A Relaxing Game For A Change

I needed that one. After days and nights of close contests, it was such a relief to pound the Rangers for 19 hits in today’s 11-1 win in Texas.
Stars of the game?
* Phil Hughes got into a jam in the second, had a visit from Dave Eiland, and promptly struck out Byrd, Davis and Teagarden to end the inning. After that, he cruised. I would have brought him back out for the ninth and let him try to go for the complete game shutout, especially with the bullpen down a man. But he was at 101 pitches and I guess Girardi thought he might turn into this.
* A-Rod had five hits and four RBIs – none of them via a homer. Was he helped by having the red-hot Cano batting behind him instead of the ice-cold Matsui? Or does he just like hitting in that ballpark in Arlington? It seemed as if every pitch he saw was fat.
* Kevin Cash had three hits. No, that’s not a typo. So what if the third hit was a blooper that dropped between the pitcher and two infielders. Nothing wrong with getting on base thanks to some Three Stooges defense by the opposition.
* The Yankees defense has now gone 12 straight games without making an error. That means everybody is Gold Glove caliber right now.
Melky provided some levity. In the fifth, he hit what should have been a double, but he tripped and fell after rounding first base and was stuck there. Once it was clear he was OK, the guys in the dugout broke up laughing.
* Matt Harrison and Kris Benson were a delight to watch. I wish the Yankees could face them every day. When they weren’t walking batters or hitting them, they were giving up doubles.
There’s another game tomorrow night and the Rangers could easily come right back and bite us. But until then, I’ll enjoy the rest of Memorial Day knowing my team won. Here’s hoping everyone had a good holiday. Hat tip to all our vets!


  1. flairforthedramatic

    “S.S. Fat Guy” – LOL, oh boy.. hilarious pic, hehe..
    This one was much more relaxing indeed. However, I love the blowouts and the close contests, so I’ll take it either way [so long as they are Yankee wins]..
    Great Memorial Day for the military Yankee fans watching from above =)
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  2. Jane Heller

    Yeah, V. Can you imagine the late, great Yanks in their uniforms watching the game from above and cheering? Cool image. They probably like blowouts too. 🙂

    I certainly didn’t expect Melky to have the year he’s having, Jeremy. He wasn’t the starting center fielder on Opening Day, but he’s taken advantage of every opportunity and really stepped up. Very glad he wasn’t traded, even though I was down on him last season.

    I was so glad for Hughes, Dillon. Texas was the scene of his last great game, so it must have been satisfying for him to come back and do well there again. And if he keeps this up, it gives the Yanks more time to get Wang on track.

  3. Jane Heller

    Not sure what will happen with Hughes/Wang, Julia. Wang isn’t ready to go back in the rotation, so right now it’s Hughes all the way. But later? A nice problem to have.

    Oh, goodie, Jenn. Will hop on over to look.

  4. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – I too was happy to see a blow-out type game. I surprised myself by being happy that A-Rod was feeding off the boos. Also, I like that almost everyone got involved.

    The idea of Phil Hughes turning into a pumpkin on the mound made me giggle. Great visual. I like Wang, but I will always be pulling for Phil.

    PS: Started your book today, now that I am past my busy time at work. I can’t believe how similar our feelings are on the subject. I don’t think my husband is as understanding as yours though. He tells me I’m crazy on a regular basis.


  5. Jane Heller

    YRC, I’m very lucky that my husband puts up with my craziness. Most of the time, he actually thinks it’s funny and laughs.

    Happy Memorial Day to you too, Holly. A-Rod’s 5 for 5 day gave the Yankees a boost for sure. And I just saw that the Red Sox won too.

    Glad your Padres are keeping up their winning ways, Kaybee.

    Same for the Dodgers, Cat. A good day for us girls is right.

  6. levelboss

    Jane, do you have any idea why Girardi didn’t use Aceves last Sunday against the Phillies in the 11th – instead using Tomko? and then today when the Yankees are up by 11 (before the HR), Girardi uses Aceves when even Swisher could’ve come in to close the game?

    i think Aceves has some real potential (disregarding falling asleep and letting a HR get by today).. i think he should have been used on Sunday to give the Yankees multiple innings to get a walkoff

  7. crzblue2

    What I read Hughes got into a jam, I was picturing some jam and expected a picture. Perhaps is because is late and I was getting a little hungry but then I saw that picture of the fat guy, and any ideas of going downstairs to munch on something went away. Thanks!
    big scoring for our teams today.

  8. mikeeff

    levelboss– I couldn’t agree with you more about the crazy use of aceves yesterday and the failure to the day before. I hate to mention a complaint after such an incredible win, but quite often girardi’s moves are beyond explanation.

    still seeing phil hughes pitch like a true ace against one of the best line up of hitters in either league is a great sign for the future.


  9. peggy3

    Hey Jane …

    Just as with your book when I read this blog sometimes I just laugh out loud and get strange looks from those around me. Where do you come up with all the pics…they are just too funny and so clever?

    My dream is to win the lottery and follow the Yankees around for a whole season which I know would take great strength and fortitude after reading about your road trip for only part of the season but I’d love to try. I’ve been a fan for over 45 years but I must say the Yankees keep me young at heart (even if they do give me gray hairs at times). The two greatest loves in my life are my daughter and the Yankees. My ex was a Met fan so there’s no need to tell you why I’m divorced…right? Mixed marriages just don’t work out…lol.

    Let’s hope for many more wins this season …right till the end of October !!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hiya…lotsa great pix to go with a nice laffer!! Moe, Larry, and the High Cheese — woiks for me! Wasn’t that Bizarro to see the Yanks in RED hats? I know why, of course, all the teams were…but still…OUR boyz? Haven’t seen a red Yankee hat since 1999 and the heyday of Limp Bizkit (it was a fashion statement then), farewell to both and no loss. Nice to see A-Rod Get 5, altho’ my wife hisses whenever he does anything…hey, don’t tell me Big Sloppy is innocent!! Let’s hope you haven’t jinxed their Gold Glove streak, with game #13 today — but hey, nobody’s superstitious in BASEBALL, are they???

  11. Jane Heller

    Levelboss and Mike, Aceves was used for about six-plus innings on back to back days (Wed and Thurs) in games started by Hughes and Joba (who got knocked out in the first), so I can see why he wasn’t used on Sunday against the Phillies. But I don’t understand using him yesterday in an 11-0 game if he’s our long relief man – or if they want him on the mound in tight situations. Made no sense. But now Robertson is up, so at least we’re fully stocked. (Sort of.)

    I could have used a pic of jam, Emma. But I’m glad I kept you away from the ‘frig. LOL. Congrats on the Dodgers win.

    Pinstripe, it must have been my scouting report. Ha ha. Although I did predict that Davis strikes out a lot, and he did!

    That’s what I’m afraid of, Jeff. The Rangers will come roaring back with 1,000 runs. They’re free-swingers though, so maybe more K’s?

    I wish you could follow the Yanks for a season, Peggy. Even with all its hassles, it was still the most wonderful adventure ever and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I know you’d have a great time. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and that the blog makes you laugh. These games do give us gray hairs!

    Oops, Dave. I didn’t think about a jinx. OK. I just said a little chant over that part of the post and made it all better. No jinx whatsoever!

    You’re right, Russ. It’s frustrating to watch the errors. Screaming, “OH NO!” isn’t fun.

  12. peggy3

    Jane …

    So ….if I win the lottery you can be my guest for the FULL season trip. I think we are both around the same age, long time fans of the Yankees and still with a lot of spirit and both loved the MICK !!! We would have a blast …

    I’ll let you know when my numbers hit …till then….I’ll be attending games at the Stadium (around 35 a year) and do some mini trips ..I was at Opening Day in Baltimore, going to the Marlins/Yanks games in Florida, my first game in Fenway this August with the Yanks (hope I come out alive ..lol) and then to Toronto in September. Maybe I can’t do a full season but I do get a fair share of games in during the season. I am thankful for that…

    I’m now hoping they start a new streak …my Bday is next week and I’ll be at the game with my daughter (another big Yankee fan …I raised her right… :o). I’m hoping for a Bday win !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  13. Jane Heller

    You’re on, Peggy. We would definitely have a blast. In the meantime, lucky you going to all those games. I really hope the Yanks win on your birthday, which will make it a truly special day for you and your daughter.

  14. scofid

    As a former resident of Dallas, I’ve had my share of heartbreak in Arlington. So, it was nice to see the Yankees rule the day for a change. It was nice going into the 9th inning wondering where that magical hit was going to come from. Hopefully, they can stay the course. Go Yanks!


  15. Jane Heller

    Bern, I couldn’t stop laughing at Melky. And when they kept showing Cano, it made me laugh even more. Nice to see them smile.

    Scott, I sure hope we can handle the Rangers tonight. They’re in a rain delay right now. I’m kind of nervous about Joba and hope he’s OK.

    It was stressful, Sue. Heaving is the appropriate response to a closer blowing saves! LOL.

  16. luckylori

    Thanks for the b-day wishes, Jane! It was actually on Monday so not only did I not get a win…I got a horrifying loss (3-17). Ugh! Thanks for taking one from Texas…I see tonight didn’t go as well. There’s always tomorrow. That’s my mantra tonight too!

  17. Jane Heller

    Nope. Tonight didn’t go well for both of us, Lori. We have to keep turning the page and hope that tomorrow will bring a “W.” Sorry about your birthday loss. The Yankees lost on my b-day too.

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