Another Ridiculous Day But With A Happy Ending

It feels as if I’m at war with the entire service industry. Yesterday, I battled Delta, American Express and Apple. Today, it was this place.


Since I finally got my plane tickets for my New York trip, I figured the next item on my agenda was securing seats at Yankee Stadium. I bought tickets on, but when the site wouldn’t let me download them – and told me I hadn’t even made a purchase – I called their 800 number. It took them ONE HOUR to fix the problem and allow me to print out my tix. Come on, people! You’re making me crazy!
The good news is I’ll be going to see the Yanks on Wednesday, June 17th – my first time at the new Stadium. They’re playing the Nationals, not exactly the team of my dreams, but who knows? It could be a great game. If anybody is planning to be there that night, please leave a comment. It would be fun to meet up.
Now, onto tonight’s 9-2 win over the Rangers, which not only gave us the series win but also put us into a tie for first with the Red Sox – and represented our 14th straight game without an error.
My highlights:
Tex going yard in the first inning.
Jeter getting on base five times.
Cash lining a double and a single AND throwing out Andrus.
Matsui knocking two out of the park.
Gardner bunting for a single and scoring.
Damon making two great running catches.
Robertson throwing strikes.
Wang finally making an appearance – and looking like Wang.
And, of course, there was the brilliant outing by AJ. He wasn’t economical. He only lasted six innings. But he struck out seven and held the mighty Rangers offense to three measly hits. Good job, guy.
My lowlights:
Veras serving up Kinsler’s two-run shot. ENOUGH ALREADY!
Swisher being our only option in right field.
Berroa “pinch running” with the speed of this.
Luckily, I got the Rangers’ feed again tonight, which meant more merriment from their two crack broadcasters, Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve.
They really make a game fun. Here’s a sample.
Josh, before the first pitch by Holland, the Rangers’ rookie starter: “Not to put any pressure on Holland, but it’s 79 degrees with low humidity.”
Tom, assessing the Rangers so far this season: “The batters haven’t walked that often. And they have 376 strikeouts – the most in the major leagues. And the pitchers have the fewest strikeouts in the majors. It doesn’t matter.”
Josh, referring to Saltalamacchia: “They traded Mark Teixeira for a bunch of green bananas, and Salty was the first to ripen.”
Tom, after being told that AJ did not lead the majors in strikeouts last year as he’d thought: “I appreciate the correction. I don’t like to misinformation people.”
Josh, after Matsui’s second homer: “Let’s change the subject. How much time have you spent in Japan, Tom?”
Tom: “I’ve never been to Japan, Josh.”
Tom, after Cano
tacked on a homer in the ninth: “Cano is a pretty good hitter.”
And my absolute favorite, after the game was over…
Josh: “The Yankees have an off-day in Cleveland tomorrow.”
Tom: “The Rangers have an off-day in Cleveland in August.”
I’ll miss those two smooth talkers.


  1. levelboss

    those comments SOOOO funny! i LOL’d after every one..
    my favorite one..
    “The batters haven’t walked that often. And they have 376 strikeouts – the most in the major leagues. And the pitchers have the fewest strikeouts in the majors. It doesn’t matter.” LOL!!!!!

  2. Jane Heller

    It’ll be hard to go back to Kay/Singleton/etc after those two, Levelboss. They said the darndest things.

  3. lenn23

    When the Yanks were bad in the late 80’s and early 90’s I used to get tickets only for games with teams like the Nationals because at least there was a chance for a win! Two good pitched games by Burnett and Hughes against a good hitting team like the Rangers is a hopeful sign. I thought Wang was coming in for the seventh and next thing I know Veras is pitching. Feeling nervous with an eight-run lead! So, I go out to get my mail and come back and he is no longer pitching and the shutout is gone. That took like five minutes! Jose Veras is Spanish for Kyle Farnsworth!

  4. phillies_phollowers

    Glad you will get to see the new stadium…I loved the stadium store! I did look a bit odd shopping while wearing my Phillies jersey, but other fans thought it was funny. Bought some cute hair ties and a Jeter keyring :O) Hoping to go back someday when I have money…ha!!


  5. ooaooa

    If I remember correctly from your book, your husband enjoys good food. I don’t know where your seats are but tell him to go out to Left Field lower level and try a sandwich from Lobel’s Meat Market. Not cheap at $15 but its hudge and fabulous!

  6. cheshirecat9

    First place!!! I know it will mean more to be in first place in September but it is a start. Those annoucers in Texas are pretty funny. This was our only trip to Arlington this year so you won’t have to listen to those guys again. Stubhub is a terrible company. They are owned by TicketMonster, so essentially they are scalping there own tickets. I don’t know how that is legal.

  7. peggy3

    Hey Jane…

    FIRST PLACE BABY !!!! Another terrific win by the Yanks …so happy to see the Wanger pitching like his old self. Good game with so many players contributing …

    Those two guys are hilarious …thanks for all the fun “quotes” from them.

    I’m also going to be at the game June 17th …maybe we can meet and start planning our full season Yankee Road Trip so that our plans are all settled when I win the lottery… :o).

    One of the other posters said to try the Lobel Steak Sandwich …I totally agree….it’s YUMMY !!! Pricey but yummy…I’ve tried most of the foods in the Stadium since I go to many games but now it’s back to the Deli on 161st Street where I get a great hero, 2 snacks, a drink and a cup of ice for $10.00 or less (you can bring water or seltzer water, flavored or unflavored into the stadium in a plastic sealed bottle).

    Hoping for a sweep of the Indians or at least a series win…
    Gooooooooo Yankees !!!!

  8. latinyankeerebel

    I thought I was laughing at the commentators… and also I thought I was the only one who heard the Japan comment.. LOL.. something told me that you were going to post it! LOL

  9. Yankees Reality Check

    Oh man, that was my laugh for this morning! I watched the game on ESPN, so I missed out on the fabulous entertainment provided by the Texas announcers.

    I think I was saying “enough” to Veras four weeks ago. Now I am saying WTF? Also, I wish that Swish would come out of his slump because it’s given me whiplash to see how quickly people have done a 180 about him. I do think a couple of days off would help, though. Hopefully Melky’s okay…

  10. Jane Heller

    Veras=Farnsworth, Len. If it’s clear to us, why isn’t it clear to the Yankees?

    Julia, I’m hoping the same thing and my trip will go smoothly once I’m in NY. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Jenn, I’m worried about that Yankees Store. I could do some real damage in there. I may have to turn over my wallet to my husband for safekeeping.

    John, my husband will be salivating over those Lobel sandwiches, but he’s pretty much a hot dog guy at the ballpark so I’m not sure what he’ll do. A real dilemma!

    I figured StubHub would be my fastest way to get tix, Cheshirecat. Man, was I wrong. And yes, first place doesn’t mean a whole lot in May but I’d rather be there than not, given last year’s debacle.

    Great that you’ll be at the game on the 17th, Peggy. We must meet up! As we get closer to the date, we can exchange seat info or something. As for Cleveland, Pavano is pitching really well (no, that’s not a typo), but I hope we can do well there.

    So you got the Texas feed too, Latinyankeerebel. Well, I’ll be sorry not to hear the announcers again, but maybe the Cleveland ones will be funny.

    So Jeff, you watch Yankees games now? Glad to have you aboard. I think Wang looked like Wang in terms of his sinker actually sinking. He has a ways to go before he’s back in the rotation.

    I don’t know what to make of Swisher, YRC. Does he need a day off or was April a fluke and more indicative of his Chicago stint? I honestly don’t know. I do know we thought we had a surplus of outfielders and now? Scary. We need Melky back. Nady too.

  11. mikeeff

    and there i was stupid me listening to that moron rick sutcliffe doing his level best to belittle everything about the yankees and practically nominating that texas rookie as a future Cy Young. it might have been infuriating except that it was so utterly ridiculous. i should have tuned into the texas comedy hour. well what a great game it was no matter who was calling it. a great way to win the series and get AJ back on track, the hitters going full tilt ready to roll into cleveland and exact some payback for their trip to the bronx. phil hughes vs the useless one ( pavano) unless the idle is on the Dl by then. my first trip to the stadium will be tuesday–i wish i was going to be in the city when you were as i’d love to say hello. perhaps later in the year. like at the ALCS… WS…

  12. Jane Heller

    I can’t wait to go, Kaybee. Doesn’t matter which team we play. I’ll be so happy to be there.

    I’m looking forward to Cleveland, Mike, and hoping we can keep the winning vibe going. It’ll be great to have Posada back, but I worry about the outfield situation, never mind the pen. Too bad we won’t be at the stadium at the same time. But there’s always October (fingers crossed).


    Being a resident of a Sports Junkie house, we were channel surfing all nite between beisbol, b’ball and hockey playoffs. The best news was Yankee news (of course), and with each clickback it seemed to get better…great to see AJ get back in form…got worried about Johnny D when he slammed into the fence on one catch…Jersey Bob is ecstatic over the play of our young catchers, and gives them & the defense (starring TEX) all the credit…great to learn that you have your homecoming all lined up, despite hassles — tell Michael that he has to compare Lobel’s to Boog’s so we fans in the southern regions will know what’s best! And may we PLEASE exact some revenge on Carl F. Pavano, if nothin’ or nobody else…!!

  14. Jane Heller

    I was worried about Johnny D too, Dave. I love his all-or-nothing style, but we can’t afford another outfielder down. Michael will be definitely be sampling the food at the stadium and I will be sampling the home runs (the Yankees’ home runs, I hope).

    Thanks, Russ. Really looking forward to it.

  15. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – it is scary when they are talking about Berroa taking fly balls “just in case.” Austin Jackson, where are you?

    Personally, I think Swish’s year in Chicago was an abberation, just because of the fact that Ozzie Guillen hated him (which blows my mind, btw). Can’t be easy to do well for a manager who is a total *********.

    Pete A’s article on him talks about him getting hit in the elbow and about how he’s noticed the he’s being pitched to differently since he came back.

    I’m not an athlete at all, so I don’t know how you get your mojo back once you’re in a slump. But I’m pulling for him.

  16. Jane Heller

    I read Pete’s post, YRC, and he makes a good point that Swisher got hit and hasn’t been the same since. I’m hoping his hot April wasn’t an aberration and that he’ll rebound – soon. We need him! If Melky hadn’t gotten hurt, he could have gotten a day off, but I doubt he’ll get one now. And yeah, sometimes the MLB censors work in mysterious ways.

  17. Jane Heller

    Funny you mention that, Melissa. I was going to include how that guy interviewed a fan carrying a giant flag of Holland, in honor of last night’s pitcher. Knox asked the fan: “So did you think long and hard about this?” The fan said: “I don’t think long and hard about anything.” LOL!!!!

  18. luckylori

    Now I’ve got this stuck in my head, “I like New York in June, how ’bout you?” How fun…you’ll have a great time for sure. Thanks for taking 2 in Texas. Now if the Angels could just remember how to hit again, we might just get somewhere!

  19. travelingbballbabes

    This may or may not sound like a stupid and/or naive question but…buying tickets through the Yankees’ website doesn’t work for you?

  20. Jane Heller

    No problem, Lori. Glad to help you out in Texas. 🙂 The Angels aren’t hitting? I read that my fave, Abreu, finally hit a homer. That’s progress!

    It was a good win, Dillon. Very excited that Posada will be back tomorrow.

    V, you should absolutely come to the game on the 17th! I’ll be sitting in something called Terrace Infield 323. Please come!!!!

    TBB, my experience with Ticketmaster has been equally frustrating!

  21. stonebutch99

    Here is my most humble opinion. 😉

    Tom Grieve’s voice really drives me crazy, it’s all on one note, monotone if you will.

    Now, have you ever noticed Lewin when the camera is on him? His eyes bug in and out AND THEN he will abruptly turn his head back and forth between Tom and the camera. It’s a weird sequence for sure.

    I have to say something about the gif where the lady is laughing, that hand gripping the table is SCARY!! 😉

  22. Jane Heller

    I agree about Grieve’s voice, Austin. Totally monotone. I didn’t get to see Lewin on camera much, but I can picture him doing his best “Exorcist” head swivel. As for the laughing lady, she just made ME laugh!

  23. stonebutch99

    She’s definitely a hoot Jane, and you’re definitely creative with your blog. Great job.

  24. NatMeg

    I can’t believe you are going to the Yanks/Nats game on June 17th! That’s my birthday and (sadly) the Nats are my team. Would it be too terrible for you to want the Nats to win just that one time (and I mean only one… they need it!), for me???? Maybe it could be like the Yanks/Nats game in ’07, where the Yanks were up by at least 4 or 5 runs (I can’t remember how many) in the bottom of the 7th, and then the Nats smoked Rivera and came back for the win??

    Anyway, I love your blog! I haven’t been checking up on it recently (baseball is a little too depressing for me with the Nats at 13-33) but I always enjoy what you write.

  25. Jane Heller

    Well, Zim, since it’s your birthday on the 17th, how about we just settle for a really close, competitive game and I’ll cheer HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you as Mo closes out the win. (Can’t give a game away, sorry.) Thanks for stopping by with such nice words and here’s hoping the Nats really do get it together and give you a better season.

  26. ladyjane303

    I’ll be at the 6/17 game and a Yankees win with the chance to say hello to you in person would be great fun. Loved the book, love the blog (always a laugh in the middle of the day). You’re going to like the new stadium. And a hint for your husband – the garlic fries will go great with the Lobel’s sandwich!

  27. Jane Heller

    Oh, great, Ladyjane! I’d love to say hello in person on the 17th. I may be having a book signing before the game, but in any case I’ll post the section where I’ll be sitting and my seat number, etc., and hopefully we can meet up. My husband is enjoying the very thought of all the food options at the new stadium. The garlic fries sound like heaven.

  28. ladyjane303

    Excellent! Keep info coming on the book signing, too. I already planned to bring my copy and a pen to the stadium….

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