CC Ran The Bases And The Earth Moved

He threw 98 mph. He didn’t walk a single batter. And he struck out eight en route to the Yankees 9-1 victory over the Mets. He also had an RBI single and scored during the Mets’ error-filled meltdown in the second. I could feel the ground shake as he chugged home. He’s as big as The Fridge, isn’t he?
Anyway, it was a masterful performance, marred only by Sheffield’s blast, and I hope he doesn’t catch the bug that claimed Jeter, the birthday boy, who was scratched from the lineup with a bad cough.
Other than CC, the hero of the night was Brett the Jet, who is insanely fast and could probably win a race with this guy.
Five-for-five with a homer, a triple and a stolen base? How hug-worthy was that?
Damon continued to excel (great dive/slide on that catch of Cora’s pop up in the first). 
Cano played good ball in spite of his various ailments. And Pena had a couple of doubles, subbing for Jeter. But how about A-Rod. He’s looked like a different player in the last few games. Maybe it’s the day off he had during the week or the hip that’s finally healing or the fact that Kate Hudson is following him around the country and bringing him luck instead of jinxing him.
All I know is he made several nice plays at third and passed Reggie on the all-time home run list.
I wonder why the Mets’ defense goes all loosey-goosey when they face the Yanks. That second inning was like a bloopers reel. Maybe it’s because of their lame old theme song. Here’s Bob Costas singing it. Not good at all.
P.S. I’m sad about Nady. I thought he’d have a big year for us. And now he’s done.
Goodbye, X-Man. It was fun while you lasted.



    First Pavano, now Nady!!! What is it with the hot guys when they sign with the Yankees??!!!

    Very happy with the monster win — we need to keep this going. Boston is still winning so we have to do the same just to keep up.

    This time in the first inning, again like he did in the ninth in the last subway series, Tex runs out full steam when others would assume the out and trot. He is a winner and the best addition to our team this season.

  2. scofid

    It is great to see the end of the June slump, and hopefully, the team can sustain its current play for the coming months. Best wishes to A.J. Burnett today as he returns from his 5-game suspension. Hopefully, he’ll match CC pitch for pitch…well, outside of that one at the start of the 5th inning! LOL! It is very sad to see that the X-Man was not able to overcome the elbow problem and is now facing “worst case scenario”. Hopefully, he’ll rebound after surgery to continue a successful playing career (whenever that may be). I hope it is with the Yanks, but regardless I hope it works out for him.


  3. Jane Heller

    Cat, according to the tabloids, he’s been seeing her for awhile. As far as time for baseball, he doesn’t go out with her during the games. LOL.

    Too bad about Nady, Diane. I really had high hopes for him in pinstripes after what he showed us last season. Tex amazes me. Did you see that grab at first last night? He makes those defensive gems look easy. Must be heaven for the other infielders.

    I hope Nady lands somewhere and has a good career too, Scott. I doubt it will be with the Yankees, but I wish him well. He seems like a good guy. And yes, let’s think positive thoughts for AJ tonight at Citifield!

  4. scofid

    Maybe Kate likes those “performance enhancers”! Oops, sorry. My return to CA is permanent so like you, I’ll be able to see the conclusion of games early evening instead of having to stay up late nights! As much as I like Jason Giambi, I’d hate to think where we’d be right now if he were still at first base. Tex has been even better than advertised with the glove, and he was already billed as very solid defensively.


  5. Jane Heller

    I would assume he “performs” well enough, Jeff. But then Kate hasn’t called to confide in me. Not once!

  6. Jane Heller

    Not sure why the comments are getting scrambled, so sorry I’m not answering them in order….

    Scott, so you’re moving back for good. Didn’t realize that. Welcome home then. It’s great to be able to finish watching a game and then have dinner instead of trying to stay awake until the wee hours – especially on Sunday nights with 8 o’clock starts in the east!

  7. mikeeff

    one of the most entertaining games of the year for me. I love it when the “little guys” have big nights. It’s even better to see Alex continuing to improve–and watching his impeccable D last night was a thing of beauty. The mets keystone cop act never gets tired for me either. great way to begin the series.

    bob costas has me squirming with embarrassment. hilarious-thanks!!

  8. Jane Heller

    I loved the Mets Keystone Cops act too, Mike, but I know all too well it can happen to us at times – hopefully not soon! Bob Costas? I bet he never realized he’d be on YouTube someday singing that song. Cringe-worthy.

  9. flairforthedramatic

    CC was killer. He did it on the mound and at the plate. Talk about taking the game into his own hands.
    Brett was also amazing, as usual. Him on the base paths excites me more than home runs these days, believe it or not, lol.
    Subway series turning out to be hella fun. 😉
    – V [ ]

  10. Jane Heller

    Your favorite word, Dillon, really applied to CC last night. He did a great job.

    V, I know what you mean about Gardner’s speed being so much fun to watch. And to add a homer on top of it was icing on the cake. Let’s hope we think tonight’s game is as much fun.

  11. Jane Heller

    Yeah, your guys have been having a tough stretch, phi8008. But they’re the WS champs. They’ll turn it around. In the meantime, glad to be of service!

  12. contractyear

    Hi, Jane, glad your guys got a big win. wish our guys could get a win, let alone a big one. 5 essentially rooking pitchers having a slow learning curve and aging superstars who are not hitting do not make for many wins and very few high-scoring games on our sides. I hope you got my email address change (just substitute “comcast” for the earthlink). I may have mentioned this, but strikes again. I followed’s instructions on how to change my email, which only succeeded in my not being able to sign into to at all using either address. I bitched (I’m good at that!) and was told that I do not have an account under either email address. Wonderful! After bitching some more, now I can sign in under my new email address (thought they changed my password without my permission!), but the first screen I see says “Start setting up your blog!” I can’t get my blog to link to my new email account so I can’t post any new articles (posts). I am pissed! They have now got their top internet gurus on the case to try to fix the problem. I REALLY REALLY

  13. contractyear

    … want to have to create my blog all over again. It took me days the first time. Do you still have problems with them?

  14. phi8008

    Thanks for checking my blog out, I appreciate it.
    There’s one thing I mean to say in my last comment, and that was the fact that I and every other Phillie fan were so incredibly happy to see Brian Bruney call out that arrogant show-off Francisco Rodriguez on his antics. I know they supposedly made up the other day, but it was great to finally see someone call him out on his antics, its ridiculous. He celebrates after every save like he just won the world series and shows a complete lack of respect for the other team. I hate it. Tip of my cap to Bruney.
    Thanks again, I’ll be sure to keep checking your blog out.

  15. Jane Heller

    I like your blog a lot, phi, so I’ll be back. As for K-Rod, he always drove me crazy when he was with the Angels so I was glad he moved to the NL. But the issue of players, especially pitchers, celebrating isn’t going away. Nobody does it quite like K-Rod, but there are those who don’t like Joba’s fist pump either. I don’t see it as showing up the opposition, but I guess some people do.

  16. Jane Heller

    Hi, Bee. I haven’t been having technical problems with the blog lately. My only issue is with my own internet server, which has been sooo slow. I’m sorry you’ve been frustrated but am glad to see you’re back and blogging. I hope the A’s turn things around for you too!

  17. Jane Heller

    Pictures are my way of telling a story, popupboys. They entertain me, so I hope they do the same for you!

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