Yankees Win Causes Wave Of Nostalgia



The Yankees’ 3-1 victory over the Indians tonight, coupled with the Red Sox’s loss to Toronto, put the Bombers in sole possession of first place for the first time since 2006, according to Brian Hoch’s report on MLB.com. No, a half-game isn’t exactly a runaway lead, but I decided to take a ride in the way-back machine and see what was going on with the Yanks in ’06.

Torre was still the manager and Bernie was still on the roster, and A-Rod was still married to C-Rod as opposed to dating Kate Hudson.

Jeter, Mo and other current Yankees were around, of course. But how about all the bit players, who eventually shuffled off into baseball oblivion? Like…
Bubba Crosby
Sal Fasano
Kevin Thompson
Craig Wilson
And a couple of pitchers who left their mark in very different ways…
Aaron Small
Tanyon Sturtze
Good, good times. But what’s heartening is that the 2009 Yankees are a better team than the 2006 model that won the division, and tonight’s victory over the Indians showed why.
Pettitte may be 37 with an apparently stiff back, and he put runners on base in every inning. But he held the Tribe scoreless for five-plus. Not bad for an end-of-the-rotation guy.
Alfredo Aceves may not be the second coming of Ramiro Mendoza, but he’s been doing a decent imitation. So what if his idol is Dennis Rodman, the mascara-wearing cross-dresser? As long as he leaves the eye makeup at home and gets people out, he’s OK by me.
Jeter has excelled in the leadoff spot, and credit goes to Girardi for flipping him with Damon in the lineup.
Posada came off the DL tonight and promptly went 2-for-3. And Mo? He notched his 58th save for Pettitte, surpassing the duo of Welch and Eckersley. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he’s a god among men.
Sure, there are big problems with our bullpen and the issue of RISP must be addressed. Still, the 2006 team was stuck with Giambi at first instead of Tex, Wil Nieves as a backup catcher instead of Cervelli/Molina/Cash, and Randy Johnson and Jaret Wright on the mound instead of CC and AJ. This year’s herd is looking better and better.
One final note: the bugs. They were back in Cleveland. No, not in plague-and-pestilence-size quantities; just in little clusters here and there. But what’s up with them? For all I know, they’ll spend the rest of tonight mating, and by tomorrow night Progressive Field will look like this. Please, no.



  1. latinyankeerebel

    I don’t like kate hudson….enough said.
    I’m very happy the Yankees won! And they are doing very well, and I’m very glad about that. I’m crossing my fingers that I’m able to go the weekend you’ll be going.. LOL i need a break of the baseball kind or I’ll go crazy!

  2. Dillon M

    I agree with your point on giving Joe Girardi credit for making the switch of Jeter and Damon. I remember how everyone was concerned about the change when he made it but now you think about it… Damon has been having a good year all around and Jeter is, well, being Jeter.

  3. Jane Heller

    I have nothing against Kate Hudson, Latinyankeerebel, although she hasn’t been in a good movie since “Almost Famous.” I just want A-Rod to hit homers.

    It really has been a good switch, Dillon. Both Jeter and Damon have benefitted from it, so props to Girardi for coming up with the idea.

  4. yankeemeg

    Awesome write as always Jane! Sorry for my absence lately. Oh…the bugs. WTF?! There are more bugs at Progressive Field than there are at Fresh Kills in Staten Island. I just don’t get it! You nailed it perfectly on the on the batting order switch. This lineup is really putting it together, albeit RISP is still an issue, but when you even have the middle and end of the batting order pulling in RBIs, hopefully that RISP will go down. Looking forward to CC tonight…I have a feeling he’ll be lights out.

  5. scofid

    The view from the top is very nice! The team has changed quite a bit since its last placement at the top of the division rankings. Hopefully, it will be a feeling that we can continue to enjoy for awhile! I don’t care if A-Rod dates Kathy Bates…whatever it takes to keep hitting the home runs, and to spur Tex to be the best that he can be!


  6. latinyankeerebel

    well, i didn’t like her even before she was “involved” with Alex… if your mom if beautiful and is a talented actress it doesn’t mean that if you inherited her beauty that you will inherit her talent. Although I must admit, Alex and her make a hell of a couple.. but if he jinxes him I want her gone… wasn’t he 0-4 the night that she was supposingly in Texas with him?

    I am thankful that Joba doesn’t have to pitch in this series with does bugs going around again..eewww

  7. nycbren64@mac.com

    Hi Ya Jane..
    Great game last night, hope andy is ok. I know swisher has not been doing great , but it is dam fun to watch him play. Seems to put it all out there for the team. Love that ! I am NOT a fan of espn, i check the scores on espn sometimes. i have noticed that the only time they really mention the yankees in headlines is when they are not doing well. I never see much positive written about the yanks . ESPN – the MTV of sports. Lets keep the wins coming and the little midges away !

  8. Jane Heller

    Erin, my bad. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! The Twins rock!

    I hope you’re right about CC tonight, Megan. He’ll probably be a little nervous going in front of his former home crowd, but he did pitch well there. Now let’s get Melky healthy (Nady too) and the lineup will really be in good shape.

    I think Lake Erie midges will outlive the human race, Jenn. Like cockroaches.

    Kathy Bates. LOL, Scott. I can just picture them together – even though he does like older women! But I agree that whatever makes him happy and keeps him hitting is fine with me. He’s certainly had an affect on Tex. Amazing.

    Don’t even think about jinxes, Latinyankeerebel. The Yankees won’t let her jinx him and neither will we!

    Hey, Brendan. I hardly ever watch ESPN anymore. I prefer the MLB Network, as their coverage is less superficial and more evenly spread between all the teams. And yes, let the wins continue!

    You’re welcome, Jonnnnn. I didn’t know Wilson was anyone’s favorite player.

  9. Alex

    I saw that you are going to the June 17th Nationals game. I am going to one of the Nationals games, so I might as well make that my game. I will be seeing you there! When are you planning to arrive? And you should go out to the bleachers. VERY active and entertaining.

  10. Elizabeth D

    While it is upsetting that the Yanks are back in first, it was only inevitable that this would eventually happen. I love how it happened early though because that means it’s gonna be a long fight for the title all season long.

  11. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Jane- Thanks for the trip down memory lane. What did ever happen to Bubba?! He was a fave of mine… I like your analysis. Let’s see what happens!

  12. Jane Heller

    Alex, it would be great to meet you at the game on the 17th. I may be having a book signing before the game near the stadium, but I’ll post details as soon as I know for sure. My seats are in the upper deck, behind home plate.

    Elizabeth, it’s very early and I’m sure our teams will be trading places, plus jockeying for position with the Rays/Jays. Such a tough division. I’m just happy my Yanks are doing well after the rocky start.

    I thought Bubba would be our center fielder that year, Ellen. Then we got Damon. Bye, bye, Bubba. I never did hear where he ended up, but I’m happy with Johnny. He’s turned out great for us.

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