Laughing Through Loss

Yes, of course I wanted the Yankees to end the first half of the season on a high note.


But it was not to be. Instead, the Yanks were swept by the Halos. The cold, hard truth was everywhere I looked.
In the Daily News…

Angels bedevil Yankees again, beat CC Sabathia for series sweep

In the Post…



In Newsday…

Yankees Enter Break With Whimper After Sweep by Angels

I couldn’t escape the fact that CC didn’t deliver as our ace. He wasn’t terrible by any means, but he labored through a tough fourth inning, finally getting replaced by Hughes in the seventh. What was he thinking? That he missed Cervelli? That he wished he could be back in the National League? That he was dying for a porterhouse or six?
Tex may be headed to St. Louis for the All-Star game, but he’ll be taking some baggage with him. And I’m not talking about this kind.
I’m talking about the fact that he had “a quiet series,” as the Angels announcer discreetly put it. He came up in the seventh with bases loaded, took Lackey (who was at 105 pitches and on the ropes) to a full count, and struck out.
He was up again in the ninth, with the Yanks only down by a run, and flied out. He wasn’t quiet in this series. He was on mute.
And then there was A-Rod. He did not have a good day. Never mind the foul pop up that almost hit him in the head after he couldn’t catch it. He, too, batted in the seventh and dashed my hopes of a rally by hitting into a double play. I mean, that really hurt. So did his strikeout to end the whole fiasco.
The weekend left me reeling. After the game, the players all said the equivalent of: “It’s just one series and we’ll come back strong.” Right. Then off they went to live their lives for a few days. What about me? How was I supposed to forgive and forget?
And then I knew. I would block out all mention of the Yankees for awhile and think about “Bruno.” I saw the Sasha Baron Cohen movie earlier today and laughed so hard I’m surprised you didn’t hear me. If you weren’t into “Borat,” forget this one; it’s even more obscene and absurd. But if you like comedy that offends absolutely everyone, this is the way to spend two hours.


  1. lenn23

    I really thought that they would take at least one. This sucks. Why can’t they beat this team, esp. in California? Geez, they’re not that good. As good as I felt before this weekend is as bad as I feel now. How can you be cursed by a team named the Angels?!

  2. juliasrants

    Jane – I will have to say that I am surprised that the Yankees didn’t win on Sunday – but the Angels are one of those teams that can be very difficult for beat. The players – and probably us fans also! – need the All-Star break. And while it is great that our players are in the All-Star game, I know I would feel better if Jason Bay was home resting instead of playing.


  3. cheshirecat9

    Uhg, that was a horrible game. Bases loaded in two consecutive innings and still we couldn’t get it done. It sucks to go into the break with this bad taste in my mouth. But that is what baseball does I guess, mess with your emotions. I hope that everyone gets a much needed rest and we come back with bats blazing. Go Yanks!!!


    Dear Ms. Misery,
    So sorry about last weekend. And SORRY it was. I was lucky enuf to be busy enuf to have not suffered thru ANY of it live…unlike you, who was actually there in person and in pain. Yowch. As I told my boys, when you score 14 runs in two games, you should at LEAST split — unless, of course, you give up TWENTY-FOUR. Did they borrow my team’s slo-pitch pitchers? — no, that would work like Wakefield — or did they think that Home Run Derby started on Friday nite, and they get paid for serving it up?? Our Bombers even woulda won THAT event, and still lost…sigh…Jersey Bob is chock full o’righteous indignation — call it Revenge Of The Cervelli. They need R’n’R — we FANS need R’n’R too.
    Yours Truly,
    Mr. Company

  5. Jane Heller

    It was such a bizarre series, Len. I did feel the Yanks were cursed. No matter what they did, it went the wrong way. Nothing to do but take a few days and regroup, and then go on a tear the rest of the way.

    I feel the same away about the All-Star break, Julia. I need a rest too! And I’m torn about Tex, the way you are about Bay. It’s an honor for them to be there, but a few days off wouldn’t have been terrible either.

    Baseball does mess with our emotions, Cheshirecat. It’s such a roller coaster ride to root for a team. Last week, the Yanks were on a high. This week, we’re coming off a low. Who knows what next week will bring?

    We fans do need the R and R like the players, Dave. But I’ll be here blogging every day, rain or shine, snow or sleet, just like the postman. 🙂

    So you didn’t tell the Daily News what to write, devilabrit? Haha. Yes, going to see “Bruno” did take the sting out of a bad baseball weekend.

    I’ll be cheering for the AL, jonnnnnn. But anything can happen.

    We had a great first half, Kaybee. We just couldn’t beat the Red Sox or Angels.

  6. indianslove

    Aw, I’m sorry! Yeah, the Tribe lost there last game before the All-Star Break 10-1 against the Tigers. Look on the bright side, you sure didn’t get crushed! I was honestly ( I dont know why ) expecting the Indians to come out of their shell and kick Justin Verlander and the Tiger’s butts before the All-Star break. That’s why I should never think. 🙂 Oh well, dont worry! Your Yankees are not out of anything right now, and they have a long way to go.


    Miz Jane, I just want to state the obvious one time — we Yankee fans have come to rely on your humor & offbeat optimism when things look really crummy like they do at the moment, i.e. right now. And instead of fussin’ and cussin’ and brooding over the latest loss(es), I look forward to getting your take on it, which always seems to provide some needed Bactine for the latest sting. So, a big THANX!!
    P.S. tell those dummies to Bring Back Cervelli — willya PLEEEZ? Otherwise, Girardi may go the way of Manny Acta…

  8. Jane Heller

    I don’t know which is worse, tribechick: getting crushed or losing in a one-run game. But yeah, the Yanks are hardly out of it. We’re only three games back. But it was an unpleasant series for sure, and I’m looking forward to a great second half.

  9. Jane Heller

    You’re very welcome, Dave! But I don’t think Cervelli is the cure-all. Molina is very capable behind the plate. And while the Yanks did look bad in Anaheim, they looked bad there under Torre too. So I can’t hang this series on Girardi. That said, if the second half doesn’t get off to a great start, who knows.

  10. Jane Heller

    Will check out your blog, Cal. (Didn’t you used to be Birdland?)

    The Yanks need to figure them out, Dillon. We have to be able to beat the best teams or else getting into the playoffs will mean a very short post-season.

    Glad you’re not giving up on the Indians, tribechick. You’re a true fan.

    Borat was better, mattpeas. Funnier and more outrageous. Bruno got kind of repetitive and slow as it went along.

  11. Erin Kathleen

    Hmm…laughing about a loss. Maybe I should try that. Usually I just whine about it like the season’s over already. Or lie down someplace quiet and pull the blankets over my head. But yeah, squandering numerous opportunities to win is much, much worse than being no-hit or something like that. Why even bother putting runners on base if you’re just going to leave them there?-Erin

  12. Jane Heller

    Normally, I react more like you do, Erin. But the futility of the weekend was too much to take, so I escaped altogether!

  13. raysfanboy

    I want to say sorry about you getting swept this weekend, but we had our own weekend nightmare against the vaunted A’s squad. So I’ll say thank you for being so kind as to keep the division–and the wild card especially–more competitive so we can all enjoy the rest of the season. 🙂

  14. heartruss

    Jane, the second half will be better. Sometimes teams skid into the end of the first half and then things pick up when the all star break is over. Second place isn’t so bad. It seems the Red Sox and Yankees were both taking turns being first. At least your second favorite team is the Dodgers who are in first.

  15. raysrenegade

    You and I both know as cross-continental travelers at times that sometimes the biological clock gets messed up.
    I know that is an easy excuse for the series, but A-Rod might have been on South Beach time, and C C might have been on the bakers at Dunkin’ Donuts time.
    The good thing is the four days will help a few guys get better, and give other a bit of a emotional and mental holiday before the final 70 plus games.
    Good news, you guys are in a solid second place in the division with only a small hill to climb.
    Bad news, All three of us still have a lot of baseball between our three teams before the dust settles.
    The next three weeks will decide a whole lot of the 2009 season. If someone is 10 games back on August 1st, it might be a rough road to climb.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Sounds like we both had our hands full this past weekend, raysfanboy. The second half will be a dog fight for sure.

    Lafaninrdg, it’s true that the Yankees have had a miserable time against the Angels, particularly at their ballpark. But I wouldn’t say the Yankees have been inconsistent. We’re three games back in the very tough AL East. A few days ago, we were tied for first place. Not too shabby.

    Cat, it was a tough weekend for sure. But since the Yanks came off a sweep of the Twins earlier in the week and have a much better record than last year, I think the second half will be great.

    I’m so ready for an emotional holiday, Renegade. I have to gear up for the series against the Rays, when I’ll need to be at full mental capacity!

  17. raysfanboy

    I know this has next to nothing to do with your post, but I have to complain somewhere. Carlos did not do the AL East proud tonight. It ain’t over, but this is a down time. Ugh. Talk about trying to laugh through loss.

  18. Jane Heller

    No, he didn’t. But he’s lucky. He doesn’t have to listen to the ESPN crew, who are making me black out with boredom.

  19. crzblue2

    Ever read “Man of the house” in thehome section of the LA Times on Saturday? Chris Erskine wrote a column in the Sport section a couple of days ago about his halo trip to Angel Stadium. I think he called it heavenly. Well, I wrote to him that because of the way we were treated last year from the ticket office, usher, security, we decided not to go see our Dodgers there this year. We were all decked out in Dodger Blue last year and we could see the difference treatment with their fansl. Anyway, Chris wrote back a funny post that made me laugh. He also said that he wants to try going to both Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium wearing the other team colors. And also that If I don’t see him in the paper, I would know why. I told him to come sit with me and I will protect him. lol.
    Still mad about losing yet another game to the AL

  20. Jane Heller

    Nope. I haven’t read the LA Times in awhile, Emma. I guess your experience at Angel Stadium wasn’t pleasant? Sorry about that. Also sorry the NL lost to the AL tonight. It seems pre-ordained at this point.

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