It’s Way More Fun To Sweep Than To Be Swept (Duh)

That nightmare series in Anaheim before the break seems like ages ago. Now, all the Yankees do is win, and every game feels like a party.

With their second 6-4 victory in a row (after having won three 2-1 games in a row), the Yanks swept the hapless O’s behind an excellent performance by AJ. I really look forward to the days he pitches and I get a kick out of his pie-in-the-face pranks. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m starting to fall for the guy.
Well, just a little. I mean, he wears a snarl most of the time, but then look at how he gives props to Swisher for making that great catch on Wigginton in the third. So sweet and generous and tattoo-y.
He could have stood there sulking, because Swisher inexplicably dropped Roberts’ so-what fly ball for an error to lead off the inning.
Speaking of Swisher, he’s an adventure in right field. One minute, he reminds me of this guy.
The next, he makes run-saving plays like these.
He even smacked a two-RBI single to put the Yankees up 4-0. I’ll give him this: He’s a whole lot better than the guy Cashman dealt to get him.
He told Kim Jones after the game that if he were an ice cream, he’d be rocky road.
Does that mean he knows he’s kind of nutty?
His answer does raise an interesting question: What kind of ice cream would you be? I spent the afternoon pondering this weighty issue (too much time on my hands) and decided I would be vanilla fudge ripple. I have no idea why.
Berken, the Orioles pitcher, was woeful in the early going, and allowed the Yankees hitters to jump all over him. I thought I’d be seeing an actual blowout. But the offense stranded runners, and it was maddening. For example:
Tex with two on in the 7th: GIDP.
Jeter with bases loaded in the 8th: K.
Still, no complaints. Phil Hughes, who is impossibly great as a reliever, threw yet another scoreless eighth. 
I was glad to see Bruney in the ninth, considering that he hadn’t pitched since early July, but what is up with him? He strikes out Andino and Roberts, then gives up back-to-back homers to Jones and Markakis? 
Clearly, he has more work to do. Or is he still hurt and not telling anyone?
The worst part is that Girardi was forced to bring in Mo for the fifth time in six games. He got the save (#510), but he needs some rest now.
Mo? If you’re reading this, there’s an extra bed at my house. I’ll make you dinner, massage your feet, let you have a nice, relaxing evening while the Yankees deal with the A’s. There’s just one thing: You’ll have to watch the games with me. It’ll be fun to laugh together at the various batting stances of your teammates, won’t it?


  1. flairforthedramatic

    I don’t know what is up with Brun but I’m refusing to criticize him. I like the guy and he’ll come around.
    I’m close to worshiping A.J. right now.. He’s been siiiick. His stuff is nasty and his badazz persona I can’t get enough of, lol..
    Swish is such a goofball. I love him. He’s made some idiotic plays in right.. but then makes incredible ones to further enhance his level of coolness.
    The team is on fire.. Another day with sole possession of first.. I like it.
    – V [ ]

  2. gopadres23

    At least your Yankees are winning and are in first. The Padres lost again to the Marlins and got sweeped. We’re 37-58 on the season so far. I just hope we at least win 70 games this season. Last season we went 63-99. Just trying to keep the faith. GO PADRES!

  3. Jane Heller

    I thought they were the best ones too, Ginny. Can you imagine earning a living doing that?

    I like it too, V. Nothing better than the way the Yanks are playing right now. Swisher is a total goofball, which is fine as long as he makes great catches more often than he blows easy ones! I hope Bruney figures it out. He was so close to having that 8th inning all to himself.

  4. ibleedpinstripes

    Can I just tell you that I sat here crying because I was laughing so hard at that video. Batting stance guy has officially become my hero. I think my favorite part had to be Derek Jeter and the guy behind the camera saying “That never gets old.” [adds video to favorites]

    AJ pitching his guts out + Swish in all his goofiness + 6th win in a row = Lisa + extreme happiness. Thank you commutative property of addition.

    And Mariano = a god. See my most recent entry for more details.

    – Lisa

    P.S.: I’d be mint chocolate chip, just because it’s my favorite. =)

  5. Jane Heller

    I know the Padres are struggling, gopadres, and it must be tough to keep the faith. But they’ll turn things around. You’ll see. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Good choice.

  6. peggy3

    I was at the game today …just as I’m saying that Swisher should sit and try playing Hinski a little more …he gets the hit and drives in two runs. Then he misplays the ball and I’m complaining about his fielding and he makes two great plays. I think I’m going to complain about all the players during the game ….we won’t ever lose … :o). I’ve seen two good games this week (Monday’s walk off by Matsui too) and I’ll be there tomorrow night hoping for my third great game of the week. I just love this team …they are playing terrific baseball and just having a blast doing it. Tex, CC, AJ and Swish have been the most invaluable acquistions we have made in a LONG, LONG time. They add such a new dynamic to the team both professionally and personally.

    I can’t wait for the game tomorrow …GOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!

    As far as ice cream ..I’m butter pecan …a little nutty…haha

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  7. peggy3

    P.S. I am also loving HOPE week. It is one of the most important things the Yankee organization has ever done. All the players and coaches are personally involved and truly seem to be enjoying every moment. It’s great to give money but seeing the smiles on those being honored when they are surrounded by Yankees is priceless. I am HOPING that they make this an annual event in Yankeeland.

    I’m so proud to be a fan of this team….I love My Yanks !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Peggy, if your complaining about the players during the games is bringing them luck, keep doing it! I agree that HOPE week is the kind of community outreach the organization has been lacking, and the fact that the players all signed up for it is a very positive sign. I would expect it to become an annual event, as the response and PR has been terrific. Enjoy the game tomorrow night!

  9. raysfanboy

    Very frustrating to see you guys continue to win and my guys inconsistently lose/win. 5 1/2 out is not the end of the world, but it took us 2+ months just to shave off 1 lousy game. This division is just too good. Makes you feel great when you win, and terrible when you don’t.

    Congrats on sweeping the O’s. You guys are really on a tear!

  10. Jane Heller

    Raysfanboy, I genuinely feel your frustration. This division is a bear. Any team trying to claw its way up and stay up is bound to have setbacks. Gaining ground is so hard. The Yanks have been on a hot streak, and I’m loving it. But the rest of the season will be a nail biter.

  11. crzblue2

    ahhhh, yes, Sweeeps are so sweeeet! Congratulations on your sweeep. We swept the Reds. The last game with Manny on the bench because he got hit the night before but…. he came in as a pinch hitter and got his first grand slam as a pinch hitter. Yeah, I know he does not pinch hit too many times. It was Hollywood style that on his Bobblehead night he hits it where? Deep into the area designted as Mannywood . Yeah, really! I am no kidding!


    I’m a combo — Turkey Hill’s Bronx Bombers Sundae and Pinstripe Brownie Blast. LOL.

    Didn’t see the game live as I was at work but heard bits and pieces of the highlights toward the end of the day. Was going to watch the encore game at night but we got hooked on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

    The footage of batting stances was cute but from the “Bucky F. Dent” comment I can only assume they are Sux fans — funny anyway.

    We are now 2 games up on those Sux — GO YANKS!!!

  13. peggy3

    Hey Diane …

    You missed two great plays by the greatest outfielder to ever play the game …SWISH !!! (wink). The Yankees won three 2-1 games in a row …now they have two 6-4 games…I wonder if they will win three in a row of those too? I actually don’t care if they win 10-9 or 1-0 just as long as they have ONE more run than the other team.

    BTW…I loved the Bronx Bomber Sundae…YUMMY !!!

    I watch SYTYCD too…great dancers this year …it is so hard
    to see each of them go. I really have no idea who is going to win it all. I think this if the first year I have no clear cut

    I’m going to start reading Munson today ..looking forward to it since I’ve only read terrific reviews about the book.

    IN FIRST BY TWO GAMES ….KEEP IT GOING YANKEES !!!! (I had to shout that out … :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  14. ooaooa

    Grapenut- its awesome! Sat right above Gardner in the Mohegan Sun black glass yesterday. Real interesting perspective. Wild place. Tell your hubby food was pretty good. Most people in seat area were Mohegan comps. The best of and worst of Swisher in one inning. Hope you get to do the Sun room someday. You would lite up the place.

  15. devilabrit

    I see the Yankees are putting together a nice win streak of their own now, all while the RedSox are in some sort of panic buy/choke mode….this is good for the Yankees…
    As we found out the problem with win streaks they end and more times than not in a manner that befits a field full of your first choice for Swisher….why do win streaks have to end…sob sob…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  16. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – great post. It’s true, there is something about A.J. (which sorta fits in with his Farrelly Bros. movie quoting). I actually love the tattoos. You know, I didn’t realize Phil Hughes had any, let alone four!

    Anyway – Swish is just Swish and that ‘s why I love him. I just think it’s a shame that people only think that’s ok when the team is winning. And just for the record: Lisa stole my answer! I’m definitely mint chocolate chip.

  17. peggy3

    Mo is actually from another planet ….Krypton I believe where all Supermen come from so I expect him to be around for another 50 years or so … :o)

    In reality …I don’t think we will have to worry about Mo for another few years …not at the rate he is going. I’m sure by then the Yankees will find a worthy heir apparent…but….there will never be another Mo on the Yankees or any team. When God made him …he threw away the mold.

    Go Mo !!!! Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  18. babsoh

    My son & I were also at the game. I was happy to see that Bruney was getting back to his old self, but after giving up that 2nd homer, the crowd started chanting, “Bring in Mo, bring in Mo!!!” How about it?!? Also, about Sergio Mitre–thought he resembles somebody–check out Fez from That 70’s Show–see what you think!!

  19. Jane Heller

    I hope they’re really, really worn out, Erin. But they’re young and frisky, and teams always get up to play at Yankee Stadium. I take nothing for granted since we lost to the Nationals.

    Very Hollywood, Emma. What an ending. You couldn’t write the script better than that one. And maybe Ethier should have his own ice cream flavor!

    Diane, one of these days I need to try the Yankees ice creams I see advertised during the game (the ones Michael Kay and the others eat in the booth). They don’t sell them in CA. But maybe they ship them? And you passed up an encore presentation to watch something else? Diane, Diane. Say it isn’t so.

    Peggy, you’ll really enjoy the Munson book. You already know about his career, but you’ll be blown away by his family situation and the details of the crash.

    So the Mohegan Sun seats were wild and crazy, John? Well, I guess you did get to see the best and worst of Swisher up close. And you were there for a good win.

    LOL, Steve. You know that once the Sox are home they’ll be mashing again. And you’ve still got the Yankees to kick around. 🙂

    Good question, devilabrit. Why DO streaks have to end? Life would be so nice if our teams could just win every game. Sorry about your streak ending, but it lasted a pretty long time.

    YRC, it was pretty amazing how Swisher went from goat to great in right field yesterday. As long as the players like him and he’s helping the team, he’s OK with me.

    What will the Yankees do when Mo retires, Jeff? By then maybe one of his sons will be old enough to take over. They were looking very Mo-like at the All Star game.

    Yup, Dillon. It’s all good right now.

    It would be great to have an heir apparent to Mo, Peggy, but I agree that he’ll be around for awhile. In the meantime, Hughes is doing a great job setting up for him so I’m not worried.

    Lucky you being at the game too, babsoh. Bruney looked amazing for the first two batters, then bam! Strange. I keep thinking that Mitre reminds me of somebody, so I’ll have to check out Fez!


    Well, I’m posting so late today that all my thunder’s been stolen, appropriately…hey, just glad to get another W, ’cause even when the O’s can’t beat ’em, they sure do make it interesting…glad they’re still at home, since most of the time, your left coast teams don’t do so hot in the east, and of course vice versa (how painfully we know)…anyway, thanx for ANOTHER Batting Stance Video! With Our Boyz! Some great ones…didn’t realize that Tex was a mini-Maris with all that crotch-pulling, but it sure looks accurate…!! And even a kudo to the batter & video-maker for throwing in Bucky D…as painful as it was for ’em…now, Miz J, if & when we ever meet, I wanna see your impression of Mariano On The Mound…or maybe Michael should put it on She-Fan Cam!

  21. Jane Heller

    You’ve never noticed Tex’s, um, habit, Dave? I try not to look but it’s unavoidable. 🙂 And no, you don’t want to see my impression of Mo. It’s dead on in terms of the pre-delivery (the bend, the toe tap) but then I end up throwing like a girl.

  22. letsgoyankees

    Oh my God I just watched Buehrle’s (hope it’s spelled right) perfect game…I’m still shaking. What a catch by Wise.

  23. Jane Heller

    I just watched clips. Amazing catch, Letsgoyankees, and an amazing performance. Perfectos are something else.

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