What A Bore

And what a fool I was. I thought there would be a carryover from the Walkoff Popup Game, and the Yankees would be so grateful for Friday night’s win that they’d come out smoking. Wrong. They came out like dead people.
Here, for example, is a photo of Andy Pettitte after he lumbered off the mound in the fifth inning, his mediocre performance over.
Seriously, is it too much to ask that a Yankees starter not named CC Sabathia give us a quality outing? Is it?

And how about Aceves? Is anyone else over him? I mean, he served up a homer to the 100-year-old Sheffield.
Now that I’m in New York for the week, I suppose I should I present myself at the Stadium on Sunday morning and demand that I take the ball against Santana. I can’t throw 95 mph, but even I’m better than what’s currently on the roster, aren’t I?

I don’t know what to say about the offense. Yeah, A-Rod hit one out (barely), and Jeter knocked in another run in the seventh after Melky and Gardner singled. But please. They all looked like they were dying to get the game over with so they could go do this.
I had a hunch the Yanks were in trouble when it was announced that they’d be facing a guy who hadn’t appeared in the majors in three years. A no-name pitcher always spells disaster for the boys in pinstripes, as if they couldn’t possibly review videotape or get a scouting report.
But whatever. They lost to the Mets 6-2 and seemed as dreary and gray as the weather.
Still, there were moments of levity, thanks to the broadcasters.
We got to hear Joe Buck say: “It’s a wet day but a pleasant day.”
We got to hear Buck explain that the Mets are the first team with three Fernandos in the lineup.
And we got to hear Tim McCarver sing from his new CD.


  1. lenn23

    I am really starting to get concerned about the depth of their pitching from top to bottom. I got excited about the possibility of another winning streak after that gift win and then I looked at who was pitching for the Mets and quickly forgot about that idea.

  2. heryankeefandiary

    Why oh why do they have to SUCK so much right now?!? How long were we in 1st place? Like A DAY? It’s like they knew they should have lost the night before and just couldn’t stand to NOT lose the very next time they had the chance. I don’t get it. And I don’t get what’s going on with our pitching either Jane-but Andy Pettitte put it best when he said after the game, “I did a bad job.” How insightful. I guess we all do a bad job at work sometimes…

    It’s a good thing that The Yanks gobbled up a bunch of Pitchers from the Draft. Maybe-hopefully, we’ll have a decent Defense next year and a Bull-Pen that’s more than 6 inches deep.

    Of course I’m not giving up on this year, we’re in mid June and there’s lots of baseball to be played but-and I hate to say this, The Red Sox are unstopable right now and we just keep slipping. That’s a BAD combo. We need this situation to flip-flop ASAP.

    Do whatever you have to do to get on the mound on Sunday. We need to win. We have to-or my brain will have another horrid cramp!


    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog. I know I’m not like most women in regards to liking Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, fight scenes and guns. My friend comes over to hang out and I’ve got Baseball on my computer, and “Who’s The Deadliest” marathon on the SPIKE channel on TV. All she could say was, “Vanessa-you’re SUCH A GUY!” HA!

    Oh, and I tried to embed the code, I tried in Internet Explorer and Firefox. All that would show up when I previewed is code. Urgh! I wont even get into the formatting and picture adding issues. Obviously I gave up on adding video to my first blog here . (You’re in the know-who do I have to pay to get it to work properly???)

    I hope you have a terrific time at the game-Pitching. =)


  3. luckylori

    Before tonight, I would’ve swapped an ace starter for a HR hitter! You’re right…there should have been some momentum. Especially after they celebrated like they’d won the WS. Hee hee. They’re just waiting for you to get there so they can win one for Jane. Right? Have fun and I’d love to hear your review of the new stadium!

  4. Jane Heller

    Prrjck, the game was on Fox. I guess I could have muted them, but they were great material!

    Len, I think they’ll have another winning streak, but only if the starting pitching gets it together. That’s where it begins and ends: with the starters. And right now, the rotation looks very shaky. Maybe AJ can right the ship today.

    I don’t know exactly how to help with your technical problems, Vanessa. But I’ll go on your blog and give you the url for Mark, our leader here at MLBlogs, and maybe you can leave him a comment with your questions. As for Andy, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He had breathing problems during the game but said he was fine physically.

    I did think there would be a carryover, Lori, but they always struggle against pitchers they’ve never seen before. Now the question is, will they also struggle against a Cy Young Award winner? Santana won’t be a piece of cake.

    It is, Dillon, but we have to remind ourselves we were doing great there for awhile. So a bad patch was inevitable. We just have to stop it before it gets out of hand.

  5. Jane Heller

    Julia, unless I’m mistaken, Girardi was asked about Brad Penny’s pitch and responded to the question, ending his answer with: “It’s just baseball.” I don’t recall any call to the Commissioner, and it was hardly a big issue.

  6. PAUL

    While you’re in town, you’d better have a chat with Brian Bruney about propriety and knowing his place in the pecking order. K-Rod’s reaching to the heavens is over-the-top, but Bruney should handle his teammates like Joba (who are WORSE!) before commenting on K-Rod. K-Rod nailed it when he heard about the comments and basically replied with: “Who?!?”

  7. Jane Heller

    I think you’re right, Paul, and K-Rod handled the situation perfectly with “Who?” – until he got in Bruney’s face during todays BP. He would have been better off leaving it alone, but it did make for some pre-game drama.

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