Another Day, Another Walkoff!

Yesterday I was down in the dumps. This afternoon I’m bouncing off the ceiling. Am I bipolar? No! I’m a baseball fan!
The day began very cheerfully. The Cinema Society I belong to as part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival started back up, and there was a screening this morning. I figured I could go see the movie and be back in time for the game.
The movie was called “My Life in Ruins,” and it’s a romantic comedy with Nia Vardalos, who starred in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It opens on June 5th and I recommend it to all chick flick lovers. Some funny lines. Beautiful scenery. A happy ending. Here’s the trailer.
There was a Q&A with the director after the screening, but I left the theater and raced home to catch the first pitch. Little did I know the game would have a happy ending, just like the movie.
As usual, the Yankees were having trouble getting anything going against a rookie pitcher. What’s up with that? Isn’t there video to look at, scouting reports to read? Why is this always a problem?
And speaking of rookies, when Mayberry hit that homer off Pettitte in the fifth to put the Phillies up 4-1, I admit I thought Andy and the Yanks were in big trouble.
But then Jeter’s solo shot in the sixth pulled us to 4-2, and suddenly I had hope. I started standing in front of the TV like a maniac, pleading with them do something – anything – against Happ, Durbin and Madson. Nothing. Nothing! They seemed totally handcuffed.
But Phil Coke held the Phillies in check, and Veras – yes, the guy who regularly walks leadoff batters – dispatched the Flyin’ Hawaiian. Definitely a good omen.
When Lidge took the mound in the bottom of the ninth with the score still at 4-2, I had a hunch there would Yankees magic. And was there ever.
Damon: walk.
A-Rod: two run homer.
Cano: single.
Melky…..walkoff double!!!!
(Are those Chinese characters on his right arm?)
The Yankees won 5-4 in dramatic, late-inning fashion once again. A-Rod silenced those who say he never hits in the clutch. Cano continues to be impressive at the plate. And Melky…..Well, let’s just say I’m glad Cashman didn’t trade him for Mike Cameron.
There was joy in Yankeeville…
And lots of love for the Melk Man…
And a double dose of pie for these two.
These come-from-behind wins are the best thing on TV. As someone (wish I could remember who) once said, “Baseball games are like soap operas with box scores.” So true.


  1. levelboss

    like i mentioned before, the Yankees are walk-off artists..
    there a was game (last year i think) where the Yankees were down by 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth, and WITH 2 OUTS ALREADY they scored 6 RUNS with the last hit being a walkoff 3-run homerun by ARod – the scoring didn’t start until after the first 2 outs!

  2. Jane Heller

    I remember that walkoff homer by A-Rod, Levelboss. Don’t you love it when they come back, especially after two outs? Of course, I could easily deal with a blowout after all these heart attack games, but I’ll take a win however it comes.

  3. lenn23

    Yes, I vote for a nice relaxing blowout either on Sunday or Monday. The reason they might have for having difficulty against pitchers they’ve never seen is that they are more of a veteran team and they are set in their ways? I don’t know. It’s a pretty strange phenomenon.

  4. latinyankeerebel

    the game today was awesome.. as usuallly I screamed so loudly at the tv with excitement after Alex made that HR. :0)

  5. mikeeff

    This has been a truly remarkable month at Yankee Stadium. just think if you went to all the game sin this homestand you would have been treated to four walkoffs. and a lot of other drama as well. despite some flaws, this is becoming my favorite yankee team in a while. i love that they refuse to lose. it can’t be stressed enough how important it was not to let yesterday start a losing streak..remember the last home stand? a four game win streak becoming a 5 game losing streak. or was it four? anyway-that didn’t happen this time. I’m confident that we will win behind CC tomorrow. we seem to have better luck hitting aces than mediocre rookies. watch out Hamels!

  6. bern_asoto

    Chinese characters? Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I agree with that. They look more like Old English letters to me.
    Anyway, does anybody else think it was hilarious that FOX picked out the wrong guy in the stands as John Mayberry, Jr’s dad?

  7. latinyankeerebel

    bern_asoto, that was soooo funny!… the ironic part is that the guy they thought was Mayberry’s dad is one of my dad’s acquaintances in Panama (that shows how much of a small country we are…. barely 3million people…LOL)… those commentators in FOX are not the smartest cookies of the bunch that’s for sure… LOL


    Even more fun was watching the Mets Red Sox last innning from my living room in Ma. with a sox fan…. aw I’m sorry, but on the replay it really did look like a home run… boo hoo.

  9. Jane Heller

    No blowout today, Len. At least not so far. We’re down 2-0 in the third.

    I screamed so loud I broke my vocal chords, Latinyankeerebel!

    I agree it’s been a fun stretch, Mike, especially when you consider all the injuries. Last year, when they ended a streak, they’d go into a long slump. I loved that they bounced right back yesterday.

    Did Fox really pick the wrong guy, Bern and Latinyankeerebel? I saw a guy talking on his cell phone, but I thought it was Mayberry’s dad!

    Ellen, that game must have been crazy. First the Phillies’ closer biows a save? Then Papelbon? Strange times (but good ones for the Yanks).

    Scott, it’s been a classic for three innings, but now we’re behind. Let’s hope we see another comeback. Beating Hamels would be huge going into the road trip.

    I watched some of the game, Cat. Congrats on the win. Juan Pierre has really stepped it up in Manny’s absence. Good for him.

  10. letsgoyankees

    This game really sucked. Thanks to Mark Texeira. (Come on! You need to start hitting in the clutch like A-Rod!)

    Worst loss of the year. They have just proved that because of their bullpen they are not among the truly elite teams.

  11. letsgoyankees

    len23 I hope so, but what if they bring up Melancon and Robertson? They haven’t exactly been shutdown.

  12. Jane Heller

    It wasn’t the worst loss of the year, Letsgoyankees. Depressing? Sure. Especially after the highs of the other walkoffs and the missed chances. But they almost won the ball game! I’d rather lose this one than get blown off the field in humiliating fashion. Great homestand.

    The bullpen is an issue, Len, even though Veras looked good for a change. I’m not sure why Aceves was unavailable other than having been used a couple of days ago back to back. And the Bruney situation is troubling. But you’re right – I hope help is on the way.

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