Yanks Spank Mariners

What a way to start a road trip – a brilliant, 10-strikeout performance by CC… a two-homer, five RBI night for Matsui…a 1-2-3 outing for Bruney…and an 11-1 win over the Mariners. I came home from my Thursday night writer’s workshop and was thrilled when I sat down to watch the tape of the game. Now I feel I must express my joy.
(OK, she looks pregnant in that photo and I’m not, but you get the point. I’m really, really happy.)
I was glad to see Jeter playing shortstop and hitting one out. No sign of a limp that I could detect. I hope A-Rod’s “contusion” is coming along. And I hope Mo’s cranky shoulder is acting less cranky. But most of all, I hope the Yankees have saved some of their offensive output for this weekend when Mitre/Gaudin will be on the mound. The thought of those games might give me nightmares, so instead I’ll concentrate on tomorrow and Pettitte’s start.
Sweet dreams! Or do I mean sweep dreams?


  1. rocklandyanks

    Glad im not the only one whos absolutely terrified about the idea of Gaudin and Mitre pitching. I mean Gaudin’s season outings in the beginning were great, 3-0 to start, and then I saw the starts right before he was released, and I had early season Wang flashbacks (1.2 ip and 7 ER).

    Mitre hasn’t really proven himself as yet, even though he has shown some improvement, he’s still prone to that one inning that starts off poorly and ends just as poorly.
    So needless to say, I hate them for not making a starting pitching move before the deadline. 😦 But hey, Go Yankees 🙂

  2. lenn23

    That was an almost boring win. I agree with rocklandyanks in that they should have made some sort of pitching move before the deadline. They could have picked up somebody for the bullpen and just transition Hughes into being a starter. Their usage of him right now is kind of strange. I mean, sometimes pitching to one batter a night? Hope they know what they’re doing. I can’t believe I’m criticizing at all after this game. Guess it was too boring and easy. The spanking picture is kind of exciting though!

  3. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Dang it, Jane, you guys just won’t stop winning! Back to 6 1/2 back and this race is already getting tiring. Okay, okay it was a really good game. Nice job to CC, that’s two really good games for him in a row. Maybe this weekend will bring more luck for us!


  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Thanks, Jane. NOT the song I want stuck in my head the rest of the day — Dave, can you help me out here???

    We definitely needed a big win – the small margin victories are more exciting to the fans and the team but we needed a sure thing for a change. By the time we got home from the City after dinner and Broadway show we were already in the 5th inning with a 6-0 lead. Looks like that HR late in the game was the only bad pitch C.C. threw all night.

    I’m always nervous when The Bombers have to go to the West Coast, especially on no rest, but at least they don’t have to see the Angels on this trip. In my dream post-season we don’t have to see Boston Or Anaheim. Yeah, right…and then I wake up. GO YANKEES!!!

  5. scofid

    I hope CC likes September as much as he likes July and August! It was a great performance! With 11 runs to back him up, we can accept one bad pitch on the night! Hopefully, Andy will continue his recent streak of success and not revert to early season up/down form. I saw that Joba is going to start Sunday after all. So, I wonder if that means Gaudin’s start is off or if he’ll pitch instead of Mitre? Either way, I can’t say that I am very excited. Go Yanks!


  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    O-kaay…Lady Diane, since you asked, this is for you…I wasn’t planning to torture other bloggers with yet ANOTHER tune, but since today’s my last sure day to post for awhile, here goes…I was groovin’ to Asleep At The Wheel this morning, so, to the tune of “Route 66″…
    “If you ever see ’em travel west…
    Flyin’ high in the standings, that’s the best…
    Get your kicks with Big Yankee Sticks!…
    Let’s go thru Seattle…win another battle…
    Keep the bats hot so
    They survive Gaudin and Sergio…
    Give you this hot winning tip…
    For our Oakland, California trip…
    Get your kicks with Big Yankee Sticks!”
    Well, let’s hope that holds us until we get into the Belly of the Beast in the east…told Jersey Bob (fellow pessimist) today that anything better than 5-5 on this Western-Eastern Swing would be gravy, but you know how men are lying…when they move their lips! Get ’em, boys!!

  7. redstatebluestate

    Yes, I would say the diagnosis on Jeter is GOOD. Wow. He’s havin’ some kind of year. I usually don’t bring up my fantasy baseball teams around these halls, but I picked up Jete in the 9th round as my SS and he’s turned out to be one of the smartest moves I’ve ever made (I got Damon in the 14th), and uh, yeah, I’m killin’ the competition. See, I’m not all anti-Yankee. Just most of the time 🙂

  8. redsoxmelissa

    Congrats on your win, I have to admit it was a spanking. (At least it wasn’t to us Red Sox again!)

    CC Sabathia had a great performance, and even without A-Rod your team did really good.

    Hopefully the Red Sox can do the same to the Rangers tonight!


  9. devilabrit

    yeah yeah yeah … another win, dont you get bored of winning all the time…. hahaha… as if right…. good outing by CC… got to try and keep the race close for fun September ball…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  10. PAUL

    That’s an awkward spanking position. He looks like he’s spanking the middle of her back. He should be holding her in place with his right hand and spanking with the left, depending on his dominant hand.
    Oh, and what’d you think of what happened to poor Adrian Beltre?

  11. southernbelle

    Jane: I too hope the Yankees “save” their offense for Mitre and Gaudin. Since they are going to start soon, taking the first game of the series was very important. Thank God we did. And the Red Sox lost, so we are back to 6.5 up. Nice. I really really REALLY hope Chad Gaudin does well on my b-day! -Virginia
    PS: Gaudin used to have a red goatee, the same color hair as Annie!

  12. Jane Heller

    “Early season Wang flashbacks,” rocklandyanks. Oh, no! That’s too scary. Sounds like it was too scary for Girardi too, if he’s decided to start Joba this weekend instead!

    Len, there’s no such thing as a boring Yankees win for me. Blowouts are my favorite kind of game, because I can just relax instead of going into cardiac arrest. LOL.

    FBC, your weekend series against the Rangers should be plenty exciting. I know I’ll be watching with interest, since it’ll be on before Yanks-Mariners.

    I’m with you, Diane. I get especially nervous when the Yankees make this west coast road trip, so last night’s easy victory was a treat. Whew. That’s one under our belt. And the best part of the trip is that we don’t have to face the Angels. Yay!

    I’m wondering about the pitching too, Scott. I’d use Gaudin or Mitre as the long man should Joba get into trouble during his start or if Mitre starts the other game and is gone by the 5th. You can’t have too many arms, as they say, but in this case it’s especially true! Where is Aaron Small when we need him?

    “Get your kicks with big Yankee sticks.” Oh, Dave. You’ve done it again. Thanks for leaving us with that line. LOL!

    Jeff! Wow! Was that a compliment about the Yankees? Well, about one Yankee? I’ll take it and treasure it forever.:)

    It was a good win, Melissa, especially without A-Rod. I hope he’s not out of the lineup for long, but it was very satisfying to know the team can score all those runs without him. Your series against the Rangers should be a battle of the bats!

    Last night they were just a powerhouse, Cat. There wasn’t much drama, but that’s fine with me. I loved the outcome!

    Peter, I never get bored with winning. Nope. Not for one second!

    Ah, yes. Pitching is important too, Erin. What a concept, huh?

    Poor Beltre is right, Paul. A “contusion in his testicle?” OUCH.

    I saw a pic of Gaudin with that red Annie hair goatee, Virginia, and the first thing I thought was….He’s gonna have to shave it off if he’s a Yankee. I hope the whole team does well on your birthday!

    Thanks, Jenn. And a spanking is just what the Yanks gave the Mariners last night. I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance tonight, but I’ll take a win however it comes.

    Funny that Amy has Annie hair, Ginny. Now the question is….Can she sing “Tomorrow?”

  13. raysrenegade

    You guy be good to my buddy chad Gaudin.
    If I hear of any BS, I am taking it straight to the source….you for an answer. ( lol)
    Seriously, the guy has some deceptive stuff and should do great in pinstripes.
    I never thought he would wear them, but after seeing him in the Cubs stripes during the beginning of Spring Training. Never say never.
    Wasn’t sure which Seattle would show up Thursday night, but I guess we got our answer soon enough.
    do not be decieved by them, they are crafty devils, that is why they have that old trident logo hidden in their history.

    Rays Renegade


  14. Jane Heller

    I’m not deceived by those crafty Mariners, Renegade. Maybe they just gave it up last night so the Yankees would be lulled into thinking they could relax and they’re planning a sneak attack over the new three games. Haha. I’m hoping you’re right about Gaudin and he’ll pitch well in pinstripes. Right now I have my doubts.

    “Stay positive.” Good motto, Lisa. I’ll do my best…..even if Mitre gets pounded in the first inning on Saturday!

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