And The Pie Goes To….

(I just explained to Godzilla that he got a face full of whipped cream because he was the latest Yankee to hit a walkoff home run. He wasn’t sure at first.)
What a game to kick off the series against the Orioles: a 2-1 win for the third day in a row. With the score tied at 1-1 in the bottom of the ninth, Matsui was the hero with one swing.
These pitcher’s duels are exciting, but it’s a good thing the Yankees are winning them or I’d have a bad case of hives by now.
hives.jpgPettitte was dealing tonight – a great bounce-back from his past few outings. I mean, seven-plus innings and a season-high eight strikeouts? Not bad at all, Andy.


Hinske put the Yanks on the board with a homer in the second. (I did ask Girardi to write his name in the lineup in place of Swisher, did I not? Like, just yesterday?) So far, he’s making Cashman look like a genius.
Otherwise, the offense was AWOL again. The Yankees forced rookie pitcher Hernandez to throw a lot of pitches early on, but then they let him settle in – something they’ve been doing often: not finishing off a pitcher when they have him on the ropes.
But the real story of this game was the Yankees’ defense. Are these guys showing their stuff or what? Cano flashed leather, and Melky gloved another shoestring catch. But the two bang-bang plays at the plate in the eighth were amazing. Make I take a moment to congratulate Tex, Molina and Coke, all of whom figured prominently?
If tomorrow night is another 2-1 affair, it’ll be really spooky. On the other hand, we’re about to have a solar eclipse.
Don’t be surprised if something unusual happens….


  1. Jane Heller

    The hives pic made me want to scratch, Cat! And yes, we’re tied for first again. I’d love to be there in sole possession, but I’m just glad we gained ground.

  2. luckylori

    You got a game & a WIN! Me, I got ripped-off by the rain in Kansas City. No fair. I’m glad the RS lost but I wish it hadn’t been Texas that did it. Hate losing ground, but congrats on being back in first, even if you do have to share!

  3. lenn23

    I was afraid that they were going to fall prey to never seen this pitcher before disease and they did for six innings. They’ve climbed the ladder again back to first place and with the schedule they have for the rest of the week they can hold it for themselves. Don’t know what to expect from Mitre tomorrow. Hopefully, the ghost of Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon is floating around the new Yankee Stadium!


    A very exciting game for sure. And once again Tex gives us reason to be glad he’s in pinstripes. The weather reports for NY show rain for like the next 7 days — hope we can get all of the games in and that the Bombers keep winning and the Sux keep losing. If the game doesn’t get rained out today, let’s hope the “new pitcher” curse works for us for a change.

  5. ibleedpinstripes

    I must admit I might be getting used to this whole “pitchers’ duel” thing. Especially if the Yankees keep coming out on top. I was laughing so hard yesterday when Matsui got the pie in the face. He really did not know what hit him, and it was hilarious. The defense last night was flawless. All in all a really well-played game (if you’re not counting the lack of offense of course). Let’s go for 5 in a row tonight!

    – Lisa

  6. devilabrit

    今夜、ヤンキース別 2-1 勝ちを取得する場合は松井、円グラフを取得するようにと変わったなります。
    (So Matsui gets the pie, but if the Yankees get another 2-1 win tonight that would be freaky)
    (Outside the Phillies Looking In)

    So I had to keep in the spirit of things…:-)

  7. peggy3

    I was at that great game last night. After they made those plays in the bottom of the 8th I thought Alex was going to hit one out for the walk off but I was one batter off …it was MATSUI!! I am just LOVING Tex and the way he plays each and every game ….what a difference a great first baseman makes (sorry Big G).
    People usually rush right out after the game but many stood around waiting for the pie in the eye moment and AJ delivered. I don’t care what anyone thinks but the pies in the face are fun and gives this team a lightheartedness that was lacking. Needless to say I didn’t mind the long train ride home after the game along with all the other happy Yankee fans.
    I am so bummed because yesterday morning Alex, Tex and CC were guests at NBC’s Today show. I work right next to NBC and if I knew I would have made it a point to go. The Yankees are doing this big HOPE campaign which recognizes people or organizations doing good things in the community. All the Yankee players are partaking in it. I’m very happy with all the good things the Yankees have been doing for the fans and the community this year…not just in the team name but the players and coaches personally. I hope it’s something that will continue on for many, many years.
    Unfortunately the weather is not looking too good for the rest of the week but I hope they get the games in as I am going tomorrow and I have Thursday night which is a rainout makeup game with Oakland from last April. I’m hoping it’s not a double rainout!!!
    Yankees are rolling and I hope they keep it going ….great pitching and defense makes for exciting games but I certainly wouldn’t mind a blowout or two in the next few games just for a change of pace and less strain on my nerves…lol
    Go Yankees 2009 !!!


    Whew…glad that I DON’T have YES, ‘cuz I don’t think my nerves could take any more of these 2-1 games…the O’s did help us out with some “interesting” baserunning — in the inning before, thought they’d score for sure on Weiter’s off-the-wall single…and then the 8th…muchas gracias for keepin’ your head down (and out), Senor Izturis…but how did Tex even get that throw OFF, not to mention right on target…a less experienced/lesser player might’ve stepped on 1st first to get an easy 2nd out, but would’ve lost the split seconds needed to throw to Molina in time…WOW. Of course, Jersey Bob sez No Way Hor-hay makes the next play that Molina did, either…whatevah. Yeah, hope the weather holds, but those O’s always torture us (and not the Hoseheads), weather notwithstanding (sigh…) — One Day At A Time, Miz J…!!!

  9. popejonash

    Heya Jane. I loved my first trip to Yankee Stadium on Saturday. I’ve just put some pics up on my blog. Jeter made one of his trademark throws off balance from deep in the hole for the 2nd out in the 9th and A-Rod hit number 571. It was a great day out and I can’t wait to get back there sometime. Ash

  10. nickadenhartmemorial

    Yeah, about the hives picture…wierded me out. The pie in the face made me laugh last night when they showed it on ESPN. Nice little tradition for the Yanks. And as for Eric Hinske, he better not hit a home run the next time the Yanks are in Boston. The fans might throw it back!! Finally, THANK YOU FOR THE TWILIGHT CLIP!! Amazing, I love that movie. Ok, it’s not as amazing as the Harry Potter movie that just came out, but hey, Harry Potter does not have baseball in it.

  11. Jane Heller

    Sharing first place is better than not being there at all, Lori. That’s my motto. Sorry about the rain in KC. It’s supposed to rain in NY for days, so who knows how many games they’ll get in.

    No, unusual can be good, Erin! Like the other team will make seven errors! (I have a vivid imagination.)

    I keep hoping Mitre will follow in the Chacon/Small tradition, Len, as opposed to the Ponson/Rasner one. Maybe it’ll be to our advantage that the O’s haven’t seen him.

    See the above comment to Len, Diane, about the “new pitcher curse.” Maybe it’ll work for us for a change. And yes, Tex is an eye-opener at first after watching Giambino for years. Great glove.

    It was a well played game for us, Lisa, although I’m wondering about the offense. Two runs per game won’t get it done if our starting pitching struggles. So I hope the bats wake up.

    LOL, devilabrit. Did you go on Babel Fish too? Or are you just smarter than I am?

    Hinske is looking like a good deal right now, raysfanboy. We needed depth off the bench and he’s been providing it big time.

    Too bad you missed catching the boys at the Today Show, Peggy. I didn’t know they were on or I would have watched them. The HOPE program is great and I’m glad the Yankees are doing more to reach out to the community and the fans. And let’s HOPE the games aren’t rained out so you can go!

    Dave, I have to admit that when Molina made that tag – and then the throw to Coke a few minutes later – I muttered to myself, “Would Jorge have made those plays?” We’ll never know the answer!

    Gee, I hadn’t noticed, Jeff. 🙂 I was glad for Matsui that he was the hero last night. This is probably his last year in pinstripes, so he might as well go out swinging, as it were.

    How great that you enjoyed your trip to the Stadium, Ash, especially since I know the Yanks aren’t your faves. I’ll check out your blog and look at the pics.

    No, the Yanks are never boring, Jenn. Well, hardly ever. It’s always a good win when you gain ground, but these 2-1 contests are nail biters.

    I watched that clip a few times, Holly. I kept waiting for one of the characters to become a vampire. Or are they already vampires? (Obviously, I haven’t seen Twilight yet.)

  12. devilabrit

    LOL… Jane….with the new explorer 8 you can add accelerators and I just happen to have a translation one from Live…. but makes for good effects… cause i could have just said i was smarter… maybe than a 5th grader..LOL

  13. ladyjane303

    Peggy – you can see the video of the guys at the Today show on the show’s website. Not as good as seeing them in person, I know. They were also on Regis and Kelly yesterday – who knew? I’m loving Tex because aside from the attitude, aside from the glove, and aside from the bat, this boy hustles – witness the pop-up in the Friday night game against The Mets; and on Sunday he flat out ran on a pop-up to left that Anderson lost in the sun, and ended up on 2nd. Keeping my fingers crossed for Mitre tonight……and let’s see if Joe finds a way to get Hinske into a few more games.

  14. heartruss

    Jane, way back to the first post, I meant four wins not runs make a difference although the latter is also true. Matt Kemp scored all four runs to win the game a couple of days ago It is the first time since the 1940’s that one player has scored all the runs to win a game when there are at least four runs. Yaaaay Matty.
    Congratulations again to your Yankees. Tied for first is a feat.

  15. peggy3

    Thanks LadyJane….I did see parts of Today and Regis & Kelly on the Yankees Pre-game show (which I DVR’d while I was at the game). I’m just upset because I could have been there in person since I’m literally across the street from where they broadcast. Oh well …maybe another time like after they win the World Series .. :o).

    Good luck to Mitre tonight….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  16. crzblue2

    Your tied for first!? Wow! congratulations! I love watching when guys get pie on their faces. Has anyone ever done that to you Jane? Well, not the whole pie or cake but a little. Is customary in some places that for your birthday someone sneaks some icing on your face.

  17. Jane Heller

    Yeah, devilabrit. You could have claimed you were fluent in 10 languages and I would have gone for it!

    Ladyjane, I was thinking of how Tex ran out those two balls you mentioned. He even hustles on homers! I swear, he doesn’t just jog around the bases like others; he runs. Kind of sweet. I’m going on the Today show web site to see the clip of the boys.

    Quite an accomplishment for Kemp, Cat. No wonder you’re proud of him.

    I second that emotion about Mitre, Peggy. Good luck to him. He may need it!

    Emma, I can honestly say I’ve never had a pie in the face. But since I love pie, I wouldn’t mind. Well, unless I’d just washed my hair. LOL.

    No cheap shot there, Dillon. Matsui’s HR was the real deal.

  18. flairforthedramatic

    That pie to the face was extra hilarious b/c at the stadium they had the screen on Matsui the entire time and you could see A.J. lurking in the background, waiting behind everyone.. and then Mo is just walking/wandering by Hideki and then he randomly gives him another handshake.. You could tell he was attempting to distract him a little, lol.. and then A.J. made his move and got him in the face, lol.. Good stuff. This team is funny. =)
    – V [ ]

  19. Jane Heller

    Thanks, tribechick.

    You were there, V? Lucky you. It must have been hilarious to see AJ lurking and Mo playing decoy. I love this stuff!

  20. Kylie

    What a weird game. Matsui’s bat splinters and then he gets another chance and BOOM. And then they did a poor job hitting his face with the pie. But Andy did a great, great job. It’s nice to see him having a good outing.
    Congrats on first! We just took first in the NL Wild Card last night. I screamed a lot.
    ♥ Kylie —

  21. Jane Heller

    I forgot about that splintered bat, Kylie. It was definitely weird. Maybe the new one he used was “the magic bat” because the ball just flew off it. Congrats on first in the wild card race. Very cool. I knew about it because I heard you screaming. 🙂

  22. Jane Heller

    I have no idea if the Yanks can win tonight, Ginny. We’ve got a pitcher from Triple A making his first start for us, so who knows. But yes, I’ll be cheering hard!

  23. Jane Heller

    Oh, good, tribechick. I was worried about the poor thing.

    Drunk typing never ends well, Erin. But you did give me a laugh.

  24. Jane Heller

    The HOPE program is very worthwhile, gopadres. I commend the Yankees and other teams for helping others in their communities.

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