My Favorite Kind Of Game: A Blowout

So weird. The Yankees couldn’t do a thing against Nieve, who probably doesn’t even bother to dream about the Cy Young Award, and yet they absolutely destroyed Santana, whose Cy Young dreams have long become a reality.
Johan didn’t make it out of the fourth during the Yanks’ 15-0 thrashing of the Mets, and gave up a career high nine earned runs.
The Mets’ relievers didn’t have much either, as Jeter, Damon, Matsui, Melky and Cervelli (love this guy) just kept piling on.
But the star of the day was AJ.
Except for a lapse in the third (two walks, bases loaded with nobody out – yikes), he threw seven sparkling innings of shutout ball and looked more like the guy who tortured us as a Blue Jay.
Aside from his throwing error, the Yanks were crisp on defense too. I loved watching Sheffield try to take Jeter out on that double play. (Nice try, Gary, except that you’re old in baseball years.)
In the seventh, Pena was in as Jeter’s replacement at short and flashed leather.
Robertson and Hughes did a great job in relief and spared me from having to watch Veras, Coke or Aceves create a hair-raising experience.
And then there was the Bruney/K-Rod pre-game fracas. Bruney was stupid to open his mouth in the first place about K-Rod’s celebrations on the mound. K-Rod was stupid to confront Bruney during batting practice today and allow the exchange to be caught on camera. Just shut up and pitch, people!
I’m in New York, so I got to watch the game with my family – all Yankee fans. It was a nice capper to the weekend in Westchester before I head into the city for the rest of my trip.
My 92-year-old mother thinks I act like a crazy person when I watch baseball, but she let me turn the She-Fan Cam on her during our visit. Here she is. Does she look 92? I don’t think so, either.


  1. jeterfan023

    Oh my gosh, you’re mother is so adorable and sweet! 🙂 It was truly wonderful to hear the perspective of a Yankee fan who watched all the greats. Being only 19 years of age, I love living through what I hear from people about the Yankees of the past. It’s also great to hear that she is still following along so well with the team, what a true fan!!! Tell her Melissa from CT loves Jeter’s smile too 🙂 haha, great blog, hoping to read some of your books!


    Aww, your mom is great. I hope I have it together like that when I get to be her age. And, no, she doesn’t look 92! She has beautiful skin. Does she ever visit you in CA? My mother lives in San Luis Obispo (I’m in Ohio), and we’re both huge Yankee fans. The very first thing we talk about when we call each other is the latest Yankees game. That takes priority over anything else, of course. 🙂

    I love the blow-outs, too. I need one of those every once in awhile just so I can finally relax! I’m probably like you in that I can’t keep my emotions to myself and I let it all out–joy, frustrations, you name it. I’m always scaring my kids when I get screaming. haha

  3. mikeeff

    she is absolutely precious! I love her and i dont even know her.

    “something about a-rod turns me off a little bit….well, i didn’t want to mention that because it seems to be a custom among some of the players”

    thanks for introducing her to us.. anyway–if only everyday could be like today…i certainly hope you get to see a couple of stress-free beat downs.

  4. Jane Heller

    Your comments were so sweet about my mom, Melissa, and I passed them along to her. She was a little nervous about being videotaped, but she really does remember the Yankees of the good old days, as well as follow today’s players.

    Thanks, Julia.

    Charmaine, your mom in SLO isn’t far from me. Next time you visit her from Ohio you’ll have to drive down to Santa Barbara and we’ll watch a Yankee game. My mother doesn’t travel much these days, but she says she might come to CA this winter.

    LOL, Mike, about my mother and A-Rod. And yes, I wish every game could be like today. Just great pitching, hitting and defense. Loved it.

  5. peggy3

    Jane …

    What an amazing lady …I can’t believe she’s 92. She looks great and sounds like she is really on the ball. My most amazing player to watch was Mickey …imagine seeing the likes of Lou Gehrig and the Babe. I see where you get your love of the Yankees. I hope Mom gets to see a World Series win this year ….

    I was at the game today with my cousin the Met fan. He’s a great guy so I didn’t rub it in too much…just a wee little bit. I was hoping we would score 2 or 3 runs off Santana ..whoever would have believed 9 !!!!! It was a fun game just being able to relax and enjoy for a change and the weather was perfect for a ballgame. The Golden Eagles were fantastic too …what a ride …dropping from the sky and landing right in the stadium. A fun day all around ….at least for Yankee fans … :o). Great job by AJ and the boys ….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!

  6. Jane Heller

    I would love to have my mom see a World Series win this year. It would be so exciting for her (and me, obviously). Glad you were at the game today and got to see what had to be an incredibly enjoyable afternoon at the Stadium. Great job by everybody!

  7. Greg

    Great interveiw with your mother. I’m guessing you got your passion for the Yanks from your father though, as she does seem like she go off the handle either way.

  8. cubsjunkie2

    Mom doesn’t look 92 at all!!

    I def am not going to be wearing my Santana T for at least a week. Jeez!

    Might I add, I loved Nick Swisher as a White Sock and I love him as a Yankee.. I love that he went and put the pad back on in right field. Class.

    Great game today for the Yanks! Cubs need one of those.


  9. scofid

    At the start of the weekend, if you had told me we’d lose to an unknown pitcher named Nieve and but win games at the expense of the usually reliable Luis Castillo and the invincible Johan Santana, I would have thought you were nuts. Oh well, I’ll take it. The downside was that we couldn’t close the gap on Boston. A very nice touch with the interview with your Mom. Enjoy the trip, and have fun at Stan’s!


  10. steve_t

    Jane, your mom is lovely at 92. We should all be doing so well at that age. Looks like you’ve got some fine genes.
    Who’d have thought the Santana game would be so lopsided a victory? Not to take anything away from the shellacking the Yanks handed the Mets, but is Santana hurt? He looked awful yesterday. Burnett, on the other hand, was sensational. I still can’t figure that guy out–one start he’s terrible, the next he’s one of the best in baseball.

    Steve T.

  11. Jane Heller

    Greg, it was my two grandfathers who really taught me about the game. They’d come over every Sunday, turn on the game and show me how to keep score. They were great teachers.

    I loved when Swisher put that pad back on the field, Stephanie. He’s a riot and I can see why you loved him. I hope the Cubs have a similar blowout. They’re good for the soul.

    She’s very maternal about “her Yankees,” Erin. She scolds them when they’re bad. LOL.

    It was certainly a strange weekend of games, Scott. But I’ll take two out of three any day, however we do it. I really wonder why they can’t hit pitchers they haven’t faced before. So baffling! Too bad you won’t be in NY for the Stan’s event.

    Steve, I’ll tell my mom what you said and she’ll be flattered. It’s very possible Santana isn’t 100% because he gave it up in his last start, although not as badly. And yes, AJ has been inconsistent to say the least. I wish we knew what we were getting each time out, but maybe he’s still “adjusting.”

    We are enjoying our time together, Bern. It’s been a good visit.

  12. ooaooa

    Your mom is a HOTTIE! Wow, it must be a good feeling knowing you may look that good in your ninties!

    Hope you enjoy the Stadium on Wednesday. We will be going on our bi-annual pilgramage to the heart of Sox Nation this week. We will be heading for Maine for a few days. I will surely be beat up daily by our Motel owner who is a Wade Boggs look alike and an official Nation member. I tried to run a Yankee flag up his flag pole a few years ago and he tackled me. There are Yankee fans up there and by wearing our gear we find each other.

  13. Jane Heller

    Wow, John. You’re heading into enemy territory! I hope Wade Boggs doesn’t give you a hard time. Haha. Enjoy your trip to Maine. It’s beautiful up there.

  14. redstatebluestate

    Wow, if that’s 92 then I must be five years old! Sweet on getting Mom involved. I’d do that but too but my mom is camera shy. Nice to see Johan get tattooed for once. I was beginning to think he was the second coming of Sandy Koufax… not cool.


    Your mother is just delightful. And yesterday’s game blowout was my kind of a game! I expect that Friday night’s game will show up on Yankee Classics.


    Dear J,
    Well, you’ve done it again. Everyone, including me, is just Charmed by your sweet ol’ Mama — mine is 91, and isn’t half as spry or with it as yours! Plus, she’s a Fan!?! My whole family cared less about sports — only Uncle Bob in Westfield NJ was a Yankee fan, and like your grandpas, he taught me a LOT…and BTW, what a wild, weird weekend…wanted to give YOU all the credit for Friday nite, your Good Vibes…but then Saturday intruded…then again, there was “Sunday And Me.” Such a catchy tune! Jersey Bob had to tell me how it was Cervelli who went out and talked tuff to AJ in that 3rd inning, and look what he got — two K’s and a liner to Jeet. But I digress. THANKS for giving us your Mom to savor — just another example of why your blog is The Best…!!

  17. crzblue2

    Ahhh, that was such a cute video of your mom. I would have loved for her to speak more of the old days like the days of the Yankees playing the Dodgers and the Giants. And I would have loved for her to say the Yankees will play the Dodgers in the W.S. Did you know the Dodgers play the Yankees next year at Yankee Stadium? God willing, I will be there.
    Emma _Bleeding Dodger Blue!

  18. Jane Heller

    Jeff, my mom wasn’t sure anyone would ever see what I was taping. Now she’s like, “Oh, no. I should have fixed my hair!”

    You’re right, ftyankeefan. Friday night’s game will probably show up on YES classics. Now that I know the outcome, I’d watch it again.

    That’s baseball, Kaybee. Totally unpredictable.

    Thanks, Dave. But I can’t take credit for my mom. She’s a “lady” in the best sense of the word.

    I would have liked that too, Emma, but my mom doesn’t remember all that much about the Dodgers/Giants days. Ask her about Melky Cabrera and she knows what she’s talking about! I didn’t know the Dodgers were coming to YS next year. That will be a must see.

  19. junojen

    Jane – Your mom is absolutely precious. I cannot believe she is 92. How wonderful that you still have her in your life.

    I love hearing older people refer to movies as “pictures.” I still call CDs “albums,” and I am ashamed to admit that I will download an “album” from iTunes. ha ha!

    There is just something so special about following a favorite baseball team especially when you inherit your love of a team from your family and previous generations. Hearing them talk about watching the greats from years ago, that’s priceless.


  20. heryankeefandiary

    Jane! Your mother is ADORABLE! No, I’d NEVER guess that she was anywhere near her 90’s. Incredible. And she knows her baseball! I bet the two of you watching baseball together is something to behold…You should have someone video tape that. I’d love to see it. Oh and you can tell her that I’m another female basebal lover who doesn’t much care for the spitting either. ICK. I suppose there’s trade offs for everything huh?

    This game was amazing, however I slept through 8 innings-I was up late writing my latest diary/blog entry, not feeling well and was up until nearly 7am. I’m just SO glad that they answered the questions of the two previous games-a BLOWOUT indeed! And, BONUS-The Red Sox lost. We’re only two games back. Next series-The Nationals-a sure thing. Well, at least it should be.

    I hope you are having a great day…But no game today! Whatcha doing???


  21. Jane Heller

    I’m sure my mother would adopt you, Jenn. Just show up and she’ll give you a place to sleep and feed you! Yes, the Yanks did a good job on the Mets, but your guys didn’t hold up your end of the bargain. Only one win against the Sox? Come on!

    Jen, I love hearing the old-fashioned phrases for words too. And when I showed my mother the video on this blog, she was surprised; she thought it would just be on MY computer and no one else’s!

    I should videotape our watching a game together, Vanessa. On Friday night when Castillo dropped the pop-up, I was screaming and my mother was telling me I would hurt my vocal chords! Today I’m in the city and am about to meet a friend who’s mentioned in my book – the one who tried to pick up Yankees with me when we were in high school. Should be fun catching up.

    Everything was perfect, Dillon – just one of those games where everybody was at their best. (Well, except A-Rod, who’s still struggling at the plate.)

  22. Jane Heller

    She’s a cool lady all right, Shelley. And yes, beating the Mets was a pleasure. They’re a good team so we were lucky to take the series.

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