A Game That Felt Like A Doubleheader

“Is it over yet?” I said to my husband when the Yankees jumped out to an 8-1 lead.


“It’s only the fourth inning,” he said, then nodded out. Before I knew it, he was starting to snore.
It was that kind of a game. Sloppy. Long. Perfect for switching over to CNN during the commercials to watch clips of Michael Jackson.
Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was in northern Santa Barbara County, and my local journalists covered his trial on a daily basis. To people here, he wasn’t the king of pop but yet another celebrity who had lost his way.
Moonwalk in peace, MJ.
Moonwalking MJ.jpg
Speaking of celebrities losing their way, A-Rod seems to have found his. He was swinging the bat better on Wednesday and turned it up another notch tonight. That solo shot in the first was nice, but his bases-loaded single in the seventh was a thing of beauty.
(Like Jacko, he, too, wears a white glove when he performs.)
It was a good night for Al, who tied Reggie’s home run record, knocked in four runs and seemed unusually pumped up.
It was not such a good night for Pettitte. He wasn’t as ineffective as Derek Lowe, but he had a huge lead and nearly gave it away – grounds for this.
I don’t know why Girardi didn’t use Phil Hughes in relief, but I’ve given up trying to figure out everybody’s role in the pen.
I’m just glad Mo got his 499th save and the Yanks beat the Braves 11-7. It wasn’t pretty, and Swisher, Damon and Jeter looked like deer in the headlights at times. Oh, and Gardner spazzed out on that ball hit by the Devil Wears Prado.
But a win is a win, and the best news is that the offense is back! We can hit again! We remembered what to do with the bats!
Now we must be excellent against the Mets this weekend. I’m predicting we win two out of three. If that’s going out on a limb, so be it.


  1. lenn23

    Jane, I think the reason they didn’t use Hughes is because they are not 100% about Sabathia’s health yet. They better win two out of three this weekend since none of the Mets pitchers they’re facing have the name of Johan Santana!

  2. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    nGood points on the game – it did seem to go on forever but a win is a win. Is Coke going to pitch everyday now? I agree that I think they are looking to Hughes to take over a starting role but I don’t know that its for C.C. — we are still wondering about Wang and after his outing last night I don’t think we call look at Andy as 200%. With A-Rod’s bat waking up I hope that means good things for Tex again as well.

    Away from baseball briefly, the loss of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett hit me hard. They are very big memories for me in my youth and I have to admit I cried over both. The radio stations in NY have been going wild with MJ and Jackson 5 music — not a bad thing.

    Finally, I don’t know how many of you Jane Heller blog fans have read her novels — if you haven’t, you’d better start. I read She-Fan of course, but that started me on her fiction works — so far I have read 3 and just started a fourth. Each story line is so different from the others but there is a common bond in each — she does such a great job in providing such depth in her characters that you really care what happens to them.

  3. joejoe146

    Mr. Derek Lowe’s age is finally catching up to him. He’s looking like a #5 pitcher, being paid #1, but not ace money. Maybe they should pull a BoSox and put him on the DL. I hope Yankees are going to sweep the Mets, so they don’t take first place from the Phillies. Thanks, Jane, I wanna play with Lego’s now.


  4. redstatebluestate

    Yeah, I watched the first five innings of that game too before I realized it might never end. Nice point. Oh, and thanks for enlightening me on how the French snore. I always just assumed they had a funny accent when they did it. I have been — for once — proven wrong.

  5. mikeeff

    it was long ( and hot ) but i took my niece to her first MLB game so i was glad she got to see a load of hits and Mo on top of that. by the end of the game we yank fans pretty much had the place to our selves and that was fun too !

    i have to say that gardner has quite a ways to even get to that ball–the fact that he ( barely ) got his glove on it at all was a miracle.

  6. peggy3

    Howdy Jane …

    I’m back in New York (have been since Tuesday). I can tell I’m back in NY because the weather has been drab and gray. I’m going to the games tonight and Sunday with thunderstorms in the forecast ..hopefully not during the game tho’.

    It’s nice to see the bats come alive the past two games because when they weren’t hitting it was driving me BATTY!!! I go all the way to Florida to see the three games and the least they could have done was win two of them. I thought they were going to pull Sunday’s game out …but ..no dice. It was sooooooooo hot I was happy to get back to New York despite the drab, wet weather that seems to be the norm lately.

    Anyway …looking forward to a nice game by CC ….hoping he’s able to pitch without any problems. I want to see him HIT !! He loves to hit so I hope he helps the team pitching AND hitting tonight. This will be my first visit to Citi Field too (I only visit that OTHER team’s place when the Yankees play them). Two out of three ain’t bad…three out of three is best.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Good point about Hughes/CC, Len. I hadn’t thought of that. Let’s hope CC is OK. He keeps saying how much he wants to hit in an NL game, so now’s his chance. So sorry not to face Santana – not.

    Thanks for that praise for my novels, Diane! Wow. I’m so glad you’re moving through them and enjoying them. I’m just starting a new one, but baseball keeps getting in the way. 🙂

    I’ll try to get the Yankees to sweep the Mets for you, Joe, but it’s a tall order. As for Lowe, I think the Yanks were just happy to face a pitcher they’d actually seen before.

    What’s odd about the French snoring man, Jeff, is that he manages to make the sound with his mouth closed. My husband snores with his mouth open. (I know. TMI.)

    Mike, you got to see plenty of baseball, that’s for sure. They kept saying how hot it was, so I’m glad you were able to stick it out until the end. Glad you saw a win and had a good time.

    Welcome home, Peggy. I really hope the weather holds (does it rain every day in New York now or what?) and they get the games in. I’ll be interested in your review of Citifield!

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Well, how nice to take a series on the road against an NL team…how long has it been? Nevermind. And Neverland, nevermore. Such a strange evening…the teamful of black softball players playing before my team last nite hadn’t even heard the news about MJ, and they were really down about it. Poor Farrah, too…any other day ever, and she is the lead story by a mile. And Mr. Ed, that would be correct, Johnny. Hopefully this stuff does happen in threes, and no more for at least awhile. Meanwhile, beisbol…nice to beat one of our old tormenters too for a change…now let’s please hope that the Mets don’t call up 3 more ROOKIE pitchers to bamboozle the Bombers for the weekend…and have a truly good one, Miz J!

  9. Jane Heller

    Poor Farrah is right, Dave. I thought she’d be the lead story and then came MJ. And now the investigation into the cause of his death…..Yes, let’s hope the Mets don’t throw more rookies at us this weekend. Have a good one!

  10. juliasrants

    Jane – those of us who “grew up” with Michael Jackson (first the Jackson 5 and then in to the 80s as a solo artist) remember a brilliant artist who lost his way – it is so sad that so many who are gifted artist also have so much trouble living in the world. His genius will be missed. The think his death overshadowed Farrah’s death for she death, while tragic, was expected.

    I thought Damon had a good night. Didn’t he drive in 3 runs on a triple off of Lowe?


  11. Jane Heller

    Yes, Damon did have a good night, Julia. But then pretty much everybody was hitting Lowe, even Cody Ransom.

  12. Yankees Reality Check

    As always, great illustrations! I too was flipping back and forth during this game, but not to CNN. I was flipping back and forth between the game and my DVR. Which is why, when Pettitte had his little meltdown, I was still watching the earlier parts of the game. I realized it only when people’s Tweets started making no sense to me! Anyway – it was a win. I’m grateful for that.

  13. Jane Heller

    So funny, YRC. You don’t need to watch the games anymore. You can just go on Twitter and find out what’s happening.

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