A Woman’s Work Is Never Done

Due to Thursday night’s long rain delay, I missed the game. I had to leave for the first session of the evening writing workshops I’m teaching with a writer buddy. (We’re “The Muse Madams” and you can read about us here.) So while I was sitting in a room with 12 aspiring writers and critiquing their work, I was dying to find out what was going on in the Bronx. Talk about having my head in two places.
two heads.jpeg
When I got home, I ran inside and asked my husband who won. He was watching highlights of Mark Buerhle’s perfect game, which had been so exciting earlier in the day.
“The Yankees,” he said with a big smile. “Their seventh straight.”
“Tell me!” I said.
Michael, who keeps score just like I do, went through an inning-by-inning recap of the Yanks’ 6-3 victory over the A’s. No, it wasn’t the same as actually seeing the game, but his storytelling was pretty damn good. If he’d been in my writer’s workshop, I would have given him an “A.”
The main plot points, as he explained them, were:
* CC overcame a shaky first few innings and gave up three runs over seven.
* Hinske, playing right tonight, hit an RBI single to put the Yanks up 4-3.
* Tex had a homer and three RBIs.
* Posada knocked in two runs.
* And Hughes pitched both the eighth and ninth, so Mo could have the night off, and was perfect, earning his first major league save.
Of course this team will stumble over the next few months. They’ve already stumbled. But they are so much better than last year’s model in every way. Yes, it’s upsetting that Wang seems lost for the season; I don’t know how the Yankees will replace him in the rotation over the long haul or what they’ll end up doing about Joba’s innings limit. And yes, it would be nice to get a healthy Marte back in the pen, plus an effective Bruney. But these Yankees aren’t going away. They just aren’t.
It’s late here on the west coast, so I’m packing it in for the night. Tomorrow afternoon is my trip down to Dodger Stadium. I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll be glued to my iPhone until the Yankees game is over. Once again, I’ll have my head in two places.
two heads.jpeg


  1. luckylori

    Your Yankees have bounced back nicely, I see! Our little sweep had no ill effect on them. (Yes, I have to find every opportunity to bring it up! heehee.) Have fun tomorrow and give Manny a BIG kiss! I’m sure you’ve missed seeing him at the plate!!!

  2. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Well, I fell asleep pretty early in the game so I didn’t know about the happy results until the news this morning. Saw decent highlights so all-in-all I’m a happy Yankees fan. Sux did not play last night but we still gained a half game with the win.

    Big headlines about the team reassessing how they are going to work with the limitations they originally put on Joba’s innings limit. We’ll see what happens.

    Jane, the Turkey Hill ice cream is amazing but its kind of weird. It never really freezes solid like most ice cream. Its actually a nice feature from my perspective but its odd. Hope you can get some out there but I think its more likely for you to try in when you come to the right coast.

    Peggy – We didn’t watch the 100th episode of SYTYCD but we DVR’d it and will definitely watch in the next day or so. I’m sure its going to be great. The weather reports for early next week don’t look good for the 5th Dimensions or Grassroots concerts but we’ll see what happens.

  3. heartruss

    Jane, I think that it will be too difficult for you to multi task while sitting in the Dugout Section of Dodger Stadium. For one, you will be busy checking out who you will be sitting next to. It might even be Tommy himself. I have been lucky enough to sit near Ron Wuhl the actor and sports buff and Jon Lovitz. Ron is the funniest guy. He keeps me in stitches. And then there are the servers who will bring food to you while you are in those padded seats watching the game. My favorites are the Dodger hamburger and the fruit Kabob. So the idea is to eat early and then snack later at your seat. Then finish up with Chef’s choice dessert which might be bananas foster. I usually have frozen yogurt. My server knows what I like. You will be having too much fun. I would suggest…just for one evening, relax and have fun. You won’t be worrying about the score anyway. You can watch the Yankees on replay when you can devote all your attention.

  4. mikeeff

    Hey That reminds me of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book wait till next year. her father would come home from work and she would dutifully tell him the story of the game as per her careful scorekeeping. anyway – what wasn’t in the box score–they looked like thye were mailing it in for the first three innings while CC struggled and then- well then they figured this little rookie out and the door slammed shut on him in the form on mark teixeira and company. phil hughes is just a-MAZ-ing.
    you’ll see more of that no doubt 🙂


  5. peggy3

    7 in a row and I’m hoping plenty more to go!!! I was at the game last night…long delay but as long as they win it’s worth it. Tex is loving that second deck in YS…it should be named Tex’s Place because his homers visit it so often.
    It was so chilly last night …feeling more like the end of April then the end of July…I had to pay $20 for a beach towel to wrap around me (I wasn’t paying $50 for another sweatshirt). I’m in the Grandstand where you really feel the gusts of wind. I’m just happy after the long wait they finally got the game in. I arrived home a little wet but very happy. Tonight number eight would be great !!!

    Diane …I watched SYTYCD when I got home last night. I finally went to sleep about 2:30 am. Show was good …I’m
    so sorry seeing anyone leave at this point tho’…I really enjoy all the dancers. Mrs. Cruise looked terrific ….enjoy the show. I really hope the Fifth Dimension show isn’t rained out….just have to wait and see.

    Jane…say hey to Joe T for me…

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  6. cheshirecat9

    Have fun at the game tonight! Are you going to wear your Yankees cap or go incognito?

    I think tonight’s game is an important one for Joba. He needs to prove he can consistently throw good games. It will not be enough for him to pitch one gem then follow it up with 3 outings of wandering around the infield and throwing 35 pitches per inning. I hope this streak stays alive! Boston is going to start hitting again soon and it would be nice to be at least a couple of more games up on them before they do.

  7. raysfanboy

    You guys keep winning! 7 in a row right out of the All Star gate is impressive. And with the Rays and Sox faltering lately, you guys might just solidify a playoff berth before you know it.

    Of course, I’m hoping for a three-team race down the stretch. I feel better about 3 teams for 2 spots than 2 teams for 1 spot.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    My oh my…where to begin today? First up, thanx for letting us know about your other endeavors — always fascinating — then I read about Bones Howe, The 5th Dimension (who he did some production/sound stuff for, methinx), and the Grass Roots? Ay yi yi, my Musical Pitchfork (not my other one) is HUMMING!! Hope whatever concert that is is great…meanwhile, Da Bombers continue to make sweet musique, whether we see ’em or not…Tex seems to always have some kinda good input & influence in every W…and so, off you go to Dodgertown — bring that Fan Cam, s.v.p.! Be cool, wear a Yankee hat Just Because, and be sure you can get a Good View of that outa town scoreboard!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Lori, maybe the sweep by the Angels had a positive effect. I’d like to think it made the Yanks more determined to play well. So thanks to the Angels for kicking their butts!

    Diane, I’m not sure what Cashman will do regarding the rotation. Putting Joba in the pen late in the season and making an ace a starter sounds OK in theory, but I’d love a backup arm. There’s nobody in Scranton who can do the job except, dare I say it, Igawa????

    Thanks for the menu, Cat. LOL. I know one thing: I won’t come home hungry.

    I remember that part from Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book, Mike. In my case, it was my two grandfathers who taught me how to keep score, although if you saw the way I do it you’d laugh. It’s pretty amateurish. Yeah, those first few innings were typical Yankees versus an unknown rookie pitcher: paralysis. But they got it together and Hughes was, indeed, amazing. Looks like Tex has heated back up too.

    No can do, Jeff and Jenn. I never boo players when I’m the guest of his team! Bad form!

    Peggy, you’re a trooper. I’m not sure I would have sat out that rain delay, especially if it was cold and damp. Brrrr. So glad the wait was worth it though. I was so happy when I came home and found out they won. I will give Torre your best!

    I’ll be wearing Dodger Blue, Cheshirecat, in the spirit of my surroundings. But rest assured I’ll have Yankees garb tucked underneath. 🙂 I agree that tonight will be another big start for Joba. He needs to go deep again into the game. And I’d love to see us pad our lead, but it’ll be tough with the Sox playing at home now.

    “Solidify a playoff berth.” Wow, I like the sound of that, raysfanboy. I still think it’ll be a three-team race down the stretch though.

    Dave, you did your research! Bones Howe, the husband of my fellow Muse Madam, is a Grammy-winning record producer and all around great guy. The workshop was fun last night. I will bring the She-Fan Cam tonight and see what I can see at Dodger Stadium. Should be some interesting people there.

  10. PAUL

    Dunno if I’d have the patience to teach a writing class (or the skills for that matter). Not because I don’t wanna help, but every workshop I’ve ever been in has exhausted all my resistance to read some of the crud from would-be writers and scream: THIS IS CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!”
    How’s this sound? A post-season with both Chamberlain AND Hughes setting up for Rivera? They’ll hafta get another starter though. And I don’t mean Roy Halladay. Bronson Arroyo would be the type of guy I’m thinking of.

  11. matttan7

    Your thoughts are in two places? Wow, I bet your mind must be soaked after the Athletics-Yankees rain delay. The Yankees are undefeated since the All Star Break, I believe the only team since. Keep up the good work.

    Matthew T.

  12. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Strollin’ With Bones…to be honest, as an Old Old Musique Freak, the name Bones Howe resonated with me the instant I read it. As a dorky geek back in HS with nothin’ better to do, I’d read the fine print on my record albums, and this name Bones Howe kept turning up…with the 5th Dimension, The Turtles, The Association, a whole bunch o’vocal group faves of mine in ancient times. How wonderful to learn that he’s a great guy — so please tell him when you see him that he has some old rock’n’roll fans back east who came to learn that if his name was on it, that meant it was GOOD. But I can’t think of anything clever about beisbol for the moment, so I’ll just leave that to you!!

  13. devilabrit

    I gotto go with Jeff (RSBS) and the others on this one, not that it’s a good sign with the Cards in Philly this weekend.. enjoy yourself at the Dodgy Stadium but BOOO the hell outa Manny…….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  14. ladyjane303

    At the game last night – sat out the rain delay but tired out and left in the top of the 4th – sure I missed all the fun in the bottom of the inning, but made it home in time for the post-game replays. What was really great about last night was the HOPE week event for Camp Sundown, a special retreat for those with Xeroderma Pigmentosum, or XP, a rare genetic disorder that causes the body to be unable to repair cells damaged by UV light. These kids live by night, and had never been to a live ballgame before. They arrived at the stadium after 8, were part of all the usual mid-inning games, and after the game were treated to a carnival set up on the field. Many players stayed around well into the wee hours (the event wrapped at 4 AM) to interact with the group. This is such a special thing that the Yankees are doing, and you can see that the players are genuinely excited by it. Enjoy the Dodgers game, Jane – I’m sure you know the Yanks will be playing interleague out there next summer (can anybody say “road trip”?)

  15. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – Have fun in Dodgerville. I would be so into that kind of people-watching! I actually caught from the fifth inning on last night. I stayed up because I really wanted to see Phil Hughes pitch again. And tomorrow I am off to Yankee Stadium for the first time since it became new and improved (or something like that). Hubby (grudgingly) and I will be in the bleachers on a Saturday – nothing better than that!

  16. irishsoxkid19

    Have fun at Dodger Stadium!! If you see Manny, tell him that he is nothing more than a Dodgers version of A-Roid!! That’ll make me happy. And what Jeff said, don’t give into the Manny thing. I’m sure others would agree on this!! Oh and by the way, have fun in first, for it wont be like that for long!! I hope.

  17. ibleedpinstripes

    Jane, I had the same problem last night. Except I was at a friend’s house – a friend who is not a baseball fan. It was killing me not knowing what was going on, so I took a peek at the score… But only once. So then I came home and watched the encore until 4am. =)

    And as was said multiple times above, hope you enjoy the Dodgers game! Definitely do not fall into the Mannywood “hoopla” as Jeff put it. Be strong and do not give in! LOL.

    But anyway, last night’s game was the highest margin they’ve won in since the break. Hopefully they build up more steam and start pounding teams into the ground!

    – Lisa

  18. Jane Heller

    I could live with Joba and Hughes in the pen for the post-season, Paul. Talk about lights out. But Arroyo? Not sure about that one. And yes, teaching writing workshops can take patience, but I have to say that the group last night was pretty talented. I was impressed.

    I’m really glad Mo got a rest, Ash. I felt he was pitching on borrowed time there in the last game against the O’s.

    The Yanks have been on a great ride, Matthew. It would be fine with me if it never ended. 🙂

    Dave, I just forwarded your comment about Bones to him. Hope you don’t mind. I’m sure he’ll love it that you remembered his work in the music biz.

    Devilabrit, I can’t boo Manny. I don’t boo anybody except in my own house, in which case everybody is fair game!

    I wish I’d seen the players on the field for that Hope Week event, ladyjane. I’ve read about the disease, and I think the Yankees’ outreach to those kids/families is the best thing they’ve done as an organization. And NO, I didn’t know the Yanks were coming here to play the Dodgers next season. You’d better organize a road trip because we all need to be there!!!!

    Lucky you going to the game tomorrow, YRC. How will your hubby put up with it? He’ll go nuts during the roll call in the bleachers. Haha.

  19. Jane Heller

    Holly, I am enjoying the Yankees’ spot in first place right now, but I’m sure it’ll be a crazy roller coaster ride the rest of the way between our teams.

    Watching the game until 4 am is true dedication, Lisa. You put me to shame!

    The Yanks are doing great, tribechick. I only hope it continues.

  20. raysrenegade

    If you ever do a traveling workshop, I would be one of the first to sign up if you hit the South.
    Love your writing style and have been puzzled that mine seems to border on me and related stories rather than the meat of the subject.
    Hope all goes fantastic with the workshops and you guys put them on DVD and we see you late night from coast-to-coast selling them right next to Ron Popell.
    That is not an insult, but a compliment, it seems those late night things fly off the shelf for some reason.
    Wish our Thursday games was rained out……….arggg!

    Rays Renegade


  21. crzblue2

    Your are coming to OLOCR (Our Lady of Chavez Ravine!)!! great to hear! Part of our group from the train will also be there. The tickets were purchased by a friend from the group that is studying to be a priest so the tickets are from a group package from his church (the Cathedral).
    I have my season tickets in the Top Deck. I love it there. Tuesday I used the company tickets but is just not the same as sitting with my Top Deck family.
    Have fun and enjoy the game while keeping an eye on the Yankees. I know you have been there before.

  22. Yankees Reality Check

    I really don’t know how Hubby will stand it. Our seats are actually in the right field bleachers, so I know the Swisher Salute will put him right over the edge. I pray it’s not Hinske.

  23. Jane Heller

    Maybe we should tape our workshops and sell them, Renegade, although I’m not sure our students would like it. The whole idea is to give them a stress-free place to showcase their work and get it critiqued. Sorry you guys got no-hit yesterday, but it was one of those things. Destiny cannot be denied!

    Emma, I’m looking forward to the Dodger Experience. I’ve been to OCOCR before when the Yanks came for interleague a few years ago, but this will be another great time, I’m sure. Come say hello!

  24. crzblue2

    I was at all three games there with the Yankees. I was there also for all the World Series games against the Yankees in 1981. Were you there? I amazing how many I have met many, many years later that have told “I was there too” and how I could have run into this people that got to meet years later. If only we had the power of the internet then.

  25. Jane Heller

    I wasn’t at the WS games, Emma. I was still living back east then. Great time at Dodger Stadium last night. You guys know how to put on a show!

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