Vigilante Justice In The Bronx

No, I’m not talking about AJ Burnett versus Nelson Cruz. By the time AJ threw over Cruz’s head in the fifth, prompting the home plate umpire to warn both dugouts, the Yankees had a comfortable 9-3 lead over the Rangers.
I’m talking about Mark Teixeira versus this guy.

If Vincente Padilla is the Rangers’ idea of improved pitching, the Angels have nothing to worry about in the AL West.
When Padilla came in high and tight to Cano in the first inning, I figured it was just one of these.
But when he plunked Tex on the arm in the second, I started to pay attention – especially since he also pitched inside to Jeter and went up and in on A-Rod. I said to my husband, “This guy better not go all Daniel Cabrera on us,” referring to the former Orioles pitcher who made a career out of disabling various Yankees.
Then the fourth: Padilla hit Tex again, this time on the butt. Mark was not amused, and Girardi accompanied him to first base in an attempt to talk him down.
But Tex continued to seethe, his nostrils flaring.
When A-Rod grounded into a potential double play, Tex slid hard into second, lifting Andrus high into the air. (Elvis almost left the building.)
Jeter scored the go-ahead run, and it was his 1,500th, making him the fourth such active player and placing him in the company of Ruth, Gehrig and Mantle as the only Yankees to achieve the mark.
The rest was gravy.
Cano had a big RBI single. So did Posada. Matsui hit a three-run shot off Holland, Padilla’s replacement (the same guy he homered off in Texas last week). Posada added his own three-run dinger against Madrigal in the sixth, boosting the Yanks to 12-3.
AJ pitched well, even without his A-grade curve ball, and Bombko and Veras finished it up.
Did I cringe when Veras came in for the ninth? You bet, even with a nine-run lead. Michael Kay was yammering on yet again about what great stuff Jose has. “You don’t give up on a guy who throws 96 mph,” he said. 
Um, did he forget about Kyle?
I digress. It was a very satisfying win for the Yanks, who now have the best record in the AL at 10 games over .500. The error-less streak is over, due to an errant throw by Posada, but I’ll take good pitching and timely hitting every time.


  1. luckylori

    That Padilla’s trouble. He’s been at the root of more than one ruckus with my Angels. Thank you for stomping on Texas. Especially since Halladay went the distance tonight. (Career-high 14 SO’s…blah, blah, blah.) Really, he was something to watch. Good luck tomorrow too!!


    Loved the game tonight ! Jane, thanks for pointing out what made me start yelling at the game . Mr. Kay living in a dream world about veras. I Loved watching Posada give Veras a piece of his mind. It was great. You could almost sense that Veras and Posada do not see eye to eye. Veras shaking off Posadas signs? What is with this guy. Since i am going out to buy luggage for Coke , should i pick up a bag or two for Veras?

  3. lenn23

    Ten games over .500! They didn’t reach this mark until more than half way through the season last year. I don’t know why but A.J. still kind of makes me nervous. I can’t get the Boston game in Fenway out of my head. I would say that the #2 pitcher behind C.C. that I feel most comfortable with is probably Joba. Wang, if he gets his act together, would make a great #2.

  4. cheshirecat9

    Lately I have been expecting the Yankees to win and they have been! It’s just like the good ol’ days. I am so happy Posada is back. Even if he did make that error last night he also hit a three run homer. As much as I like Cervelli (and I hope he continues to develop and winds up being our catcher of the future) it just feels better to have Posada behind the plate.

    I think Youkilis gets thrown at alot because his stupid facial hair and his wiggly-*** batting stance are so annoying. Maybe if he shaves and stops shaking what his momma gave him at the plate pitchers will stop plunking him.

  5. peggy3

    I’m loving AJ …and …I think he’s going to have a BIG second half (at least I’m hoping). I love his personality too ..heck ..I love the personalities of all the new guys …AJ, Tex, CC & Swish. This team is so much fun to watch and I hope they are the last team standing come October…..#27 !!!

    I was at the game last night…had a great time. I’m going again tonight and I hope they win because it’s my Bday. I’ve had some big Bday wins…I was in Baltimore when Wang got his ONLY save and Johnny D. hit a homer to win in extra innings. Alex hit the game winning homer off Pap in the rain at Boston another bday. Joba had his first start for the Yankees on my bday. I’m hoping tonight brings something exciting & special too. I’ll just settle for a Bday WIN!!!!



    Well, methinx the 1st good omen was when we learned that Josh Hamilton would be “hors de combat” for this series and a lot longer — we’ve gotten some breaks lately with the other team’s injuries, but hey, ’tis part o’the game. And since us folks ain’t got no YES or similar stuff, we couldn’t see the game — but it was nice to see the crawler go from 4-3 to 9-3, in the right direction…! Guess Who makes the streak-ending error? You could probably hear Jersey Bob yelling & cursing from western Maryland all the way to California, no need to explain further…let’s just keep the good vibes flowing, and may Ms. Peggy3 have another loverly birthday, thank you, thankyouverymuch…!

  7. Paige Landsem

    I would really hate to be on Texeira’s bad side. What do you think drives a pitcher to go after a certain player or a certain team? It seems like Padilla vs. the Yankees is more than chance. I could be wrong, but I have always wondered.

  8. jewsonfirst and

    Nice Cabrera reference, who was cut this week by my at work neighbors, the Natinals (typo intended) after having an ERA of about 6.00. I actually don’t think he was throwing at guys, I think that he had no idea where his pitches were going!!!


  9. Jane Heller

    I read about your game, Lori. Sounds like Halladay was untouchable. He’s a great pitcher and you just have to tip your cap.

    Brendan, I loved when Posada came out to the mound to “talk” to Veras. I would have enjoyed eavesdropping on that conversation. Maybe whatever he said worked, because Jose did get it done.

    I was thinking the same thing, Erin. Why plunk guys, knowing it’s your teammates who’ll get it their next time up?

    I really like AJ, Len. I know he’s had some tough starts but now he’s getting run support, and I think he’ll be great in the second half. Just a hunch.

    One of these days somebody will get hurt, Julia. I kept thinking that last night. I was ready to jump through the TV at Padilla.

    I’m not sure his wiggly stance is getting Youkilis hit, Cheshirecat. Sheffield wiggled his bat and I don’t think pitchers threw at him. But back to the Yankees. I’m glad Posada is back too. It’s great to have his veteran presence and fiery personality. I like Cervelli a lot, and I agree he could be our catcher of the future. But right now I’m loving JoPo.

    Joe, I can’t speak for others, but I’ll take AJ. Lowe is very durable, but when AJ has his stuff going he’s nasty.

    Happy Birthday, Peggy! I hope the Yanks get a win for you. Wave to us from your seats!

    You’re right, Jeff. The take-out slide was better than knocking someone’s teeth out. No suspensions, just good baseball.

    The Yanks should be able to capitalize on the loss of Hamilton, Dave. But then we lost that game the other day to the injury-riddled Indians so it’s no guarantee. Let’s just hope that good pitching and good hitting will get it done.

    Paige, Tex said after the game that Padilla had a history of hitting batters and he didn’t like it. I’m sure it starts with payback for a homer and goes from there.

  10. Jane Heller

    I think you’re right about Cabrera, Ken, but he’s a big guy and he has a responsibility to know where his pitches are going. I was always afraid of him!

  11. mikeeff

    padilla is an ugly punk…

    i couldn’t have had a better time at my first game at the new stadium…

  12. Jane Heller

    Welcome back, Neal. Hope all’s well.

    The Yankees have played really good baseball lately, Emma. They seem to have a confidence I didn’t see in them last year.

    Me too, Russ. I wonder how often they’d throw at hitters, although the great Bob Gibson never gave it a thought!

    So glad you got to see that game last night, Mike. I hope you bring the Yanks luck again tonight!

  13. mikeeff

    I’m doing my best anti-rain dance now. i’m going with a very sensitive rain-phobic guy tonight so i’ve got my fingers crossed. i’ll be travelling light- no camera as i took a ton last night, but i will take one tomorrow for the day game. BTW a friend of mine has that little vid cam that u use..lots of fun-

  14. hitman74

    I was thinking the same exact thing when Kay said that about Alvares, I though about Farnsworth….Interesting

  15. Jane Heller

    Uh-oh, Mike. I didn’t hear the forecast. I’ll do an anti-rain dance too. Glad your friend is having fun with the cam. I’ll be bringing mine to the game on 6/17. Wish you were going to be there.

    The Yankees have had surprising success against the Rangers this season, Tom. They’re a good team, so I’m very thankful!

    Veras=Farnsworth, Hitman. No getting around it.

  16. Yankees Reality Check

    Ha! I love the Elvis almost left the building! I couldn’t help snickering at that. I was just waiting for Teixiera to say something like, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

    In other news, I finished your book last night. Great read. It’s nice to see that the beat writers were so helpful. My husband used to work with Pete A. when he was first starting out. Being a beat writer for a sports team is never an easy thing, and baseball has to be the most grueling.

  17. Jane Heller

    So glad you enjoyed the book, YRC. Yes, the beat writers were helpful and it’s too bad I had to leave out most of what they told me. LOL! My manuscript was 600 pages and my editor said to cut it to 300. Maybe I’ll publish the outtakes!

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