Sloppy, But A Sweep Nevertheless

yanks-twins. sweep.jpg
When things are going right for a team, they go right – even when they go wrong. 
Wait. Did I just write that? Sounds like something Yogi would say.
But you know what I mean. The Yankees have been on a roll lately. So, despite an uneven start by Aceves, two lame errors in the second inning, two shallow pop ups by Melky with runners on base, Swisher’s 0-for-5 afternoon, and Robertson’s back-to-back walks of Span and Tolbert with bases loaded, the Yanks managed to beat Minny 6-4 and take all seven games this season, positively eating up the Twinkies.
The game wasn’t without its highlights. Cano doubled with Posada on base and eventually scored. That’s progress for Robbie, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the captain.
(If Jeter touched me on the head, I’d probably never wash my hair again.)
Tex broke his homer-less streak in the fifth and was congratulated by Jorge.
(Love JoPo’s manicure, although I would have gone with a more summery color.)
Gardner continued to slap the ball around, and reminds me of a young Johnny Damon.
The relief trio of Coke-Hughes-Mo was impressive, and the bullpen has really solidified, not counting Bruney, who’s still sitting and searching for his location and velocity.
As the Yanks head west, they have to be feeling pretty good about winning 13 of their last 15. And, of course, I feel pretty good about seeing them in Anaheim on Saturday. I predict that the Angels’ dominance over us will come to an end and that we will finally break free of their cruel and unusual punishment.
Speaking of combat, I spent a few hours touring Vandenberg Air Force Base yesterday. Vandenberg is the military’s go-to place for the testing and launching of strategic missile weapons. The photo below is of Jennifer, their community relations director, and a friendly woman in uniform. (We were at the “BX,” which, apparently, is Air Force for “PX.”)
No, I didn’t enlist. I went to research a new novel. But the experience was interesting, and if my writing/blogging slows down, I might find myself in the same situation as Goldie.


  1. Jane Heller

    The Angels are vulnerable, Julia, but they always seem to have the Yankees’ number. But now that the Sox and Yanks are tied for first place, I hope we can find a way to beat them.

    Thanks, raysfanboy, and back at you. You guys had a great series against the Jays. Price versus Halladay? I wish I’d seen that one. I was thinking about posting Yogi’s Aflac commercial, but I figured everybody was tired of it. I hadn’t seen the beer ad in years.

  2. raysrenegade

    Lady Jane,
    You got the boys heading to the top again.
    Congrats and hopefully you will not have to get on the speakerphone or fly cross-country and knock some heads in until September.
    I still think the last series at the Trop at the beginning of October is going to be a pressure cooker for both teams.
    As always, love the images.
    Oh, Price did look like the ace today. And hopefully that was Halladays last start against us.

    Rays Renegade

  3. raysfanboy

    Renegade, I already have my tickets for the Yanks/Rays series at the end of the season. Let’s hope that–for your sake, my sake, and Jane’s sake–the two teams will be battling it out to see which one will be division winner and which one will be wild card winner. It will be good fun, indeed.

  4. lenn23

    So will it be two of three or one of three against the Angels? Series against the Angels and Sox are always the most tense for me. This is the second time they’ve climbed back into first this year. If only they could have won a few of those games against Boston.

  5. ooaooa

    The boys are now in your court! I am turning over responsibility over to you for the weekend. See that they are treated well and are victorious! You westcoasters should get on to “normal” time so games don’t start so late on the east coast. Enjoy your game trip Saturday!

  6. cheshirecat9

    Back in first! I hope Joba pitches better tonight. Maybe Girardi should fine him $100 for every full count he gets into. I am a big fan of Joba but his comment after his last start about how, “At the end of the day I still have a job.” really bothered me. It’s not all about you Joba, throw some strikes!
    Great post as always. I loved the Yogi commercial. Enjoy the game Saturday!

  7. Yankees Reality Check

    I’m not sure if that win says more about the Yankees or about how much Mauer and Morneau need more help around them over there.

    Btw – love the young Johnny Damon pic. Before he became “The Idiot.” Or maybe he just hid it better back then.


    A new novel, eh? Well well…and some military research… already, my interest is PIQUED (didn’t James Coburn say that once?)…anyhoo…Thanks Twinks, now we’ll really be put to the test — Jane’s Mojo (and Joba Mojo too?) vs. The Rally Monkey…I’ll be watching with a hand over my face, at least at first…pessimist that I am, if we can go into the break no worse than 2 games out, I’ll be OK with that (you know the Hoseheads will be PO’d they lost another home game last nite, esp. to KC…hee hee…). Maybe A-Rod can take his All-Star snub personally — and maybe Tex will take the expected booing the same way, and maintain his HR groove (or at least outhit Abreu) — let us know, Fan Cam in hand, O She-Fan Reporter DeLuxe…and Have Sum Fun!

  9. Jonestein

    Yogi is just freakin awesome…lol! I even have one of his quotes as my work email signature:
    “Know anything? I don’t even suspect anything.”
    — Young Yogi Berra, when asked by his teacher if he knew ANYTHING.”

  10. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    That does seem like something Yogi would say!
    Nice post and congrats on the sweep, although it isn’t good news at all for us!


  11. Jane Heller

    Renegade, that series in October has me shaking already. Who knows what the standings will look like by then, but I hope we’ll both be in there fighting. Congrats to the Rays and Price for that win against Doc. Not too shabby.

    Exactly right, raysfanboy. We have to hope that the series at the end of the season means something. We both want our teams to go into it with a playoff spot at stake!

    Wins are wins, Matthew, and I’ll take them however they come. I’m not crazy about the errors though. They can come back to bite you, and the Yanks are lucky they didn’t.

    Len, I’d love to take two of three against the Angels. But we have such bad luck against them. Maybe I’ll bring some sort of amulet or voodoo charm on Saturday. I must DO something!

    John, I have to say I love when the boys come out here, because it’s normal time for me. For once I don’t have to stop working at 4 pm to watch them play! I’ll try to take good care of them. I really, really will!

    You with those nails would not be a pretty sight, Jeff. Come to think of it, nobody with those nails would be a pretty sight. Yech.

    Cheshirecat, I hope Joba had that “conversation” with Joe after the last start and that we’ll see a more aggressive pitcher out there tonight – one who will go deep in the game too. I know he’s still learning and maturing, but we have a pennant to win.

    I like the old pic of Damon too, YRC. He looks so young and innocent! And I think you’re right about the M&M boys of Minnesota, although Cuddyer showed some real pop. Kubel too.

    Yes, a new novel, Dave. Just in the research stage, so who knows where it will go. But I have a fun idea. Saturday’s game is on Fox – at least out here – so if you’re watching look WAY up into the seats behind home plate. I’ll be the one in the black Yankees cap with the rhinestones-studded N-Y.

    Great quote from Yogi, Jonestein. He’s a genius! Kind of.

    Yes, our battle just got tighter, FBC. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, right? Who knows how things will go from here, but it’s nice to share the top spot with the Sox.

  12. orangebirds

    You are such a great blogger. Your posts are so funny too! keep it up! And I just wanna tell you, that I am so happy because I got 30 comments on a Matt Wieters era post and I got another 30 on a Three of a Kind post! I hope I make top 100. Check my blog out here…

  13. Jane Heller

    A season sweep indeed, raysfanboy. 7-zip. For some reason, the Yanks match up well against the Twins. But the Angels are another story. Gulp.

    Glad you’re enjoying the blogging, birdland. I’ll stop by and check out your latest post.

  14. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    It was a great sweep by the Yankees over the Twins that moved our Yanks into a tie for first with the Red Sox … The view from the top of the AL East always looks so beautiful !!! … But, then last night’s game vs. the Angels — up 5-1, then lose the game 10-6 … ahhhhhhhhh !!! … And, the Red Sox had a big 1-0 victory against the Royals !!! … Not a great night to say the least !!!
    Take care, Jane; Enjoy the game today at the ballpark !!! … Hopefully, you will get us a win !!!
    “Go Yankees” !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  15. Jane Heller

    It was a great sweep, Jimmy. We tasted the top (well, half of the top) and now we’ll just have to get back up there. Last night’s loss to the Angels hurt – talk about sloppy – but today I’ll be at Angel Stadium and will try to work some magic of my own. Wish me luck.

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