her Yankees. Honestly, Jane, do you think Mitre is hot? Your husband doesn’t have to be jealous if you say yes. -Virginia

  11. Erin Kathleen

    Holy crap Jane, you must have ESP! Or whatever psychic power it is that wills people to do whatever you want. Seriously, you tell the Yankees to score 20 runs, and then they go and do it! I wish I had that kind of power. Our pitchers like to throw batting practice on the mound, and 20 runs might be just enough to win a few games in Kansas City.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

  12. Jane Heller

    Yes, it’s OK to love them both, Virginia. You have my permission. LOL! Maybe Dave Eiland can work with Mitre and he can be more effective. At this point, I just want the Yankees to win games, and if he can help, fine. He’s not my type though. I’ll let you have him!

    Let’s see if my “powers” work today, Erin. They’re not very reliable. I tried to will the Yankees to a win in the ’07 ALDS, and all I got were midges in Cleveland.

  13. adirondackgal46

    Very scared about todays game, we are facing a pitcher we haven’t seen, that’s never good, and I think we used up all our runs last night. It was fun last night wasn’t it? I always want to beat up on the Red Sox but I feel good knowing even if we lost all three games we are still in first place ahead of them. LOL

  14. Jane Heller

    Your fears have been realized, adirondackgal. Tazawa baffled the hitters and we did use up all our runs. But last night was fun and we’re still firmly in control.

  15. raysfanboy

    Wow, talk about payback. Your series with the Sox this season has been nothing short of screwy. One team rattles off 8 in a row, then the other 5. Then a blowout by both sides. Weird. That’s baseball! Pssst: a win from you guys tomorrow couldn’t hurt. Just sayin’.

  16. Jane Heller

    Screwy is right, raysfanboy! Two blowouts in a row, one by each team. The rubber game today should be interesting and I’ll try to work my magic powers to get a win for you and for me!

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