Halladay To Make Yankees Debut On Tuesday

Well, it could happen. Cashman is full of surprises and often speaks in code, as in the following.

“Bubba Crosby is our center fielder” = “Johnny Damon is our centerfielder”
“Enrique Wilson is our third baseman” = “Alex Rodriguez is our third baseman”
“Nick Swisher is our first baseman” = “Mark Teixeira is our first baseman”
Yankee fans are used to this stuff. We’re told a deal can’t be done, won’t be done, would be unthinkable to be done – and suddenly it’s done. No wonder we’re always acting a little off balance.
yankee fan.jpg
Given past history, why couldn’t the next statement be code too?
“Sergio Mitre is our starter on Tuesday” = “Roy Halladay is our starter on Tuesday”
I mean, who is Sergio Mitre? I’ll tell you who. He’s the guy who pitched for the Marlins after getting traded by the Cubs for Juan Pierre and others.
Kind of a tough-looking hombre, si?
When it became clear that Sergio needed Tommy John surgery in ’08, the Marlins released him. The Yankees, always on the lookout for a pitcher whose arm is barely attached to the rest of his body, signed him to a one-year minor-league contract in ’09, after which he promptly tested positive for andro (aka the Mark McGwire Substance).
He received a 50-game suspension, but, like J.C. Romero, said he bought a product legally at a GNC, and that the andro wasn’t listed as an ingredient on the packaging. You be the judge.
All I know is that he cleaned up nicely as a Yankee and pitched really well in Scranton.
But would I prefer Halladay on Tuesday? Um, yeah. I have no idea which players the Yanks would give the Jays in a trade. But there’s one thing we have in our favor that no other team in the mix can match:
A.J., Halladay’s best friend in all the world.
Just look at Doc’s smile when they’re together. Cue the Celine Dion, right?
Talk about chemistry.
aj&roy hug.jpg
And closeness.
Their relationship is a beautiful thing, and if I’m Cashman I use it to my advantage.
Do I worry that Roy can’t handle New York? Hardly. He made a TV commercial in Toronto. ‘Nuff said. It’s true that his personality doesn’t exactly light up the screen, but at least he didn’t punch the camera like a certain big name pitcher we once acquired.
See you in pinstripes on Tuesday, Roy. In the meantime, I’ll ask my mother if she knows of any nice houses for sale in Westchester.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Hey Jane! :0)

    If that does happen, then a miracle will happen to me, I will get a job with Mo’ and I will be able to stay… how ’bout that? Ah! A girl can dream, can’t she?

    but yeah, it would be beyond great that we get Halladay without giving too much, ya know?

  2. sahossain77@gmail.com

    Hi Jane! I am a big time reader of your blog…i really love your style of writing…but this time i’m not gonna walk out from here without saying anything πŸ˜‰ Halladay is helluva pitcher and i’ll trade for him in a heart beat… but his asking price is way too much that we have to clean out our farm system =(
    But i’m still hoping and have my finger crossed πŸ™‚ Lets go Cashman !!!

  3. scofid

    As much as I would like to see Halladay in the Bronx, I’d hate to see Joba, Phil Hughes and A-Jax in Toronto. I just don’t see how the Yanks could pull off this deal without giving up the entire farm system. Maybe old man Steinbrenner will figure out something…


  4. Jane Heller

    I would love it if you’d get a job with Mo, latinyankeerebel. Can’t you use your connections with the Panama embassy to meet him? I bet he’d hire you if he knew what a fan you are.

    Glad you stayed to comment, sahossain. I guess I was hoping that Halladay would be drawn to the Yankees because of his comfort level with AJ and that he would be flexible on a contract extension. I, too, would hate to see us wipe out our farm system. But maybe there are some farmhands that are expendable.

    I wouldn’t give up Hughes, Scott. And I’d have to think long and hard about Joba. (I know. There’s the deal right there. The Blue Jays just walked out of the room. LOL.) But I’m on the fence about Ajax. I just don’t know if he’s the Yankees CF of the future. Will he be that much better than Gardner? I’m glad I’m not the GM, that’s for sure.

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    I liked Halladay. I also liked Burnett. My world would crumble seeing Halladay and Burnett with the Yanks.

    The prospects of Austin Jackson seem good, but that is about it. Not at all a fan of Joba Chamberlain!

    The President of the Jays, Paul Beeston, said on Toronto radio today that the Jays are not shopping Halladay, and that it would come down to an executive decision, probably next year. That is if the Jays are not overwhelmed by an offer before the deadline! So far, we’ve seen nothing like that.

    Any team that were to get Halladay, would be in for a real treat. He is a true class act, intelligent and humble. Not at all an attention seeker, but definately an honest, hard-working guy. He’d be good with the media, that is if they don’t get TOO annoying.


  6. matttan7

    I think the current Yankee rotation is fine as is.

    CC Sabathia
    AJ Burnett
    Andy Pettitte
    Joba Chamberlain
    Alfredo Aceves

    Chien-Ming Wang needs to get back his groove. If that happens, then the Yankees won’t need another big name pitcher. Joba Chamberlain has a chance to be a true pitching star, as well as Phil Hughes if he gets another chance.

    Matthew T.

  7. Jane Heller

    Jeremy, I honestly think of you every time I or anyone else talks about the Halladay sweepstakes. You were one of the first bloggers I “met” here and I know how big a Doc fan you are. I’m confused by the Jays. They’re not shopping him, but they’re listening to offers? That has to be tough on Halladay himself. At the All-Star game, he sounded like he’d be happy to stay in Toronto but acknowledged that it was a business decision and he would go if necessary. I hope for your sake that he stays.

    Pettitte’s inconsistency is worrisome to me, Matthew. Joba is not giving us innings. Wang is a huge question mark. Aceves belongs in the pen, where he gives us real depth. Hughes has been brilliant in the pen, and I don’t think he’s stretched out enough to be a starter this season. So – in my humble opinion, the rotation could use another arm, depending on what we’d have to give up.

  8. welikeroywelikeroy

    Ya, sorry I bug you whenever you blog about Halladay. It is a real touchy subject for me right now. I’m pretty much buggin everyone about now. Although, I think every baseball writer alive has written about Halladay by now.

    I agree with you perception, Jane. The whole thing is very confusing. I would personally like to have Doc for another run in 2010. J.P. is on a short leash in Toronto, as the club is currently seeking a new team President. The direction of the Jays drastically alters with a Halladay trade. The question is: Do the Jays really want J.P. making that kind of a decision?

    The future of the club rests on this. People in Toronto don’t think J.P. is in the future of the Blue Jays. I personally think that he stays another year, unless we are overwhelmed by an offer. ???? It seems like more of an executive decision. J.P. might have actually been telling the truth! Hard to believe, but maybe? He started all this just to listen.

    As far as an extension for after 2010 – the Jays will just have to start winning for him to consider it. The Yanks will definately have the advantage after that season, no matter where Halladay ends up getting dealt.

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Wow, this is tough. My two fave teams in possible trade talks — why does The Pessimist in me feel that whatever they’d do, it would weaken them both for the long run? Do I want the Yanks to give up the farm, as they’ve done SO often in the past, just for today? Joba? CERVELLI? Etc.? Hell, no. Do I want the Jays to pack it in, and not have a chance at kicking the Carmine Hose to the curb, as well as the Rays, NEITHER of which are going away anytime soon? Hell, no. This is agonizing. Honestly, I’d like to see nothing done, and hope the Bombers have enuf pitching (altho’ we both know that they don’t)…but if the Hoseheads were to snatch Roy away, I couldn’t STAND it…sigh…

  10. juliasrants

    Jane – I’m not sure the price needed to pickup Halladay by the Yankees (or the Red Sox) are prices that should be paid. No one player is worth giving up that much young talent. Teams need to start balancing short term and long term goals. The Red Sox have an amazing farm system and I would not want to depleted for anyone.


  11. phillies_phollowers

    The Romero thing was such a mess…he followed the rules and got nailed anyway. I’ve gotten to know him and his family over the past year and I can tell ya, he did not cheat nor would he ever. I don’t know much about Sergio, but it sounds like the same scenario.
    As for Halladay, I think our teams should have a water balloon fight to determine who gets him…it’s so much more civilized…LOL :O)


  12. Jane Heller

    Jeremy, you’re not bugging me at all. This is the kind of discussion blogs were made for! It’s great to have your POV as a true blue Jays fan. There’s so much hype around this subject that it’s hard to know what’s really going on. I think your take is a very reasonable one.

    LOL, Erin. No language code for your GM, right? Btw, I love your new site and encourage everyone to go visit it.

    So you think Thursday will be the day, Cal? I’d better mark it on my calendar to see if you’re right.

    Jeff, the hot girl doesn’t go home alone. If the Jays are serious about trading Halladay, someone will wind up with him, trust me.

    In principle, you’re right and this is about the “now” versus the “future,” Dave. But when you really look at the farmhands, aren’t there any you’d be willing to give up? Are you that certain they’ll all excel at the major league level? Or is it about making sure they all get the chance? I have conflicts over this, but I’m not as knowledgeable about every minor league prospect as some are.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the Red Sox end up with Halladay, Julia. If they’re very deep with their farm system, then it won’t be depleted by getting Doc. I really wanted the Yankees to trade for Santana at the end of ’07. The Twins wanted Hughes and Kennedy, neither of whom ended up winning a single game for us in ’08. But now I’m glad we hung onto Hughes. So I continue to go back and forth on this one too.

    I think the union supported both players, because they didn’t buy anything that was illegal. Still, they couldn’t do anything because of the positive test. MLB needs to set better boundaries for these cases. And yes, a water balloon flight sounds like much more fun than the media scrum over this trade!

  13. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Okay, Lady J, you’re right about not hanging on to EVERYBODY in the minors…it’s just that there seem to be so many ex-Yankee minor leaguers throughout MLB, and have been for a l-o-n-g time…personally, I’d be willing to give up on one or two of the once-Holy Trinity of Joba, Kennedy and Hughes, but NOT Cervelli, who’s gotta be our Catching Future, again my view…BTW, when’s the last time the Yanks got anyone of real value from “Tronna”…Roger Clemens, maybe? And was that even a trade…?

  14. Jane Heller

    Cervelli’s a keeper, Dave. Gotta be. Not sure Kennedy brings much value, given the aneurysm. AJax may or may not be the CF-er of the future. Montero…Brackman….Melancon. Who knows? I’d hang on to Hughes for sure, but then they’d want Joba. Oh, the dilemma that is being a GM.

    If I tell you, Cal, you have to convince the Orioles to trade Markakis to some nice team in the NL so we don’t have to face him.

  15. devilabrit

    Cute… for a minute there I was actually searching news stories to see if I had missed something…. I guess I did, cause it sounds like if the Yankees actually pursue and get Halladay it’d be “Brokeback Yankee Stadium”…… πŸ™‚
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  16. Kaybee

    Love the commercial!! I’m sure Halladay would do great with the Yankees, but I’m on the Jays side. Sorry. I know what it’s like to trade a beloved player like that, and I don’t think it’s right to take away the only hope the Jays have. Sure, he would cost a lot, but I don’t think any other player could fill the Jays hearts like Halladay.

  17. raysfanboy

    Halladay to the Yanks? Oh, man. You are going to give me nightmares tonight! C’mon. I like the way things are. The Sox, Yanks, and Rays should all be told to keep their rosters the same and let’s see how it all plays out.

    Not fair.

  18. raysrenegade

    Are you sure you want to add another guy we can beat on a regular basis?
    Not to say Roy Halladay is not a premier hurler, but the Rays have his catching signals and hit him good.
    It might be a great idea to just push the young guys up there to confuse us for 5 innings then let the Bullpen take it from there.
    But then again, if the wallet and farm system door swings wide enough………….anything is humanly possible, even in Yankee-land.
    I hear Orlando Hernandez is free again. Maybe some El Duque memory moments are flashing right now….or not!

    Rays Renegade


  19. Jane Heller

    I would feel sorry for Jays fans if Halladay were to be dealt, Kaybee, just as I felt sorry for Twins fans when Santana went to the Mets. Trades of popular players can be heartbreakers.

    I don’t know, tribechick. Rumors have the Phillies in the top spot for him. Or he could stay where he is. We shall see.

    So you think there should a rule that our teams must keep their rosters as is for the rest of the season, raysfanboy? I guess that means the Red Sox won’t get Halladay either!

    El Duque is on the loose again, Renegade? How old is he now? 65? I guess if Pedro can sign, Duque might as well. Ah, the memories. He was fun to watch.

  20. heartruss

    Talk about stirring up controversy when Halladay’s name is mentioned. The price will definitely be steep in trade. The Dodgers even have been interested but I would be fearful about who would be traded. You know how attached I am to my Dodgers! However the Dodgers do need a fifth starter desparately.

  21. Jane Heller

    Haha, moneyball. I’ll seriously break something valuable if he goes to the Red Sox!

    Maybe that’s how JP should run this contest, Steve. He should trade Halladay to whichever team’s players needs hugs!

    I think every team needs starting pitching, Cat. And when an elite guy like Halladay comes on the market, it’s hard to look away. But deals like his would generate pain and suffering for sure.

  22. Jane Heller

    I’m curious to see what Mitre can give us, Letsgoyankees. Right now, he’s an unknown quantity to me.

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