My Tuesday in New York City

Where’s summer? It’s cold here! Brrr.


Oh, well. I guess it’s better than sweltering in the heat.
This morning, I headed downtown from my hotel to SoHo, where I spent two very enjoyable hours being interviewed for Barbara Kopple’s ESPN documentary on the Yankees. A two-time Oscar winner, Barbara couldn’t have been more welcoming, and it was a pleasure to meet her. My husband Michael took a photo of me with her.
It was her very capable and enthusiastic associate, David Cassidy, who conducted the interview. He’s a diehard Yankee fan, so there was lots to talk about.
I have no idea if I said anything useful, but I guess I’ll find out after the documentary airs next year.
Then, it was back uptown to the studio where they tape YES’s “Yankees Magazine.” I had a lot of fun answering questions posed by George Pisanti, who’s been producing the show for several years. I’ll post my air date as soon as I have it.
Later, it was off to dinner with this guy….
…Alphonso, the infamous pessimist who makes special appearances on the Yankees blog, “It Is High.”
I had told him I wanted to watch the Yankees-Nats game, so he thoughtfully chose a restaurant with a TV tuned to the game – only to tell me over and over again why the Yankees would lose.
“No, they won’t,” I said, as the Yanks went up 2-0.
“Yes, they will,” he said, as the Nats went up 3-2.
OMG, I thought. Anderson Hernandez, the guy who never hits homers, according to my scouting report, smacked a three-run shot off CC!
“See how they can’t score any runs off this nobody pitcher named Martis?” said Alphonso, as he polished off his second Manhattan. “And look at A-Rod. Another terrible game for him. They’re a third place team, I’m telling you.”
“They are not,” I said, giving him a nudge in the ribs as Tex tied the score with a double.
“They’ll find a way to lose, and it’ll be an embarrassment,” he said, popping an oyster into his mouth and risking some dreaded food poisoning.
“Oh yeah?” I said just as Cano smacked a double off Ron Villone in the seventh, driving in the go-ahead run.
“But Joe’s bringing Bruney in for the eighth,” he said. “He’s not ready for this. It’s his first day off the DL.”
Bruney was more than ready. So was Mo. And then there were the dazzling defensive plays by Pena and Cano, who went 4-for-4. Except for Jeter coming out with ankle stiffness, it was a nice, neat 5-3 victory for the Yankees.
“But they should have beaten the Nationals 50-0,” said Alphonso.
“A win is a win!” I maintained, my frustration boiling over.
I hate to admit it, but I couldn’t contain myself a minute longer and threw my piece of salmon fillet in his face. He retaliated by dumping his entire serving of cherrystone clams on my head. What should have been a friendly dinner between bloggers disintegrated into pure chaos at the restaurant, which, by the way is called Docks and serves excellent seafood.


  1. lenn23

    Wow, the guy that you thought couldn’t hit a homerun hit one to almost win the game! This is the type of thing that has taught me never to get too overconfident about anything.

  2. Jane Heller

    Yay! You’re coming to Stan’s, V. Can’t wait to meet you.

    Exactly, Len. Never take anything for granted. You never know in baseball.

    I hope so too, Julia. I hated to see him come out of the game.

  3. PAUL

    I was about to write something snide about Anderson Hernandez’s hitting abilities being non-existent and backed it up because of seeing it firsthand as he spent several years in the Mets organization, but his numbers aren’t all that bad. Even with that, C.C. has no business letting him go deep.
    That’s cool about David Cassidy. I loved the Partridge Family when I was a kid.

  4. ladyjane303

    Jane – Let’s hope Wang will be focused tonight now that little JJ Wang has arrived. Hopefully Jeter will be ok for the game, too. Sadly, I won’t be able to get out of work in time to make it to Stan’s but I’ll try to catch up with you at the game – bring your umbrella – it could be a long night!

  5. Jane Heller

    I wasn’t happy with CC giving it up to a guy who never hits homers, Paul. Maybe he was taking a nap when he threw that pitch.

    I would love to see Wang pitch a good game, Ladyjane, but I’m just excited to be at the new stadium for the first time. Catch you at the game!

  6. junojen

    I didn’t realize this was your first visit to the new Yankee Stadium. How does it stack up in your estimation? Was it worth tearing down the House That Ruth Built?

    I like your pessimistic friend! I admit I was a little surprised to see the Nats on top at the beginning. But as you say – a win is a win and that’s all that matters.

    Have fun during the remainder of your trip to NYC.


  7. Jane Heller

    Tonight will be my first visit to the new place, Jen, so I’ll report in after I’ve taken it all in. I’ve been told to walk the great hall first, which is supposed to be fascinating with all the giant pictures of Yankee legends, but I also want to check out the food!

  8. Greg

    Jane, any type of dinner mixed with Yankees talk always seems to end in some sort of food fight with you. Haha. Will look forward to watching that documentary. You are making all the media rounds this week. Good luck.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  9. Jane Heller

    I’d watch that documentary, Jeff. But I think you should just string together the videos of you and Allen and sell them to the MLB Network!

    You caught me, Greg. I used that food fight video back in November after the Thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s house. My crazy mind just goes there, I guess.


    Memo to Fave Fellow Fan…
    WOW, what a day for you! May it be as great as it will be memorable!! Shake lotsa hands, sign lotsa books, and please wear that She-Fan Cam OUT, for the benefit of all us who can’t be there but would LOVE to (and I mean everywhere)…also don’t 4get the Michael Food Sample Test, 4 which results are eagerly awaited by The Hungry & The Curious…yes, ’twas a bit dicey 4 awhile last nite…just what you may expect from cellar-dwellers…reminded me of a thriller I saw Back In The Day at the Old Stadium, Whitey Ford vs. Bennie Daniels of the Senators, Yanks prevailed 1-0. Likewise, Lannan is Washington’s best pitcher today, a crafty lefty already, so beware once again…hope your weather holds — it’s our version of the “June Gloom” that I met up with in S.D. in my one & only visit…but nevermind the weather, just have a FABULOUS day!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Dave, I’m on my way to the stadium and will try to corral some unsuspecting interviewees for the She-Fan Cam! And Michael will sample the concessions!

  12. heartruss

    Jane, when I was in Virginia, it was always hot and humid with thunder so loud it would shake the windows. We would just hope that the lights wouldn’t go out. It would pour and then stop after you had already been soaked to the skin and the sun would be out. Weird weather. I hope it is nice weather during your book signing and the game. I can’t wait to see your reviews of the new stadium.

  13. travelingbballbabes

    It was nice to see you today at Stan’s. Lisa is sad she missed it. Hope you enjoy the new stadium! -Serena

  14. letsgoyankees

    Jane, I feel really, really bad for you after that one. I’m not too disappointed. I had a feeling we’d lose. But you must be mad. By the way, what Cano did was unacceptable. Ground into double play, all righ, happens. But you HAVE to sprint to first. You got to bench Cano tomorrow to make a statement. That’s why Cano will NEVER be the player that Tex is. He doesn’t have the intangibles.

  15. Jane Heller

    Today stayed dry, Cat, but it was really cold for this time of year in NY. So odd. They got the game in and as we were leaving the stadium it started raining. And now it’s supposed to rain tomorrow for my flight back to LAX. Will blog about the game itself tomorrow when I have my wits about me. I’m exhausted!

    It was great meeting you, Serena. I loved the new stadium. I just hated the game! So maddening!

    I wanted a win for my first visit, Letsgoyankees. No fair! I was happy to see Cano up in that ninth inning situation, given his hot bat lately. And he fouled off several pitches. But a GIDP? I honestly didn’t expect that. Just so disappointing.

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