Too Late To Post Something Excellent

Just got home from the three-hour drive down to Dodger Stadium. The good news? The Yankees won again – their eighth “W” in a row – by beating the A’s 8-3. The bad news? The Dodgers lost to the Marlins. I feel awful for Cat of Cat Loves the Dodgers, since she was instrumental in getting me down to see the Dodgers in the first place, plus she outfitted me with a Dodgers jersey that fit me perfectly. (I’ll post a pic tomorrow.) Could I be a jinx? I’m 0-for-2 in games I’ve attended this season. Maybe I should stay away from the ballparks altogether. On the other hand, I had a great time tonight. The Dodgers have a terrific organization and they make the fan experience a memorable one. I did clutch when I saw Torre standing there in the dugout, then making his way to the mound with that same peg-leg walk he always had with the Yankees. Sigh. But I got a big laugh when my buddies on Twitter said they saw me on TV with my husband Michael. Our seats in the Dugout Club were fabulous. We were closer to the plate than the pitcher was.

As for the Yanks, sounds like Joba pitched another beauty and is suddenly becoming everything we all hoped for him. Melky, Posada and Jeter had a big night offensively. 
Lots to write about, but for now I’m hitting the bed. ‘Night, everyone.


  1. heartruss

    Good night Jane. Glad you had fun. I will recover from the Dodgers loss. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen often. Congrats on the winning streak your Yankees are having. It seems everyone else won: the Yankees, the Padres, the Rays, the teams that matter to my good blog friends. If only the Dodgers could have won. What a perfect night it would have been.


    My husband at I went out to dinner last night but fortunately they had the game on in the bar. As a result, we watched the game through a mirror image — very weird sensation to see the batter running “toward third”. Someone obviously told Joba to go ahead and celebrate when he felt the need. He did so on a number of occasions and I think it helped him keep going. I think he was at 84 pitches at the end of the 7th inning – that’s incredible for him.
    Boston finally one a game last night so we didn’t get any more space between us — I’d really like to see us sweep before we hit the road and hopefully the Sux will lose a couple along the way.
    Jeter made another milestone in his incredible career – he passed Ted Williams in total career hits — yeah, there are more than 60 players who are still ahead of him but the names he is passing now are pretty amazing.

  3. Jane Heller

    It would have been a perfect night, Cat. But as you say, it doesn’t happen often that the Dodgers lose, so hopefully they’ll bounce back today. They’re such a fun team to watch.

    Going to a game is so exciting, Julia, and seeing a win makes it all the more so. Have fun on Sunday.

    Diane, big milestone for Jeter. Congrats to him. And it sounds like Joba has learned that pace is everything and he needs to stay on the mound and throw strikes instead of wandering around and then nibbling. I’d like to win the rest of the games at home too, so we’ll have a cushion for the road trip. That would be big.

    That’s right, devilabrit. Your Phillies had an 8-game streak too. It sure is fun while it lasts. I don’t want the Yankees to ever lose. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeff, my outfit wasn’t very magical for the Dodgers, since they lost. Booo. But I really enjoyed the game. And if I’d known everyone would be seeing me on TV I would have paid more attention to my hair.

  4. Kaybee

    Cool, sounds like you had a great time!! So cool that you got to see Torre. By the way, I am finally reading your book, and it is soooo amazing!! I’m almost done, I need to finish today. Yeah, so that’s why I haven’t been commenting as much ๐Ÿ™‚ haha. Well, maybe. Anyways, I’m really enjoying it, and it was very well written. Some of the parts even stick out to me that could apply to my situation with the Padres right now. It’s very cool!!

  5. Jane Heller

    I’m so glad you’re relating to my adventures in the book, Kaybee. I think all of us feel the same kinds of things, no matter what team we root for. Lots of highs and lows!

    You should make the trip someday if you can, Dillon. It’s such a nice ballpark, and the Dodgers are a fun team to watch.

  6. crzblue2

    Sorry I did not get to miss you. I was sitting in the first row of the field level seats between home and Dodger dugout behind where Tommy sits. I asked Josh about you and he said he was going to tell you but I guess he did not see you at that point. After the 3rd inning I left to meet the train group as they kept calling asking where I was.
    Even if we lost we had a great time. Then I had my friends in the Top Deck that I had to go see. At the end we were all together to watch the fireworks. usually I do not stay for fireworks if we lose but for my train friends it was their first time and they looked like little kids applauding and enjoying the show.

  7. Jane Heller

    Sorry I missed meeting you too, Emma. Glad you enjoyed the game. We caught a few minutes of the fireworks and they were fantastic!

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