Heading To Beantown

The Yankees are probably on their flight to Boston as I’m typing this. I hate flying, but I wish I could be on that plane to congratulate them for a great road trip. I mean, 5-2? Not exactly chopped liver.
(Apparently, this post will have a food thread.)
Tonight’s 3-2 victory over the A’s was a nice surprise. My expectations for Chad Gaudin weren’t very high, so I was impressed with his scoreless, one-hit performance over four-plus innings. He didn’t get the win but he got people out. Yes, he walked five batters. Maybe next time, he’ll be more aggressive and not look like a total chicken.
Speaking of how he looks, here’s Chad before he put on the pinstripes.
And here he is in his Yankees uni.
Raise your hand if you think he looks better without that piece of beef jerky stuck to his chin.
Jeter continued his torrid hitting with a leadoff single, scoring the first run of the game. He’s having an amazing season, and would be on my MVP list. Damon always seems to be on base and he was again when Tex went deep in the fourth, talk about an MVP.
Those two are turning out to be a natural pair, sort of like….well, guess.
(Don’t ask me which is which, although Tex is probably the smoother, more peanut buttery player.)
On the subject of jam, Aceves worked out of a big one in the fourth but came back for the sixth and seventh and gave up a couple of runs. Thanks to an efficient Coke, a rusty-but-nasty Hughes and a totally perfect Mo, the game had a very sweet ending.
Now, on to the Boston series. If I were on that plane right now, I would remind the Yankees of the following:
“Even if you get swept, you’ll still be in first place.”

That said, I would be very forceful in telling them to show up at Fenway with the utmost intensity. Now is the time to put the Red Sox away, because leads can disappear very quickly and there is still plenty of baseball left. Anything can happen. The last thing they need is to play loosey goosey.
“Besides,” I would say to them, “do you really want to lose to Pedroia, Ortiz, Youkilis and the rest of them? No, of course you don’t. So stay hungry, Yankees.”


  1. levelboss

    i’m getting a little worried.. the Yankees have seemed half-asleep since Sunday’s game in Seattle – weak offensive output, and now the Red Sox look wide awake and focused on a playoff spot

    at least the Yankees don’t have to face Buchholz and Lester this weekend – and it’ll be CC facing Beckett on Sunday

  2. lenn23

    I’m happy with this trip so far; 3 out of 4 then 2 out of 3. As long as they don’t get swept in Boston I’ll be happy. I don’t know which is worse; playing in Boston or Anaheim? A little concerned about Girardi’s usage of Hughes. He needs to get more work. He’s better than just an 8th inning pitcher. I hope this strange usage this year doesn’t affect how they use him next year. It might be another innings-cap situation like they had with Joba this year.

  3. JQuist

    *The “flavor-saver.” Thank god that somebody put a bread-trimmer to Gaudin’s face – he looked rediculous. Pitched a heck of a game though… I can’t wait to see how the next Boston series pans out. We definently need to get the bats swinging again, but I feel as though we’ve reached a point where even on the rough days – we have so many talented players that somebody brings in run before the hour-glass expires. Can’t wait!


  4. luckylori

    Jane…we seem to be in a similar mood right now. Everythings gelling and our guys are playing great. (And we both seem to be craving cake!) Good luck in Boston. It is nice to know that you’d survive a sweep still in first place but you’ve got the psychological edge right now so I hope your Yankees take full advantage. After your last sweep and your 7 game lead, I really think it’s a mind game more than anything. Let the games begin!

  5. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Very happy for the win and the rest. Even happier the for a return to the east coast.

    While I am worried about facing Boston, we are far enough ahead right now that there is no fear. I think the guys will do well, though I’m certainly not expecting a sweep.

    Right now I have no issue with the way the bullpen is being used — hello!!? Do we remember Torre and Proctor?? Better to underuse than abuse.

    You are right Jane. Gaudin was more than acceptable in his first start. And losing the patch was a good idea too.

  6. cheshirecat9

    I would like to thank A-Rod for giving us the term loosey-goosey, and then not saying anything stupid for the rest o the season. I am also glad the Yanks will be back on the East Coast, those West Coast games make me stay up too late.

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hi again…great job feeding our faces with food & baseball…what else do we need? ‘Twas great to see a de-goateed Gaudin pitch as well as he did…and how do you pronounce Alfredo’s name…”Ah-SAVE-Us”…? ‘Cause that’s what he does, most of the time…what can you say about Tex, except he almost had an even BETTER game with the bat, if not for an A’s web gem and a tuff call at the plate…and thanks for verbalizing what I’m thinking too, i.e. the WCS (worst case scenario), which ain’t that bad, but we DON’T want it, either…even ONE measly win and Da Bombers come home losing only one game of their lead, so that’s how I plan to approach it…well, this is likely my last posting for awhile — fly home tomorrow, then back out to the left coast — where I WILL attempt to contact you, y’know — meanwhile, keep on smilin’, and inspirin’ our boys!

  8. peggy3

    Hey Jane …

    I’m off tomorrow morning to head up to Fenway and see our Yanks kick some Boston butt. I sure hope they win the game I go to after making the trek there to see them. I figure the worse that can happen is we come home 4 games up ….we only need one win to stay six up …of course the best scenario of all would be a sweep and a 10 game lead !!!!

    I must say I’m happy the Yankees have the facial hair policy …players look so much nicer after they become Yankees… :o). What was that thing on Gaudin’s chin ??? It looked like he spilled some tomato sauce on it. Do some of these guys seriously think they look good with the weird beards they tend to wear on other teams? I’ll take a clean shaven guy any day of the week. When you go to the games at the Stadium they keep showing Hinski with his facial hair on the board. If they can photoshop uni’s why not take the facial hair off too? I haven’t seen Gaudin on the big board yet but I hope they remove that chin job.

    5-2 road trip isn’t bad at all but I’m hoping they come home with an 8-2 finish and that 10 game lead …wouldn’t that be grand !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  9. southernbelle

    Jane: Why is Tex the peanut butter? I hope this off day doesn’t ruin the Yankees’ intensity about going into Boston. Gaudin looked pretty gross with that red thing on his chin. Kind of like Damon withe the caveman look. Why would you want to look gross? Maybe they thought they looked good, I don’t know.
    I think I have a celebrity lookalike for Brad Penny, but I have to look around for pictures that show it. I’m not telling you who. If I put it up, I want you to see it! -Virginia

  10. peggy3

    No one is getting too excited about Gaudin but any decent pitching job he gives us will be greatly appreciated. If he flounders …on to the next recruit. It’s the first four guys in the rotation that concern me the most …not the fifth guy. Hopefully they keep up the good work ….(that means Joba getting back to the guy who showed up right after the AS break…not the nibbler).

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  11. Jane Heller

    The offense has seemed off, Levelboss. I’ve been worried about that too. We seem to get just enough runs to win, as opposed to having the big inning. A-Rod, Posada and Cano have looked bad at the plate, swinging at pitches out of the zone. Maybe a change of scenery will help.

    I’m mystified by the use (or non-use) of Hughes, Len. I know Joe wants to “keep him fresh” for the home stretch, but he’s a young pitcher who needs to pitch, not sit on the bench! How could he not be rusty. Rest is fine. But pitchers need to pitch.

    Funny you mention the hour glass, JQuist. During these games when the Yankees haven’t scored early or have scored early but are hanging on by a run, I always think about the hour glass running out and wonder if they’ll come through! Great minds think alike! Fortunately, they have been coming through for the most part. But I’d like to see more hitting, as I said to Levelboss above.

    Lori, your Angels are on a roll, which scares the hell out of me. Even if the Yankees do make it through to the postseason, I bet we’ll end up having to play you and how will that go? If it’s anything like the regular season, I’m feeling sick already!

    Diane, I do remember Torre and Proctor (and Sturtze before that), and I like the fact the fact that Girardi doesn’t want to overuse the guys in the pen. But Hughes was lined up to be a starter and I don’t think it’s a good idea to let him sit there and not pitch. He’s been fantastic in the 8th inning role and I’d love to see him stay sharp. Anyway, it’s all working so who am I to quibble!

    Hahaha, cheshirecat. A-Rod did give us the term and now he’s taken his own advice and kept quiet. I do wish he’d start hitting bombs again though. Talk about swinging at bad pitches. He looked awful last night.

    AceSAVEus has had a couple of rough outings lately, Dave. He got out of a big jam early, then got into more trouble. And he wasn’t great in the previous game. I’m not sure what’s up with him, but he’s such a valuable member of the pen so I hope he gets it together. Enjoy your trip west and safe travels!

    Food and baseball are an unbeatable combo, TribeTed. I’ll have to check on the Indians this weekend and see how they’re doing. I’m sure your blog has all the latest.

    Peggy, when I was younger I couldn’t stand the Yankees’ facial hair policy. I remember when Mattingly was mad because he had to get a haircut or shave or something, and I was mad on his behalf. But now I’m happy about it, because it sets the Yankees apart from other teams and because the guys do look so much better. ‘Staches are way cuter than those awful goatees. Ugh. Now, about your trip to Boston. I want you to bring the Yankees luck while you’re sitting there at Fenway. It should be a great atmosphere and a great series.

    Virginia, I figured Tex would be peanut butter because he’s smooth with the glove, whereas Damon takes us on a bumpy ride out there in left field! I’ll be eager to see your look-alike for Brad Penny! Let me know when it’s up.

    I’m not excited about Gaudin, Jeff. I’m excited that he didn’t implode. The bar is set very low, but he did escape without anybody scoring so I have to give him credit. Supposedly, Dave Eiland worked with him on the slider. We’ll see the next time he surfaces, which could be in relief.

    You said it perfectly, Peggy. We’re just grateful when somebody gives us a decent start!

  12. ibleedpinstripes

    I’m so glad our boys got through last night. I was a little nervous when Aceves and Hughes came out shaky, but thankfully minimal damage was done. Tex was the hero. It almost seems like these guys draw straws to see who gets to do the job. This off day better do them some good!

    – Lisa

  13. peggy3


    Donnie had the problem about his hair on the head while Thurm it was the facial hair. Both had George throwing fits and naturally he won out in the end. I miss George …love him or hate him …he always made things interesting. Of course …God only knows how topsy turvey he would have made this team …lol.

    Now remember …if you never hear from me again it means I didn’t get out of Fenway alive ….you know I’ll be cheering loud and clear for our guys… :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  14. Jane Heller

    You’re asking a lot, Peter! I’d love that to happen and the Yanks have done it before. But I’m taking it one game at a time!

    Tex was the hero, Lisa. I had just said to my husband that he was having a mini-slump at the plate and then boom. Home run. So much for the mini-slump. I hope they’re resting up today.

    Thanks for clarifying, Peggy. I remember how George was about the hair. Interesting how we hardly ever hear a peep out of Hal or even Hank these days. As for you at Fenway, I fully expect to hear from you again with a complete report about your experience!

  15. Jane Heller

    The landing strip! HAHAHAHA. Erin, you’re hilarious. George Steinbrenner instituted the policy years ago. When you wear the pinstripes, you shave. Simple as that.

  16. junojen

    Jane – I will be out of town and will miss the banter here over the weekend. Rats. I have set my DVR to record all three games this weekend and increased the time from 4 hours per game to 6 hours per game – just in case! You know how these games can go…

    Jerry Remy is returning to the broadcast booth for this series. I pray that he is our good luck charm against the Yankees. Your guys are looking pretty unbeatable right now.

    Did you see us dispose of “Scary Harry” last night? haha!

    Okay – gotta go eat. Your post made me hungry.


  17. heartruss

    Jane, I am kind of used to the facial hair on everyone that I didn’t really notice. I suppose your Yankees management would hate my Dodger players especially Manny. And Mattingly definitely has something on his chin.
    Your Yankees are going strong. Even as a west coast California person, I would pick your team as the top AL team. (I’m not much of an Angels person) I anticipate winning the series if not a sweep.

  18. peggy3

    Jane …

    Someone on Pete Abe’s blog posted how they loved this article of yours …I read it and I loved it too. I sent it to all my friends …three of them are going to buy your book because of it. I really love your wit and of course …your “charm”.


    On Deck With the Yankees: It’s All in the Cards

    Published: February 7, 2009

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  19. raysrenegade

    With you guys headin up to Beantown, and the Texas Rangers coming in here for 3 starting on Friday, the AL Wild Card race could either get complicated or extremely easier by Sunday.
    But do not go into that lion’s den thinking you might be better than them. That place has a wild aura of amking them almost invincible on any given night.
    Tread lightly and do not wake the monster and it should be a fantastic series both in Fenway and at the Trop.
    This is when it gets really fun!

    Rays Renegade


  20. Jane Heller

    Jen, whenever I have to record Yankees-Red Sox games I never know how long to set the timer. Six hours sounds about right. LOL. I hope you enjoy your weekend away from the craziness. Also, good news for Sox fans that Remy is healthy enough to broadcast again. And yes, I saw that your guys beat “Harry” and it made me even more nervous about this weekend.

    I sure hope you’re right, Cat. A series win would be huge. As for the facial hair, I think the Yankees are the only team that doesn’t allow beards and goatees. Mustaches are OK but that’s it. It’s shave or get out once you put on the pinstripes!

    Peggy, that’s funny about Pete Abe’s commenter posting the link to that Times article. I had it up on this blog the day before when I talked about going to the tarot reader again. (Your link here doesn’t work, btw. It takes me to a “non-page.”) I can’t thank you enough for passing it on to friends, and I’m so glad they enjoyed it enough to check out the book too. Can I hire you as my publicist?????

    Go into Boston thinking we’re better? Not me, Renegade. Never. I didn’t go into Seattle or Oakland thinking the Yankees would win those games either. I can only hope things will go the Yankees’ way. Sounds like you’ve got a big series this weekend too. Oh, boy. Ring those cowbells!

  21. 2yankeeboy

    The Yankees get to face 2 of the Red Sox 3 weak starters but sadly Pettitte is pitching vs. Penny, and many of the Sox are ah-mazing vs. pettitte but hopefully he’ll pitch like he did in his last start vs. them at the Stadium. CC should be great and same with AJ i’m counting on it but not betting on it.

  22. Jane Heller

    Any pitcher is beatable on any given day, 2yankeeboy. That’s what makes these series such nail biters. There’s almost no way to predict the outcomes. But I do think CC versus Beckett should be a terrific duel.

  23. TribeTed

    No wonder you are on the leader boards Jane, I mean the mlblogs top 100 like top 3. Haha, πŸ™‚ You got 28 comments. Congrats. And I am glad you liked my recent post on Numbers. Marte has been given too many chances to suck it up like he has. He needs to step up his game or be stepped on.

  24. Jane Heller

    I’m sure you’ll get a lot of comments too, TribeTed. I’ve been doing the blog for a year – my anniversary here is coming up next week – so the longer you hang around, the more people show up.

    I honestly don’t know what to expect, Dillon. The games between these two teams are always long and entertaining and they always feature some new twist we haven’t seen before.

  25. Jane Heller

    Doesn’t that cake look scrumptious, Jenn? And LOL on the “small animal growing on his face.” Would it be a lizard?

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