The Yankees Win – It’s In The Cards

What a weird game tonight against the A’s, who played like stooges.
They committed four errors (not counting the additional ones Nomar would have gotten if the official scorer had been paying attention), and looked overmatched. 
CC pitched like a champ (Amber must have talked to him for me; I owe her lunch at least). He went eight innings and only gave up a couple of solo shots en route to the Yankees’ 7-2 win. Plus, he had A-Rod’s back. Without any fuss, he threw behind Suzuki in the bottom of the first after Alex had been plunked on the elbow in the top of the frame. Both benches were warned, and that was that. Very businesslike.
Jeter had his third consecutive three-hit game, and is playing like a man on a mission. Swisher and Matsui continued to come up big in key spots. And Melky provided the evening’s entertainment. After he was hit by a pitch in the sixth, he tumbled on top of Suzuki, who was down on the ground in search of the ball.
Ride ’em cowboy!
The victory not only halted the Yankees’ two-game slide but elevated them to the first team with 75 wins this season – a very encouraging development.
Since I was dying to know how the Yanks would weather starts by Chad Gaudin and whoever else comes along to fill the slot as the 5th starter, I went to see Patricia Diorio, the tarot card reader I consulted back in February. I wrote about her reading – and how she predicted that the Yankees would win the World Series – in the New York Times. Check it out, if you haven’t already.
Today she reaffirmed her belief that the trophy was, indeed, bound for the Bronx. Thanks to the She-Fan Cam, I caught her on video making her pronouncement. Here’s the clip.
You heard Patricia. If you’re a Yankee fan, start visualizing the final out, the team jumping up and down in celebration, and the presentation of the trophy.
OK, update your visualization. Picture Hal Steinbrenner instead of George crying on Joe Girardi’s shoulder instead of Joe Torre’s. Got it? Good. Now hold the image in your mind and don’t let it go until November!


  1. JQuist

    *The first to 75 is huge. It was great for Sabathia to get that win near his hometown – but the credit honestly goes to the hitters in this one. When it was tied 2-2, it was anyone’s ballgame… The huge 6th inning gave CC more then enough margin for error, and the win was pretty much set in stone at that point. Glad to see us back on board…


    Well, once again due to the time difference we could not stay awake for all of the game but we hung in long enough to get through the 6th inning which was the big one. I don’t know why I was so ready to panic just because our team lost two in a row. It was to two different teams and we took one series and are poised to take this one as well. Jeter continues to amaze, although we should be used to his stellar performance by now. Remember in the spring when all those experts were saying he’s on a downward trend due to age??? They’re pretty quiet now. And C.C. once again reminds us why we needed him this season.

    Okay, Jane. Your tarot card reader is right – the fans need to pull it together. I know that most players and a lot of fans are extremely superstitious – so you have to reach out to everyone to do the things they do to keep their team on a roll; maybe we don’t need to start until September but you need to start getting us organized. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. scofid

    I hated to see CC give up that first homer following the brushback pitch and warning, but my section won a free pizza because of the homer so I guess it wasn’t all bad! LOL! It’s always amazing to see how there are more Yankees fans than fans of the home team when the Yanks are on the road. But that was so evident last night, as the chants of ‘Let’s Go Yankees!’ clearly drowned out any attempts by the home crowd to yell, “Let’s Go Oakland”.


  4. cheshirecat9

    Image firmly fixed in my mind Jane! (Although I have a hard time picturing Hal being as excited about winning as his dad. Unless Hal thinks a World Series win will sell more $1,250 seats.)


    Hi, Jane! (and Diane too…)
    …and greetings from Deep Down in Florida, where I’m visiting me dear old Mum, in Boca, at her ‘assisted living’ center…glad I found their computer room, and hope to do so again manana, but yanevaknow…yep, sure glad to get back in the W column (we’re so spoiled)…luv it whenever u get to use Tha Boyz (soitanly! nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)…and you’re so right about Jeet playing outa his mind…save some for October, Captain, but we’ll take it now, too! Of course, your local AL team is also playing like a house afire, but we’ll worry later. Meantime, since I may not be posting again for awhile, let me annoy you with the latest song offering (to the tune of “See See Rider,” Animals-style…
    “Well, C. C., ride ‘im…
    We love you, yes we do…
    There’s not-a one thing, Big Guy…
    We would not do for you…
    You know we wanted you, C.C.,
    Keep you on our side…
    C.C. S’bathia — YOW!
    Keeps us SATISFIED”
    On that note, I’m outa here…keep on rockin’!!!

  6. southernbelle

    Jane: Melky is hilarious. God do I love him! How come everyone laughs at Melky when he gets hit by a pitch? Well, they were laughing at what he did after, but no one cared that his little butt now has a bruise? Am I the only one that feels this way? Well, it was kind of funny.
    I hope Patricia is right. If she’s not, does she owe us something? Whatever. I get the feeling that she is right 🙂 -Virginia

  7. Jane Heller

    JQuist, I agree that the 75 wins is an important milestone. And CC’s 14th win was big too. But the one that’s so heartening to me is Jeter’s hot streak, especially after many had him sitting in a rocker at a retirement home.

    Diane, see above regarding Jeter. I’m so with you on him. I think I was panicking about losing two games because I know every team goes through slumps and I didn’t want ours to last a long time and screw up this great season. Which is another way of saying I didn’t want them to peak too soon!

    Oh, that’s right, Scott. You were at last night’s game. Very cool that your section got a free pizza, even if it was the result of Suzuki’s homer! It did sound like there were a ton of Yankee fans there, so you must have lots of company cheering for the Bombers. Thanks for being a good luck charm.

    LOL about Hal, cheshirecat! I can picture him receiving the trophy and being very stoic and businesslike about it, but I think Girardi would cry. That’s the image I’ll plant in my mind.

    You’re not a farmer, Jeff? What about all those cans of corn that Hawk Harrelson is always talking about? Haha. I agree about the four errors. If a team can’t win with that advantage, it’s pretty sad.

    Thanks for the song and hope your mother’s doing well in FL, Dave. I heard there were hurricanes forming down there, so I’ll try to wave them out into the open waters for you. 🙂

    It’s true, Virginia. Everybody does laugh when Melky gets hit. For some reason he just cracks people up! I think it’s his facial expressions, which are priceless. And the way he was straddling Suzuki after getting hit last night was hilarious. It was like a scene from “Urban Cowboy.” Patricia doesn’t guarantee that things will happen. She just interprets what it means when you pick certain cards. She says I picked the Yankees winning the WS, so I really, really hope she’s right!

  8. heartruss

    Jane, I was looking at that picture of Joe Torre holding that trophy and visualized him wearing a Dodgers uniform and accepting it. Hmmmmm.
    That bucking bronco stuff is hysterical. I laughed for a good 5 minutes and now my side is aching. You are just too funny.

  9. ibleedpinstripes


    Well, I know I’ll be doing that ^ for the rest of the season. I’m not one to mess with the forces of nature. They could kick my butt!

    And props to you of course, Jane, for your chat with Amber. It was obviously a success. It’s quite apparent that you have a way with words, especially when they come in a cafeteria.

    Last night’s game was just funny. It was very Stooge-like. That picture seems to give off the vibe that Melky made Kurt Suzuki his bi… well, you get where I’m going. Hilarious to say the least.

    Chad Gaudin better stick to the game plan tonight… the game plan being this: “WIN!!!” Details would just be tedious and hard to remember. My resonant field of support and success will be up and running, no doubt!

    – Lisa

  10. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Uh-oh, I don’t like the looks of a tarot card reader predicting the Yanks to win the series, this doesn’t look so good…

    CC pitched great, I will admit. Tonight we are going to need all the luckk we can get vs. Halladay. Wish us luck! LOL

  11. Jane Heller

    We need to create a HUGE resonant field of support for Chad today, Lisa. Was there really and truly no one better out there? Oops, I slipped into negativity there. I must stop that!

    You’ve got Halladay tonight, FBC? Well, I guess you can take comfort in the fact that he’s been vulnerable since he came back from the DL. He’s tough but he’s not invincible.

    Aw, come on, TribeTed. The Phillies won it last year. It’s our turn!


    CC should’ve stayed in for the ninth. He hadn’t thrown that many pitches. 8 straight balls for robertson? Can they only throw strikes when the game is tied?

    Great chemistry on this team. They are going to win it all. I have visualized it. It will happen. I promise.

  13. crzblue2

    We could still have Torre there. In fact he told us at the WIN baseball clinic “why wait till next year when the Dodgers go to Yankee Stadium. Let’s get it over with!” That is our manager! Oh, and I thought about using the word “in the cards” too 🙂

  14. Jane Heller

    I’m not wild about sidearmers, Paul. They always look like they’re scraping the ground. But I liked the guy they brought in last night. I like all relievers that give up hits to the Yankees. 🙂

    I was thinking the same thing about Robertson, ibrenne. He’s been terrific in games when he’s come in with bases loaded and nobody out, but last night? His focus/command was elsewhere – at least until he found the strike zone. I wanted to see CC pitch a complete game too, especially since his family and friends were there, but I guess Joe wanted to “conserve.” So you promise the Yankees are going to win it all? Swear?

    It would be something if our teams faced off in the WS, Emma. Having Torre come back to the scene of all his successes would make for plenty of drama, even before the first pitch!


    I love it when fans of other teams hate the yankees so much. It reinforces my support for my team.

    Your blog made me hungry. I had to get an extra snack at work.

    I agree with the tarot card reader. We will win the WS. I promise.

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