A Passion That Knows No Bounds

While the Yankees were putting together their workmanlike 7-5 come-from-behind victory over the Blue Jays, there was an actual public display of disaffection going on in Boston. When I saw this photo of the participants…
…the movie fan in me couldn’t help thinking of the old weeper “From Here to Eternity.”
So romantic. Be still my beating heart.
Back to the game in the Bronx, I was not feeling the love for Joba tonight. He put me through such anguish and torment. One minute, I thought he was Cy Young. The next, I thought he was Sergio Mitre. Pitching with a 3-0 lead in the third, he promptly allowed the Jays to tie the score on two walks, a single, a fielder’s choice and a double. And then in the fourth? Boom. A homer to Ruiz, a call-up from Vegas, to put Toronto ahead 4-3. Who are you, Joba? Do you even know?
As the Yankees headed into the eighth, still down a run, I started to growl at the TV. I mean, we weren’t facing Halladay and we didn’t have to deal with Rios or Rolen. So what was the problem? Why weren’t we scoring runs? Growl.
But then a hero strode to the mound. His name was Godzilla, and he was breathing fire.
(Whoa. How about a Tic Tac, Matsui. Seriously.)
Matty, as Girardi calls him, smacked one into the seats to tie the game at 4-4 and launch yet another Yankees late-inning comeback. Posada went back-to-back. Hinske doubled. Melky singled, scoring pinch runner Hairston (I’m really falling for this guy). And Damon singled. When it was all over, it was 7-5 Yanks and I was no longer growling. Quite the opposite.
After brilliant relief performances by Bruney, Coke and Robertson, in came Mo for the ninth, Talk about true love. But – shock – he gave up a homer to Encarnacion. He looked as surprised as I was.
Not to worry, Mo. You got the save and the Yanks won, and all is right with the world again. It’s a Yankees Universe and I’m just living in it.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    awwww… Yack wanted a kissy-kissy from the Detroit pitcher to make feel all better for his boo-boo. ahahahahahahahaha…. funny stuff, funny stuff….

    I was as shocked as Mo’ and you, but we won. At the end of the day, that’s what’s important, no?

    I should be cleaning my apartment, but I’m up, waiting for the stars, meteorite, whatever, shower to happen… it’s going to be 3 days in a row that I go to bed at 5am and wake up like 830am, not because I want to but I’m too stressed out.

    Anywho, thanks for your entries, they make me laugh! :0)

  2. Erin Kathleen

    It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good brawl, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Youk-Porcello wasn’t quite as good as Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura, but I’ll take it. I’m just surprised the last series in the Bronx didn’t erupt in fireworks.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

  3. lenn23

    I read somewhere that Joba might be rested for this weekend and replaced by Gaudin. Seattle doesn’t have a powerful offense but Sergio and Chad pitching on back to back days is not too appetizing!

  4. JQuist

    *I had to write about the Youkilis incident as well… I found it HILARIOUS, (and shocking,) that he’s the size of a football player, but somehow managed to get tossed to the ground. Talk about an embarrasing mound-charge…


  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Good Morning, Boys and Girls! Let’s all make nice (not like those Tigers and Ruby Red Hoseheads), and SING (to the tune of “Lollipop” by The Chordettes)…
    “Uppercut, uppercut…
    Oh, upper, uppercut…[repeat 2 or 3 times]
    Uppercut! Uppercut!
    Sweeter than candy — no lie…
    Yanks about to choke on some humble pie…
    Back-to-back taters, bottom eight…
    Gee, our uppercuts are great! (we love ’em)
    Uppercut, uppercut, oh, upper, uppercut…
    Uppercut! (POP!) Uppercut!”
    Yes, it’s good that they survived another Joba the Hut performance; maybe he needs another Weekend in Nebraska to recharge…but hey, even Mo fell victim to the Jet Stream last night, so as long as we can out-uppercut ’em, everything’s cool…and no fighting, children!!

  6. cheshirecat9

    It wound up being a good game but I was not happy with Joba either. Bruney did well though. It is always awesome to see Mo. There is no comparable experience to being at a game and hearing “Enter Sandman” start playing over the PA and seeing him trot in from the bullpen. The man is amazing.

  7. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Another great blog and another great win. Dschaub, I’m going to be singing your song all day now.

    The Sux used to only treat the Yankees like that…I guess they are getting scared. We used to call Kevin “You-kill-us” but not this year.

    My husband watched the Yankees win but my daughter and I went to the Coliseum to see “American Idol”. I got there about 2 hours before the show and got two tickets, right next to the stage, five rows from the floor for a total of $60.00!!! And the show was incredible.

    Happy the Yankees are playing this afternoon because we are going to Jets training camp at Hofstra tonight. What a wonderful “stay-cation” we’re having.

  8. peggy3

    Listen up the “not happy with Joba” crowd. Joba is 23 with ONLY 150 innings in the minor leagues. Most pitchers come up around 25 with anywhere from 300-500 innings in the minors. He is still finding himself but the one thing we know is that he HAS IT !! We saw that with some of his great performances such as the first 3 after the break, his 10-0 game against Pittsburgh and that amazing game against Beckett in Boston. Most players have ups and downs their first year or two..especially pitchers. Have a little patience because in the long run I think Mr. Joba is going to be a force to reckon with in years to come. This messing around with innings probably weighs on his mind too…not knowing if he will be starting every fifth day or will it be every seven. Very confusing for any player let alone a young guy. Support Joba because some day you most likely will be VERY happy you did.

    Nothing better than seeing Youk (or Yuck as I call him) flat on the ground…you go Porcello !!!

    ds …very good with the uppercut, uppercut ditty… :o)

    Finally …I was lucky to be at the game and witness ANOTHER fantastic come from behind win. As John Sterling says “back to back…belly to belly” Gone-zilla hits one then Jorge juiced one (although I’m not sure I like that hr call that much …too PED sounding ..lol). This year has been a very fitting way to break in the new Yankee Stadium. So many dramatic moments and it isn’t over yet ….hopefully not till the final game in October with a Yankee Championship #27.

    My daughter and her b/f are using my tickets for today’s game since I have to work ..I hope it’s as exciting as last night.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  9. raysfanboy

    Wow, a little more animation here than I’m used to. Fun to look at AND to read. Love the Godzilla animation, though. I remember watching that “in the day.” You Yanks are just leaving us all behind, aren’t you. I’m just impressed daily by how “workmanlike” you guys are. You go out, take care of business, and get ready for the next day. Those are things I wish my team could adopt a little more.

  10. southernbelle

    Jane: I’m really glad you enjoyed those Melky moments. I’m glad the Yanks won for Melky. What a game! Drama, drama, drama! I gave the Yankees a new nickname: “The Drama Club.” I think it is brilliant. I’m gonna start saying it.
    I’m glad Porcello make Pukilis look like the idiot he is! -Virginia

  11. ladyjane303

    Another winner, Jane – where do you find those cartoons? If Joba’s next turn is skipped, maybe he should head back home for a couple of days – a little off-time with his son certainly helped him after the All-Star break. The stadium was rocking in the 8th and 9th last night, and seeing Mo jog in is always a thrill – his expression after the home run was priceless! Love that the win was a combination of small ball and big bangs. Jeter really in a groove right now. As for the brawl in Boston – it made for some big laughs in my section as we were looking at it on someone’s i-phone. Heading out on vacation – I know I leave the boys in good hands with all of you…….

  12. Jane Heller

    Let us know if you see any meteors, latinyankeerebel. And take pics! Glad the blog is perking up your spirits (even a little).

    “From Here to Enmity.” I like it, Levelboss!

    I liked the one with Farnsworth in it, Erin. Which team were they playing? Not the Twins, right? I’ll never forget when Farnsy picked the guy up!

    I feel the same way, Len. Seattle is not a team to take for granted. They’re very scrappy, and Ichiro just kills us. Mitre and Gaudin do not inspire confidence.

    I guess 7-5 was the score of the evening, Peter. Fortunately, there were no physical fireworks at Yankee Stadium, although we’ve done some brawling with the Blue Jays. I remember one game in ’07 very well since I was at the Rogers Centre while it was going on!

    Thanks, Cat. It was touch and go, but the boys did their usual comeback dance.

    I think mound charges are scary, JQuist. And I’m only entertained if no one gets hurt, which is usually the case with baseball brawls. I love hockey, but it’s the fighting that turns me off to the sport.

    You never know what’ll happen when you miss a game, Jen. But I guess we were due for a brawl. There have been a lot of plunkings this season, but not many outright takedowns.

    Nice song, Dave! You should have your own golden oldies radio show. I don’t think it was the jet stream that victimized Mo. I think he just threw one over the plate and paid the consequences. He wasn’t as sharp as usual.

    Glad you got to see a win last night, cheshirecat. As for “Enter Sandman,” every time I hear even the beginning of the song I get as excited as the first time. Just the thought of Mo coming into a game is a treat.

    Diane, you should chronicle all the things you’ve done this summer during your “stay-cation.” I feel like such a slacker compared to you!

    Yankeesfan27, if you’re talking about posting videos, you need to copy and paste their embed codes.

    That game must have been very exciting to witness in person, Peggy, especially the late innings. Sorry you can’t go today, but at least your daughter will have the pleasure. As for Joba, I’m certainly not giving up on him. But I find him frustrating to watch. There’s so much potential. Hopefully, he’s learning with every outing.

    Baseball is entertaining, that’s for sure, Jeff. Tempers flare and uh-oh.

    Sorry I got carried away with the gifs last night, raysfanboy. LOL. I didn’t have time to do a video and wanted to try something different on the blog, so I ended up with stuff that moved! The Yanks do seem to work their way through a game, not getting ruffled or panicked when they’re down in the late innings. This is something I didn’t see from the team last year, so it’s heartening.

    The Yankees are a Drama Club, Virginia. I just want all their dramas to have happy endings! Last night’s theatrics were the perfect example – and a great birthday present for your Melky!

    I’m glad you mentioned Jeter, ladyjane. He’s been the model of consistency this season, both offensively and defensively. I think having Tex at first base has given the whole infield greater stability. All good. Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  13. matttan7

    Joba Chamberlain may not be that great right now, but at least he didn’t give up too many runs. Mariano Rivera does get the save while coughing up a home run, he needs to do a better job keeping the ball in this “home run hitters” park. The Yankees are doing a good job keeping New Yorkers cheerful back home. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Matthew Tang

  14. 2yankeeboy

    Wow i have to say that parody of lollipop was amazing i think i’m gonna be singing that all day! I was laughing at youkillis when i saw that video i couldn’t believe he was so stupid! I thought his beard made him look dumber than he was but i was wrong!

  15. Jane Heller

    Mo always seems to have a slight letdown in August, Matthew. Not sure why, but it’s been that way for a long time. He’s still pretty amazing at any time of the season compared to other mortals.

    Dave’s lollipop song should be recorded, 2yankeeboy. Maybe he’ll do a YouTube video of it and I can post it!

    Man-on-man love in the grass. LOL, Jenn! Better go take a shower.

  16. peggy3

    I agree Jane …it is frustrating when he goes out for 3 games ….doesn’t waste a minute of time on the mound…hardly shakes off the catcher and pitches like the big ace he hopefully will become by throwing first pitch strikes BUT then he reverts back to the 5 minutes inbetween pitches Joba, looking like a bobblehead shaking off pitch after pitch and forgetting that he can REALLY THROW THAT BALL !!! Like I said ..the key is patience because of his lack of time in the minors and his age….I think in a year or two we will be looking forward to every game he pitches because we know the chance of winning will be very, very high. Also…if I’m right…I don’t think Joba even started pitching till his Senior year in HS. Considering everything he’s certainly come a long way.

    Let’s hope AJ keeps showing Joba how it’s done and pitches a terrific game today.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  17. redsoxmelissa

    “I was laughing at youkillis when i saw that video i couldn’t believe he was so stupid! I thought his beard made him look dumber than he was but i was wrong!”

    How was Youkilis stupid? He got a pitch thrown at his back on purpose. Would you be all easy-going if someone purposely threw a ball at your back? If you watched Monday’s game and last night’s game, you would have seen that this “getting hit by a pitch” had been going back n forth between the Sox and the Tigers. Youkilis has gotten hit twice by pitches in the series, and not once did the umpire give a warning. It someone was stupid, it was the umpires.


  18. Jane Heller

    You’re definitely right about the lack of innings Joba has thrown in his brief career, Peggy. He’s hardly thrown any, comparatively speaking. But patience? Me? Haha. I’ll try. I promise.

    Melissa, I think you’re right to point out that there was “history” between the two clubs and that the umpires should have warned them. I certainly wouldn’t be laughing if a Yankee got hit. But you don’t often see a player charge the mound like that. It certainly caught me by surprise.

  19. peggy3

    The stupid part about what Youk/Yuck did is that he will now be suspended and hurt the team. Of course …Lowell did pretty good after he was tossed so maybe it won’t hurt the team at all. Not only was he tossed from the game but Porcello did some might good tossing of Youk too… :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  20. Jane Heller

    I wonder how much time he’ll get, Peggy. Five games? Or maybe six reduced to five. That’s usually the case.

  21. Jane Heller

    Paul, that pic is downright Brokeback Mountain-ish!

    The payroll is paying off just fine at the moment, utleyeveryday. I just hope it keeps paying off into October.

    Thanks, FBC. I must have been an animator in a former life. I love images that move!

  22. ibleedpinstripes

    Hahaha, love the “From Here to Eternity” reference. That picture is eerily similar… Watching that fight made me giggle.

    Shaky Toronto series, but we got the job done. No real complaints here! I just hope Jeter’s okay. I mean, it’s not a big deal because I’m pretty sure he’d still play even if one of his limbs was amputated, but still. Hopefully our boys won’t be dragging from jetlag and Seattle won’t know what hit ’em!

    – Lisa

  23. Jane Heller

    I really hope Jeter’s OK, Lisa. A-Rod too. And Mo. Suddenly, they’re dropping like flies! Let’s hope none of it is serious, and we’ll keep right on rolling.

  24. adirondackgal46

    I think Youkillus shoud have charged his own pitcher and told him to quit throwing at the Tigers because they were taking it out on him…LOL.

  25. Jane Heller

    That’s the problem with these beanball contests in the AL, adirondackgal. It’s the hitters that take the brunt of it since the pitchers can’t bat!

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