An Ugly One

Today’s Yankees-Rays match-up was supposed to be a pitcher’s duel. Instead, it looked like a bloopers reel.
The two teams had a combined six errors, and played sloppy baseball overall. I won’t take apart Navarro for his three errant throws. He’s the Rays’ problem. But Damon? That airmail job in the fifth wasn’t pretty, and Swisher’s bobble on the same play didn’t help. Then we had A-Rod spazzing out on Aybar’s grounder in the ninth, giving the Rays their fourth run of the inning after the Yankees had come back to tie the game.
Michael Kay: “It’s all fallen apart for the Yanks.” Ya think?
The worst part was that it was Mo who gave it up in the ninth. The horror.
He appeared stunned as he sat in the dugout after he’d been pulled for Phil Coke. How often does that happen? About as often as this.
CC was pretty much lights out until he got roughed up a bit in the fifth and sixth. He seemed to settle in after that, and I expected him to come back out for the ninth with the score tied at 5-5. I mean, look at that belly he carries around. What’s another inning to a guy like him?
Mo, on the other hand, has faltered in tie games on occasion. He says it doesn’t matter to him if he’s pitching in a save situation or not. But there must be some lack of adrenaline or focus when the score is tied. Can’t he just tell himself the Yankees are ahead and play pretend?
On a happier note, I was glad to see A-Rod hit one into the seats after having had a dry spell.
And Tex continues to generate crowd cheers with his power. That homer he blasted in the eighth is probably sailing all the way to Philadelphia right now.
I also enjoyed Swisher’s take-out of Zobrist to break up the double play in that inning. This team has more of an edge than last year’s; they push back.
To sum up, the game had all the makings of another magical bottom-of-the-ninth comeback and fell short. If A-Rod hadn’t grounded out…If Posada had gotten the right call on that pitch below his knees…If Upton had played shallower on Cano.
Although Kate Hudson enjoyed herself.
Is it just me or is she starting to look like Britney Spears?


  1. juliasrants

    If you hadn’t said it was Kate Hudson I would have said Britney. It was a strange game between the Yanks and the Rays today. I thought the Yankees had it when they took the lead in the 8th. Mo is showing this season – much like Papelbon is – that he is human.


  2. mlbmom

    Great post as usual. When the game ends badly, I have your humor to look forward to. THanks for all the time you put in to the blog. How long does it take to write the average post?

    As far as Kate Hudson….celebs (or pseudo-celebs) in in gi-normous sunglasses and dorky hats bug me. If she is trying so hard to be incognito, why not try sporting a Yankee hat whilst at Yankee Stadium? She could easily be under the radar…Dont you think Alex could spot her one hat, for pity sake?
    Better luck to us tomorrow.

  3. heartskull

    great post, Kate Hudson does look like brit brit . she could have worn a yankees cap to show surpport! sorry the yanks lost ,maybe kates look had something to do with it

  4. Jane Heller

    Strange game indeed, Julia. It sure didn’t go the way I wanted it to.

    Thanks, Wendy. The posts take a little time, but they’re fun to write. You have a point about celebs in “disguise.” At least Madonna wore a Yankees cap when she came to the game.

    Maybe Kate’s a jinx, Heartskull. But now that I think about it, she was in Texas when the Yankees played the Rangers and that worked out!


    I’m with Wendy…reading your blog after a tough loss seems to take the sting away a bit, and of course it’s even better stopping by after a win. 🙂

    Jane, were you able to actually watch the game today? By what you wrote that Michael Kay said, I’m just wondering how you saw it–thought Saturday day games weren’t aired on Extra Innings? (I have E.I. but didn’t see it aired today when I checked.)

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m glad the blog is a way to perk up, Charmaine. I always need a boost myself after a loss. I did “watch” the game but on MLB.TV, not on Extra Innings. I was blacked out but, happily, I was able to get the YES feed on the computer. It’s not perfect, but it’s a very good alternative.

  7. latinyankeerebel

    well it worked out in Texas for the team, but A-Rod’s bat was not functioning very well… she was there today, he got an error… maybe she wasn’t there when he made that hr… kate is a jinx waiting to be exploited by the NY media…

    grr…. Poor Mo’. 😦 But, oh well, he is human, unfortunately.

    Let us pray that we get another winning streak SOON and longer than 9 games.

  8. scofid

    I hadn’t seen your blog before putting up mine this morning, and I see that we both had “ugly” in mind. It was an awful game…definitely one that we should have won. And two errors in one game? What’s up with that? So much for the days of flawless fielding…at least for a day! Hopefully, Joba will give us a Jon Lester-like performance today. We need to end the weekend on a high note!


  9. Jane Heller

    I guess time will tell if Kate’s a jinx, Latinyankeerebel. My guess is this “friendship” won’t last long, so we won’t have to worry about it. And yes, poor Mo. It kills me when he looks so sad.

    Great minds think alike, Scott, plus it WAS ugly! Definitely not the crisp baseball we were spoiled by over those 16 games. We do need a good outing from Joba today – and a long outing so we don’t need to get into that bullpen.

  10. thatbaseballguy

    It was a truly ugly game. The errors were tough to watch as a fan. It was just a terrible game. I was so bummed when Mo gave up those runs in the ninth. I thought he would be able to keep the score at bay and give the offense a chance at a comeback. I was wrong and I was bummed. Kate Hudson is starting to look like Brittney Spears. And that video was really funny. Great stuff Jane.

  11. redstatebluestate

    Whoa! Totally Britney-fied! Good eye! Though that first picture turned my stomach some, I am glad I continued reading to see that the home run ball Tex hit all the way to Philly was in fact a fluorescent green ball. I can’t keep up with modern technology these days.

  12. Jane Heller

    Alex, the book signing won’t be confirmed until Mon or Tues. But I’ll be at the game, in section 323, in any case if you want to come and say hi, get a book signed, whatever. Hope to see you there.

    Thank goodness Mo was back to being Mo in today’s game, Dillon. I feel much better now.

    That first picture was tame, compared to some of the others I saw, Jeff!

  13. Jane Heller

    Uh-oh, Jenn. You sound bummed about your Phillies. Sorry about their trip out west.

    Krisy Kremes instead of steroids, huh, Jeremy? Sounds good to me. I’m sure the players wouldn’t mind either.

  14. travelingbballbabes

    Lisa and I are really nervous flyers as well. This is why when we do fly we are usually loaded up with a ridiculous amount of “good luck charms.” They include a small jade Buddha, a jade charm in the shape of an elephant with its trunk up, an Ohm necklace, a crucifix, a St. Anthony medallion, and a small charm of Lord Ganesh (another elephant with its trunk up). As you can see, we will tap into just about any culture in order to help ease our fears of flying. Fellow passengers probably assume that we are suffering from identity crises. haha. If you lived nearby, I would loan you one of my many elephants. : )

  15. Jane Heller

    That’s so funny, Serena, because I fly with every single good luck charm I own. I flip out if I can’t find one of them, so I always make sure they’re in my bag the night before. If only we could walk or take the train and never have to fly. Ugh.

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