Sloppy Second Sinks Mariners

Glub. Glub. Glub. 
The Mariners have struck out 30+ times in this series, but it was their error in the second inning tonight that set the stage for their latest defeat at the hands of those happy, love-is-in-the-air Yankees.
Melky hit one to right center, and Gutierrez heard Ichiro creeping over and dropped the ball. I guess I-Row has that effect on people.
As a result, Jeter’s sac fly scored Melky to break a 1-1 tie.
Homers by Swisher and Jeter added to the fun, and the Yanks went on to beat Seattle 5-2. Was Sergio Mitre better than he’s been in previous starts? Or are the Mariners just a punchless, free-swinging team? Maybe a little of both, but it was Robertson who saved Sergio’s bacon.
With the bases loaded in the sixth, he came in and struck out the two batters he faced. Sweet. Coke and Mo did their jobs too. And then there was Molina. I-Row inexplicably tried to steal third base in the seventh and Jose nailed him.
Tonight’s win puts the Yankees 7.5 games up over the Red Sox. Anything can happen in the next six weeks, but I’m thinking only positive thoughts.
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. 
Yeah, right. Here’s what I’m really thinking.


  1. lenn23

    They just keep rolling along! There was definitely no letdown after the Sox series. Nothing to complain about, which is something I’m not used to in recent years. The wild card, at least, is starting to look like it’s in the bag. The name of Seattle’s pitcher tomorrow either sounds like something hostile or dirty.

  2. levelboss

    hey Jane, do you know what’s happened to Vanessa of Flair for the Dramatic? i haven’t seen her around mlblogs for a while


    What a terrific outing for Mittre. Can’t complain about anything, really. The Yankees had the same number of hits and errors as Seattle but were able to eek-out more runs to show for them. The strikeouts were amazing the whole series long, so far.

    We stayed up for the whole game, something we are going to regret today I’m sure, as we are having about 40 friends and family members over for a pool party and lunch to celebrate our daughter’s “Gradu-18th” — she graduated from high school in June and turned 18 on 8/1. This was the first weekend that most of our guests could attend and there’s no rain in the forecast — WooHoo!!! Now let’s add one more Yankees win as present for the birthday girl/graduate.

  4. cheshirecat9

    It’s great to see the Yankees keep winning! I haven’t read the comments sections here in a few days so I apologize if this has already been talked about, but I keep hearing a train noise over the TV watching these Seattle games. Is Safeco Park located next to the train station? Or does the stadium just play is everytime one of the Seattle players strikes out?

  5. Jane Heller

    So far this road trip is going great, 2yankeeboy – much better than I could have hoped. There’s still a ways to go, but I sure hope we continue in winning mode.

    Nothing to complain about, Len? Where’s the fun in that? LOL. There must be something. Let’s see. How about….Gosh. I can’t think of anything either!

    Levelboss, Vanessa is leaving for college in a few days and hasn’t had time to blog. She’s hoping to pick it back up once she gets there and settles in.

    Diane, so glad there’s no rain in the forecast – that has to be a first this summer, right? – and that your daughter’s “Gradu-18th” party is a big success, including a Yankees win today.

    I mimic the train noise every night when I watch the games at Safeco, cheshirecat. It drives me a little nuts. And yes, it’s a real train that goes right by the stadium.

    I hear you about playing the Angels, Scott. I’m happy we’re not playing them on this road trip. On the other hand, I assume we’d have to play them in the postseason, should we be fortunate enough to get there, so we’ll have to beat them sooner or later. I just hope it’s later!

  6. scofid

    I am thankful that the latest West Coast trip included only the M’s and the A’s as the team prepares to head to Boston next week. But I am anxious for a re-match with the Angels to prove that the Yanks can beat them. This is a great season and regardless of what happens at the end, it has been very enjoyable watching the 2009 Yankees since the All-Star Break. I guess Mystique and Aura are settling in just fine at their new home at 161st St. and River Ave. Go Yanks!


  7. ibleedpinstripes

    These are a few of my favorrriteee thingsss! =)

    Seriously though, the different-hero-every-night thing is something you could really get used to. Swish’s homer gave them the lead and they never gave it back. Props to him for coming through in the clutch… God forbid that phrase ever becomes a cliche.

    So my “lucky” broom is out, and I am hoping for a sweep this afternoon. Oh, the afternoon, how much I love thee more than 10pm! You’re lucky you’re on the west coast with our boys, Jane, LOL.

    – Lisa

  8. Jane Heller

    I’m actually looking forward to today’s afternoon game, Lisa. By the time I finish blogging about the night games out here, it’s pretty late. But I don’t have it as bad as you do! Glad your lucky broom is out. I’ll go get mine too.

  9. peggy3

    Hey Jane…

    I have the broom standing in the corner hoping the Yankees sweep it up today. This team reminds me so much
    of the 90’s dynasty teams …winning every day in a different way with a different hero. I’m just loving it and worth staying up to watch each night. I just wish we didn’t have the late nights with the A’s coming up. A whole lot of late nights going on right now which makes for tired workdays.

    I haven’t written in a few days because I fell on Thursday night and thought I broke my arm..couldn’t move it in any direction without terrible pain…thankfully it wasn’t broken but they had to stick a needle in my elbow and drain the blood and fluids. The arm is still painful but easing up each day. If I were on the Mets I’d be on the DL with the rest of the team. BTW terrible beaning for Wright yesterday…hard to watch. He was the last Met standing of the regulars. That team has really had it’s share of injuries …I root against them but even I feel sorry for their fans at this point. Anyway my arm better be fine by Friday as I’m driving to Boston to see the Yanks/Sox game. I hope the Yankees are up by 10 at that point because it will make for much “quieter” Sox fans… :o). On Saturday I’m going to Salem and I will have a spell cast to ensure Championship #27 by one of the “good” witches…I’ll get a magic broom so My Yanks can sweep the rest of the way …haha

    Here’s to another great win and a terrific road trip. Go Joba…..SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Oh, Peggy. I’m so sorry to hear about your arm. Ouch. I’m glad it wasn’t broken, obviously, but I hope the pain goes away. I agree about Wright and the Mets. How much is one team supposed to take? I wouldn’t wish their situation on anybody. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Fenway – and to Salem! We need all the magic and witchery we can get!

  11. Jane Heller

    They can’t blow it up is right, Matthew. Not now when they have us believing. Just heard that Matsui has fluid on his knee. Not good news there.

  12. Erin Kathleen

    Geez, what happened there today? I think the Yanks were ahead 3-2 when I went to dinner (and had well, more than a few glasses of wine). If you’re in the market for another starter, we have a Nick Blackburn who might be available. He’s a sinkerballer, just like Wang!-Erin

  13. Jane Heller

    Erin, what happened was that we had the “B” team in today to give the regulars a day off, plus Joba was the bad Joba as opposed to the one who came back from the break like a Cy Young winner. Thanks for the offer of Blackburn but I’m sick of sinkerballers whose sinkers don’t sink!

    Can’t agree with you there, 2yankeeboy. I want to beat the competition fair and square, not because of injuries.

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