Beauty And The Beast (The Beast Won)

Today’s Yankees-Tigers contest was a classic match-up between Verlander, who was nearly unhittable through six innings and looked beautiful doing it….
…and CC, who threw seven shutout innings but looked, well, beastly.
Aside from Jeter’s two hits, the Yankees offense was nonexistent – until the seventh. I admit I was about to tip my cap to Verlander and write this one off. But then along came A-Rod with a Yankee Stadium Special.
It was hardly a moonshot like Tex’s homer last night, but good enough to make it into the seats and give the Yanks a 1-0 lead.
Beauty (aka Verlander) pouted.
He should have re-focused, because Cano singled, Swisher doubled, and Melky beat out an infield hit, scoring Cano, to make it 2-0.
In the eighth, Aceves replaced CC, who really gutted it out today (no pun intended). Ace was pitching to Cabrera when the umpire called a ball on him for going to his mouth without stepping off the mound.
He protested that he was really just wiping sweat off his cheek.
wiping sweat.jpg
Yeah, right, Alfredo. Good one!
He got Cabrera out, but served one up to Thames before retiring Ordonez on a called third strike. Which reminds me: what happened to Magglio’s hair? He went from this…
…to this.
I thought only Yankees had to join the Clean Cut Club.
Mo pitched a 1-2-3 ninth, thanks to great defense by Jeter. He notched save #507, and the Yanks took their second straight 2-1.
Tomorrow is Old Timers Day at the Stadium. I wish I could be there to see Mike Mussina back in pinstripes, but for now I’ll just feast my eyes on this and say, “Thanks for the memories, Moose.” Oh, and if you’re not busy, how about starting on Tuesday?


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    Verlander was quite good, but CC was better. =) I don’t always enjoy pitcher’s duels, but this one was definitely one to watch.

    My theory on Magglio: he chopped the hair due to the massive wind resistance he experienced while running the bases, or he just wanted to save money on hair products.

    And I cannot wait to see Moose and all the latest-dynasty players from the epic years! Those were the days… and I completely agree with the Moose starting Tuesday comment… we need stability out there! LOL

    – Lisa


    That was an amazing game. Usually pitcher’s duels are a little boring but there were plenty of baserunners to make sure it was never dull. What was the deal with Aceves getting yelled at for putting his hand to his mouth and wiping on his pants? Did I miss something?

    We went to an outdoor concert tonight – beautiful weather and music === Tony Orlando!!! Unexpectedly another old artist; Gary U.S. Bond showed up and also performed. A very enjoyable evening.

    And we’re off to the OTD at the new Stadium tomorrow!!! As long as I’ve been going they have always been on Saturdays but things do change. Hope we can sweep Detroit but with Joba starting I just don’t know. He’s been pretty skiddish of late…we are definitely going to have to score some runs to get the job done. And we won’t have Mariano to close after the past two games so the offense is definitely going to have to produce. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!

  3. raysfanboy

    Hard to believe that offense was hard to come by at New Yankee Stadium. I thought that place was the center of the long ball universe this year.

    That is just a testament to the quality of the pitchers in the game, start to finish. 2-1 ballgames can be so much fun to watch. They have a brisk pace and you have to hang on every single pitch.

    That’s fun baseball.

  4. peggy3

    I was at an outdoor concert too …at Jones Beach…terrific Motown songs by Dr. K’s Motown Band. It was such a beautiful night and the place was crowded with young and old alike. I’m also going to OTD tomorrow. It does seem strange being on a Sunday and starting so early. The OTD game usually started around 1:00 and the regular game at 4:00 (I think). I guess with ESPN Sunday night baseball they made it earlier.

    Moose starting Tuesday …there’s a great idea Jane!!! I wonder if DJ and Mo can work on him in the clubhouse. My daughter had a special Yankee hat she made with antlers attached (she had them from an old dance costume) and she always wore it to the games Moose pitched. She retired it but will wear it tomorrow in honor of Moose.

    Loved the win today … CC really is a horse working through it all and going seven. Yipeeee for Alex and Melky. As always ….Mo is the man. Maybe Joba will surprise tomorrow and have one heck of a game. He’s on my prayer list for tonight … :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  5. runbretrun

    Screw Halladay, I want Moose as our starter Tuesday

    Magglio looks like a mix between Mark T. and Damon

  6. Jane Heller

    That game was tense, Lisa. It seemed as if CC would be the one to blink first, given how he threw more pitches than Verlander, so I was really relieved when we finally got on the board. On tomorrow’s OTD, I just hope they show it here in CA, either on MLB.TV or on the Extra Innings package, but I have a feeling I’ll have to read about it from you guys.

    The umpire caught Aceves going to his mouth and called a ball, Diane. The rule is that you can go to your mouth but you have to step off the mound first. Ace claimed he was just wiping his cheek and Girardi came out to argue briefly, but nobody was buying it. Glad you had good weather for the outdoor concert, especially since it’s been so rainy in NY. Have a great time at OTD. I’ll be eager to hear about it!

    There have been quite a few pitcher’s duels at the new Stadium, raysfanboy. There’s no question that balls fly out to the short porch in right, but good pitching trumps the jetstream every time.

    I hope you see a great game tomorrow, Peggy, as well as a fun OTD. Maybe your daughter and her Moose hat will catch the attention of the YES cameras! CC was a work horse today. Now maybe Joba was watching and studying how it’s done, and he’ll show up tomorrow in fine form.

  7. Jane Heller

    Ajmolina, I bet Moose never even has a second thought about retiring; he seems happy coaching his kid’s Little League team. But I also bet he could still win some games.


    I also saw Tony Orlando last night (at John Burns Park). I walked there with my wife, but was so far back and didn’t get a program, so I didn’t know it was Tony Orlando, even though he did sing Tie A Yellow Ribbon.

    He actually played a Led Zep song (and I was finally happy) and then cut into the song with a few lines from Tie A Yellow Ribbon, just to make me crazy.

    The only reason I agreed to go over, was that the Yankee game was already finished, since it was a day game.


    I also saw Tony Orlando last night (at John Burns Park). I walked there with my wife, but was so far back and didn’t get a program, so I didn’t know it was Tony Orlando, even though he did sing Tie A Yellow Ribbon.

    He actually played a Led Zep song (and I was finally happy) and then cut into the song with a few lines from Tie A Yellow Ribbon, just to make me crazy.

    The only reason I agreed to go over, was that the Yankee game was already finished, since it was a day game.


    Peggy, I’ve seen Dr. K’s Motown Revue at Westbury Music Fair — they are great. Also, this coming Monday 7/20 — they are performing live for free at Bethpage Community Park — check out all the free “Music Under The Stars” concernts on the Town of Oyster Bay website. But back to the Yankees…We’ll be in section 320B today if you want to look us up. I’ll be wearing a Bobby Mercer tribute t-shirt and it shouldn’t be hard for me to spot a girl in MOOOOOOSE atlers.

  11. peggy3

    Hey there Diane….

    They certainly do have some terrific FREE concerts during the summer throughout the NY area. I was happy Dr. K
    was on Saturday since I live in Queens and it’s easier
    than the weeknight to go out to LI. I’m going to see
    the Fifth Dimension at John J. Burns end of July …looking forward to that. Strawberry Fields is this coming Wednesday at Syosset Woodbury Park. I’ve seen them a few times in the city…very good Beatle Tribute Band. I have the game that day so I won’t be heading out to LI that night but if you like the Beatles they are a fun group to see.

    I’m in section 414…most likely I will wear my Mickey Jersey since it is OTD. We got these tickets way back in March at a decent price before it was known that it was OTD …so we lucked out. My own seats are in 411…I have two different weekday plans since I was bounced from my Sunday plan during relocation. I’ll try to look you up before the game as I never leave my seat during the game. If I don’t see you ..ENJOY THE GAMES !!!! It’s going to be a beautiful day too.

    As far as the Yankee game today ….I can only say one word….SWEEP !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Tony Orlando sang a Led Zep song, hirscha? That must have been interesting. Great win for the Yanks yesterday.

    I hope you two meet up today, Diane and Peggy! I wish I could be there with you both.

    I bet you do, tribechick. He doesn’t give up, that’s for sure.

    I don’t anything comes free at Yankee Stadium, Jeff. They even charge for the air. 🙂

    We did gain a game yesteday, Cat. I hope we can close the gap!

  13. crzblue2

    Although the saying is “Chicks dig the long ball”, this chick prefers pitcher’s duels. I find them so exciting even if I have to bite my nails. Congrats on the win. Magglio looks much better with short hair. Well, I am off to the Ravine. I am running a little late this time. Is not like me, I am usually there waiting for the gates to open so let’s see what the traffic will be like. Did you hear Jason Schmidt pitches tomorrow against the Reds. It will be interesting how he does now that he has lost some of his velocity.

  14. indians

    I know Carl isn’t a big fan favorite in NY. He could be a valuable piece for a contender that needs some pitching help in their rotation. We’ll see how it plays out though. sorry for not commenting earlier, but CC can do that to a team (shut them down). Then you got Verlander who has been awesome this year for the tigers.

  15. Jane Heller

    You would have liked the game that just finished up, Emma – another pitcher’s duel that the Yankees won 2-1. Hope your game goes well too.

    Staches are OK on the Yankees, mattpeas. Goose Gossage had the best one. It’s the long hair that Steinbrenner couldn’t tolerate. Beards too.

    I know Pavano has had success elsewhere, 09indians. But if I were a GM, I’d have trouble placing my trust – and my checkbook – in his hands. That said, pitchers are on everybody’s shopping list.

  16. raysrenegade

    Classic fireballer’s going up against each other.
    Both guy have so much upside to their games right now.
    You know, it might have made CC more hungry this past week not being on the AL pitching staff.
    That could be a great internal fire for CC down the stretch.

    Rays Renegade

  17. Jane Heller

    I’m not sure CC needs internal fire, Renegade. He seems pretty motivated. I think it’s his location that’s been off. But he gave us a gritty performance against one of the best pitchers in the AL. Nice win for him.

  18. Jane Heller

    “Almost” is the operative word, Ginny. Let’s just say I like being a game out of first, as opposed to three games out! And your team is creeping right up there. It should be a great second half.

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