Yankees Mired In Quicksand Against Rangers

At least it felt that way. To me.
Andy Pettitte slogged through five innings, walking six during the Yankees’ anemic 4-2 loss. It was as if he’d never held a baseball before.
The Yankees offense didn’t do much, either. Every time they looked as if they might pull themselves out of the muck, they sank deeper.
Posada belted a solo shot after getting belted in the kidney by the bat of Marlon Byrd. (It was an accident, but still. It pained me to watch the replays.) Otherwise, the game was an exercise in futility, especially for A-Rod.
In the third:
Gardner walked.
Swisher walked.
Damon walked.
A-Rod? GIDP.
In the sixth:
Damon reached on an error.
A-Rod? Struck out swinging.
In the eighth:
Swisher singled.
A-Rod? K-ed again.
Not that Jeter was much better. He went 0-for-4 and ended his hitting streak at 16, talk about looking as soggy as the 12-minute rain delay. In fact, there were entirely too many ground ball outs in what was supposed to be The Home Run Palace. Where was the much-heralded jet stream?
Clearly, the Yanks missed Tex in the lineup. It turns out that he injured his ankle Tuesday night while performing his death-defying take-out slide.
tough guy challenge.jpg
He’s day to day, so I hope he’ll be back in the #3 spot tomorrow for the series finale. With Wang making his first start in ages, we’ll need some serious scoring. We’ll also need Aceves as a backup, since Bombko pitched three very impressive innings tonight.
I’ve made fun of the Rangers’ announcers, so I must give equal time to Kay and O’Neill, tonight’s YES team. When Kay wasn’t going on about his large head, he was engaging O’Neill in idiotic conversations. Like the one about which Yankees wear mouth guards.
“Pettitte wears one now,” said Kay. “It’s the kind that prevents grinding during a game.”
“My wife wears one too,” said O’Neill. “She sleeps with it.”
Fascinating stuff.
And how about when they were talking about the respective talents of Cano and Kinsler.
O’Neill: “There are a lot of good second basemens in the league.”
I know. Paulie was a great ballplayer and I adore him. So what if his grammar needs work? Nobody’s perfect.


  1. lenn23

    Well, Tomko did pitch pretty good in this game. I would just love for Arod to pound the hell out of the ball one time in one of these bases loaded situations. That would be great! I hope Wang pitches well in this game since I have argued for him to get a second chance. C’mon Wang make me look good! Please?!

  2. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanks, Lady J — you’ve done it again, your humor pulling me out of a crummy morning mood. ‘Some Like It Hot’ was the first movie I remember seeing in a theater, at the age of eight, with my grandma (ye godz, I’m old)! Needed that. The game was a drag, too, worse than Jack Lemmon…and I had to endure my wife’s rooting for Beckett to pitch a no-no at the same time…Son #1 and I discussed which Red Sox pitcher do I hate the most? Beckett’s in the Top 3, but he is “topped” by Bloody Sock and Papsmear, of course. Let’s just HOPE that Tex is okay — another nite with Hor-Hay at the plate and no Tex, and add Wang pitching, well, haul out the Alfred Hitchcock clips for that one!!!

  3. ooaooa

    Jane, if you were able to surf to NESN to check Sox score you would find new appreciation for anything and everything YES people say. If you listen to Dennis Eckersley for as little as ten seconds anyone else (including Suysan Waldman) are bearable. He bleeds hate for the Yankees in every breath he takes. He has never gotten over Aaron Boone’s homer in the playoffs.

    Since I mentiond Suysan Waldman, she has gotten progressively worse and she is obviously frustrating your friend John Sterling. (Meeting John that day at Steinbrenner Stadium in March was one of the high points of our 2009 spring training trip. I’m glad you were sitting where you were that day.)

  4. heartruss

    Jane, thanks for the kind words by the way.
    Your Yankees are tied for number one. Definitely a nice place to be. I hope Teixeira will be okay. Tomko didn’t do so well as a Dodger but I always liked him. He was a pretty good artist.
    Your post made me laugh again which is great since I felt a bit down last night. Your blog is the best.

  5. travelingbballbabes

    Who doesn’t love Paul O’Neill?? He’s the Warrior! That having been said, if I was Mrs. Paul O’Neill, I think I’d put him in the wall for announcing to the world that I wear a mouth guard to bed. Doesn’t he know what happens in the bedroom should stay there? Side note: I do adore when he is in the booth with Michael Kay. They’re interactions are so funny to me because they’re so different personality-wise. Does anyone else get the sense that they really don’t like each other?

  6. Jane Heller

    Len, Tomko did pitch well, aside from that one single, and we could have (should have!) been able to come back. But it was not to be. I, too, am rooting for Wang. It would really bolster the rotation to have him back healthy and effective.

    I heard that Aceves would be the backup, Julia. But nothing would surprise me.

    He did, Bern. I was laughing so hard.

    I’m really hoping Tex will be back too, Dave. He really anchors that lineup right now. But if he’s not right, he should sit out another day. His mechanics at the plate have been too good to mess up.

    Right, Holly. We need Tex back for the Yanks-Sox series so both teams are at full capacity.

    I’ve been reading about John and Suzyn and their blunders in the booth, John. I heard he said, after Matsui’s homer the other night: “An A-Bomb from….Matsui.” Guess he got discombobulated. As for Suzyn, maybe it’s all that pie she’s been getting in the face after the Yankee walkoffs. 🙂

    Glad the blog perked you up, Cat. Hope you have a good trip back to LA.

    Serena, I love when they talk about food. Kay always gets on O’Neill about how much he eats (did you see the milk carton the other night? LOL) and then O’Neill gets on Kay about the size of his head. I don’t think they hate each other. I just think they’re about as different as two people could be.

    He does have a high voice, Jeff. And you wouldn’t expect it to look at him. Remember Dave Stewart? He sounded like a helium balloon.

    I think it was great for the Braves, Joe. Now you’ve got a Gold Glove center fielder. But I was stunned that they released Glavine. He’s baseball royalty.

    I don’t see the Yankees going after Glavine, Russ. We have a surplus of starters now and it’s the bullpen that needs help.

    Thanks, Kaybee.

  7. NatMeg

    Love the Some Like It Hot reference!

    “…I’m a man.”
    “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

    SO TRUE.

  8. thatbaseballguy

    Great right up. Check out my new blog site. It’s called “Living the Baseball Life.” It’s pretty much a continuation of what I’ve done this season at Dem Bronx Boys but it’s bigger and better. Check it out.

  9. Jane Heller

    Some Like It Hot has got to be one of the greatest movies ever, Zim. Makes me laugh every time.

    Will check out your new blog soon, Dillon. Sounds cool.

  10. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I was cursing A-Rod so much during the game. What drives a person to have to hit into a DP every single time he’s up? It’s amazing what a difference Teix is in the line up, and I was finally convinced about Teix’s abilities. (I used to curse him too.) So when A-Rod is out of the line up, Teix seems lost, and when he’s out of the line up A-Rod is lost? I wonder about their relationship sometimes…

  11. Jane Heller

    It was a really good win, Jenn, but not a good outing for Wang. He still has work to do. He started out great, then went downhill. On the plus side, the bats came out just when they needed to.

    You’re right, Seindsfeld. There’s a huge difference when Tex is in the lineup – since A-Rod came back. He looks so comfortable in that 3-spot knowing he has protection behind him. Now we need to find A-Rod some protection too.

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