Angels Do Twisted Things To The Yankees

They look so benevolent, don’t they? Well, they’re not. At least not the ones in Los Angeles of Anaheim. They’re mean and cruel and they spoil all my fun and I’m sick of it. Sick of it!
The Yanks scored three quick runs in the top of the first in tonight’s 10-6 defeat. Joba came out firing in the bottom of the frame, retiring the Halos in order. Everything seemed fine. Fine! We even added a run in the second and another in the fifth on A-Rod’s 568th homer.
But as he was rounding the bases, A-Rod’s gum flew out of his mouth, as if he’d been taken over by some mystical, unseen power. He later made an error. So spooky.
Things went terribly awry from there. Joba, his pitch count rising and his velocity dropping, became absolutely possessed in the bottom of the fifth. He’d been staked to a 5-1 lead, but threw the ball as if he’d never thrown it before. See the curve of his mouth? How it looks oddly twisted, even simeon? 
Before he could restrain himself, he was giving up five runs to the Angels and the score was tied. The relief pitching – why bother to call it that? – also cried out for some sort of exorcism. I mean, Bruney. Seriously. What happened to him could only be the work of otherworldly creatures.
And then there was that dreadful Luis Castillo moment for Jeter. He was 4-for-4 as the DH at that point, but went in to play short in the seventh inning in one of Girardi’s tricky little managerial moves. He was having a great night, in other words.
Until this.
Yes, he dropped a routine pop up. He even used two hands! The error led the way to Aybar’s homer that put the Angels up 10-6.
I’m too tired to post funny pictures, and I have to get up early to drive down to Los Angeles of Anaheim to watch the game in person. I have to admit I’m ambivalent about going. On one hand, I can’t wait to see the Yankees and cheer them on here in California. On the other, I wonder what might happen to me once I’m in the presence of these not-so-angelic Angels. I could come back to Santa Barbara looking like this.
I’ll report if I make it home alive, hopefully with pics and She-Fan Cam videos.


  1. luckylori

    Jane…wow. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. At least you’ll be amongst your own tomorrow as Angels fans were clearly outnumbered by Yankees fans and the same is expected Saturday. My sis (Dina) works at Gate 2 which is just to the left of the huge Angel hats in the front of the stadium. She’s to the right of the ticket takers and wears black pants, cream colored shirt and an Angels lanyard full of buttons. She’s “security” but calls herself “social security” because she passes the time chatting with all the regulars. She’s a brunette with a cute bob haircut. She tells no one at work about my blog because she likes to steal my material and pass it off as her own baseball knowledge. Unfortunately, she’s still known to make a few faux pas such as saying, “Good game, Morales!” only to have a co-worker inform her that she was talking to Bobby Abreu. Then again, she could never be a hard-core fan and have that job. She has to stand at her post throughout the game and only hears what’s going on inside. I truly wish I could get down there and meet you. Maybe in September? Or better yet…the playoffs??? And were this last season with my Angels leading the west by oodles of games, I might even say good luck. But have fun regardless!

  2. juliasrants

    Sounds like the demons that haunted the Red Sox bullpen on Thursday followed the Yankees to the West Coast. The Angels are always a tough team to beat – and as beat up as they are now they could be even more dangerous. Safe travels today.


  3. raysfanboy

    One must never underestimate the power of a wad of chewing gum to a baseball player. To lose it is truly to lose one’s soul.

    Enjoy the game today. I’m thinking of heading out again tonight myself. It’s just so much fun to be at the ballpark–mostly when your team is winning!

  4. mlbmom

    Jane –
    The good news….

    1) Jeter doesnt make the big E every day….
    2) Jorge’s gloveless catch…
    3) All-Star Game 2010 is in your neck of the woods…
    4) There is another game today…
    5) You have tickets…


  5. devilabrit

    The question is – Did someone rush in and pick up the gum?
    If they did, then it was a plot by STRIDE to get their gum back.
    If they didn’t, then he wasn’t chewing the longer lasting gum and maybe this could have all been avoided had he chose STRIDE…. 🙂
    Tough game, hope it goes better tonight
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    Seeing the Yankees sweep into first place on Thursday was a great feeling; but, then, to watch the Yanks blow a 5-1 lead last night, and lose to the Angels 10-6 was just a little too much for me to take yesterday … And, I watched the Red Sox 1-0 victory over the Royals earlier in the night, which was not a good start to my Friday night !!! … A very disappointing night for the New York Yankees !!! … Joba got hit hard; Melancan got hit hard; Bruney got hit hard !!! … And, the loss can be summed up in the 7th inning when Jeter dropped the pop-up; and, Posada ended the inning by catching a pop-up with his bare hands on a play that should have been called interference !!! … And, didn’t Bobby Abreu look so cool last night ? … Abreu went (2-for-5) with one run; two RBI’s; a stolen base; and a great running catch in rightfield !!! … If the Yanks had the three runs that Abreu produced last night, they would have won the game 9-7 … Well, maybe it does not quite work like that, but Abreu is hitting .300, with 54 RBI’s, and an on base percentage over .400 … His numbers certainly would look great in the middle of the Yankees batting order !!!
    Anyway, Jane, we need you to bring some luck to the Yankees today at the ballpark !!! … Have a safe trip and enjoy the game !!!
    Go Yankees !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  7. mikeeff

    so SO frustrating even watching joba these days. even when we were ahead. but that wretched game is behind us now–i’m sure you’re gonna bring us back a W

    have a great time!


  8. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I should hope you don’t look like that after the game!
    And yes, Joba looks quite bizarre in that picture.
    Jeter also does look pretty strange in that one shot after dropping the popup!


  9. Jane Heller

    Lori, I’m leaving in about an hour and just wrote down Dina’s description and location. I’ll definitely look for her. I wish you were going to be there, but as you say….maybe in the playoffs? (Well, not if the Yanks played like they did last night. Ugh.)

    The demons were out in force, Julia, and it was not fun to watch them wreak havoc! Will try to stay out of trouble!

    I hope both our games go well today, raysfanboy. It’s great being there, win or lose.

    Wendy, thanks for putting things in perspective and looking on the bright side. I needed that!

    Devilabrit, I was wondering about the gum myself. What if somebody’s cleats got stuck on it and they…..Well, it could have been an adventure.

    That picture is what I felt like last night after watching the game, Greg! Glad it didn’t give you nightmares. 🙂

    Jimmy, you’re so right. It felt great being tied for first place….then it felt awful to tumble from the top so quickly. And I, too, watched Bobby Abreu and thought, What if. Even his defense looked good last night. But I’ll cheer them on today and maybe it’ll help.

    Yes, the game is behind us, Mike. But I’m worried about Joba. As Tyler Kepner wrote in today’s Times, he seems to be regressing, not improving.

    Babsoh, if I can reach it today, I’ll bend it!

    Seeing Jeter drop that pop up was surreal, FBC. He never does stuff like that. Really. Maybe it was because he was DH-ing the entire game and then was surprised to be put in at shortstop. No excuses and he didn’t give any. He was as surprised as we all were.

  10. flairforthedramatic

    Angels almost had us thinking they didn’t own us with the series in the Bronx, but continue to wreak havoc when we take it to their ballpark. It was a hell of a weird one. Never ever seen Jeet misplay a ball like that.
    I have faith in Bruney for some reason.. despite the homer he served up, he did manage to pitch a perfect 8th..
    As for Joba.. I don’t even know. I’m seriously starting to the think he should be moved back to the pen [and that’s being generous.. Pete Abraham thinks he should see Scranton]. Not only is he f#%$ing up big time, but he seemingly refuses to take full responsibility for it. I posted some of his questionable post game comments for this one. They’re ridiculous.
    Have fun at the game =)
    – V [ ]


    Dear Jane,

    Who is this person called, “Alphonso” who has been saying for two years that Joba will never succeed as a starter?

    That he will, at best go 4 innings and change, expending 106 pitches and giving up 4-5 runs, with a 91 mph fast ball and no control?

    That he should be a relief pitcher.

    Who is this person, Jane, and should I believe in him?


    Dear Jane,

    Who is this person called, “Alphonso” who has been saying for two years that Joba will never succeed as a starter?

    That he will, at best go 4 innings and change, expending 106 pitches and giving up 4-5 runs, with a 91 mph fast ball and no control?

    That he should be a relief pitcher.

    Who is this person, Jane, and should I believe in him?

  13. Erin Kathleen

    Well, you know, this is pretty much how we feel whenever the Twins have to face the Yankees. It’s unreal: everything that can possibly go right for the Yanks invariably does, everything that can possibly go wrong for the Twinkies inevitably will. I guess every team has one opponent that they just can’t beat, no matter what.-Erin

  14. crzblue2

    I do hope your Yankees beat the Angels. I don’t want to hear those Angel fans brag about it Monday morning when they hop from the Orange County train to the Ventura line. I rather give them a hard time! 🙂

  15. latinyankeerebel

    hi Jane!

    After thoroughly reviewing Jeter’s picture in every angle, I have been given confirmed, that Mr. Derek Jeter was indeed giving his tribute to Michael Jackson, you know, that dance step during Smooth Criminal? Derek simply didn’t stand being out done by Griffey Jr. See? he didn’t even care he didn’t caught the ball! LOL

  16. matttan7

    No one’s perfect, well Derek Jeter booted a play that later cost the Yankees runs, oh well, maybe next time Big Andy will come up big in the next game.

    Matthew T.

  17. Jane Heller

    The pain and suffering continued today, V, as I’m sure you saw. I’ll be posting about the game shortly. As for Bruney? I don’t know what to think. He’s not inspiring much confidence.

    Alphonso, you may not be right about Joba after all. It’s possible that he doesn’t belong in the pen OR the starting rotation, but rather on the Jays’ staff in a trade for Halladay.

    I won’t be converting to Red Sox Nation even if my team did get no-hit, Kaybee. Not an option.

    No lead is safe when it comes to the Yankees vs. the Angels, Jeff. Now you know!

    I was thinking of that, Erin. Some teams just match up poorly against others. We got the better of the Twins. Now the Angels are getting the better of the Yanks. And around it goes.

    Emma, I’m afraid you’ll be hearing a lot of bragging (sadly for me).

    Cat, my trip to see the Dodgers will be much more pleasant. No doubt about it!

    It was such a surprising error, Dillon. I’ve never seen him drop a pop up – ever.

    That’s it, Latinyankeerebel. Jeter was moonwalking! Genius!

    I wish Andy had come up big, Matthew T, but it was not to be today. Very bummed.


    man whats up with the yankees. i was at sat game in anaheim , and think that the angels got the big hits that if it wasnt for a rod and hinske the game wouldnt have been close at all. dont get me wrong i love the yankees but anaheim always has their number.

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