To Luis Castillo With Affection

Thank you for dropping A-Rod’s routine pop-up in the bottom of the ninth, with the Yankees’ chances for a comeback looking completely grim. Everyone thought tonight’s game was over, but you changed it all with your inexplicable screw-up. I will always love you, man. You’re beautiful.
Who would have imagined it: a walkoff pop-up? And yet it happened, and the Yanks edged the Mets 9-8. Was it the ineptitude of the Mets’ second basemen or a little good karma after the lost weekend at Fenway?
I don’t care. We won a game we had no business winning, and I’m glad. Hahahahaha.
But despite the hugging and celebrating on the field, the fact is the Yankees have major pitching problems.
Joba. Seriously. What were you thinking shaking off Posada like you’re a three-time Cy Young Award winner? Get over yourself and listen to your Hall of Fame catcher.
Bombko. I knew you’d show your true colors one of these days. There’s a reason you’ve been on every team in the majors, and your ineffectiveness tonight proved why. You gave up four runs in the fifth. Not what we needed, guy.

Mo. No, you’re not a problem, but you need help. You’re being forced to be your own eighth-inning set-up guy, and it’s just not going to work unless you clone yourself.
(Mo, the eighth inning set-up guy)
(Mo, the ninth inning closer)
On the positive side, nice job by Robertson in relief….More firepower from Tex….Clutch hitting by the Captain…Pretty solo shot by Cano…Happy Birthday homer by Matsui.
On the negative side, how bad is Gardner’s arm in center? Should we be worried about this? And what’s up with Swisher lately? Is he putting together a Bloopers reel?
But oh well. The Yanks won, and I’ll go to sleep happy for the first time in days.


  1. peggy3

    Jane …

    That was some wild and crazy game…but..I’ll take it… :o).
    I had this ignorant Met fan in front of me screaming that Mo sucks. I’m not one to get on other fans but when you insult Mo …probably the greatest and classiest closer of all time right in front of me …that’s not a good thing. I told him that what he said just showed the intelligence of Met fans (of course ..not all Met fans…just the ones around him chanting along with him). My greatest satisfaction tho’ was when Frankie Boy got his FIRST blown save (even if he did have a “little” help from Luis C.). He put the runners on that scored so too bad …so sad. The happiest part of the game aside from the win was not having to watch Frankie Boy praise God, Allah, Jehovah or whatever deity he is praising for 10 minutes before he leaves the mound after a save. It really gets me crazy when there is such a fuss over Joba’s fist pump but this comedian’s act never gets noted in the press. It’s ten times worse than what Joba does …yet not a word against him. I don’t get it ….but …at least the Yanks got it tonight …the BIG W.

    It was truly an exciting finish …Tex is the man. I’m loving him more and more everyday with his fantastic approach to baseball and his hard & heads up play.

    I can’t wait to go to the game on Sunday ….

    See you on the 17th but most likely at your seat since I won’t get there in time for the book signing …unless I can sweet talk the boss into letting me leave a little earlier.


  2. peggy3

    Oh …I intend on sending Mr. Castillo a lovely thank you card tomorrow too… :o)

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  3. latinyankeerebel

    Gladly to hear you arrived safe to NYC… the most important thing though is that you brought luck to the team… and peggy, I’m not only gonna send a thank you note to Castillo, but maybe a fruit basket???

  4. lenn23

    I was really scared when Arod came up to bat in that inning. It seems like he’s always involved somehow in these situations and most of the time he messes up. He actually succeeded in the last game against Boston but everybody would forget that. It doesn’t seem fair. So, I feel sorry for him. His life, curricular and extra-curricular, is more than I could ever dream of. Nevertheless, I feel sorry for him. Then this happens and I don’t know what to feel. Thank you, Arod?

  5. juliasrants

    Perhaps Castillo has been taking catching lessons from Damon! Nice to see that Damon’s “eye flutter” that “caused him to drop the ball in Fenway” improved enough for him to come into the game last night. You’ve got to love all the back round stories that come out of these games.


  6. letsgoyankees

    A question though: Why was DDamon pich hitting for Swish, who’s a a switch hitter, when K-Rod owns lefties, but Brett Gardner was allowed to hit?

    I didn’t get it.

  7. Jane Heller

    Peggy, Tex is absolutely the man. I was never worried about his slow start because I knew he’d be great for us. But who could ever have predicted last night’s outcome? I agree about K-Rod. He drives me nuts with his theatrics, and I’m sure the players can’t stand him. But not all closers can be as classy in victory and defeat as Mo. I hope you can convince your boss to let you leave a little early on the 17th. Tell him it’s an emergency. LOL.

    Latinyankeerebel, can you imagine if every Yankee fan chipped in to buy Castillo a thank you gift? We could buy him a car or something!

    Len, I was hiding my eyes during A-Rod’s at bat. He seems to be getting his timing back – slowly – but he does tend to pop up in those situations. And that’s exactly what he did! Still, one of these days he’ll start banging homers again. He does seem to be working hard on his defense after the errors in Boston.

    I can’t tell if you think Damon’s eye problem was made up, Julia, since you put it in quotes. But yes, there are many back stories and subplots, which is one of the reasons this game is so irresistible.

  8. Jane Heller

    I, too, wondered why Damon didn’t bat for Gardner, Letsgoyankees. But having him bat for Swisher made sense to me, just because Damon’s a better overall hitter and could have knocked one into the right field seats.

  9. letsgoyankees

    You’re right Jane. Damon’s a better hitter than Swish. But Swish was a switch hitter w/pop, and Gardner…has no pop. None. If you’re going to pinch hit him, I think you’d do it for Gardner.

    But whatever. This is my favorite non WS subway series win of all time.

  10. Jane Heller

    I would have had Damon bat for Gardner, but they got it done (or, rather, the Mets let us get it done), and I hope the excitement carries over into today.

  11. phillies_phollowers

    Sorry my team did not hold up their end of our bargain…but at least it wasn’t their fault. The ump called a 2-run game winning homer a foul ball! I freeze framed the video and posted it on my site – if the pole were higher, the ball would have hit it…that’s a fair ball.
    I am disgusted that the umpire refused to look at the replay. What a way to lose! :O(


  12. scofid

    I don’t understand why the Mets fans are so down on Luis Castillo…I have nothing but fond feelings about him! 😉 I was so mad when A-Rod popped up with a 3-1 count, but hey it worked out! 🙂 Enjoy your time in NYC! Go Yankees!


  13. Jane Heller

    Jenn, I don’t know why the ump wouldn’t use the replay – especially in such a close game. That’s exactly what the rule was designed for, wasn’t it?

    I agree, Scott. So what if he went all Bill Buckner on them? It worked for us! Maybe we can actually win a game on our merits today. I hope my being here in NY is sending them lucky vibes.

  14. Jane Heller

    I just read about Bradley’s adventures on your blog, Erin. But as Joe Girardi just said in his pre-game press conference, “It’s baseball. The players are human. Things happen.” I prefer it when the “things” that happen are happening to the opposition.

  15. heryankeefandiary

    I didn’t watch the game. Yanks won. There’s a connection, and I’ll explain it in my next blog if I CAN EVER POST MY FIRST!!!!!

    Is there some secret to posting on this site? I’ve never had so many issues posting a blog. Not even on MySpace for 5 years. MYSPACE the place of “An unexpected error has occured” I don’t get it. I try to center text and the browser locks. I try to add a video and all it shows is the code. And I’m not like, um…Slow with these types of things. Is there some super-secret thing I’m missing? There’s not even a place on the site to go for Q&A and Trouble Shooting with blogs. OK, my whining is done.

    YAY! Yanks won one!


  16. Jane Heller

    I had problems posting tonight too, Vanessa, but the key to MLBlogs is patience. Sometimes things go fast and sometimes they don’t. For the video, you need to copy and paste the embed code. Hopefully, you’ve got everything working by now.

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