Melky Hits For The Cycle

What a job by the Melkman to knock in a single, double, triple and homer – the first Yankee in 14 years to do it. Talk about taking advantage of his chance to play everyday.
Congratulations to him and to the Yankees for salvaging the series in Chicago with an 8-5 win. What a relief to stop that frustrating three-game slide, although I had a feeling we’d get to Buehrle. Perfectos are a beautiful thing, but they come around about as often as these.
CC wasn’t a whole lot better, but he was good enough to keep the game close and allow Hughes and Mo to work their magic.
A few words about Yankees newbie Jerry Hairston, Jr. He was impressive! He made some nice plays at third, had an infield single, and laid down a terrific bunt that moved Melky to third so he could eventually come home with the tying run. All hail Hairston….
…who looks a little like Mario Lopez.
OK, maybe not. Hairston’s eyebrows are bushier, for one thing. They’re practically the size of his.
So now it’s on to Toronto for the Yanks and a well-deserved day off. How will they spend it? My suggestion? They should find a theater near their hotel and go see “Funny People,” the new Judd Apatow movie starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. I saw it today and loved it. Granted, I have the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy, but even the old ladies sitting in front of me were laughing. If the Yankees would see it, they’d lighten up and forget all about having to face Roy Halladay on Tuesday. Here’s the trailer.


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Good results today. Even though CC was struggling, he didn’t stop grinding it out. Offense was great all around. Overall not too much to complain about, thank goodness! Definitely a much-needed win and confidence boost. Hopefully we go into Toronto and take down the Jays without any problems!

    – Lisa

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’d have to think if the movie is called ‘Funny People,’ that it would somewhat humourous. I usually like Apatow movies, so I’m glad you gave it the thumbs up. I have to see it now.

    Lance Armstrong should present Melky with an actual cycle. I think that would be a nice touch.

  3. juliasrants

    To think Jeter and A-Rod have never hit for the cycle but Melky has! I know not all Yankee fans are fond of him – but maybe it was fitting that he hit for the cycle on the 30th Anniversary of Thurman Munson’s death.


  4. matttan7

    So much for labeling US Cellular Field the house of horrors, it’s now the house of a cycle as Melky Cabrera hit one today. CC Sabathia was on top of his game and the Yankees scored more runs with 8. That was a fun game.

    Matthew Tang


    We didn’t get to watch much of the game today but the results speak for themselves. I’m glad C.C. got the win – even if he wasn’t perfect, he was good enough. And the Perfect Pitcher didn’t last 5 innings. Its amazing that you can look at the stats and at the last outings and think you know what is going to happen and it frequently goes the exact opposite. I guess it is one of the things people like most about baseball — me?, I just like it when The Yankees win!

    My daughter saw Funny People yesteday with friends and said it was great — she wants to see it again.

    Let’s hope for a sweep of Toronto and please let the Sux start losing again.

  6. Jane Heller

    A definite confidence booster today, Lisa. CC did have to grind it out, but he made pitches when he needed to and gave us seven innings, saving the pen. I’m so relieved that they’re out of Chicago!

    I don’t know if Lance Armstrong follows baseball, much less the Yanks, Jeremy, but you’re right: It would be great if he gave Melky a bike as a cool gesture. And you have to see “Funny People.” Lots of funny lines to go along with the characters.

    Very exciting about Melky, Julia. He seemed really pumped about it, as did his teammates.

    I wouldn’t say CC was on top of his game, Matthew. His command was off and he struggled at times. But he was good enough to earn the win, deservedly, since he kept the Yanks in it. On to Toronto.

    That’s exactly right, Diane. We never know what will happen, in spite of the stats going into a game – one of the reasons baseball is so compelling. But bottom line? It’s always better when the Yankees win. I’m looking forward to Tuesday when we’ll have another test with Halladay. It won’t be easy but it’s doable!

  7. mattpeas

    I heard funny people was actually kind of sad. maybe not that “sad” but its not like other apatow movies. i heard it “makes you think” o well, still a must see for me. i bet its loaded with funny previews of upcoming films too

  8. scofid

    Melky’s cycle was pretty cool! He has definitely taken advantage of the opportunity, and that’s a great thing. Hairston was a good pickup, but I am still disappointed that Cashman didn’t do anything about the #5 spot in the rotation. I know that Hughes, Chamberlain or Ajax would have been too much to give up, but there was surely someone that could have been acquired without giving up the farm. At this rate, we’ll being seeing Kei Igawa in the Bronx again soon. Yikes! I saw Funny People, and thought it was great too. A good performance by Adam Sandler and the others.


  9. devilabrit

    Nice cycle, they’re always fun to see the reaction of the guy when he gets the final part…..and i would worry too much about Halladay, I think he was pumped up to much during the trading, he seems to have struggled his last few outings…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In


    Hi Jane,
    what a nightmare of a series, thank goodness I had tickets to see the Yanks win, perfect day, great seats and a cycle from Melky, at least CC kept us in the game, lots of Yankee fans at Cellular field, and of course the usual obnoxious Yankee haters, I only had to yell at one jerk for saying terrrible things about our Derek, anyway, still disappointing when we look at the pitching and say this is it ! Hairston did look good, especially at third……….Jane

  11. Kaybee

    Congrats on the cycle! That’s really cool. I think you’re really going to like Hairston. The Padres had his brother for a few years and I adored him. Those boys play baseball the right way. Love to watch them πŸ™‚

  12. redstatebluestate

    Hairston? Really? This is the guy to get y’all over the hump? I don’t buy it. Seems a lot like that Xavier Nady acquisition last year…. I’m ready for them to release him or put him on waivers… which is too bad for Hairston ‘cuz he’s a pretty decent player (not great, but decent). Cap tip to Melky. He seemed pretty determined there on that triple, didn’t he?

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: I love Melky! He’s freakin’ amazing! He is having a very good year, very consistent. Do you think he has any chance to win the Comeback Player of the Year Award? I think he does! But if awards were up to me, he would be MVP, and A.J. would win Cy Young, and if I was in charge I would bring Cervelli (my baby!) back up and he would be Rookie of the Year. But that’s just me πŸ™‚ Great win, great game. I really needed it. I threw my shoe just once when CC let the 3 run lead slip away, but that was it. -Virginia

  14. Jane Heller

    Mattpeas, the movie is more of an adult film than the others. It’s not sad, just more interesting.

    I remember when Hudson hit for the cycle, Cat. It’s a rare thing in baseball. And to think that the last Yankees to do it were Mantle and Murcer – legendary center fielders! Melky’s in good company for sure.

    You never know, JQuist. It could happen that Pettitte out-pitches Halladay. Mitre on the other hand….Glad he’s not pitching on Tuesday.

    I feel the same way about a pitcher, Scott, believe me. It’s hard to believe Cashman didn’t find a way not to give up the big guys to get Garland or even Washburn. But we’ll claim somebody off waivers. Let’s just hope it’s not Ponson – again.

    Halladay has struggled a little for him, devilabrit. But his “struggling” would be a good game for a lot of pitchers!

    How great that you got to go to the one game we actually won, Jane! What luck. Or maybe you brought the Yankees luck. Either way, you saw a good one. I hope you gave the hater a piece of your mind.

    I think Hairston will get a lot of playing time, Kaybee. He seems like a guy who can play many positions and give the big guns some days off.

    Hairston is a role player, Jeff, who’s better than the utility guy we already had. Nothing like Nady, who was projected to be in the starting lineup until his injury.

    Only one shoe-throwing incident, Virginia? That’s freakin’ amazing right there. I’d second Melky for Comeback Player. I’d written him off when Gardner got the CF job out of spring training, but he’s really played well and seems motivated to keep his job.

  15. Jane Heller

    I don’t blame you for being frustrated/sad/angry, tribechick. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my favorite players were traded, especially within days of each other. But the Indians sure bombed the Tigers yesterday (I think it was the Tigers) so they’re not down yet!

  16. crzblue2

    congrats on Melky’s cycle. You always find the appropriate pictures to go with your writing. I like the Blue moon!
    When I was talking with Wes Parker last year about his cycle (he was the last one to do it before Hudson), he said you got to also have luck on your side to do it.

  17. adirondackgal46

    Crap, the one game I miss and look what happens. Maybe I should not watch anymore!
    I am so happy for Melky, not an easy thing to do! Perhaps some of the magic Buehrle tapped into for his perfect game was left over and Melky found it!
    Jane, I have another look alike for you…David Ortiz and Esther Rolle from Good Times, what do ya think? I have some more but they are not baseball players, but they are into sports.
    Nervous about tomorrows game, Halliday has been struggling but he said in an interview that the stress of a trade was affecting him and his family, now that he is not going anywhere he might be more focused. I hope Andy is!

  18. southernbelle

    Jane: I’m glad you believe in Melky again. I hope they keep him. Isn’t his contract up at the end of the year? They have to keep him, or I’m gonna have a heart attack. Do you think they will? (please say yes) I remember last offseason I was a nervous wreck worrying that he would be traded for Mike Cameron, which was a stupid idea. I hope I don’t have to worry about him again this year. Melky is very valuable to this team, and I hope Cashman knows that. -Virginia

  19. Jane Heller

    I’m already on the Ortiz/Rolle lookalike, adirondackgal. I’ve got the pic lined up to post before the Yanks-Red Sox series. It’s a good one that came from Newsday. I’m sure Halladay is relieved about the trade stuff being over, but I still think we can get to him tomorrow night. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but the Yanks have faced him enough over the years that they have to know what’s coming. (Wishful thinking here.)

    He knew the minute he hit that ball that he was going for it, Dillon. Great base running.

    I honestly don’t know what Melky’s future is, Virginia. He’s really stepped up in Gardner’s absence and that has to mean something. But is he the Yankees’ center fielder of the future? I think it all depends on how Austin Jackson progresses in the minors. In the meantime, he’s got the job and he’s making us proud.

    I guess you didn’t like the movie, Paul!

  20. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    The Yankees had to win the final game of the White Sox series, and “they did” !!! … They had a balanced hitting attack, especially, Melky Cabrera hitting for the cycle … WOW, it was so exciting watching Melky slide into third base, then stand up, pumping his arm into the air, as everybody in the Yankees dugout gave Melky a standing ovation, cheering for “The Melk-man” and the “very rare” baseball feat he just accomplished !!! … A nice baseball moment !!! … Also, I agree, Jerry Hairston, Jr. was very impressive in yesterday’s game … His play so far is a very pleasant surprise; I hope Hairston continues playing well the rest of this season !!! … CC was not at his best, but kept the Yankees in the game until Hughes and Mariano closed out this “must-win” game !!!
    I look forward to this upcoming week: Red Sox vs. Rays; Yankees vs. Roy Halladay in Toronto; and, the big four-game weekend series between the Yankees and Red Sox at Yankee Stadium !!! … It will be “fun” … Playoff Baseball In August !!!
    Take care, Jane !!! … Enjoy the rest of your day !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  21. Jane Heller

    I never did either, Paul. Not really. But this movie worked for me. He plays a much more developed character than the previous ones.

    Hey, Jimmy. Yesterday was such a relief, wasn’t it? Great for Melky. Great for the Yankees. And now a big week coming up as you point out. I’m praying that everything goes well!

  22. raysfanboy

    Of all guys, Melky? Wow.

    Hairston, Jr. is the type of guy who does the little things. Every team needs on of them. The guy who (as you said) will bunt to either sacrifice or keep the defense honest. Who will give up life and limb to make a catch. Who will get the team fired up. He’s that guy. He’ll help you.

    I hope somebody starts helping us! We can’t keep beating up on these teams like the Royals. We’ve got to get the big boys. The Red Sox are up next for us. I can’t wait.

  23. adirondackgal46

    Ortiz & Rolle, its a good one, a friend mentioned it to me, must be where he saw it!!
    I know they have to have a day off but I hate not having a game to watch!

  24. Jane Heller

    You’re right about role players, raysfanboy. They really do help a team, and I hope Hairston can fill that need for the Yanks. Good luck in your series against the Red Sox. You guys will be beating each other up while we take on Halladay. Oh, boy.

    I hate not having a game to watch too, adirondackgal. I feel so aimless! Just a taste of what it’s like when the baseball season is over and we’re all wondering what to do with ourselves.

    Thanks, diamondgirl. Who knew it would be Melky who’d hit for the cycle along with the Yankee greats like Mantle and Gehrig and Ruth. Kind of amazing, right?

  25. raysfanboy

    Doesn’t look like any of us in the AL East get an easy time here. Wouldn’t have it any other way, I guess. We ARE the best division in baseball, after all!!!

    You mentioned that I might have been a little off in describing the Hairston, Jr. trade. I don’t think I was too far off base. I don’t think that Jerry has a big role on your team. If he does have a role, it is small and limited. Pinch hitting, a few defensive substitutions, veteran presence. Nothing major. You guys don’t totally need somebody big to take a big role. You have enough big names. Hairston, Jr. will only work out if he is ok taking a severely diminished role from what he had in Cincy. If so, you made a decent trade. If he can’t adjust, then he is a waste of a roster spot.

    Knowing him from his Cubs days, I think he’ll fit in well with you guys (unfortunately!!). He played just about everywhere in the small amount of time he spent in Chicago, making the most of what playing time he was given. So he might actually help (darn it!).

    Thanks for the luck against the BoSox. We’ll need it!

  26. Jane Heller

    I don’t think he has a big role either, raysfanboy. That’s why I was amused when you said he would help the Yankees. I guess we both mean that he’ll help the team but in a supporting sort of way, which is nothing to sneeze at. Every team needs guys like him. That said, he could be packaged in a trade and sent packing tomorrow for all I know!

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