Fun Finale At The Tropicana Club

Oops. Not that one.
As effective as Scott Kazmir was last night, Joba absolutely dominated the Rays tonight in the Yankees’ 6-2 victory.
He’s been brilliant since going home to Nebraska during the break. I’d like to know what they fed him while he was there, because he’s been a different pitcher since he came back.
No more shaking off Jorge. No more strolls around the mound between pitches. No more nibbling around the strike zone. He’s been aggressive, no-nonsense, focused. As a result, he only gave up three hits over eight innings – a memorable performance.
It was such a positive outing that I’m not even going to bring up the reliever who shall remain nameless, except to say he’s struggling and I don’t know why and he’s starting to remind me of guys who are no longer with the team.
I was fuming that Girardi had to drag Mo into the game in the ninth, but he took care of business in his usual it’s-just-my-job sort of way.
(Is there a stat for how many times he’s shaken Jorge’s hand after getting the final out?)
Jeter’s triple in the first inning set the tone, as did Tex’s single to drive him in. Then the home run derby kicked in: Cano (after fouling a ball off his knee – ouwww), Melky, Tex. The boys were unstoppable.
Speaking of Tex, on Twitter tonight I was kidding around with MLBlogger Yankeemeg about the resemblance between Jarrod Washburn and Kiefer Sutherland. Have you noticed?
Then we moved on to Eric Hinske (I kind of figured he’d play in this series, giving Damon or Swisher a night off from the turf) and how he reminded us of Kevin James.
I was trying to come up with a celebrity double for Tex and couldn’t think of one. And then Yankeemeg said, “He looks just like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.” And you know what? He does!
It’s easy to be lighthearted when your team is in first place and they just won a big series. Let’s see how jokey I am after the Yanks and White Sox go at it tomorrow night. I’d really like to keep the train moving, but I know better than to take anything for granted.
#4 train.jpg


  1. yankeemeg

    HAHAHA!!!!! Ok Jane, we have 2 players down. Now we need to cast the rest of the team!!!! The resemblances are REALLY scary! And I never realized how much Washburn looks like Sutherland!!! OMG! Poor Tex. We casted him with a woman. Well, ok. That’s a loose description. LOL. I’m on a mission now as a casting director. Thank you so much for the laughs!! Perfect šŸ™‚

  2. lenn23

    This was a great game! A great start with very good hitting. Nothing to be upset about. Except for that pitcher who started the ninth inning with a six run lead and couldn’t finish it off. I really thought he was starting to turn it around too. This trade deadline has me nervous though. Halladay could be a real game changer. Although I think the Jays would be crazy to trade him within the division or even the same league. They should trade him to the Cardinals to form a great pitching and hitting duo of Halladay and Holliday!


    Almost everything about last night’s game was positive – the bounce-back after a terrible outing, Joba going a full 8 innings and only facing 4 batters over the minimum, bats coming alive…The Boss must have been happy he chose this game to attend – maybe they played that well because he was there!

    I loved watching Tex provide support when Bruney gave up that HR – its that kind of team concern and comraderie that will take this team places. Tex’s amazing catch was also huge.

    I missed the first 5 innings due to my town’s next free concert but I was happy to see what I could and of course I was thrilled with the win. Boston lost although they almost came back in the 9th. 3 1/2 games up !!! Yeah!!!!

  4. matttan7

    Joba Chamberlain is the true ace of this team that game, let’s hope he continues this train ride of an adventure going. In my opinion, he should have pitched a complete game. Anyhow, it’s good that the Rays’ bats were kept in check most of the game, that’s a big plus for the Yankees.

    Matthew T.

  5. raysrenegade

    Joba was totally in his zone last night.
    We had our chances, but we did not capitalize on even the little ones until later in the game.
    BTW, when I was loving Brian Burney, it was a hoax to get Yankee manager Joe Girardi to put him in late in a ball game here.
    It worked, and we did not get shut out.
    Seriously, the Yankee defense made some amzing plays. Tex can leap tall building in a single bound. In this series along I think he grabbed at least 3 or 4 that would have gone over almost anyone else’s head at first base.
    It was a good series on the field. In the stands, that was another story.

    Rays Renegade

  6. letsgoyankees

    Wow, that Tex lookalike is creepy. They look exactly the same. Great job with the I Love Lucy reference, I love that show.


    Hi Jane,
    The Lucy and Ricky lead in was great, I think Joba’s performance was the best of the season, good hitting, a few too many guys left on base, but I won’t complain, don’t get me started on Bruney, I think Tex and Jeter should be right up there for MVP at this point and of course your Mo, going to the game on Sunday on the south side, always a little scary, White Sox are stumbling, hope that continues……..Jane

  8. popejonash

    It’s not just Joba who has been lights out after the break, but also Pettitte. The bullpen failed to strand a few of Andy’s runners last time out, but other than that he has been in beast mode. He is definitely a second-half pitcher, if such a thing exists. Ash

  9. peggy3

    HAHAHAHA….Jane I can always count on you for a good laugh each day. Your writing is enhanced by the fantastic pics you put into each post…toooooooo funny. Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day.

    As far as the game last night …Joba has been amazing. I think we should send all the players to Joba’s neck of the woods for a few must be something in the air or the water. What a turnaround since the All Star Break. He is acompletely different pitcher. After the sloppy game thenight before this team proved it’s definitely championship caliber by coming out and winning this way …showing that one bad game doesn’t mean a thing…just a off day which happens to the best of teams. I was disappointed with Bruney because he was showing signs of the “old” Bruney.
    Maybe this is just a hiccup for him too….I certainly hope so.
    Superman ..err I mean Mo just does his thing as always.

    I can’t stand NOT going to a game this long road trip. I have two games with Boston tho’ …can’t wait till the boys are back in town.

    Diane …I went to the 5th Dimension show but wasn’t too thrilled with it. Flo was the only original and they did way too many songs from other artists. I only wish Marilyn McCoo was there…she WAS the Fifth Dimension. I don’t know if it was because we were way in the back but the harmonies didn’t sound that great either. It was ok but I’m happy I didn’t pay to see them. I think the only other show on LI I’m going to be able to make is the Lovin’ Spoonful next Wednesday. I’m going to Coney Island end of August to see Donna Summer too.

    Chicago, Chicago a wonderful town but New York, New York
    is BIG CITY…go get ’em Yankees !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  10. ladyjane303

    HAHAHA – Tex and Rachel Maddow – genius!
    Great game, great Joba. I have faith that Bruney will come around. Not looking forward to facing Buerhle on Sunday.

  11. Yankees Reality Check

    Oh man, that gallery of ex-relievers is nightmare fuel for sure! Loving that Joba is responding to my inner den-mothering. And when Tex made that leaping catch, I actually thought to myself in a totally serious way, “He really is a superhero, isn’t he?” I had been trying to figure out who he looked like for a while now (besides my brother-in-law). You and Yankeemeg hit it right on the nose!


    Hoo boy…such fun!…dare not say much when things r goin’ SO good…too stupid-sticious about it!…sometimes a young athlete just needs to go home for a little while, during the season if need be, see how things have changed (and haven’t), and they come back recharged. Alex Ovechkin did that for our Caps hockey team early last season, and BOY did that pay dividends…! Saw the game only in fits and starts (when the Bosox are losin’ and the Yanks are winnin’ it’s not PC to focus on it ’round here), but loved all the stuff, like more Amazing Tex…his ‘Tex Message’ was a great statement…and your pix…honestly, my 1st thought that was Jack Bauer’s face superimposed on Washburn! And Rachel-Tex? Ay yi yi…Victor/Victoria?!? Don’t ask!!!

  13. popejonash

    Hi Jane -Remember that question you asked?(Is there a stat for how many times he’s shaken Jorge’s hand after getting the final out?)Well, because I am unemployed and because I am a stats monster, I did a little digging for you. Now, it doesn’t answer it entirely, but after going through box scores for the last 15 years…Mo has played in 894 regular season games for the Yankees, finishing 752 of them and recording the save in 511 of them. Of those 511 saves, Posada has been Mo’s catcher 341 times.There have been 17 different Yankee pitchers who have been behind the plate when Mo has recorded a save. They are:Joe Girardi (73)Jim Leyritz (2)Jorge Posada (341)Mike Figga (1)Chris Turner (2)Joe Oliver (4)Todd Greene (5)Alberto Castillo (3)John Flaherty (33)Kelly Stinnett (2)Sal Fasano (1)Wil Nieves (1)Jose Molina (25)Chad Moeller (4)Ivan Rodriguez (7)Francisco Cervelli (6)Kevin Cash (1)Enjoy :-)Ash

  14. sharonyankeefan

    Hi Jane–love your Yankee she-fan stuff! Just got back from Philly visiting my granddaughter; everyone’s a Philly fan but I caught a Yankee game on YES in NJ and listened to rest on MLB audio; now back home and watching all Yankee games. What a great July and loving it! Would be great to get another pitcher but it’s been awfully quiet so far. After Joba’s great game, I can’t imagine they’ll shut him down when he reaches the mystery innings count, but that would be bad. Go Yankees!

  15. Jane Heller

    Megan, we need to come up with lookalikes for the others. So let’s get working on Pettitte. There has to be someone who looks like him!

    The Dodgers will start winning again, Cat. Don’t worry. They have a great team and they’re just going through a rough spell. As everyone keeps telling me, it’s a LONG season. I still love my jersey.

    A great game indeed, Len. And Halladay and Holliday would make an awfully good duo for the Cardinals.

    Diane, you’re so right about Tex’s defense. That leaping catch he made in the third on Navarro’s liner was sensational. He’s such a complete player it’s crazy.

    I would have enjoyed watching Joba try to pitch a complete game, Matthew, but he’s on a pitch count/innings limit and he was just over 100 pitches when he left in the eighth. So they were just being smart by taking him out.

    Maybe Washburn/Sutherland are related and don’t know it, diamondgirl. Somebody should ask Donald Sutherland what he knows. Hm.

    Joba was dealing, Renegade. It was one of those nights. I thought maybe the Rays would come back in the ninth, given all their miraculous comebacks lately, but it was not to be. I agree that Tex is a wonder. I don’t know how the Yankees got as far as they did with Giambi at first. I shudder at the memory.

    I was looking for video of Lucy at the Tropicana, Letsgoyankees, but YouTube only had long, boring ones so I went with the pic. Glad you liked it.

    Tex and Jeter would be great candidates for MVP, Jane. I’d certainly vote for them at this point in the season. So you’re going to the game in Chicago on Sunday? I hope you bring the Yankees better luck than I do!

    It was a very good job by Joba, Kylie. He was the best I’ve ever seen him since he became a starter.

    So true about Pettitte’s last start, Ash. I’m hoping he’ll give the Yankees more of the same tonight – seven good innings is all I ask!

    Just be glad Joba won’t be facing your White Sox, Jeff. If he pitched against them the way he did last night, it wouldn’t be pretty! Meanwhile, I’m nervous about facing Buehrle on Sunday. Yikes.

    Peggy, what a good idea. Maybe the Yankees should send Bruney to Nebraska and he’ll come back with the same magic that Joba did. It was a very good bounce back game after the sloppiness of the night before. Now on to Chicago. I’m not wild about these long road trips, but as long as the Yankees win games, I guess they’re not so bad.

    Buerhle scares me too, ladyjane, but he has to be due for a bit of mortality, doesn’t he? Meanwhile, it’s one game at a time starting with tonight!

    Yes, Joba responded to your den-mothering, YRC. What else could it be? So Tex looks like your brother-in-law? Get his pic and I’ll post it!

    Sorry you didn’t get to see the whole game, Dave. It was very well played. You do walk a fine line in your household, don’t you.

    Wow. Ash. You’re a stats monster all right. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories of pitchers along with the info. Somebody should hire you immediately!

  16. devilabrit

    It’s always nice when your at the top and winning more than the 2nd and 3rd place teams…. the celeb matchups are good, amazin I guess how somewhere there is always one celeb matchup with everyone almost…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  17. Jane Heller

    July has been amazing, sharonyankeefan. I hate to see it end. And I, too, am wondering what will happen with Joba when he reaches that mysterious moment when he’ll be plucked out of the rotation. Clearly, with Wang not coming back and Mitre not a given, we need another arm. But for now, I’m a happy camper.

    Beating a division rival is always sweet, devilabrit, especially when it’s the Rays in their stadium, which has been a tricky place to play. Do we all have a celebrity double? Maybe if we look hard enough.

  18. peggy3

    Just heard the news …all over the place….Manny & Ortiz named on the 103 list …it’s supposedly official. Red Sox loving ESPN is even reporting it. It really isn’t that big of a surprise to me. The only two names that would shock the heck out of me would be Jeter and Mo….I might give up baseball forever if their names were ever on it.

    Gee ….I wonder how those names never made it on the Mitchell (who’s involved with the Red Sox) Report. I’m just happy that the Sox fans can’t be all sanctimonious about Alex anymore. :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  19. Jane Heller

    Can’t say I’m surprised either, Peggy. And, sad to say, it’s just the beginning of another round of revelations. Ugh.

  20. southernbelle

    Jane: This first place thing is great. Did you hear that Ortiz’s name is on the roid list? This is great. I smell a huge collapse for the Red Sox now. Once again, this is GREAT!! It’s scary how Tex looks like Maddow. I don’t think he would be thrilled to hear that! -from Virginia

  21. ibleedpinstripes

    I’m happy for Joba. It’s about time he gets to be himself and gets to dominate while doing so. I think anyone who gets in a funk should think about taking a trip to Nebraska, Major League pitcher or not. Apparently it’s the place to go.

    As far as Manny and Big Poppyseed, I giggled a little – but in the “wow-that’s-just-terrific” sort of way, dripping with sarcasm. I had the feeling that was coming for a looooong time. It was inevitable.

    And that Mark Teixeira/Rachel Maddow thing is just creepy.

    – Lisa

  22. Inside the Thought Bubble

    All aspects of the game really seemed to come together Wednesday night. Obviously, Joba’s pitching was absolutely nasty, allowing 5 baserunners and only 1 of them to get into scoring position. It was almost unfair to the Rays how good his breaking pitches were.

    The offense was good, only Cody Ransom didn’t reach base, and the defense really came together after a messy, sloppy game. The only glitch was that pop up early in the game that Damon lost but then tracked down. Teixeira got more air than Lebron James.


  23. Inside the Thought Bubble

    All aspects of the game really seemed to come together Wednesday night. Obviously, Joba’s pitching was absolutely nasty, allowing 5 baserunners and only 1 of them to get into scoring position. It was almost unfair to the Rays how good his breaking pitches were.

    The offense was good, only Cody Ransom didn’t reach base, and the defense really came together after a messy, sloppy game. The only glitch was that pop up early in the game that Damon lost but then tracked down. Teixeira got more air than Lebron James.


  24. Inside the Thought Bubble

    All aspects of the game really seemed to come together Wednesday night. Obviously, Joba’s pitching was absolutely nasty, allowing 5 baserunners and only 1 of them to get into scoring position. It was almost unfair to the Rays how good his breaking pitches were.

    The offense was good, only Cody Ransom didn’t reach base, and the defense really came together after a messy, sloppy game. The only glitch was that pop up early in the game that Damon lost but then tracked down. Teixeira got more air than Lebron James.


  25. Jane Heller

    Southernbelle, we don’t know the other names on the list. There could be other Yankees on it for all we know (please no). But I’m glad the heat isn’t on us for a change. Last night’s game was so great. I would love for the Yanks to keep winning. We need Andy to come through with a big game tonight and for the bats to do some mashing.

    It must be those cornfields in Nebraska, Lisa. “Field of Dreams” land. Whatever Joba did while he was there seems to have turned his season around. I was one of the doubters, so I’m eating a little crow right now.

    Tex did get more air than LeBron last night, R. Too funny! And yeah, that pop up to Damon was a little scary. John Sterling said, “He’s staggering around like he’s drunk.” But at least he caught the ball!

  26. crzblue2

    “Congratulations on the win! I knew that the Yankees would start winning. Boo hoo, the Dodgers were swept. I want to feel good when they finally win again. How are you Jane??

    By heartruss on July 30, 2009 1:48 AM
    this is a four game series.
    Wow! Washburn and Sutherland sure look alike. They film 24 down the street from me here in Chatsworth. They have NYPD cars in the parking lot.
    Congratulations on being tied with the Dodgers on the best record.
    I always liked Mo because he is from Central America like me and he seems like a nice guy.

  27. Jane Heller

    It’s nice to be tied with the Dodgers, Emma, especially when I think back to April and the slow start the Yankees had. Mo’s a great guy. Glad you like him too.

  28. luckylori

    I caught half of the game last night. Joba pitched a real gem. It got a little tricky in the 9th but Mo said NO! Love the Lucy pic! My girlfriends and I went to a “Loving Lucy” convention in Burbank some years back. It was a total blast and Desi Jr. and Lucie were there. We laughed for two days straight. I think I’ll go home and watch some “I Love Lucy” tonight. Nothing to laugh about in baseball today.


    Hey Peggy. I enjoyed The 5th D’s — they were very funny; that’s for sure (Who Let The Dogs Out — Puppy Love) — Last night was amazing — I won’t the best seats in the house so we got to sit on a sofa right in front of the band. Totally awesome.

    Jane, please tell me that the Bombers are going to take this series in Chi-town…this is a tough team and I’m a little anxious right now…or maybe I just drank too much coffee today. Anyway…as we say…………………………………………. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Erin Kathleen

    Rachel Maddow really does look like Tex’s younger brother. That’s, um, probably not a good thing. And somewhere, Tom Kelly must be laughing about the whole Ortiz steroid scandal. I guess “doing things the Twins’ way” wasn’t really his problem after all.-Erin

  31. Jane Heller

    I’m a total “I Love Lucy” fan, Lori. When I started writing novels, I always pictured Lucy as my heroines, getting themselves in and out of trouble and laughing all the way. She never disappoints.

    I wish I could tell you the Yanks will take this series, Diane. But they have a good shot the way they’ve been playing lately. So we must think positive thoughts, especially about Andy. He seems to be comfortable with Molina catching, so I hope he goes deep into the game.

    I wondered what you and other Twins fans would be thinking, Erin. It’ll be interesting to see which way he goes with the media now: press conference, Peter Gammons or written statement.

  32. adirondackgal46

    I love your sense of humor and the way you find the right pictures to entertain us. How much time do you spend looking for pictures? Good job…love your style.
    Your celebrity look a likes are right on. Tex and Rachel is a riot! Being a long time and loyal Andy fan (even when he went to Houston) I have always thought him and Ray Romano kinda looked alike. I’m not as good as you guys at it but just MHO.
    Who do you think will end up with Halliday or do you think he will stay put?

    Go Yanks! Go Andy!

  33. Jane Heller

    Adirondackgal, I just posted your Pettitte-Romano suggestion. Check it out! And yeah, Swisher redeemed himself – to no avail. Sigh.

    Yes, I was happy last night, Ginny. But I’m not so happy at the moment after the Yanks lost to the White Sox. Grrrrrrr.

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