The Yankees are falling on their faces, as evidenced by today’s 6-5 loss to the Marlins, yesterday’s 2-1 defeat, and lackluster efforts against the Nationals and Mets. And while I’m not panicking – they’ve been in much worse shape than this – I’m not at all amused. Why? Take today, for instance.
#1. CC had to leave in the second inning with tendinitis in his biceps.
#2. The Yankees’ bats looked like they were made of this. (Picture of Swiss cheese.)

#3. After Aceves pitched brilliantly in relief of CC, Bombko lived up to his nickname.
#4. Melky tried to throw out Hanley Ramirez at home, but the ball traveled into another state entirely.
#5. Joe Girardi cleverly caught the Marlins asleep at the wheel, pointed out their lineup blunder to the umps, got De Aza thrown out of the game and then watched Jeter, Swisher and Teixeira go down in order. He played the game under protest.
#6. A-Rod hit a single that scored two runs, but otherwise appeared as fatigued as the day before. I’ve decided it’s Kate Hudson’s fault and I want her to go back to one of her previous boyfriends.



#7. That ninth-inning rally against the Marlins’ closer that began with singles by Posada and Melky, resulted in two runs thanks to Gardner’s gapper, and continued with the walk to Damon ended with Jeter’s annoying habit of first-pitch swinging. THE GUY JUST WALKED DAMON! TAKE A PITCH, DEREK!


Maybe the Yankees will have better luck against the Braves, but somebody needs to step up.


  1. rocklandyanks

    I think every Yankee fan is frustrated as heck right now. We know these are games we NEED to win, but we are not performing, but look on the bright side.

    The Yankees have been playing absolutely terribly the last 2 weeks, but if they were in any other division save the NL west, they would be in 1st place, or .5 games out and in either league they are still the Wildcard. I know its not 1st place, but I think after last year Yankee fans will take the wildcard berth.
    Go Yanks

  2. lenn23

    Now I know why they call him Bombko! I really thought that last hit was going to come from Jeter. The comebacks from earlier this year and Jeter’s track record conditioned me to think that it was going to happen. Hope they haven’t depleted their quota of comebacks for this year. Also, is that Owen Wilson with Kate Hudson? Didn’t he have some difficulty in recent years? I think Arod has enough trouble as it is! Is Madonna still available?

  3. steve_t

    Rough weekend for the Yanks. If ever there was a time for Wang to step up this season, it’s tonight in Atlanta. This particular start could make or break his season. As for A-Rod, is it fatigue or that hip that’s bothering him? Mike Lowell needed the entire offseason and part of spring training to recover form his surgery. I wonder if A-Rod’s procedure, which was less invasive, was chosen to minimize his time away from the team. But then again, maybe it is Kate Hudson after all.

    Steve T.

  4. joejoe146

    rocklandyanks, If the Yankees were in the NL West, they would be further back, but if you want to talk about every other division, they would most likely be in first.

    Jane, I hope the Yankees slump continues, because Braves need a win, badly, or even maybe a sweep.

  5. travelingbballbabes

    The Yankees’ inability to defeat less than par teams officially disgusted me last night. I couldn’t even watch the bottom of the 9th. I switched over to the Dodgers/Angels game on ESPN. I think I was double sick from watching the stupid Mets game as well prior to that. BARF!

  6. juliasrants

    Jane – I have to agree with Steve – I think the Yankees brought A-Rod back too soon and I wonder if not having the complete surgery done was a mistake. Don’t take the Braves lightly – they are a tough team.


  7. Jane Heller

    Rocklandyanks, I’m not settling for the Wild Card just yet. There’s a long way to go and the Yanks are usually a second half team. So I’m still holding out for first place in the division – in spite of their poor play lately.

    Jeter has been so clutch for us, Len, that I always expect him to come through. But maybe his ankle is still bothering him. I just wish he’d taken a pitch or two instead of swinging away. Yes, that’s Owen Wilson with Kate Hudson. They’ve been on again-off again, so the tabloids say. And he did have some sort of breakdown (drugs? depression? who knows?). I think we need to keep A-Rod locked up in a nunnery.

    I think you mean tomorrow in Atlanta, Steve. The Yanks are off today and Wang is pitching Tuesday. Anyhow, I agree that it will be an important game for him and the Yanks. And I think the Yankees rushed A-Rod back to work after surgery. Now they’re saying they’ll give him one day off per week. Too little too late in my opinion.

    It should be a good series, Joe, and a tough one.

    Serena, I switched over to Dodgers-Angels immediately after the game! I wanted to get the image of that painful ninth inning out of my mind. They could totally have come back! Barf is right.

    I would never take the Braves or any other team lightly, Julia. I say that nearly every day.

    If they had listened to me, Jeff, they wouldn’t have picked up Bombko!

    Thanks, Kaybee. They do tell the story (in a twisted sort of way).


    Hi again. Boy, that was a discouraging weekend…there must be a lot of disgusted fans, ’cause not too many have much to say today. Didn’t see much this weekend, and obviously missed nothing good — as Son #2 said, it’s more of a worry about C.C.’s condition than just playing down to our competition (again) and losing another one. You know what Jersey Bob of NTPFC (NOT The Posada Fan Club) has to say, so I won’t replay that broken record. What has happened to the Defense? Did we use up all our coupons, or what? Every game is an adventure lately. Well, at least my misery has company…maybe we’ll get a miraculous bit of help from Our Gnats vs. Beantown, though I have loudly declared No Way — methinks we gotta make our own breaks.

  9. Jane Heller

    I think we’re all feeling sort of beaten down, Dave. We need a pick-me-up, so hopefully we’ll hear good news about CC – that his biceps pain is just a temporary thing. And we better have some defense coupons left. It’s not even the All-Star Break yet!

  10. mikeeff

    jane i’m beginning have a lot of questions about how this team is being managed. this latest issue over alex and playing time–the conference call. it should never have had to come to that. girardi is managing scared. you can see it with his erratic bullpen moves.

    they need to right this ship in a hurry. the last 6 games were a chance to pad our place in the standings, and it has been the opposite

  11. scofid

    Ugh, a frustrating game! The Yanks really need to get someone better than Berroa or Pena to back up A-Rod at third so that he can rest more often. I like Peter Abraham’s suggestions today for changes that the Yankees could immediately make, but clearly “Bombko” has to go. I like your preference for Houston Street, but I just don’t think he’s going anywhere now that the Rockies are winning again.


  12. Erin Kathleen

    Looks like C.C. is going to make his next start on Friday, so that’s good news, right? I’m not actually that surprised that the Marlins took the series, they do have some very good starting pitching (especially Josh Johnson, wow). It’s their bullpen, offense, and inability to make routine plays that’s killing them. Those losses against the Nats must’ve been really tough, though. They are the worst team in baseball for a very good reason.-Erin

  13. Jane Heller

    Mike, I don’t understand the A-Rod situation at all. We were told right from the beginning that he’d be rested often and used as the DH. Instead, he played every game until the Marlins series. If there’s one constant during the Girardi era, it’s the odd way injuries have been handled.

    So you’re saying Kate is a man-destroyer, Lori? All the more reason to break up her relationship with A-Rod now, before it gets too serious!

    I agree with most of Pete Abe’s suggestions, Scott, especially Berroa; I can’t figure out why they’re keeping him around. And I really like the idea of using Hughes in the eighth inning in tight games. But I’m still not sure if Gardner is the answer in CF. His speed is fabulous, but is he really that good a defender?

    The losses to the Nats were hard to swallow, Erin. And while the Marlins do have good pitching, I was hoping we’d at least win that series. CC sounds like he’ll make his next start, but I’ll believe it when I see him standing on the mound.

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