Rest Does Wonders For A-Rod

It’s a miracle, really. A couple of weeks ago, A-Rod was lethargic, dragging, zombie-like. Then it dawned on the Yankees that he hadn’t had a day off since he came back from hip surgery. Cashman and Girardi put their heads together…
…and (light bulb going off here) decided to give their star third baseman a rest.
Al sat out a couple of games against the Marlins and – voila! – he stopped being a zombie.
Now he’s no longer flailing at pitches out of the zone and looking fragile on plays at third and, best of all, he’s hitting bombs again.
Tonight’s blast into Monument Park in the sixth broke a 2-2 tie and carried the Yanks to a 4-2 victory over Seattle – their seventh straight win.
It was a nice, quick dismissal of the Mariners – not like last night’s game, which moved along as slowly as this.
One reason was that the offense couldn’t get much done against Washburn, except for homers by Damon and Melky. The other reason is that Pettitte pitched a very good game of his own.
Through seven innings, Andy threw strikes, mixed his pitches well and completely shut down the sleeve-tugging, bat-pointing Ichiro.
Aceves and Coke did their jobs in relief, and Mo notched save # 502. I’ll never understand why a long man like Alfredo was brought in for one batter or why Hughes was warming and Bruney wasn’t. But the good news is that the bullpen is getting it done these days and I don’t find myself doing this whenever I see them coming.
The oddity of the game was Tex bobbling Valentien’s potential double play ball in the fourth. He wasn’t charged with an error, but the fact that he allowed a run to score was surprising. His defense has totally spoiled me, but I guess he’s entitled to a bobble once in awhile.
Eric Hinske had his first session with the media as a Yankee. I listened, courtesy of Pete Abe’s blog, and wasn’t surprised to hear him repeat the usual “I’m honored to be here” mantra. Actually, he sounded thrilled to be out of Pittsburgh, and who could blame him?
His acquisition wasn’t exactly the trade of the century, but the news was broadcast around the world. Witness this reporter’s breathless coverage and tell me Hinske isn’t a big deal.

Back in the real world (sort of), it seems my holiday weekend won’t be about Michael Jackson after all. The family’s spokesperson announced that it would be too expensive and complicated to motorcade MJ’s body to Santa Barbara and bury it at Neverland. What about all those truckloads of these that had been deposited outside the ranch for fans, along with the balloons and the flowers?
My hunch is that they’ll have an event at Neverland after the memorial. And if they do, I just might show up with the She-Fan Cam.


  1. steve_t

    Jane, is there a way for you to get that video link to Hinske? I think he’d find it very funny. As I recall from his stay in Boston in 07, he’s got a pretty healthy sense of humor. And he should be a good luck charm, having played in each of the last two World Series.

    Steve T.

  2. cheshirecat9

    Jane my DVR messed up yesterday so I didn’t see your segment on Yankees Magazine yesterday. Hoepfully I can get a repeat later in the week.
    That video of the kid was very funny! It’s nice to have the Yankees winning again. Let’s go CC!

  3. Jane Heller

    He seemed like a good guy in his comments, Steve. And maybe he’ll be a good luck charm. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

    Julia, it’s amazing what you find on YouTube. I was just looking for footage of Hinske and found the kid!

    I heard I was bumped yesterday because of the long game Tuesday night. They had to show an encore of it. Supposedly, it’ll be airing throughout the week, so let me know if you see it!

    I think TMZ will be there, Jeff. But maybe I can sell video to the MLB Network? They must be doing a Jackson special, right? LOL.

    The Yankees’ fortunes seem to be tied to A-Rod, Dillon. When he does well, so does the team – and vice versa.

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    It was a nice, crisp, 4-2 win by the Yankees yesterday vs. the Mariners, in a game that took only 2 hours 17 minutes to complete … Three Yankee homeruns: Damon, Melky, and A-Rod (two-run homer); a solid pitching effort by Andy Pettitte (8-3); and, Mariano’s 502nd career save, all added up to be the perfect recipe for the Yankees seventh straight win !!! … Eight-in-row — tonight !!!
    Regarding the Yankees trade for Eric Hinske — In my view, Hinske seems like another DH type player that the Yankees already have plenty of on their roster … Maybe he will provide some extra power pinch-hitting off the bench; but, the result of this trade was the Yankees sending Ramiro Pena down to AAA-SWB, which is a move that greatly weakens the Yankees infield defense off the bench … In the long run, I think Pena would offer much more value to the Yankees than Eric Hinske … Maybe a way to keep Pena on the big league roster would be to go with one less pitcher in the bullpen … At least this move would force Joe Girardi to let the pitchers [starters and relievers] stay in games longer !!! … Just a thought to reduce some of the excessive pitching moves that seem to take place almost every game !!!
    Anyway, I hope all is going well, Jane !!! … Have a nice day !!!
    — Jimmy 27NYY Curran, “BY&L”

  5. Jane Heller

    Hey, Jimmy. Yes, it was a nice, crisp win and I’d love to see another tonight! I was thinking the same thing about Hinske/Pena; why not send Tomko down instead? At the moment, we seem to be doing just fine with Hughes, Aceves, Bruney, Robertson and Coke (and, of course, Mo). Maybe they’re waiting to see how Bruney bounces back from the DL or it’s about trying to groom Pena as a “super sub” who can play the infield as well as the outfield. In any case, fingers crossed that the trade helps the cause.

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