Who Needs Homers?

Here’s how many singles the Yankees had in tonight’s 4-3 victory over the Twins: eight. And here’s how many home runs they had: zero. Is it possible that the Bombers are playing (gasp) small ball?
Yankee babies.jpeg
For the second game in a row against Minny, they scratched out infield hits along with the occasional hard liner and even a couple of doubles. But that was it for the offense – and it was all they needed, thanks to AJ.


He may have been wild and crazy.
Wild and Crazy guys.jpg
I mean, he threw three wild pitches (plus a few others that were questionable) and made Posada chase balls like a puppy digging around in the dirt.
But he was effective when he needed to be, going six-plus, allowing only two runs and getting  outs in big spots from Morneau (in the third), Cuddyer (in the fifth, with bases loaded) and Span (in the sixth, with two on). In other words, he pitched out of jams.
The Yanks’ defense had an eventful evening. It appeared that everybody was having trouble seeing the ball at the Metrodome. Cano struggled before making a catch. A-Rod seemed dumbstruck by a nubber. Damon looked downright helpless in left field, waving his arms around as if he were swatting midges.
And Swisher? What was up with that little hop/skip he did on Crede’s fly to right in the second?
It was just Swish being Swish, but Girardi wasn’t amused and expressed his displeasure in the dugout during the changeover. It probably didn’t help Swisher’s case that he accidentally mistook his speed for Brett Gardner’s and tried to stretch a single into a double in the eighth.
No harm done. It all ended well for the Yankees. For me, too. At the sight of him, I’m a happy fan.
After tomorrow’s finale against the Twins, it’s on to Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of the United States, where the Yankees will face the Angels. I got tickets for Saturday’s game, so I’ll be at Angels Stadium watching. I hope I see a win. I also hope I don’t snap when I glance up at the Jumbotron and see this.


  1. luckylori

    Hey Jane! The smackdown tonight by the Rangers should be just what the Angels need to turn it around for your Yanks. Be sure to go in at Gate 2. I’ll give my sis a pic of you ahead of time so she can cut you off and keep you out of my hallowed grounds. Haha!!! Too bad she doesn’t get many perks with the job or I’d hit her up for a couple of tickets so I could meet you in person. I can’t say “good luck” and mean it so let’s just hope for some great baseball! Drive safely and have fun!

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    The Yankees are contining their winning ways with victories in the first two games of their series vs. the Twins !!! … No homers in the last two games — imagine that? … But, still two wins !!! … A.J. Burnett had a few rough spots in his start, but held on and pitched well enough to keep the Yankees in the game until Mariano Rivera closed out the 4-3 victory with a “four-out” save [his 22th save] !!! … The Yanks go for a sweep today, and continue on the path to first place in the AL East !!!
    Enjoy the game today vs. the Twins; and, also, the game against the Angels on Saturday !!!
    Take care, Jane !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  3. kozmo

    Burnett wasn’t at his best, but got his only two K’s on that nasty curve to end the fifth and sixth. He dug down for those. Hughes has been tremendous out of the bullpen, and Mariano made #504 seem woefully easy. I wish the offense hadn’t taken a powder after the early runs, but with the good pitching, four runs has been good enough to win several times of late for the Yanks. Enjoy the game. If people break out the rally monkeys, just take an inflatable bat and whack them over the head until the put the monkeys away.

    Jason from The Heartland

  4. Yankees Reality Check

    I would not blame you one bit if you snapped at the sight of that ugly little monkey. Now, for some reason, I want to go eat some strawberry jam with a spoon.

  5. thatbaseballguy

    Honestly, I think it’s good to see the Yankees play some small ball. It just shows that they are more of an overall good team than just one that hits homers and plays defense. They can manufacture runs too. I thought it was great.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Swish could learn a thing or two from Alfonso Soriano, whose own hop is equally as showboating ridiculous. These guys aren’t Stan Musials or Ted Williams. They’re an embarrassment when they act like that in my humble (and accurate) opinion. Have fun at the Big A. I, personally, think the rally monkey is hilarious and love when they blast it on the jumbotron. Remember Jane… Angels always have the Yanks’ number.

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hiya, J…sorry I couldn’t access the blog yesterday, problems with our computers…loved the Marx Bros! As for last night — so sad/worried to say Goodbye Cervelli, but so glad AJ overcame it…there is something about that roof in the HumpDome that drives all visiting teams CRAZY…do you know that in the Twins’ 2 WS wins in history, BOTH were won in 7 games when they had home field advantage, and they won ALL their home games (and lost all road games)? So getting at least 2 of 3 is GREAT, esp. with that Nasty Monkey Business up ahead. Teams do seem to “own” other teams, don’t they…but maybe the Halos are a bit more bent & tarnished this season…have a GREAT time — it really is a nicer ballpark than I expected — and we’ll all be looking for ya!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Lori, your sister works at Angels Stadium? Let me know where to find her and I’ll say hi. Wish you could be at the game so we could meet. I’ll try to behave myself while I’m there. 🙂

    Jimmy, AJ really did tough it out last night. He said after the game that he was in battle mode, because he didn’t have his best stuff but was determined to make good pitches. He got us to Mo (with detours through Coke and a perfect Hughes), and that’s what counts!

    With the Red Sox continuing to win, Julia, it makes every Yankees game that much more important. Your guys are tough to catch up with, but one of these days….

    Thanks, Ginny. The Yanks lost when I was at Yankee Stadium for a game last month. But maybe they’ll do better when I’m at Angels Stadium. It’s definitely more fun to see a win, especially with all the traffic I’m anticipating on the freeways.

    An inflatable bat, Jason? Now why didn’t I think of that! I’m sure security would look the other way.

    The thing about the monkey, YRC, is that it’s so dumb it’s funny. Every time I go to that stadium, I crack up in spite of myself.

    The Yankees showed some versatility, Dillon. Always a good thing.

    Right now the Yanks own the Twins, Paul. But they could beat us into the ground today. I take nothing for granted.

    I know you love the rally monkey, Jeff. And it does get the crowd going. Actually, I’m hoping it’ll be on the screen a lot, because that will mean the Yanks are beating the Angels.

    I’m hoping the Angels will be a little tarnished this time, Dave. We’ve got Tex, for one thing. On the other hand, they’ve got Abreu and I miss him. Should be an interesting series. But in the meantime, let’s get the Twins today!

    LOL, moneyball. The Braves have some home run power, as I remember. I’ve read about it on your blog!

    I’d love to come to Petco, Kaybee. Never been there. I wish the Yankees would play the Padres in Interleague.

  9. Jonestein

    I must agree with Tom Grieve, one of the Rangers TV commentators: the Rally Monkey was a stroke of marketing genius.
    If Rally Monkey DOES make an appearance, you should jump for joy, because it means the Angels are trailing your Yanks, which I can only hope IS the case!

  10. heartruss

    I hate that stupid rally monkey. It is annoying. Is that monkey their mascot??
    I always have liked small ball. The long ball is exciting but sometimes those little hits win the game.
    Sigh, the Dodgers could not score last night although they were able to get men on base. Why could they not do anything with seven walks handed to them. Manny did hit one homerun but it didn’t help. You are so right. A win is a win!!

  11. Jane Heller

    If the rally monkey is jumping, I’ll be jumping, Jonestein, because you’re right: it’ll mean the Yanks are leading the Angels. I’m hoping for that – and that there will be NO rally!

    The Dodgers had seven walks and lost the game? Ouch, Cat. That’s frustrating. Wins are all about taking advantage of the other team’s mistakes.

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