Nobody Said Winning Wasn’t Exhausting

What. A. Game. 

I bow down to it. I can’t tell jokes about it. I can’t even show ballplayer look-alikes having to do with it. It deserves respect!
Both teams played like their lives depended on it. Beckett was nearly perfect. AJ was nearly perfect. The Red Sox pen shut down the Yankees. The Yankees pen shut down the Red Sox. Neither side could score a run, and I sat there in front of the TV doing this.
I was a nervous wreck and growing more so with every batter.
“Will we ever win this game?” I said to my husband after the Yankees failed to capitalize on two singles to lead off the 14th inning. (Amazing catch by Drew on Hinske’s line drive, btw.)
“Eventually,” he said. “But we’re running out of pitchers.”
In came Coke to pitch the top of the 15th; he retired the side in order. Then up came the Yankees in the bottom of the frame against Tazawa. Here’s how it went down.
Jeter: singled.
Damon: botched a bunt.
Tex: struck out.
A-rod: hit a walk-off homer.
Yankees won 2-0!
The Rivalry just gets better and better. One night it’s a wild and crazy marathon. The next it’s a classic pitcher’s duel. Who knows what Saturday’s game will bring, but I’m ecstatic the Yankees found a way to win. Somehow. Scenes like this just never get old.


  1. tingler

    Just right before A-Rod hit his two run walk off HR, I was just twitting that he will definitely hit a HR this time, and of course he did.

    You think this one’s gonna be on the all time classic?

  2. tingler

    Just right before A-Rod hit his two run walk off HR, I was just twitting that he will definitely hit a HR this time, and of course he did.

    You think this one’s gonna be on the all time classic?

  3. lenn23

    That game was exhausting as all hell! By the time this game was over I was ready to collect Social Security and receive Medicare. Every time the Yanks would come up I was pleading to the TV for hits. It was getting pretty weird there. That should count as two wins. I have to say that A.J. has finally convinced me that he can be a big-game pitcher. Need to get a bottle of something for the rest of this series!

  4. ooaooa

    WOW!!!! Not quite like I dreamed it up but I’ll take the results. Rhode Island here I come! I will be feasting on cooked Sox fans this weekend!

  5. irishsoxkid19

    This game was a tough one. Both teams, as you said, were perfect. Josh and AJ knew what they were doing, but they could only last so long. A-Rod and Jeter are classy ball players. Pitching to A-Rod in a game like that was probably the WORSE thing to do. Oh well, we’ll learn!!

  6. poohbear78

    That was one of the most emotionally exhausting games I have ever seen. Wow, I can only imagine how the players feel. I was ready for the proverbial cigarette after the game was done and was too tired to celebrate, rolled over and went to sleep.


    Jane – we were at ALCS 7 in 2003 which was the greatest game I have ever attended again, vs. Boston), but I think this was the greatest game I’ve ever watched.

    The loss was going to be devastating to whichever team didn’t win. For the first time I have to tip my cap to the Red Sox — they played it clean and the pitching in total was extraordinary. Even the pitch that ended the game was not a mistake. I don’t know if I would be this generous with my compliments if we had gotten the loss.

    In the post-game all the Yankees said the right things but I watched their faces in the dugout during the last couple of innings and they KNEW they were going to win this one. The pitching was brilliant and just enough better than Boston’s to take the win. We can be very proud of them.

    Watching the rest of the starters and those pitchers who had already taken part in that game was extraordinary – they are a team all to themselves and their unity may be the major difference in our team this year.

    We had a blast at the 70’s Disco concert which ended at 10 PM so we basically got to watch a full game thereafter. Thanks Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. junojen

    Unbelieveable game. Girardi did a great job of managing his bullpen last night. To come out there with Coke when he did – that was the clincher. We were all out of pitchers at least an inning before you guys.

    And our pitcher Tazawa – talk about being placed in a pressure cooker. The guy just got promoted to Triple-A yesterday and is called up to pitch last night?! YIKES. But he was all we had left, and I think he held his own. Until A-Rod…


  9. devilabrit

    Well it certainly wasn’t an easy win, that could have gone either way, but I think the Yankees had more chances to win it… worth staying up to watch… but then it all seemed to easy for A-Rod…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  10. peggy3

    WOW…I was at both games …the massacre on Thursday and the spectacular pitching duel last night. My stomach was in knots with every pitch because just one mistake either way would mean the ballgame. The 14th inning was a killer with that catch by Drew on Hinski and then Melky’s just missed by an inch shot down first base. The players were exhausted, the fans were exhausted but everyone woke up when Alex hit that ball over the wall. The Stadium was so loud both nights but last night it was finally the missing 10th man from the old Stadium. The crowd was in it all the way …the ovation AJ received as he exited gave you goosebumps. The crowd was standing for every third out ..trying to will the win. It was absolutely an amazing game by both teams …hard fought ….exciting with the Yankees FINALLY winning the battle. Let’s go CC & Andy …keep this going….WIN !!!!!

    I’m going to Fenway for the game on August 21st. My first time at Fenway for a game (I did the tour once). I’m very excited and my only wish is that I get out alive and live to tell about it…lol. It would definitely be nice to go there after we took four games from the Sox here and with at least a four game lead (hoping for a much bigger one tho’).

    I just hope we can overcome the Fox jinx today…we can’t seem to win when we play on that network. It’s bad enough to have to listen to the McCarver and Co. but losing really makes it miserable. Alex broke his homerless streak so hopefully the Yankees will break the losing Fox streak …


    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  11. ladyjane303

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! Amazing game – it takes a lot to leave you short of quips, Jane. Just one question – What the hell do they do for an encore? My blood pressure can’t take much more of this………

  12. yankeemeg

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a win!!! I had to drive down to Baltimore last night to pick up Jack and was hoping I’d be back for the 9th…and I was! Never thought it would go 15! Good golly! Last night’s game was the win of wins this season! And I can’t stop using exclaimation points!!! CC’s gonna eat “Deliverance Donnie” Buchholz tonight. No banjo will save him. Can’t wait for today 🙂

  13. mikeeff

    it was just about as beautiful a thing as one could imagine. we got to see a real classic that inaugurated the new stadium -in a year full of walkoffs-this was the greatest of them all–so far at least…

  14. Jane Heller

    Definitely a classic, tingler. And thanks for calling A-Rod’s homer.:) After every inning I kept changing positions in my living room, trying to find the “lucky spot.” Right before A-Rod came up in the 15th, I moved to the chair next to all my family photos and said, “Maybe this will work.” And it did! So now I have a lucky spot and will try it out today.

    AJ was tremendous, Len, especially coming off his last start. And I feel the same way about the game. I aged 20 years! I probably got some gray hairs too!

    You bet you’ll take the results, John. Rest easy on Rhode Island.

    Actually, Holly, I think pitching to A-Rod was smart, because he hadn’t hit a homer in over 70 at bats and was slumping. I think Tazawa was tired his second time out there and understandably nervous in his first major league appearance and just left one up. Great game by both teams.

    LOL, poohbear. I stopped smoking a long time ago, but it would have been sweet to light up after that one. I felt totally exhausted but satisfied.

    Me too, Letsgoyankees. Was that A-Rod/Lidge game on Fox? If so, there’s no jinx. Yay!

    You’re right, Diane. It was so much fun watching the faces of the Yankees. I loved the crowd’s ovation for AJ too and his tip of the cap. I feel so positive about the game that I couldn’t even nitpick in this post. (OK. Can’t help myself. Why did Girardi only use Hughes for one out? Such a waste. And Damon bunting? But I digress.) They made us proud indeed. Glad the Disco concert was fun and over early enough so you got to see Part 2 of the game.

    Jen, I thought Tazawa did a remarkable job considering he’d just been called up! He made one mistake and it cost him, but otherwise he was pretty impressive.

    Too easy for A-Rod, Peter? He was in the longest home run drought of his career. I didn’t expect him to have a walk-off at all, but then I guess he was due.

    My stomach was in complete knots, Peggy. It was fun and torturous at the same time! As I wrote on Twitter, intellectually, I love pitcher’s duels. Emotionally, I despise them. LOL. And you’re right about Drew’s catch of Hinske’s liner and Melky’s near-miss down the line. Both were heart attacks. Very exciting about your trip to Fenway later this month! Meanwhile, let’s hope CC was inspired by last night and delivers a great performance today.

    Exactly, ladyjane. What do they do for an encore? And yes, I was so speechless after the game that when I went to the computer to write a post, I had no quips at all! I’ll be back to normal after today’s game, I’m sure. 🙂

  15. Jane Heller

    “Deliverance Donnie.” You crack me up, Megan. On paper, it looks like a mismatch, but I’ve learned nothing goes as planned when these teams get together. Just please let them have a “normal” nine-inning game today!

  16. Jane Heller

    I was thinking the same thing about the new stadium, Mike. People were moaning that all the mystique and aura were left at the old place. I guess not!

  17. kozmo

    Classic win, an absolute classic. Mike Fierman called it the defining moment thus far at the new digs, and I completely agree.

    Boston has to feel like it’s been punched hard in the gut after getting trounced Thursday night, and losing on A-Rod’s dramatic walk-off homer. Good. With C.C. going today, and Hughes and Mariano not having pitched long last night, I feel optimistic. The bullpen was incredible, allowing just 3 hits and 2 walks in 7 1/3–outstanding work. Aceves was clutch, and kudos to Bruney.

    Classic win in the best regular-season pitching duel I’ve ever seen.

    Jason from The Heartland


    BTW, dschaub – The Trammps did both songs at the concert and they pulled at least a dozen people off the grass to dance on the stage behind them. They were better than I remembered. Martha Wash did “Its Raining Men” of course but she also did “Everybody Dance Now” — her voice is stronger now than it was in the 70’s. Finally, Tavares was all four of the original brothers and they not only sang their hearts out but they danced like they were 20 years old. These concerts are free and always outdoors and we bring our own chairs, etc. Well, last night there was no need for a chair because we basically danced the whole time these awesome entertainers were performing. When they did “Don’t Take Away The Music”, my husband, who used to be a DJ, went wild. It was probably the best show of the season. Sorry fellow baseball fans; back to the Yankees!!!


    Yeah! What a game!! I’m a little worried about A-Rod, did you notice he was holding his hip after they all hugged him at the plate? I hope that he will be alright and this will be the beginning of a streak of home runs for him. My kids and I played Yankees Scrabble again last night during the game – I guess it’s working!! We will play again today!! Let’s keep it going 🙂

  20. Jane Heller

    Best pitcher’s duel I’ve ever seen too, Jason. And best bullpen contest, pitcher for pitcher. The tension was SO high I almost couldn’t take it. I feel optimistic about today too (for me).

    I did notice when he held his hip, jihnyyanks. It worried me. The Yankees are pretty close-mouthed about injuries, but I guess if he’s out there today at third he’s OK. I bet he’ll DH tomorrow or get the day off. And please keep playing Yankees Scrabble with your kids!!!!!!!!

  21. southernbelle

    Jane: Totally amazing win. Many times, I found myself covering my eyes, too scared to watch, and yet I really wanted to watch. It was thrilling. I went to bed at around 1:00, and I was tired, but too excited to notice it. I just couldn’t stop thinking about the game. I was getting really excited that maybe the Yanks will go all the way this year. A.J. proved that he can pitch when it counts. And the Red Sox are slipping away! But there is a LOT of baseball left. Things can change. But I sense a special drive in this team. I know it is going to be a hell of an autumn this year!- Virginia

  22. ibleedpinstripes

    Talk about a pitchers’ duel! This was a pitchers’ war! I sat here shaking with anxiety every time a close play happened. I don’t think I’ve been so hyper/tired/anxious/jumpy/multitude of other things in my life. Crazy, crazy game. I believe I even made my share of distress noises. (Don’t ask questions, because I have no answers, LOL) After seeing that game, I wonder what’s on the table for this afternoon!

    – Lisa

  23. Jane Heller

    Virginia, I was covering my eyes, jumping up and down, changing positions, you name it. AJ really showed us something. He rose to the occasion and did his best, and he seemed genuinely touched by the crowd’s response to him. Very special team.

    I felt all those same emotions, Lisa. How could we not? Distress noises? LOL. I don’t think any game could live up to it, but I hope there isn’t a letdown today on the Yankees’ part. In fact, I hope their confidence is boosted by the win, as tired as they must all be.

  24. mattpeas

    me and my buddy Andrew, a huge Yankees fan, are going to the Pirates game tonight. he was supposed to drive but i offered instead. he was up to the wee hours as well watching his team win. he couldnt fall asleep after it was over either he was basking in the glory. he is exhausted today and i will be driving much to my dismay

  25. raysrenegade

    So I guess this blows a hole in the local media’s premise that A-Rod only hits homers when it doesn’t matter.
    That game did have a great Deja Vu movement to it like the one we had with the Red Sox on Tuesday night.
    Mentally right now Boston has to be in a state of denial over both losses.
    The fabric of their mental state is so ripped to shreds by just the exhausting paces of the last 4 games.
    If this was a classic Chinese Kung Fu movie, someone would be delivering a deathblow soon.
    I hope the next two game end in 9 innings, and the starters go long.
    If not, this might turn into a ugly scene.

    Rays Renegade

  26. Jane Heller

    That’s funny that your friend is too tired to drive to the game tonight, mattpeas. Sorry you got stuck with the job, but I understand why he’s feeling out of it. I am too!

  27. Jane Heller

    A-Rod was clutch all right, Renegade. Can’t argue with that at bat. And yes, I hope CC can go deep into the game to give the pen a rest. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing Swisher on the mound again.

    Thanks, Cat. I don’t know how you’re still standing. I’m exhausted from sitting in front of my TV. Going to all those games would send me to your hospital!

    Awesome it was, Johnny!

    Not sure who made the comparison, Paul. Did I miss something?

    I hear you, Steve. A very tough loss. I feel your pain, believe me.

  28. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    hey Jane, I just got back from camp a little while ago. yours is one of the first blogs I checked out since I got on the computer! And props for the win, it was well earned! Too bad I couldn’t have watched it, but maybe it’s better I didn’t.


  29. Jane Heller

    Well, the curse worked for the first eight games between the two teams, Erin. But I guess its power has worn off for now, which is more than OK with me.

    Welcome back from camp, FBC. Hope it was fun. You’re right. You wouldn’t have liked the outcome of the game, so it’s probably good that you missed it!

  30. ooaooa

    I have met the enemy and they are mine. Rhodel Island is now a “Yankee Blue” state!! Sox fans here have given up and await NE Patriots season.

  31. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe they were really giving up, John. They were just lulling you into a sense of complacency. LOL. Beware!

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