The Yankees Must Be Reading My Blog

Yesterday, I suggested – strongly – that A-Rod be given a day off or two, and – lo and behold – he sat out the opener of the series against the Marlins.
He’ll probably be on the bench for Saturday’s game too. It’s about time he got time off. I had my tonsils out when I was in second grade, and I didn’t go to gym class right after the surgery.
While A-Rod was taking the night off, the Yankees were beating the Marlins the way they should have beaten the Nationals. The 5-1 victory could have been 10-1, given all the runners left on base, but I won’t quibble. We got a very good bounce-back outing from Pettitte.
He went seven innings, gave up a measly three hits and walked nobody. Was he really, really excellent or were the Marlins really, really bad? It was probably both. I mean, we were playing “the fish,” for God’s sake.
I know Hanley Ramirez is supposed to be so terrific, but did you see that ball hit to his right that he couldn’t grab? Angel Berroa, tonight’s surprising replacement for A-Rod, made a better play on Paulino’s grounder in the seventh. Of course, he also popped up with bases loaded. Grrrr.
Jeter was in the lineup and, despite a nice offensive night, he was clearly hampered by the stiff ankle. I guess that’s why Girardi didn’t use Pena at third, in case Derek had to come out during the game. He was definitely limping.
In addition to the effective job by Pettitte, the Yanks got another strong eighth-inning outing from Bruney. Is he the one who will finally grab the slot most recently held by this guy?
Joba Yankee.jpg
And before him, this guy?
I’d like to see some stability in the pen, but the jury’s still out on Brew. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not into his ‘stache. Nobody can do ‘staches like Giambino.
So what if he had to use a little bit of this now and then?
Bottom line? It was a positive game for the Yanks. I hope they’re enjoying the Miami nightlife, but not too much.
They need to sweep here. Are you reading this, Yankees? I said: SWEEP.


  1. thekfny28

    Hey Jane, I read your blog sometimes and I enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ve ever stopped by to comment. Nice blog as usual, and I’d also like to tell you that I’m hosting the Yankees game on Tuesday at the Braves and I think it’d be cool if you came by and talked about the game. Just saying.

    -EJ the Kid From New York

  2. rocklandyanks

    I think Berroa is **** too, but I might be wrong. Maybe Joe just has more confidence in Pena at Short, which I wouldnt be surprised in.

    Watching ESPN again, I know they have alot of offices in CT, but do they have to be such blatant Red Sox fans ? blech


    I agree A-Rod can use a rest; I only hope Tex doesn’t suffer for it. He’s been phenomenal for months now – I can’t remember a game since May 1st that he didn’t have an impressive offensive or defensive contribution.

    Boston lost to the Braves last night — yeah! Maybe the Sux will exhaust Atlanta so we can roll in there and sweep them too. I also read on that Papelbon would absolutely consider signing with the Yankees when his current contract ends in 2011 — I know we’ve secured many ex-Red Sox (hello, Babe Ruth!!!) but I personally draw the line at papsmear.

    Go Yankees!!!!!

  4. peggy3

    Hi Jane…

    I see you arrived home safe & sound …thankfully !!! I had a great time meeting you at Stan’s. I’m sorry the Yankees couldn’t get a win for you tho’. Despite all the naysayers …I think the Stadium is pretty amazing too. Needs a couple of adjustments here and there but on a whole …it’s a beauty. I’ll always have the older place in my heart but eventually the new place will feel completely like home. I’m just waiting for Mystique and Aura to move back in the place … :o). I think they started the move when Castillo dropped the pop up …haha

    I’m in Florida…better weather (except for a few fast thunderstorms) and I had fun at the game last night…Andy looked Dandy. It was mostly Yankee fans ….I’d say at least 80%. It was wild ….must be weird for the Marlins hearing so many “Let’s Go Yankees” chants and they were LOUD too. I actually thought they would play New York, New York after the game I’m use to big Yankee crowds when I go to Baltimore ….it’s usually at least 60% but this was really bad …hardly any Marlins fans at all. I’m going tonight and Sunday too hoping for the same results.

    Anyway …I hope to see you when you come back to the Big Apple. I’ll let you know if I hit the lottery …we can start planning that road trip …(wink).

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  5. flairforthedramatic

    LOL, that Girardi pic is hilarious.
    Maybe they did hear your suggestion. It was obvious A-Rod should’ve sat out a few times long before this, but it says a lot that he asked to be benched himself.
    I’m glad Pettitte did a great job.
    You know, reading your book, I started to remember how thrilling it was having Joba jog out from the pen and just utterly dominate. Though I’ve voted for he as a starter, I wouldn’t mind seeing him pitch from the pen again, lol. However, now that Brun is back, I think the 8th is in good hands. He does need to lose the ‘stache though, lol.
    – V [ ]

  6. Jane Heller

    Hey, EJ. I’m glad you’ve been stopping by on occasion and left a comment this time. Always great to have more thoughts and opinions! I’ll try to come over on Tuesday during the Braves game. I hope we get a “W!”

    Ah, the mysteries of the MLBlogs censors, Rocklandyanks. Funny. Pena played a lot of third base while A-Rod was gone, so Girardi must trust him there, even though he’s a natural shortstop. But it all worked out in the end. I’m just not a big Berroa fan. I think we can do better.

    Diane, you raise an interesting point about how Tex will do without A-Rod in the lineup. He had a couple of singles last night, so I’m hoping he’ll stay hot for however long A-Rod sits. As for Papelbon, he clarified his remarks yesterday to say how much he wants to stay in Boston but that business is business, etc. I would think they’d do whatever it takes to keep him.

    Peggy, it was so great meeting you on Wednesday. Glad you made it to Florida and brought the Yanks luck last night. Keep it up! I’m glad for the Marlins that there are so many Yankee fans there. A stadium full of people is better than an empty one.

    V, I loved having Joba jog in for the eighth back in the day, and I’ve been back and forth on what they should do with him now. My first choice would be for him to be a starter – IF he can be effective. Good starters are hard to find, so I’m willing to give him a chance. Bruney’s ‘stache? Doesn’t work for me.

    Jeremy, I think any team can beat any other team on any given day, so I take nothing for granted with the Marlins. They just looked overmatched last night, but that could change. And yeah, the fish are cute!

  7. Jane Heller

    Sorry about White Sox/Cubs, Jeff. I know you must be fuming.

    Absolutely right, Julia. I take nothing for granted in this crazy game.

  8. scofid

    Okay, Girardi would make a creepy Spock! LOL! Let’s hope the team doesn’t get too caught up in the Miami nightlife. A-Rod is probably showing everyone the best spots in town. Giambi looks better with his Oakland look than he did with that ‘stache! Go Yankees!


  9. Jane Heller

    A very creepy Spock, Scott! Tonight’s match-up should be interesting since AJ has “history” with the Marlins and Johnson is their best pitcher. Fingers crossed.


    You aren’t kidding Johnson is their best. Almost a perfect game but now we have a shot at coming back. AJ was fine. Too bad he couldn’t get the win. What is with Damon? Is he going blind or what?! And I don’t think the Girardi Spock is any creepier than any other Spock I ever saw.

    Okay, so Jeter just hit into a double play and things don’t look as good as they did a second ago. Boston already won so we really need to make this come back.

  11. Jane Heller

    UGH. Damon just struck out. Diane, we need to send them good vibes so they’ll come back in the ninth!!!

  12. raysrenegade

    I think if you could pull up the actual viewers of your blog it would be a list of Who’s Who in either blogging or baseball.
    We all know that the secret to Cashman’s longevity is the closeness of your blog to his eyeballs.
    I am glad A-Rod took the night off in his hometown, maybe he has friends at the Fountainbleu Resort and needed to be Cabana boy for the day.
    But do not fret, he will be out there in the 105 degree heat index tomorrow afternoon sweating his pinstripes in the last game of the series.
    I would recommend sunscreen level 85 for the direct sunlight in the stadium off the empty orange seats.

    Rays Renegade

  13. crzblue2

    This is a funny game like Vin was saying. You got Jerred Weaver 5-0 at home coming off a complete game and Jeff who has not started since 5/20 and Jeff is winning against Jerred 6-2. A good thing!
    Love the picture with the broom! I could never understand why Florida does not have more local baseball fans.


  14. Jane Heller

    Oh, sure, Renegade. Cashman reads my blog all right. LOL. A-Rod pinch hit tonight and I can’t understand it. You either rest a player or you don’t. If Cashman is reading this right now: LET THE MAN HAVE A FEW DAYS OFF! It does look nice and hot down there in Miami. I love that weather.

    I’ve got your game on right now, Emma. I love listening to Vin. And what an interesting match-up of the two Weavers. I think Florida is a tough market because there are so many snowbirds. They’re only in FL from November to April.

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