A Different Hero Every Night

Oops, I meant this kind.
It continues to amaze me how resilient the 2009 Yankees are. Take tonight, for example. After Matsui and the gang beat up on the Mariners last night, the offense hardly had a pulse, scoring only two runs on three hits over eight innings. Meager. But would the team go down to defeat? Absolutely not. With the game tied at 2-2, Tex led off the top of the ninth and did this.
Yeah, boom – into the seats to put the Yankees ahead 3-2 and allow me to breathe
Swisher singled home Cano for another run, and that was all the insurance the Yanks needed to beat Seattle for the second night in a row and keep the train moving.
But none of that would have been possible if not for another hero: Pettitte. Talk about gutty.
He overcame a shaky start and hung in there for a six-inning, 10-strikeout performance, keeping the Yanks in the game. I bow down to you, Andy. (And I thank you for the lovely kimono, which arrived at my house this afternoon. Very sweet of you.)
Bruney looked vastly improved in the seventh, and Hughes got it done in the eighth, despite a couple of walks and the fact that the home plate umpire was squeezing him.
Which brings me to Mo. I’ve been doing a lot of hand-wringing over his “cranky shoulder,” worried that he’d have to miss playing time. Wrong. He came in for the ninth, retired the side in order and secured the save. I don’t think his velocity was there and he seemed sort of “off” to me, but I can’t argue with his results.
There was a short interruption in the seventh when a fan ran onto the field. The networks never show us what’s going on, which really bothers me. Supposedly, MLB thinks it’ll make us crave our 15 minutes of fame and do equally dumb things. Personally, I hate this rule. I want to see what the people at the game see. Show us the fans who run onto the field! It won’t lead to the end of days!
Here’s the fan….and Ichiro’s reaction.
Yup. The culprit was a she-fan. Imagine that.


  1. yankeemeg

    Did you start your letter to Selig? Fans at home should have as close of an experience as that of the fans that are at the game!!! BTW, you have great form on the field! I fear it’s a long shot, but it would be nice to give Mo another day off tomorrow. We need a win out of Mitre. Asking for much? Perhaps:)

  2. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Jane, if I haven’t said it before now, and I would be surprised if I haven’t, it will be criminal if Tex was not named AL MVP this season. I hate the over-used term “clutch”, but its almost impossible to say his name and recap his contribution to this season without saying it. My honors to him should not in anyway detract from the wonderful efforts and successes of the rest of the team but I cannot recall a game this season where Tex didn’t contribute, either offensively or defensively, in a major way.

    And yet another outstanding performance by Andy as you noted, and once again he does not get a win out of it. As we have said many times, he is a team player and has been happy to keep his team in it to allow them to win in later innings. But there has to be some ego involved to become a professional athlete and he’s got to be feeling just a little left out because the team can’t seem to score more than a run or two before he has to leave the game.

    I’m a little sad to note that Saturday’s game is another night game which means its likely I won’t see the last couple of innings but if The Yankees win that’s all I want.

  3. crzblue2

    I just hate fans interrupting the game by running on the field but more so if your pitcher on the mound. We had a he-fan at Dodger Stadium that did that when Schmidt took the mound. That was Schmidt first start in two years so you know the guy was nervous. The delay of the game only made it worst. Ok, enough ranting on my part. Congratulations on another exciting win! Can’t stop those Yankees. So what is this about a kimono :-)?

  4. heartruss

    Jane, I always try to show pictures of different things that happen at the games for that reason. I think those who can’t go want to see what they don’t show on tv. I seriously think that fans won’t rush onto the field just because they think they will be seen on television especially since the penalty is: security tackle you and escort you off the field, you spend the night in jail, you pay thousands in fines and get banned from the stadium for life. Is that worth being on television. I suggest just buying a ticket in the front row by the foul poles. I sit by the left field foul pole and am on tv all the time. It’s legal that way. Your hero (edible) is funny. And I love Ichiro’s reaction to the fan. Very priceless.

  5. southernbelle

    Jane: I could see a crazy she-fan like you and I run onto the field. If I was going to, I would go up to Melky and annoy him. And if Cervelli was up and playing, I would DEFINETELY go up to him, but I would probably lose consciousness. (I love him!) Whatever.
    This team just keeps on winning! Keep it up, boys! -Virginia

  6. devilabrit

    I guess thats as close to a walk of as you get on the road….don’t you just hate it when they dont show all the action, ’cause they stopped showing the fans at events in England, mostly because they’re minus clothes when they run on the field, but still that would have been okay too yesterday…:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  7. ibleedpinstripes

    Yesterday’s game was entertaining mostly for the in-betweeners… You know, the faces Hairston and Jeter made at each other after that pop-up… and Swish’s face when the chick ran onto the field – he definitely wanted to laugh. That was comical.

    – & like I told Andrew over at Scott Proctor’s Arm – that picture of Ichiro and the girl looks like a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoon.

    Anywaaay, I’m beyond grateful for Tex. He is a god. Resilient is a good word for it. I love this team and how someone different can come through in the clutch every night. It keeps me on the edge of my rolly chair! =)

    – Lisa

  8. Jane Heller

    Megan, I wish the Yankees could score 1,000 runs tonight. (OK, 10 would be good.) That way, Mitre could be Mitre and we’d still win. Will get right on that letter to Bud.:)

    I marvel at Tex, Diane. Even in April when he had his slow start, I was amazed how good he was at first base – something we haven’t seen in a long time. And now, he contributes offensively too. Talk about a complete player. And yes, poor Andy. He deserves much better than the no-decisions he’s been getting.

    Congrats on your come-from-behind win, FBC. It must have been very exciting. And while I’ve had fantasies of leaping over the railing onto the field during games, I’d never do it!!!!!

    I agree about the delay of the game when a fan runs onto the field. It can really throw a pitcher off. That said, I want to see it on TV because the players’ reactions are interesting to me.

    That’s one of the reasons I appreciate your blog, Cat. You do show us everything. I love that!

    Erin, I can’t tell if Ichiro is ticked or just going, “A woman would never do that in Japan.” Or maybe he’s muttering, “She’s not bad looking.” Who knows. It’s a great look from the inscrutable one.

    Virginia, I can see you running over to Cervelli and telling him how much you love him. LOL. But I’d hate to see Yankee Stadium security drag you away in handcuffs. Just love him from afar. LOL.

    Peter, I love it when the streakers run on to the field, like that guy at Wimbledon. Just to see the players’ reactions is priceless. Remember Sharapova? On the other hand, it’s such a distraction, and after what happened to Seles I get nervous when someone approaches them. There are a lot of truly crazy people out there.

    I loved that Hairston-Jeter interaction, Lisa. Hilarious! I wonder what would have happened with that play if A-Rod had been at third. The team is going great and if I had a rolly chair I’d be on the edge of it too!

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m saying I’d do something similar in my imagination, Jeff, minus the security takedown and handcuffing and jail and lifetime banishment. LOL. Speaking of which, why didn’t Drew Barrymore get cuffed?!

  10. diamondgirl55

    Oh my goodness, I didn’t even KNOW anything about that fan! She’s nuts! I LOVE Ichiro’s reaction though; you know he was pretty surprised but he still maintains his cool. Oh Ichiro..how I love him.
    Anyway, wow congrats to you guys the last couple nights! It’s been kinda tough for us but I’m still basking in the 1-0 14 inning win against the White Sox but I’m pretty sure it’ll wear off sometime tonight so the M’s have to get going! You guys are just TOO good!!! :] xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  11. 2yankeeboy

    I agree! Why don’t they show them on the field its so stupid it’s not going to make them stop running onto the field! Doesn’t MLB think sometimes? Well ok what ever last nights game is what we Yankees fans have become accustomed to, coming back from a deficit to win the game in late innings. Hopefully tonight they can get the 10 runs we need.

  12. southernbelle

    Jane: So far I am really enjoying my birthday weekend. My aunt and grandma took me shopping, and I came home with a ton of nice clothes and an awesome pair of shoes. My cake, which my mom just finished making, is a black forest cake. Delish! I’ll take a pitcure of it and post it maybe tomorrow. My dad is preparing my favorite dinner right now: macaroni and meatballs with homemade sauce. Yum! The presents come after that. But a Yankee victory will add tons of happiness to my day. Oh well. Even if they lose, I still got the present of staring at Mitre. 🙂 Virginia
    PS: We also went to church. I prayed, but I can’t tell you what I prayed for, or else it won’t come true!

  13. Jane Heller

    You’re such a good sport, diamondgirl. It’s not every fan who’d be so generous after her team just got beaten twice! I know the Mariners are better than they’ve shown. So who knows what tonight will bring. We don’t exactly have our best pitching going, so it should be interesting.

    Maybe that superhero is gay, Paul. Some of my best friends….

    I hope it won’t take 10 runs, 2yankeeboy, but we’ll know soon enough. Maybe Mitre will surprise us and pitch great. And yes, we want to see the fans on the field and whatever else is going on during the games!

    Black forest cake? OMG, Virginia. And macaroni and meatballs? You’re a lucky birthday girl. I wish you could send some of that deliciousness to us. Very cool about the shopping trip too. Glad you’re enjoying your special weekend.

  14. Jane Heller

    I was so sorry to hear about Kuroda, Emma. The fact that he was alert and moving his arms is a great sign.

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